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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 26, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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well this is just in. getting word of a police officer injured in some sort of accident. >> liz live on that scene. liz? >>reporter: this is what turn
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accident and we understand from both the driver of this car and miami-dade police that the car that you are looking at the under side of is the car that was the one that caused this accident. what we understand from both police and that driver is that this car was one person insidejust the driver was heading eastbound on south west eighth street and he said south west 37th avenunuthe driver tried to press the brake. he said when he tried to press the brake nothing happened. he said he repeatedly tried to do that for several blocks. coasted through a few traffic let's and as he got to this intersection ass at south west 32 avenue drifted into oncoming traffic where police say he hit that small suv that then bumped into the miami-dade police car. we were actually able to speak to the driver of that car about what led up to this accident and miami-dade police about what they are doing in this investigation. >> like i couldn't stop. the brake wouldn't stop.
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and the car hit me. i was really y ared really scared and nervous. i panic a lot. i panicked a lot. >> the vehicle behind us was second in lean when the lien was when the light was red. once it turned green is when this vehicle cayman went into the opposite oncoming traffic opposite l le. when it went on to the side it continued to travel on the side impacting the element behind us then that he will meant was pushed back in the marked police vehicle. >>reporter: now just a minute ago on south west eighth street miami-dade police were giving this driver a sobriety test asking him to conduct different things in the milt of the street. we have just heard from miami-dade police that this driver was now put in handcuffs and placed into the back of miami-dade police cruiser. police officer was transported. everybody else in this accident seems to be relatively uninjud. he was the only person that was transported. live in miami tonight, 7 news night team.
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put it in park and caring bat and stick in ca of road rage taking bizarre turn in texas. uple drivers come out swinging in the street fight. >> whole they think caught on camera. the drivers in austin, tech treated to unusual show at a traffic light on monday. >> he got out cart with a bat. i started recording. >>reporter: wha he caught was two men fighting it out. one with a about the and the other with a long sting. >> really see the guy with the bat. going at the other dude. >>reporter: he and his brother daryn who was driving say before the two came to blows the two men made rude and obscene gestures to each other from their vehicle.>> i was thinking like that guy was going to pull out a gun5 >>reporter: he jumped into the truck because he forgot to shift into park and the truck started to roll. >> once the brake was engaged the fight resumed. that is until the traffic light changed from red to green. both drivers got back into their vehicles and drove away.
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out at first. >>reporter: well the police did respond but both drivers were long gone by then and now they are investigating this as an aggravated assault. resident left on evenly in parts of northern california. drone video over the san francisco coast lean shows homes and apartments just inches away fromhat. most have been deemed unen habitable because ofthe rapidly eroderapidly eroding cliff side. some already lost back yards. experts blame el nino fueled storms dumping heavy rain which is saturated the ground. state of emergency has been california. coming up here on 7 ne at 10:00 o'clock. it looks cute and cultsy but you probably don't want it waking you up in the middle of the night. high pressure to our east. front to our north w wt. we are kind of caught in the middle here. all the moisture uoving n.should be a very soggy 48 hours. the entire outlook in just a couple minutes. okay fichlt also south floridaamily turning tram
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. south florida family work to go prevent tragedy at local schools hoping their donations willll help detect danger. their son was struck and killed by lightning while playing outside. >> brandon buyer shows us how they are trying to keep that from happening to another child. >> when you love a child so much, you never want them to go away. >>reporter: jessie was just 11 years old when he was struck by lightning and killed in fort myers almost 4 years ago. he was taking the field for football practice. his parents have now made it their life's work to make sure
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the day jessie was killed a portable light new england detector wasn't ing used. >> it was locked away in a storage closet t.700 yards away e-now chuck and she are going school to school in florida. to install permanentight new england detector like the one they dedicated tuesday morning at holly wood christian school. the device there on top of a building just above the baseball field. if lightning strikes within 10 miles an alarm sounds. and then once there's been no lightning for 30 minianother alarm sounds indicating it's all clear. for this family item part of the healing process. >> it didn't have to happen. it could have been prevented. and people need to be aware and we are creating an impact. >>reporter: easing the pain of their loss one school at a timetheir loss one school at a time. in hollywood, 7 news.
