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in seven sports. in seven sports. a big move for the buffalo o bills a stock woman in sports team hung a woman as a full-time assistant coach for the first time in the nfl. tonight we know where their inspiration came from. sports director steve shapiro live in the with more. nfl is a female referee and a female intern now it has a full-time female coach. >> catherine sth is the first full-time coach in the
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hired by the buffalo bills as their spial teams quality control coach. last season smitwas the administrative assistant to bill's head coach x ryan. ryan released the statement about smith, she certainly deserves this promotion based on our knowledge and strong commitment. just to name a couple of her outstanding qualities. she has proven that she's ready for the next step. ryan said the decision to promote smith was inspired by the san antonio spurs who hired becky hammon in 2014 the former w nba player was hired as a first full-time female assistant coach in the nba. and last summer the arizona cardinals hired jen welter as assistant coach intern. she worked with the linebackers in training camp and preseason games.
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became the first full-time nfl referee. she's got coach in her title but catherine will mostly scout and show watch video tape report a head coach x ryan. >> i'll be back later in sports and the news plex steve shapiro news seven. >> coming up here in seven is a 10 residents across the east coast of the country preparing for a bitter blast of wintry weather picnics we will take a lot to the washington d.c. area where people are getting ready. >> as that windstorm aims for the middle atlantic states we are looking at the tail end of the system it will be making its way across south florida tomorrow the ingredients are present for some thunderstorms some heavy rain that could lead to some raight flooding and gusts of a more miles per hour more on this in
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>> good evening everyone this morning had a morning 54 miami 61 from fort lauderdalele3 in
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mid 70s. right now everyone is in the 70s except under mostly cloudy skies the wind starting to pick up between 16 and 24 miles per hour. so there is some rain across the florida straits aiming in our direction shouldldimpact the keys overnight. and then possibly by daybreak, could be moving across miami-dade and broward counties. that is a pinch of rainfall if you will that will going to get it then there's the front right here this is the actual cold front that is moving in right now across pensacola a lot of heavy rainfall here as a matter of ft this entire area is under a tornado watch right now. right here just north of pensacola until 4:00 a.m.. there is a gilforce warning for winds in excess of 35 miles per hour per much of the gulf of mexico these are all marine
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state rough choppy seas wendy gusty winds at times of 30 miles per hour and as we move in here across the us, everything highlighted here is under a windndtorm ask a winter storm warning until 7:00 p.m. saturday and then this little dot right here including washington d.c. is under a blizzard watch until sunday at 10:00 a.m.. so this is a big storm impacting from the southeast all the way into thehe middle atlantic states eventually pushing into new england as well. so as a area of low pressure heads for the carolinas and virginia, we are watching the tail end of that tomorrow there's a good chance of some heavy rain. we may see a couple of strong thunderstorms every thing clears out by saturday wendy and then the cold air will start to move in saturday night it's going to be chilly at the time you wake up sunday morning and the chill will stay with us through the early part of next week. threat of recurrence at the
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caution biscayne bay choppy even throughout the florida keys you look in a small craft advisory coastal waters will be rough. next high tide miami 805 8 o'clock in the morning fort lauderdale key largo 828. mostly cloudy few showers overnight it will bebereezy tomorrow wendy cloudy a chance with them strong thunderstorms highs s in the upper 70s hears her extended outlook saturday wendy check out the morning lows for sunday and monday. thatcher 7-on-7 forect. >> people from north carolina to the northeast are preparing for a nightmare as a severe storm heads their way. in fact some residents could be for more than two feet of snow. particular live two fairfax virginia just outside of the nation's capital that is were reported megan dices standing by for us. hey mega>> hey there i
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we are just freezing now. take a look behind me were in the northern virginia area this is a very big part of our dc metro several of these trucks 4000 trucks and all that will be deployed to ice these stres and get us off in running we are now under a blizzard warning which are meteorologist tells me is unusual to be issued about 24 hours out and by the numbers were expecting about 18 to 24 inches here is is being compared to back in 2010 were dc got 18 inches of snow we ll it snow mcgannon because it's around 3 o'clock tomorrow the worst of it saturday lasting into monday. a t of the problems the wind gust expected to be about 45 miles per hour i love snow drifts here cacaing problems this all comes on the heels of last night they got a half an inch to an inch of snow many
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prepared in fact made from messy commute last night. many people getting into accidents many of our crew getting stuck as well meteorologist tells me it is the worst she is seen inin0 years but many people having an eight hour commute last night the biggest story for us right now the metro is being closed. that's the rail lines in the buses expected to close tomorrow it will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. closing at 1 100 p.m. tomorrow. federal buildings at this hour much of them still open and as a federal buildings go so do a a lot of the businesses around here and the school district i would say about 95 percent of the school districts right now closing their doors. photographer paul and i were gogng to go get suited up a lot more later as were realizing because we'll be standing out in this for the next three days. were live in dc metro. seven news 19. >> stay warm and stay safe
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>> coconut grove arts festil making a big reveal tonight let's go ahead and take a look at the official commemorative poster for its 53rd year. there it was unveiled at the coconut grove local artist madeleine created this year's artworknspired by the cities evolving landscape. >> i look over see the changes in the skyline of course it's breathtaking. with the bay out there. >> colors are beautiful. the sailboats in the water that's all about coconut grove. >> close to 400 artists will be featured in the three-day festival at the park running february 13 through the 15th. >> still ahead here on hot button issue still taking center stage as a academy awards ceremony creeps closer.
