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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> within 20 feet of my front door. >> reporter: on to this sail boat this hooded burglar went. >> despite multiple signs warn can him that this house is under surveillance. >> it made me feel very uneasy to know what people are creeping in the night every night. >> the thief is hard to recognize because he is wearing hood but he does look into the camera and now finding him is the priority. >> the best thing we can do is get the video out there to try and catch this guy. >> reporter: because even though this motor heef is on the run, city of miami cops are on the hunt. >> reporter: yes, they are and that can not be fun to wake up and come out toy sail boat what is narkd front of where you live and is mission it's engine. cops need it dly. we're it told that the people who did this might of struck brcht we're told that this area unfortunately suffered from lots of durg different burglaries. pick up the phone and call crime stoppers right way sphru any information on thvment 305-471-tips ch the number in miami-dade county.
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the right anonymous tip to police. we're in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> danielle: also tonight a uth florida family taking action against a popular ride hair sharing service after a devastating crash. >> they believe their loved one would be alive today if he never hire an uber driver. >> lynn: 7's jessica holly live on the scene of this killer collision with their fight. jessica. >> reporter: it was just a horrific crash at this intersection of southwest miami-dade. in fact youing still see some of the damage on the corner here. a young man lost his life here and now his family is demanding apses from this service that was hired to bring him home safely. >> 20-year-old pablo sanchez junior died may fiery crash two days after christmas. >> pablo senior in tears remembering hi only son. >> he like a role mod tole younger kids. he will help everybody. >> reporter: but no one could
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december 27th. >> the car exploded and pablo lost his life right then, right there. >> reporter: now an nier for the the pamly announcing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> around 4:45 the morning of the crash ch pablo and hi friend were taking an uber ride. according to miami-dade police, the suv they were riding in attempted to make a left turn from southwest 157 can on to southwest 144th street in southwest miami-dade when the suv was hit by an on coming car. a miami-dade police news release state it appears speed wa a factor in the cash. but the attorney claims carelessness on the part of uber driver also played aid role. i can't tell you whether he fell asleep. whether he was looking at his cell phone or weather he was texting but he was not pay ago teng to what he shoved been coog. >> reporter: the civil suit named the uber driver and owner of the vehicle and other driver and technologies incorporate ood
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safe guards in place tone sure our children are protected snoot suit a lengths negligence in supervising and training and hiring the driver. >> he made a mistake and it it cost my kid his life. >> reporter: we went to the home. 32-year-old uber driver in miami. no one answered the door. we've rs reached out to uber technologies by e-mail and phone. so far no response. >> reporting live in southwest miami-dade. jessica holily. 7 news. >> danielle: all right jessica, thank you. a remorseful robber snow under arrest. le von supreme hall turned into police by his mother. he is charged with armed rob rimplet the 34-year-old accused of holding a little caesar's emoyee at gunpoint in deerfield beach. police say he apologized saying he needed nornt kid christmas presents 'tookff with money from the registers. >> lynn: a second arrest in the murder of a college student.
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he is charged with murder and robbery. 23-year-old accused of killing fau student nicholas sa costa. lice say woods and four other men shot the man to death at all off campus apartment complex last month in boca raton. >> danielle: and a carjacking in nork west miami-dade. it happened on 24th avenue and 87th street. the driver took off and lead police on a chase before bailing out. cops eventually finding the man and charges are pending. >> >> lynn: also on 7, thousands of cubans stranded in costa rega on their journey to puerto rico. and oo craig with bhor in the newsplex. craig. >> craig: and the test flights starts today and if all goes with well the flights will leave twice daily.
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salvador before they go to the u.s. board eemet the. >> the president of costa rica became our voisms because he was our voice and the foreign relations 2nd of costa rica will solved all the problems. thanks to them we're going to continue the the dreams journey of reaching the united states. >> i think p it was a marvelous thing, at greements they reached. >> nearly 8000 cubans have been stranded in costa rica since nicaragua closed the boarder to them after they tried to to make atat long and difficult journey through the the u.s. cuba hasased restrictions to leave the island which create aid frenzy for travel document. migrant packed shelters waiting for chains to better their life. >> we're not traveling on the first flight because we have children. she and an older one who is eight years old. we hope, god wilg, we can take theness next flight but this test flight they are doing i think is really good. >> >> craig: get together u.s.
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$555. many sold their homes and cars before leaving cuba to pay for it.. >> we tiewdz make it to the united states with 300 do laferlt so what's humanitarian about that? >> craig: the russian immigrants fliefg the united states concern officials as the evacuation of 8000 people from costa rica is expected to take just three week. >> the president has the ability to freerks to unfreeze some ped fed funds but he has the first declare it an emergency. and immigration mefnlgt want to pretend that everything is fine. that nothing is happening. that it's the same day as every dwaivment well, it season. we'll be impacted. >> craig: tomorrow the miami-dade school board will dr. a pro po 158 requesting federal support to educate the refugees expect expected to rief here in south florida. >> in the satellite center. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: taking you cross country tonight.