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across south florida. we had morning low. upper 60's to right around 70 in fort lauderdale. then we topped off in the upper 70's under partly cloudy skies. right now everyonis in the 70's. miami 74. same in fort lauderdale and key west. miccosuke the cool spot. temperature of 72.. the pressure is falling. wednesday out of the east south east and humidity 74 percent. this is the stormtracker and we are following a shield of rain come up from the eastern gulf of mexico and it's starting to make a big turn already impactmake a big turn already impacting naples parts of fort myers we have high pressure to the east. a front to our north. we are kind of caught in the milt here. a lot of this moisture will make a turn back to miami-dade, broward couldn't and even the keys.. starting tonight sticking around tomorrow and possibly in through thursday. mostly cloudy tonight. you can se the front movinin through central florida tomorrow. a chance of some pockets of
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area of low pressure moves in to the gulf and then makes its way across central florida by thursday bringing with it yet another chance for heavy rain here for us and it appears thatlake okeechobee may get the brunt of all the rain anywhere between two and 4 inches of rainfall there here's marine forecast. risk of rip current at the beach. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys small craft advisory. 20 knot winds. coastal waters choppy. next high tide miami. 1ment after 11 tonight. 10:56 in fort lauderdale. the upper keys your next high tide will be at 11:24. 11:59 in key west. clouds will 10 to move in tonight. some showers. heaviest of the rain should be across south west florida. they can expect strong overght thunderstorms. the wind for us out of the south east 10 to 15. by tomorrow more clouds.
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could see some strong downpourcould see some strong downpours. high will be in the upper 70's. this is very close to average our typical temperatures about 76, 77 degrees for a high. then here's the sten the outlook. still rainingn thursday. by friday breezy. a little cooler and then by saturday morning waking up to 53 degrees. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. all right phil thanks. south florida woman getting quite the wild surprise. the 99-year-old waking up to this. this resting on her chest. encounter with the exotic animal that is part of the raccoon family made for an interesting night at the household before it ended up at south dade animal hospital. >> i guess she thought maybe it was a cat but once they got a look at each other, classic both of them screamed. both of them ran. lady ran to get help to call
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into the attic. >>reporter: well they are mostly found in cenal and south america however officials say this one was probably being kepts a pet and it escape. glad the woman is okay. i would have ended up in the hospital as well. check out this little guy ready to make his zoo debut. born in november. he's going to be brought out to his exhibit tomorrow. he will be allowed to explore d enjoy play time with the other tigers so he can start to get alaskaly a mated to his new home. these tying remembers highlyen endangered animals from indonesian. keep it here.
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well it's one of the biggest boat show in the country and this year it's hitting the water somewhere fferent. the night team is getting a sneak peek at all the action. >> that's right.
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>>reporter: welcome to the new home of the 2016 miami international boat show. and it's where it belongs if you ask city of miami mayor. >> it was born in miami l but now it's the first time in 45 years that it will be in the water e-right on the water at the miami marine stapled. >> ts was built orman nationally for high performance boat race something certainly has marine application and we found fantastic home here. >>reporter: preparations under way at the new venue that will soon be filled to the max with prodncts, boats and accessoryproducts, boats and accessoriesproducts, boats and accessories. >> 650,000 square feet of tent space that will be air conditioned and closed in doors accessible. 200,000 square feet exhibit space under open air tent then a temporary dock for 420 boats in the water. >>reporter: the dock are environmentally friendly sought marine life is unharmed while the event carbs in millions of dollars and employs hundreds of people. >> this has impact of 600
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win-win for all of us and we are very excited that it is going to be held in the marine stadium. >> you get here. able to spend the whole day with great food and bench opportunities scattered throughout the entire campus including permanent restaurantsincluding permanent restaurants. >>reporter: restaurants like the rusty pelican. executivchef jim pastor shows us what you can expect. >> our goal was to create menu that is special for the boat show. >> mushroom slider and then our next option here is traditional cuban food and cuban sand we have. the snapper and then finally warm front our coconut orzo with grilled mahi mahi. >>reporter: city of miami work to go ensure traportation is easy and convenient. that includes men of these water taxi out on the water. >> we hope that 25,000 people will be transported in water taxi from here from bay side and brickle.
