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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 26, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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officer starling said the first thing he did after realizing he was alive was called his wife. investigators say he pulled up next to officer starling and open fire. students and government workers in washington, d.c. taking another snow day as crews race to clean up a record-breaking blizzard. new yorkers cleaning up streets and many driveways are still buried. this is southbound, guy taking pictures of o it. they closed the roadway down several minutes. and solid delays all the way back all the way to the approach of red road and delays continue on this extension at 75
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the palmetto expressway, jam packed rnding the big curve at 103rd and it is slow, stop and go conditions on 95 working your way from 103rd and continuing to the 112 expressway. and heading up northbound on the palmetto, delays coming up near the trail an seeing very slow turnpike extension delay northbound coming up from southwest 122nd to kendall drive. here's lauren lane. >> good morning. 95 southern portions not sew bad, not a bad drive, unfortunately very busy in the northern end. current ly currently these delays are southbound and don't let the
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you're going to tap those brakes and as they pass through the sunrise area. that's 7 traffic. i'm lauren lane. more traffic in 15 minutes. good morning, south florida. we are looking at a warmer tuesday. and on the move and we will be dealing with rain. for now we don't need to worry about that on the local storm-tracking radar. it is nice and dry. we do have partly cloudy skies and temperature readings in the low 700s all across the board with warmer winds off the ocean and leads up to 14 miles an hour in fort lauderdale. the forecast is calling for showers tonight, tomorrow could be rather widespread with this front, more clouds around. the weather service is suggesting that we could be looking at strong to severe-type storms capable o of producing
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tornado crosses through. we do have marginal risk in south florida. your extended outlook calling for weather to clear out and that's your 7 on 7. chaos caught on camera inside a courtroom after a man charges a deputy district attorney. during the hearing near ros well, new mexico, the defendant charges the lawyer, shoves him to the ground apparently trying to punch him. he took down the 31-year-old man just found guilty of criminal sexual contract for crime against a young girl. and coming up next on today in florida. almost all homeowners pay property taxes and some manage to catch a break.
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from howard and patrick. welcome back most people have to pay property taxes unless you meet a certain break. >> ashley: but how do you do that? one couple called help me howarar with patrick fraser. >> reporter: in 1986, they bought the home they now live in and two days they will never forget, the days that left them disable. >> march 2010, march 11, 2010, i had a stroke. >> reporter: he was a truck
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fell off the truck. >> (inaudible) three month later i went to haywire. >> reporter: he had a progressive neurological ding disease and is totally disable. >> it's hard to breathe sometimes. >> reporter: shirley needs a wheelchair to get around, he has difficulty walking, h body twitches and contort and pain can be unbearable. as we met with them, they said with their small disability checks they manage to get by. then in december, he was watching help me howard when a story about elizabeth rogers came on and she mentioned she
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taxes because she's permanently disabled. >> i say wow, i wonder if i qualify. >> reporter: their property tacks are $1,123 a year, saving nearly $100 a month in taxes would be a big help. >> a lot. a very lot. >> that would be beautiful. >> reporter: they're both disabled, both low-income. do they qualify for a break on their p2operty taxes? >> there are many people who qualify for partial property tax break like someone who is disabled, a widow, widower an people in other categories. in order to avoid, you must be quad plea jibbing, blind or perm men inially or totally disabled and require using wheelchair, make less than $27,000 and caning a year. >> reporter: we contacted the broward property office. they were nice enough to go to the home.
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because of hers and she needs to get two doctors to confirm she's wheelchair bound to get the full exemption on their property taxes. because of their disability, they make less than the 27,000 that the state requires to be eligible. according to the law, if either of the spouses qualify, the propertyaxes are eliminate. >> if they do, thank god, if they don't, thang god. >> reporter: if the doctors sign the letters for shirley, they will get their property taxes wiped out. he would be able to go to work again, but can't because. his condition. >> if they cut me, i would bleed orange. i love the home depot. >> reporter: many people who work don't want to work. he would give anything to work an n't. this are about ten different exemptions available to homeowners.