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a sinkhole swallowing a parked car near kansas city. a water main break flooding the area causing the ground it to cave n. crews using a crane to lift the vehicle back on to the street. >> danielle: fire and ice in na brass catch the a building covered in icicles in omaha shortly ter being engoal nfd flame. firefighters worked in below freezing temperature which caused their water to freeze to extinguish that blaze. >> lynn: a puppy flapped a pipe in illinois. a rescue team was trying to saft stray animal when he tried too hide and de but he couldn't get out. >> he would fall into the pipe and couldn't get out of the pipe which made it it a bit easier to rescue him. >> lynn: look, he he is so precious and lucky. >> danielle: uh-huh. >> lynn: puppy that has been named chilly is up for adoption. >> those are his siblings and saved o too and a happy ending
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>> danielle: quick adoptions i'm sure. >> lynn: probably. >> danielle: and out of hollywood we're talking about a scare in a middle school. >> lynn: gun found on campus. we're live. >> lynn: also someone trying to stop an armed roish pistol whipped. police need your help in get age dangerous duo off our street. >> danielle: people with access to secure areas detained by the feds. is there cause for concern. a 7 news excluve. >> lynn: and a woman who group to work in the medical field take care of the news who once took care of her. how is that for full circle? >> phil: and waking fowpt 50s. it can't warm up that much. the high today 67 degrees thch is the coolest high since february 20th of last year. how cold will it get tight? the forecast in just a few minutes. >> imagine waing lot to price of a million plus and not claiming f. it a big mistake that more
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tomorrow we'll show a smart phone solution for tracking those numbers. >> and my forecast today in florida starts at 5:00 a.m.
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>> >> lynn: a nurse who may not be alive today if it weren't for the great care she received while she wa sick. well, she is paying it all back. she had a rough start in life bawf her health. >> danielle: and then she met a woman who had a profound influence on her. jeff lennox in the plex with the he rest of the the story. jeff. >> reporter: lynn and danielle, a story you have to see to believe. a twist of faith bring two women together nairt warming and maig way. >> when you see the video at first lack it looks l le a nurse caring for a patient. and take a look at the story be
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i think my past has definitely shaped the nurse that i am. >> minutes after she was born she underwent surgery to have most of her small in test continue removed. nicole had to be closely monitored for the first five years of her life. and that's when and where nicole who went by nini became attached to one of her nurse ooze i would say we're goingng to go to the doctor and she would say she was going to see sweet lini. >> their story ended up on the cover of the nursing hospital's magazine. >> it keeps my jints from being terribly painful. >> fast forward 30 years ler. nicole is a nurse herself caring for ailing patients. one say semi retired nurse with rhumatoid arthritis. they made the remark abling break through. >> is that where you spent most
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no, i spent my lir career at gi clinic at children's. >> i said you're nini. >> and she said yes, i am. >> and we suddenly realized we had this connection that went way back to her being a toddler and i'm like, that toddler is now taking care of me. >> could rin says she was too young to remember much of that tiend time but she assured lynn's kindness is what influenced her. >> i don't know if it's a small world or if it was meant that i take care of her after all these years i was given a gift that after 44 years of nursing,dy make a difference. >> how about that, what are the odds? the pair now each see each other every five weeks when bars to comes to the hospital for her other rye 'tis treatments. >> gorchl doibt think there was
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no i coincidence. thank you jeff. >> danielle: much more tonight from the news station. a circus take your show on the road and it it just might be be what the doctor ordered. >> lynn: a camera catches a pod of whales at plaicht find out where they playing at 6:30. >> danielle: and a student pilot getting an unexpected lesson when she is forced turn a highway into a runway.
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>> >> lynn: ring llg brothers and barnum and bailey putting on a special performance in south florida. check it out. the circus traveling to the children's hoop in southwest miami-dade. patients unable to leave the hospital getting a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. >> it will be a fantastic event for kids to create those moments
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laughter is the best medicine. lynn: well, that is riew. wow, that's in crebd. the service also donating 10,000-dollar to miami children's health foundation which helps so many kid. ringling brother in town at t t american airline arena through january 18th. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro o. >> phil: so let's check out the nation. here's the big view coast to coast. we have plenty of cloudiness across south florida. you can almost split the nation in half. clear to the south. cloudiness to the north and also very cold, a bitterly cold air mass starting to move in across the upper midwest in the single digits across mine moon and chicago in the 40s and 50s. up and down the east coast. big spin here. everything in white. what is know. and there are plenty of advisories. anywhere between a wind chill add vie orry all these counties
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and way up here in maine, we're looking agent a winter storm advise are rivment and here in florida, cold air is also moving in. central and northern florida all the the areas here highlighted are under a freeze warning until 9:00 on wednesday. our forecast is calling for rip current at beach. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida ceerkz conditions will start to deteriorate tonight. you're looking at an adviser richt winds bidding to 20 knots. seas beyond the reef five to 7 feet. coastal waters turning rough. next high tide dade and broord count times. 10:30 at night and for the lower keys water temperature at 73 degrees. for tonight clouds will be hanging on a s cross south florida. now f they kind of clear out, models are suggesting mid to upper 50s. if the clouds stay and it peers that they will, it might just be a degree or two warmer for the keys.
