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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 28, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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youyou. miami-dade police department swearing in its new top cop. >> who is in charming of the department? jessica holly shows us. >> are you in expired.
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as deputy director to i'm coming to you as a citizen today. e-august 2014. ami-dade police deputy director juan perez demanding support for his department in the face of bump it cuts and layoffs. >> telling the community the commissioner the mayor whoever is listening that we need them. >>reporter: year and a half later that passion may very well be what is taking him to top cop. >> reminded me of me when i was a director of the miami fire department. you have to fight for your department. you have to fight for your people. >> i say what i mean and do i what i mean so i think the mayor respects that from me. >>reporter: so on graduation day as 95 joined the force, force gets a new leader. perez taking over as director jd patterson retires from the department. >> i'll tell you that the troop are excited and happy to have him as oururew leader. he does have some big shoes to
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if he's allowed tbe a professional law enforcement officer without any inference from the mayor's oychlts i appoint good people and let them do their job that's what we'll c cld. >> what he'll do as neweader is strengthen community relationships and with the sentence of miami-dade county. >> he wants nothing more to have a safe community for myself and my director 25 year pass on monday february 1st. reporting in north west miami-dade. big announcement for miami-dade county teachers. miami new orleans senior high precious honored as 2017 francisco r walker teacher of the year. hug from the superintendent there. has been teaching for about 10 years currently teaching createyears currently teaching creative writing class there.
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my a east positive seat fifth grade elementy school she was honored as week 8 8. some good he had carry. our ungood job. >> at 10:00 o'clock. guess shah runner is in this plex. >> barbie like never before. a little more realistic. families -- fame is still change our. >> clouds moving out. so is the rain and now we are in for a cool change.
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pro skier taking a terrifyingumble down an alaskan mountain. >> she talks about>> she talklk with her dramatic wipe out. this is video last spring when anl hit a patch of ice and fell 1,000 feet down the side of this range. 26-year-old plunged to the bombfor about 30 seconds doing whatever she could come up with to@ survive. >> at first i tried to slow myself down with my arms and then i realized i was going too
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i think the bet is the human body is pretty dang resilie. >> surprised she didn't break her arm trying to do that. >> she walked awould you have with some bruising. >> that's story. >> being used as part of most stipulate. high point in hawaii. surfer riding the los angeles 12 to the fifth. current proving to be too much with some with lifeguards making 20 or so rest constitutes. aevrt are saying the massive waves are the effect of you geet it pom pom i. el nino also breaking us a cooler and wetter wl weather here across south florida. morning low in the cities afternoon high in the 70's less than a quarter inch of rain in key west lock at my miami and fort
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and neck to the that mean a record was set today in miami. old record was from 1927 in fort lauderdale had you of an inch. 19 still partly cloudy to most consist key west temperature of 70 degrees. now our who had els are being very aggressive 10 for a grew overnight just going to have to company to s s the wind out of the north west 16 to my 93 percent so we fine had the last batch of rain manufactured through south around 9. it is still the possible of one stray shower overnht but in gem we are drying out. there is that front. it will continue to push away
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plenty of sunshine busy it should be dry you are a calling if they had earlier stay out ofif they had earlier stay out of. high pressure builds into mostly dryonditions should stadium around through the middle of inaffect not win to be out on the boat. same throughout in keys you are looking at advisory. younguilding to 5 to receive. high tease in the 127 for lower ys you will be insticksed so for tonight should continually gradually keep klouing out if they do they windy especially for those it by tomorro mostly sunny across the mainland.
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between 20 and miles an hour. high in the low says if. here's outlook at your 52 degree women of warm-up by next week that's the 7 on0. still ahead on the night team. famous toy turnsz head. people are leaking what they
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. most famous doll is ready for a change. barbie is getting a major make over. she has been around for awhile it's time. eshen things. some say it's a long time coming in fact. >> we are in the plex with barbie's new look. >> never needs a make over when it comes barbie and her body
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one-si-fits-all. fight know like the raem people in the world. >>reporter: f barbie likes onl. >> this is where we say there isn't this narrow standard of what a beautiful body looks like e-mattel debutingdifferent port in these sizes ivrpt so much fun for them to pick out dolls they cab relate to. they connect with. >>reporter: alsls be 22 eye colors and 24 hair styles. this video provided by mattel gives behind the scenes look at the reinvention of bar beef. mattel says changes are the most dramatic ever made to barbie sense she hit store
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>> we have to let girls know it doesn't matter what shape you come in. that anything is possible. >>reporter: the revamp barbie line after years of criticism over barbie unrealistic proportion. standard of beauty. if all 33 new jobs will roll out in stages. as of right now some are avlable on line as of marchfirst i'm in '. 7 must night team. thanks. anototr toy maker unveil new addition. lel lego introduced the wheen council it is part of new sen that will come service dog. lieu comes in reresponsible to alone land toy like me c cling for toys that represent physically challenged children. >> fantastic.