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web site to see if you qualify. got a problem that's taxing you, hopefully after we appraise things everything will go well for you. for this help me howard, i'm patrick fraser, 7 news. and straight ahead on today in florida. we will get a final check on traffic and weather. a dog let out for bathroom break becomes the star of a half marathon. and animal too scared to
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assistance. welcome back. a dog's bathroom break turns into her big break as she unknowingly finishes a half marathon. the blood hound turned up at the starting line of the marathon in huntsville, alabama. the dog trot aid long with runners for the entire 13.1 miles. she competed without a human or leash an she finishehein 7th place. the dog was presented with a finishers metal for her accomplishment. >> christine: so cute. a sloth stuck on the highway luck. just holding on. it was taken to the vet checked
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natural habitat. and continuing to okeechobee road they stretch out to 103rd and allow yourself extra time. rolling to work, we are seeing stop and go congestion all the way to 103rd working your way to the 112 expressway and allow yourself extra time. have yourself a great tuesday. i'm steven j. grey. here's lauren lane still looking good in both directions approaching 595. we still have delays not as bad but delays southbound headed to oakland park boulevard. the crash earlier all off the side. i-95 northbound check out those delays starting to back up at cypress creek road, northbound
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boulevard is off to the side and on i-95, quiet, no problem, cars moving away from us, express lane, main line, 13 to 14 minutes and i'm lauren lane. make it a great tuesday. good morning, south florida. and waking up to partly cloudy skies. a lot of sunshine filtering through and your commute is
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to we have a life of clouds and downpours anchored to leading pressure producing snow in the northeast and canadian provinces. this front will be bringing us likelihood of seeing strong to severe-type storms wednesday and thursday, capable of producing gusty wins over 40iles an hourened isolated tornadoes. minor street flooding can't be ruled out. rainfall totals in the next three days could amount to three to five inches and encome passes west palm beach, lake okeechobee and hoo here at home, a good inch t inch and a half possible. the florida keys a little less than an inch. as far as the forecast is concerned, the front will clear out thursday night and the air will start to swing around from the cold air direction and help temperature readings tumble on friday morning.
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boating, we have a use caution in place and small-craft advisory in effect for the keys and coastal waters rough. next high tide at 10:06 and key largo at 10:09. fore ks highs in the 80s, tonight's lows in the 70s with the extended outlook calling for the 50s to return on friday. that's your 7 on 7. coming up next, a popular franchise is back with more action. and pictu perfect morning. one of key biscayne sent to us
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back. i was taking them home today. >> what's going on, james?
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another action-packed thriller. daniel craig reprises his role. and movie to give the whole family goose bumps. here's what is new to tooed the plate. >> you know what it's called? it name is spectre. james bond reprising his role. he follows 007 as he uncovers a secret organization. the spy uncovering connection between himself and leader of the group. it's rated pg 13. the cool di out on digital release coming to dvd. bradley cooper strives for culinary come back. burnt is rated r.
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now available to take home. the comedy following two kids looking to saveheir town after characters from tales come to life. goose bumps is rated pg. makee sure these fools put down these guns. spike lee's latest production is adaptation of greek play taking on gang violence in chicago. it's rated r. debut album nine track mind featuring the songs also out this week.
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the women'sight to voting rights. ashleyey >> ashley: all right. the smash broadway hit bock of mormon opening tonight. this musical comedy follows the missed a ventures of mismatched pair of missionies sent halfway across the world to spread the good word. it's tony and grammy award brain parker. the book of mormon runs through february 7th. topping the buzz, miley cyrus returning to television. the former hannah montana set to star in a six-part episode woody allens writing and directing for amazon. not much is known yet except that it is set in the '60s. and seeking merchandise battery charges of a woman's complaint about a new year's
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casino resort. she accused brown of hitting her and taking her cellphone when tried to snap photo during a private party. the singer won't beharged due to lack of evidence. and hollywood stars stepping up for flint. they're sending bottled water sent to the city plagued by lead water. they invested in bottle company pledging one million bottles. the first five cases are already on the way.
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florida. >> and we're coming right back. >> ashley: that will do it for today in floda at 8. i'm ashley jones. >> christine: and i'm christine cruz.
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