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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 8, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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teen was dragged out. parent say this crosses the line. >> we look at mild night here across south in. partly cloudy skies. warm temperatures and looking ahead. could we see a wet weekend? the entire outlookn a couple minutes. also something new at zoo miami. what you can soon see alongside some of the animal
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video that parents outraged video that parents outraged. student dragged from the classroom by the hood of the sweatshirt. the teacher cross the the line. >> now she's in trouble. we have more on what happened. >> i want to know what they do to a student like that. >>reporter: no audio on the video but the image speak
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14-year-old student the trouble alledgedly began when the teacher asked the student to remove his hoodie. the teen refused and things escated. >> she put the hood and it was moving the desk and the desk went up against the wall she throw him out of the desk ivshtion teacher and teen winding up in the principal office. teacher claiming the student threatened her and threatened to press charges. that was before the video surfaced. >> we didn't have the video. she had to press charges and just would have been on him. >>reporter: superintendent of schools also reviewed the video decided to launch an investigation. >> any time there's an incident involving a student and teacher i'm alarmed. >>reporter: for now the teacher is on paid administrative leave pending th out come of the investigation. >> we want to make the right decision. that's what i am more interested in. >> don't matter what you do. somebody is watching you and
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injured and back at school. family says they are pleased with how the district handled the whole thing. in the news plex, 7 news night team not bad looking friday here across south in as far as temperatures are concerned but we did have a lot of cloud cover farlier today. morning low are in the 60's afternoon high right around the low 80's. check out key west just 4 degree temperature difference between low and high and everyone seen a little bit of rain fall this morning. right now temperatures are in the 70's except for miccosuke reporting a temperature of 69 degrees. pressure is steady. once again the wind has gone calm over the western suburbs. humidity at 87 percent. if this reaches 100 percent the winds stay come and the skies clear out. that's part of the recipe for some fog. we may see some of the delevoping
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turnpike in miami-dade and u.s. 27 in broward county. the rainfall that we h he been watching all day has basically been sitting just offshore. impacting bimini. now it is on its way towards grand bahamas island. we are looking pretty nice and dry tonight. tomorrow there is still a chance for shower or two. the reason for that, we are looking at just a little bit of a disturbance moving in. that could squeeze out a little bit of moisture from the atmosphere but this rain that will arrive some time on sunday and that's why we believe second half of the weekend will be the wettest dayweekend will be e e wettest day. temperatures right now beautiful here in south floridabeautiful here in south orida. 20's and 40's up and down the east coast. we have a cold air blast starting to move in across the northern rockies and the upper midwest. 26 degrees right now in minneapolis. meanwhile in the topics tropical systems can happen at any time of year as long as water temperatures are
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usually happens during the summer and early fall so that's why we call that hurricane season but that's a man made time line. meanwhile the national hurricane centers eyeeying this little disturbance. this spend. still giving it a 30 percent chance that it could develop over the next 5 days. but even if it does so it will do so over the open water of the atlantic. just be a nuisance for the shipping lanesnuisance for the shipping lanes. meanwhile for us we have a little bit of moisture that continues to move over the bahamas. tomorrow it gets warmer. the winds start to come out of the south, south west. isolated shower is a possibility. then on sunday here comes that front with a better chance of some rainfall. and then by around 8:00 p.m. we start to dry out. it won't be as warm and that cooler weather if you will wilson stick around throughout much of next week. rip current at the beach. biscayne bay light chopbeach. biscayne bay light chop. florida keys no advisorychop. florida keys no advisories. coastal water as
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8:46. 8:41 in fort lauderdale. 909 key largo. 10:33 key west. i and out cloud. possibility oven land fog. overnight low in the upper ask is to low 70's. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds. slight chance for shower. upper 70's. we ar on the warm side. here's the extended outlook. bet chance foreign on sunday and then a nice ltle cool down much of next week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> thank you phil. here is to your health. medical clinic open to stun at one south florida high school and alex has a look for us. the. >> how are you feeling. >> great listen my bloop is perfect i only have 4 espresso. >>reporter: miami-dade public school superintendent alberto taking advantage of a brand new health clinic in miami. >> fair amount of exercise. no stress whatsoever. >> relax your arm. better to get the reading. >>reporter: this is the comprehensive primary care
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item at miami northwestern senior high. >> think about you going to your doctor's office and what they do from and we can do eveve more e-now students and people who live near northwestern senior high have the opportunity to health care services just around the cornerservices just around the corner. >> warm my heart a little bit because i know students will have access and the community also. >> this really provided us a resource we have been looking for the past 4 years. >>reporter: clinic benefiting medical magnet high school student like sayer a.she now doesn't have to travel to get hands on experience. >> from buses there and back and next class that's a lot of may nuvrmingt having the clip ick right here is more convenient. >>reporter: this is a joint effort by the community health center fiu college of nursing, miami-dade county public schools and t children's trust. >> this is both an investment in our children, in our school and direct benefit to our entire community. >> reporter: the clinic
