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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 28, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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driver had lost control of his rig. roadway conditions did not improve. thanks to help of kind hearted strange e that man was able to get home. those pictures. that's so amazing. and following a developing story with people aboard derail aring.
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scene for us. we've been following a developing story for you, a trirail train with people aboard derailing on pompano beach. let's go live to elitsa bizios with details on the scene. ladies this morning, what we know is thathere were passengers on this train. all of this happening after 5 o'clock, good news here, there wasnly one injury, the injury is minor. take a live look at the scene. you can see workers there, peopleresumed to be investigators figuring out exactly what happened. preliminary reports from trirail. they are telling us that this train went over some debris on the tracks. it is unclear if that debris is from the big storm that we had
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the derailment happening 5 o'clock, one of the engines did catch fire an by 5:25, fire rescue had put those flames out. again, 40 people onn that train when it derailed, one person tawen to the hospital with minor injuries. if your ride the system, take the trirail, get up to deerfield,est thing to do is fine an alternate route. this are going to be delays. if you don't have an alternate route, trirail does have service to help those passengers out. investigators are on the scene and will take a while to clean
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time the 8:34 developing right now at 114th avenue. she collided with a police suv he is expected to be okay. and storm spawned a twisterer in broward county, flipping cars an tring up trees. donald trump ditching tonight's iowa debate,instead front runner is hosting program to raise money for vets. good morning. it is extremely wet. it is extremely busy. on the surface streets, iis the busiest. we have pines boulevard shut down in both directions. thats going be between hiatus
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a fatal wreck occurred in front of pembroke lakes mall. an investigation still going on, you can go south and use pembroke pines instead and north johnson street and taft street an sheridan street will work. 95 is doing very well. wet, very slow, incident free for a a of the major roadways in broward. in dade heading out the door crash free at 95 solid, still looking at a one-hour commute as we're pushing pastthe golden glades interchange to the dolphin expressway. stick with the express lanes, 7th avenue west will work, biscayne boulevard, heading to downtown, only have those traffic lights to con ten with. that's 7 traffic. more coming up this 15 minutes. heaviest locater around the
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pines, even miccosukee and approaching krome avenue all the@ way in the beaches and plenty of rain fall inging, two to four inches of rain, fldingng will be concern throughout today, flood watch for broward and several counties around the lake region around 10 o'clock tonight. that means the front will be on the move. an also possibility of seeing strong to severe-type storms camable of producing isolated tornadoes. wins up to 16 miles per hour and flooding in miami-dade. once the front crosses through, south florida, temperature readadgs are going to tumble in the low 50s to upper 40sto wake up to saturday morning. trade in those umbrellas for
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we'll be right back. booster club and coach are refusing to pay her. it's this morning's edition of help me howard with patrick fraser. when they started playing at hollywood hills high school, she was the type of parent that every parent wanted. >> i stay there had and after he went tocollege. >> reporter: as a booster, she raised money for the teams. >> and items they mayeed that the school doesn't provide them.
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take them to 7 on 7 tournament inin ocala. so the coach asked tracy to help. >> i offered my credit card with the promise that i made sure, i had a promise from the head coach to pay it back because i can't afford to do it on my own. >> the football coach paid for the vans for the trip an she paid for the hotel rooms. >> it was great. we came back, the coach got paid back for the vans and i never got paid back. >>s they si has a document from th booster club saying using the credit card w w approved by the coach an money to be paid back by the booster club. they did pay back some of the ney nearly $2,200. i would get payments here an this while i was part of the booster club. >> she is still owed $3,800 for the trip to ocala and money she
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she got booted. >> the straight waned%a who will new crew and so we were asked to leave and that was fine. didn't mind leaving the booster club because her son graduated but didn't want to leaea behind the $3,800 she had loaned. >> because that's who i was told i would be paidd back for. that's ho the money was given for off my credit card. is s s legally entitled to get her money back? >> yes, she is. from the documents and texts we have seen, the football coach and booster club are responsible for returning the money. if the principal blocks them from repaying the loan, it is what the law calls interference th contract and principal could be liable as wellful > we first contacted the
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coach did not have the authority use it. and did approve it and did not return our calls. >> if they willot return tracy's money, that's what they call a smoking gun, which almost guarantees she w wl win in court. >> reporter: tracy hopes the hollywood hills club will repair her, and while they can't do the money. >> some of them that went there, it's helpful and bought cleats for those who needed them. >> hopefulul they will repay tracy the money they owe he if they don't, they can sue in small-claims court. that will keep the costs down.
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feel like you're being tossed around like a football. need a poohs to kick things into gear, all we ask is for you to loan us your time.
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patrick fraser, 7 newew still is, we have pines boulevard shut down in both
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between hiatus an flamingo road. shortly after 2 p.m. we have these two vehicles and while this is still under investigation, pine boulevard closed and oohs west alternate you can go south or to the north. you have alternate taft street will work at this time. save a lot of time heading out, rain showers not helping. neither is another incident in broward. we have train derailment, closed at mcnabb road and alternates there, atlantic boulevard to the north. and right now that's south bound drive with the congestion heading to the camama t entire drive is 40 minutes passing hollywood boulevard and no wrecks on i 9-95 south through the golden glades interchange and an
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express lanes will@ help, 7th avenue west and that's incident free. that's 7 traffic. i'm lauren lane. make id a great, safe day. a cold front on the move over central florida leaving us with a good chance of rain, spreading around broward and miami-dade and making for a busy commute. the local storm-tracking radar of miami is stating that this thunderstorm, this batch of heavy rain is showing signs of rotation, located about 10 miles west-southwest between the krome after and u.s. 277 and in case severe weather happens. a lot of heavy rain approaches the area around okeechobee road, west 49th street, hihieah, miami
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we have tons of rain and getting miami international airport all the way to the east coast into miami beach jut side our channel # studios as well. the rest of miami-dade looks wet all the way into kendall an southwest 88th street. as far as the florida keys are concerned, we are starting to see light rain broward county dealing with heavy stuff around alligator alley between weston andd pembroke pines. as far as rain is concerned, we are looking at potential of seeing flooding, so there is a flood watch in effect for broward and several counties around the lake region until tonight.
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the exception of the low 70s. winds are coming in all direction, it's there to see isolated tornadoes, frequent lightning and gusts over 60 miles an hour, flooding will be possibility for all of miami-dade, including the keys. if your plans take you beach or boating, smaut craft advisory at 10 o'clock, small-craft advisory is in place for the florida keys. at 11:19, 11:42 in key largo. highs in the 80s. a little cooler, showers still around. and friday night and saturday.
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we will be right back. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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american idol pulling back the curtain on hollywood week. >> it definitelyaid off, just this moment alone i'm feeling right now,his crazy sense of oh my gosh i just did it is worth it. >> we want this so bad and would do anything for it. so i'm in that same boat. i would do anything for this to win would obviously be life-changing. i just can't believe that i'm here.
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going before the judgesful you can catch the farewell seasoso tonight at 8 right here on 7. tie r banks and long-time boyfriend photographer is the child's father. the little boy named york is carried by a surrogateful rihanna giving her new album away for free. the studio album began streaming in full apparently by mistake on wednesday evening just hours after the work, the 27-year-old announced on instagram she would be giving the album away as a present to her fans. that's a god way to recover from that one. everyone likes free stuff.
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and we're come right back. >> ashley: that will do it for today in florida at 8. i'm ashley jones.
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