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with the complexity of this issue everyone is beautiful and deserving it's fantastic but it feels like it's going the wrong direction. >> will smith showing us out of the store after his wife were on the record about boycotting the oscars. he's announced he won't be attending either. >> actor will smitfinally opening up about being snubbed at the oscars. he even explains why he will not be attending this year's academy awards. >> when i was a boy, heaven was here. and amerera was here. will smith has been in a list will be star in hollywood for more than two decades. >> i've never requested a test
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>> in his latest role on the vie concussion, he plays a crusading doctor who embarks on a mission to raise public awareness about the dangers of football related head trauma. it was a role will be critics and fans that would garner the already two-time oscar nominee another nod. it did not. it's one of the reasons his wife data pickett smith and other hollywood insiders ke director spike lee choosing not to attend the oscars. they say they're frustrated at the academies lack of diversity. >> the complexity of this issue everyone is beautiful and deserving and isisfantastic it feels like it's going the wrong direction. >> will spoke out thursday abououthe hot topic on good morning america. in the past, will lost his oscacato denzel washington and fost whitaker.
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the academy has only nominated white actors in the main acting categories. >> the nominations reflect the academy. the academy reflects the industry. and in the industry reflects america. will says for whatever reason, hollywood isn't representing the true face of america which he claims it's diversity. >> there is a regressive slili toward separatism towards racial and religious disharmony. and that's not the hollywood that i nt to leave behind. >> as for data boycotting the oscars will says is proud of her and for that she had the courage to open up such a
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>> adel a saint by two korean singer sigh as she says a new record the music video for single hello getting its billionth view and 87 days on youtube.>> streaming services that broke the previous record held by a size gangnam style which had its billionth view in hundred 58 days. >> youtube says history only 17 videos have reached the billion view mark. >> i don't think there would be much comparison between sai and adele. >> what's up with that adel? >> maybe that was --. coming up next on the night team when weight keeps his streak alive seven in sports is up next. >> pandas tell us what needs to haen to talk their losing streak.
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he be the first tell you that he's not having a great year dwayne wade is going back to the all-star game starters announced tonight weight is averaging 18 points four and half assists still got more than votes than any other guard selectors all stop of the 12th straight year the most all-star games s any player and he history. he started joining kroll lebron paul just carmelo anthony out west curry westbrook kobe to rent quietly for the first time the reserves will be announced one week from tonight the 65th all-star game ebruary 14 in toronto. the heat playing toronto tomorrow night whiteside and drug ali rudolph danko be out as well he got poked in the eye last night in washington.
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hip he lt the game weight missed last night in a sore shoulder the heat have lost three straight and six out of seven. two weeks agwe were going into a west coast road trip really trying to prove ourselves with the whole roster and now we got like five or six or seven guys out it's just a tough pill to pill to swallow. keep rolling the panthers got one again not for any other reason then i'm sick of talk about the four-game losing streak and listen to all those soundbites from players talk about not panicking. >> the panthers for straight losses on the heels of 12 straight wins one more loss friday to chicago would tie a season-long five-game losing streak. >> the main thing especially that's what i always do is just bear down n practice work hard just build up that confidence usually translates into a game but often times when you've lost of uganda take something
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we have to keep plugging away at not get frustrated by what's ing on. >> before they come here tomorrow night the blackhawks in tampa tonight going for the 13th straight when the hawks score 1st patriciccain are tim on this mob chicago leads 1-0. tampa gets the next to game tied 1-1 the second tampa power-play ties a a game that's a . game that was game-winning goal chicago loses 2-1 snaps the winning streak at 12 tim has won seven in a row chicago here tomorrow night pickett arizona carolina sunday night nfc championship game when is as we can goo the super bowl. caroline has not been there in 13 years. arizona is a 3-point underdog on the road but they got a good attitudede >> this isn't just the hang the teacher game is a trophy game this week we got the trophy on the line.about that
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>> the pages will have the full complement of receivers back for the afc championship game sunday at denver andaman mendola rob gronkowski back to the scene of the crime when the pages played denver week 12 gronk hurt his knee on that play left the game did not play the following week either he knows the broncos are coming for him. >> they'rnot doing anything illegal out there is part of the game just to be aware of itn maybe just a step up my game a little bit. maybe throw a juke. i don't know how many jokes i gof.
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i'm steve.
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