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grabt from the u.s. department of health and human resoues so nobody is turned away. >> we make sure that you stay healthy. we want this to be your medical home. >>reporter: he couldn't agree more. >> perfect reading. i'm here to stay, right. >>reporter: and clinic is officially open as of saturday morning. full list of the clinic hours of operation head over to our web site listed here. reporting from miami, 7 news night team. there is something new at the zoo. item called amazing animals built to survive. the exhibit at zoo miami explores animal and plants as machines and show cases how they are built to not only survive but thrive. using real specimen life like model, video and interactive display. for example how cheetah run so fast or how giraffe heart pumps blood up the animal's long neck to its brain. it is open to
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super store breaking ground in south in. those are renderings of what the new wal-mart will look like in mid town miami. construction began this week along 30th street and north miami avenue. project has been there for years due to zoning hearings and lawsuit filed by some who don't want the big box retailer in their neighborhood. still ahead. hollywood going into the wild at the box office this week. >> we take you behind the scenes of two different fights
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movie getting off to a buzz now showing the historical drama based open true stories in theater. not the onlyew film about the great out doors. >> horror film also looking for big box office numbers. chris has a look. >> when you say you track a horse back. >>reporter: leo delivers the performance of a life ti in the movie playing hugo glass, fur trader left for dead after this vicious bear attack. the thing is he doesn't actually die and now he's willing to go through anything to get revenge on his so-called friend who left him behind. anything including eating raw bison liver instead of a much tasty option. >> you had the option to eat a a jelly 10 bison liver and decided to good for the real thing. >> on the day the gelatin thing just didn't look real. arthur
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sequence who is native american was actually eating bison life when i said i'm eating this giant gillette 0bloody jello pan cake and i want for the real they think. and mimi reaction is up on the screen. >>reporter: lots of spooky stuff goes on in the forest. naturally stars in this super natural thriller. she plays sarah a woman searching for her missing twin sister. finding her lost sibling is only one of her problems. >> sarah walks into the forthwith so many demons herself she's been trying to suppress and then they physically manifest themselves and she's forced to face her past. >>reporter: chris 7 news night team.
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the hurricanes basketball team. look to keep the winning ways againsns the seminoles to. also the latest development in the dolphins search for new head
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mike next. pass psmike next. pass ps.
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town at the triple a miami heat start up traditional road trip this time of the season. first time since the suns traded him to miami last season. first quarter. the dunk. later in the quarter. dang comes up with the steal. finds wade. 2 handed dunk. tie it at 11. heat in transition again. wade will lay it in off the glass. next possession. wade will come up with the steal. weaves his way through the defense and finds green on the alley oop. un3 minutes left in the half. wade this time will post up spin move and two handed slam. heat lead 53-40. wade cavaliers at men society t wolves tonight. prince from downtown off the rim. james rebound goes the other way. show time dunk for bron!bronshow time dunk for bron. james
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cleveland wins 12525-99. there are reports that bears offensive coordinator gay will be interviewed for second time tomorrow with the dolphins. it's 7 and counting including dan campbell that have been interviewed already. camell interviewed today with hopes of becoming permanent then head coach after replacing fired fifi ben and he led the dolphins and also interviewed today. full weekend of nfl play offs. tomorrow night wild card game. brown for miami new orleans high start for the steelers. first time all pro. saturday trying to help his team move on. it will be ichb sweeter if he can get his first career post season touch down. >> it's the play offs. you work hard during the regular season. if you win you keep playing. if you lose you go home. that's the type of
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with. that mentality e.due for play off touch downs. >> i think i'm due for a lot of stuff. hopefully i'll get it. >>reporter: college hoop tomorrow. canes host florida state. jim and his canes won 7 straight. 12 and 1 on the season. canes come in fourth in scoring and 84 points a game t.knowles lost 2 straight conference games. this is no time to take fs. u lightly. >> they have three guards that are bound for the nba. in their starting line up. they start a 7-3 center and comen with a 7-5 center. you don't see that very often. even though we know what we are facing, home or away in this league is a daunting task. >>reporter: high school hoop one of the best teams in the area are the new o oeans vikings. going for fifth straight state title. new orleans led by the power forward afternooning 15 points and 9 rebounds a game. he's
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happy about it. >> miami and acc family and friend all around come see me play all the time and school will make a statement. >>reporter: have you heard the only professional team in all of north americaca nba or nhl longest winning streak right now with the florida panthers. 10 sunday in edmonton. cats won 11 straight thursday night beating ottawa. midwawa pointnt of the season panthers lead the atlantic division. second in the eastern conference. push for 12 straighten against the oilers. >> no matter what the situation is in the game or what's going on you just find a way to win anright now i think we are feeding off that a little bit. >> this is the nhl and no pad teams. the you take anybody lightly you are going to lose a hockey game. >>reporter: fun to watch so
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tune up in new zealand. that's
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that is a wrap for us first at 10:00 on this friday. ciao ciao. i'm belkys. >> i'm craig. stay type
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suesue. jogger turns hero after a little girl is found abandoned on the side of the street. >> plenty of clouds moving in across south florida. ahead of a front. how much rain can we expect? officer ambushed and put under the gun. tonight suspected gun man is claiming loyalty to isis. fugitive drug lord captured fugitive drug lord captured. el cap 0in custody
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>> the victim of animal attack.
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