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lip balm. e o s was hit with class action suit by womawho caused to break out in a severe rash and blistering. todayhe co-will add its packaging so that buyers can make informed choices. the company also said they have no plans to change theen greed yents of the lip balm hopefully the won't won't buy it ain over and over an over until they gets a big rash on the problem.
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ji lebron james never asked pat riley to get rid of eric. pat told that yououay tonight. riley receiveve the american ic award at the western diplomat in hollywood tonight. after the cavaliers fired david last week reports surface lebron wanted david out. other reports said when he was with the heat lebron told minority own he wanted eric out. he. >> not from him to me. ever. i have been in that situation twice. i left los angeles and a lot of stuff followed me out the door to new york. and obviously when i left new york a lot@ of stuff followed me
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stuff is following him out the door whether right or wrong just the nature of the game. >>reporter: all right pat not a surprise chchs bosch all star again. pick as reserve. this is the left all star game for bosch. he joins starter dwayne wade. 6 consecutive seasons for wade and bosch toel together. tied for the fourth longest all star truck to spend. >> ty would have broke 18 few locker room doors if he had not gotten named. next big man in the eastern conference. he's had the best season. most efficient. versus tile. dependable durable big and so deserving of being an all star. >> got theal pa chino look good. this is new offensive coordinator christiansen quarterback coach for the colts a lot of years an advocate for add letters quarterback ryan
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>> it's lonely on the street and locker room hard to find friends. just unique position and serve always felt like the number one job i have is to be an ally. safe place where a guy can talk and communicate and have a relationship where you can bounce things off and generate ideas. >>reporter: the odds are going up. carolina 5 point favorite to win the superbowl over denver. carry loin a quarterback newton expected to win the mvp award this year. his counter pay the peyto manning won the mvp 5 times. even though manning has lost little bit off the fast ball carolina top defensive back is in awe. >> tre's no one better i feel in my book. even though he is got some age on him still he's the sheriff. if i even get the ball from, if he throw an interception or something i don't know i'm probably going to bow to him. >>reporter: respect.
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conversasaon with patriots coach belichick after their fame last sunday. manning heard telling him this might be his last rodeo. testifies asked about that today. >> what happened to private conversations on the 50 yard line? they don't exist a more so no confirmation on that. whatsoever. as we are on to carolina on to carolina a. >>reporter: week from sunday. this is a story about a high school athlete who obviously was raised rig. high school wres lipping in massachusetts the kid on the right is definite von shook undefeated 27 and o. the kid on the left andy how land has downs syndrome andy wanted one match. devon volunteered and he let andy pin him his first ever high school loss. the. >> if i had to lose to someone like to lose to andy. the it was a win-win in my bookthe it was a win-win in my
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champion. >> champion. congratulations. >>reporter: that is sports manship. good stuff.
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that's a wrap for us here first at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> stay tune.
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. news alert here right off the top at 11:00 o'clock. three people shot in homestead. two of them would not survive. and the night team is on that scene. hello welcome everyone. >> 7 news continues now at 11>> 7 news continues now at 11:00 now at 11:00 o'clock.
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clubhouse in homestead. heo again good evening everybody. police have just put out some new information the at the scene. >> alex has it and joins us live alex? >>reporter: two people have died. a third is in surgery at this hour at jackson memorial hospal in miami after a shooting here at the isles of oasis is clubhouse in homosteadoasis is clubhouse in homestead. police have cordone off the road into that clubhouse as they again this investigation. let's go to video. you will be able to see the clubhouse. this was video shot by a 7 news viewer tell you exactly what happened. 41-year-old man shot and killed41-year-old man shot and killed. 28-year-old woman they believe to be his wife and another man. that man is in surgery at jackson memorial hospital. the gunman then turned the gun on himself and killed himself. again it happened in the clubhouse. used by many people here at thth
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