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for more information on the 2016 miami international boat show just log on to our web site. it's been a tasty tuesdsd for me. new the the the residence in mid town magazine join us for a sttae of mid town tonight. highlighted areas most exciting restaurant and i host the culinary and wine paired event. while i was there of course i made sure to pick up a few yummy snacks. lots of grit restaurants participating. very good. >> okay. i tolto you coy. i know. hoping would you bring back a bag. >> you know how it goes. my mother i go to a party and walk out with a plate? come on. you can do it discretely. >> sorry mom. i know you are watching. >> on the night team. another clutch n nht for d wadeanother clutch night for d wade. show if it was enough to beat the nets. >> i'll get a ticket message from cary any second. >> third state win f the panthers.
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, still no white side but the heat got wade and bosch. heat at brooklyn tonight. heat in red. chris drives. scoop. gets it to go. follow. heat still down by 60 break. but then the heat make a run in
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wade steals it off former cain larken. wade to dang. dang makes a bucket. heat lead by 5. later in the top of the bowl. bucket. heat up 4 after 3. fourth quarter heat up one less than 4 minuteo go wade to bosch. pump fake lays it in. 27. heat up 3. less than 2 minutes heat up oneless than 2 minutes heat up one. dang waits for wade. he gets the lay up. heat up by 4. minute to go wade with a step back and he makes this jumper. wade and both have 27. wade emptywade empties his bag of tricks. heat we know in brooklyn 102 i 98. >> this is important to come out here and get a win. back in chicago we had to go into the bottom of the bag tonight to be able to pull this out but we were able to l. >> milwaukee on friday. griffin out another 4 to 6
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broke his hand when he punched a team equipment guy. he had surgery. griffin was about to come back after missingg 14 games with a torn muscle in his arm. >> not like we live in a realistic world. so we have to learn lessons and sometimes we have to learn the hard way thinks one hard which. hard less on for blake. >>reporter: what about the guy he punched. the panthers home tonight against toronto going for their third straight we know before the week long all star break. trtrling 1 nothing. he picks on quinn ton. he comes over gets into it. the wake the panther up. power pla. just got the new contract and 13th goal. 1-1. 4 minutes later another power play. and back. his 14th. panthers lead 2-1. we are
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smith with the steal. smith and sniper shot. panthers had two more in the third. and the panthers beat toronto 5and the panthers beat toronto 5-1. three straight going into the break. the. >> impornt game before the break. we wanted to end on a righ note. feeling good about our team headed into the brere so you know we take the next couple days to relax and enjoy the national. >> play in the all star game. after al jazeera reported last month the nfl is investigating if denver quarterback peyton manning had human growth hormones delivered to his house. few years ago when he played in indianapolis. manning may have tipped his hand about his future after the afc championship game last sunday against new england. nfl film recorded this audio with patriots head coach belichick.
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sure has been a pleasure. sure has been a pleasure. >>reporter: we could not hear all of belichick's response. nfl network is reporting former canes coach golden could become an assistant with the dallas cowboys. canes schule out. they open september 3rd at home against floridada&m. look at this. 5 games in obility oober gruchlingt including at notre dame on october between. nothing is sacred. nothing is private any more. this is alabama coach saban on the recruiting trail in the home of 4 star recruit quarterback jared made national seening day for high school seniors is one week from tomorrow february 3rd. that gets kids to come to school? i don't know. i'm steele. craig and belkys
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that's a wrap first at 10:00. ciao ciao i'm belkys nereys.
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