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over night lows in the low 60s. for tomorrow again more clouds across south florida. highs in the low 307 easm here's your extended out look aicht better chance for rain thursday and friday. warming up as we go in to the first half of your weekend. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> ievment. >> danielle: all right phil. thank you. >> lynn: next up from the the newsplex. you and prur president of the condo association get into a heated conversation and you both raise your voices but you're the only one find s. that legal? the answer in "help me howard" with patrick from a our. >> danielle: also head, have you caught fow power ball feef vemplet the largest jackpot in e world just keeps on growing. >> now, you can find 7 news on facebook and twitter. just search wsv
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>> >> danielle: so an association president and a unit owner get into an arg you'll and the resident is find for raising hi voice and being critical. is this legal? let's find out in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> >> when i met jose, two thi on his mind. >> these boys ooflt the boys are fun. the other thing on his mind that day is from you straight oog i bought this proper in 2010. >> jose now rent the condo out and recently the hot water heater broke. jose went over to fix it. >> i went to the hofs to get a form of a parking pass because they don't allow owners to park in the parking space. they say you have olive there. the property manager was about
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fix the water heater and then the condo president walked over. >> no, you can't give it to him. he can't do repairs. >> jose told the president it was an emergency and het trite park in his own space to fix the leak. >> and he got nup my face. came a few inches from my face and started ago an tag ga nicing me to do something. soy thrafd off and went outside ch pretz fooled him outside. jose says they both raise 3rd voises as they exchanged words. this guy was flaig like he was going to tack me. >> jose walk wade. fixed the hot water heater and left. >> then a few day later he was left steaming after this letter arrived from the association letting him know he been fined twice for the way he talked to the condo president. >> one is a disturbance for speak loudly and the second was defamation that i in sawngtd disrespected the president.
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within 48 hours he de fract his inflammatory words about the president. jose says to him that mean apology and praise him at the board. >> they want me to apology and say this this president has been doing a great be job. they want me to put that in writing. >> jose says both men raise 3rd voi and the condo president was not find. jose's conclusion. it is totally ridiculous. jose thinks the fines for the way he talked to the condo president are ridiculous. howard, do you think they are legal? >> no the association document say you cannot speak loudly but the purpose of rules like that are so you do not disturb your maybe. this happens inn office and right outside the door afntd rules do not block you from criticize age board mefn and finally if it was a violation. it's selective enforcement since the president did not get cited as we. bottom line.
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they can mot fine jose we mit witnessed the property manager and she confirmed the presisint was not find for shouting aicht few days later she left her jofnt a new management company brought in and jose told them they talked to the board and the fines were dropped. we tried to to speak to the new property manager ch they didn't respond p. and we asked to speak to the board president and did motear back from him either. >> they made it sound like they were doing me a favor which they wrn. first resint association badel was a dues disi and odds are since it's south florida we'll find out about a crazier one down the road in 2016. i wouldn't of gotten anywhere without your help. my alter native was to get a lawyer to get this worked out. jose miew what they were doing was illegal because he read all the association dolt f. you don't have your condo or home owner association disoments get them before you need them. the association request charge you for a copy but only what it
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the document or borrow a neighbors document. document aid problem you don't want them to so associate y with. for this "help me howard" i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. >> lynn: this is 7 news at 5:30 thank you for waving. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 begins now. >> >> now on seven news, we continue to will follow a developing story. a scare at two south florida school after something troubling is found. a cell phone store robbed. thugs showing no mercy to the owner. the highest court in the land making a supreme decision about florida's death penalty. who had access to some resphrictd areas? maybe cause for concern at a south florida airport. just one station with the story.
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and a two time liter ri winner hoping his lucky streak continues for the biggest jackpot in history. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> craig: we're going to begin with that developing story in the city of hollywood tonight. a gun found on a school campus caw age scare at two schools there. good evening everybody. police tring find out who brought the weapon to school. >> and two students being questioned. liz nagy live on the scene in hollywood with thvment liz. >> reporter: belkeys, police tell us they believe one of the student brought a gun to school in the backpack. showed it to another one and now we believe bonch the students are being questioned and they are tiewk officers here at the school. >> as students staid locked inside classrooms detectives walked the campus at apollo middle school. they found a gun under neeng the port able classroom.
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the students smoatd firearm to the other student and after showing it to them they tried to to hide it underneath. and its ways hand gun police say brought to school by a student. crime scene detectives scammed the gun on the ground closely to verify that it was real. >> two students were questioned for their possible involvement. >> reporter: parents who showed up to pick up their students were blind sided. >> sow showed up to pick up your children. >> yes, my son. >> reporter: what did you find? >> this, chaos. one is saying anything. >> reporter: did you get an later from the school? not at ax i usually do but not this time. >> reporter: inside school students say the the threat never seemed to we'll or scary. >> no one caimpletd it was just like every other day. >> reporter: well, student at a poll bo lo middle school and neighboring middle school were both on long down for two hours. students had to stay inside the classroom. they were released at 4 o'clock. the the time they were sa s pod
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