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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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everything of my 30 years was in my car. >>eporter: she locked her car, left a spare key in her pocket book in the back seed seat along with her credit cards and went into the ocean paddle board waig friend. that's when cops say thieves pried the lock on the car and got in. >> no wurn is going tyke their purse or phone out to the water with them and you know, we didn't really think was safe to leave it in the cub by. we thought it would be safe to put it in the back seat and tuck it way and in my purse i've all kept a spare key because people said to me, do not leave your spare key in the car because if i lock my keys in the car it does me snow justice. >> reporter: and then cops say the stolen craitd cards used at a mid town miami target. miami police release this video of people they want to question. cops say he you can see two male leaving the store. one carrying a o box. the second portion shows two
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pushing a cart way child inside. cops would like to speak with these people. police say these videos were taken shortly after at car was stolen. i really can't believe these people have the sole to do this to someone. >> reporter: okay. so if you recognize the people in this individual yocht this woman devastated. you can help her. call police. call crime 1207%. the number is 305-471-tips. you saw a picture of the car in our story. police need the the public's help in this one. >> we are we're live on miami beach. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> danielle: and a live look outside our north bayville anch studios after days of nasty weather. a much drier start to the weekend and while it's camping down it's also cooling down. meteorologist phil ferro joining s us with what we can expect. phil. >> lynn: and a wiewt wiewt sunset here across south florida. it will be a beautiful after floon or at least what is left
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dry, mild. cooler temperatures on the way. as a matter of fact it will be a very cold saturday morning. lows in the low 50s. could squeak out an upper 40 in the western suburbs and by sunday it's 58 done. we're back up to 80 degrees for a a high. storm streark showing that everything is dry. palm beach. broward. miami-dade and the keys. and it should remain this way at least until maybe late sunday in the day. we may get a few showers moving in ahead of yet another front. here's the front that mofdz over us yesterday. today drier. a little cooler. highs only made it up into the 50e6789s over the weekend high pressure starts to move in. that's where a cold start on saturday. we start twiewrm especially for sunday. then we turn our attention to that front which could be our next rain maker. >> you're average low for this timef year 61 degrees. we're waking up in the low 50s. upper 40s in the western suburbs. enjoy. because we then go back above average all the way to the end
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i'll have a lot more on our local forecast a little later on. >> >> lynn: well, neighbors feeling wrafght moarming nature. crews and rest debs out cleaning up the damage left behind after tornadoes touched disowfnt remember, it was back to back days of really bad weather in s. and will all those storms leaving behind quite the mess. alex de armas is in delray beh with the story. >> reporter: clean up take place outside this church in delray beach friday morning. >> at least another 30, 40 minutes, an hour to clean up the the corner. >> reporter: tony has been wis si for two days now. >> we've been here five hours yesterday and two hours already this morning. >> reporter: chain saws in hand. crews in full force cleaning up after thvment surveillance video capturing a second tornado in
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south florida. this perful storm push thriewg delray beach thursday morning. look that the metal bench at the top of your screen. the wind tososng like paper. and in this surveillance video, you see the salesman wait bight door a a the wind pick up. his pants and shirt slapping violently. then just as the tornado hits, this woman let's him inside. he yabd memplet i grabbed the door. we both grabbed the door and closed the door. all the branches were cover verge the drive way so no one could get there or out. then there was broken tree branches all the way around the church. two trees down in this corner and the telephone pole was broke nen half. a day later this tornado still causing a dangerous situation for people coming to church here. power lines are still dowfnt the power pole is still slanted and caution tape over there such rounding power lines on the ground.
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the de breeze. those who go to this church are counting their blessings that no one was hurt. >> if it had been five or ten seconds later, it wouldn't off turned out the say. serving fine. the lord is with us and we're okay. >> reporter: thankfully no reports on any serious injuries from yesterday's tornado. reporting from delray beach. i'm alex de a mars. 7 news jie. >> lynn: judgment day for two men convicted of illegally possession an ak-47 and shooting at a miami-dade police officer. 45-year-old wendell clark and 27-year-old theo grimes feld fownd guilty after a nine day trial. the man and a third come plis enenred a convenience store in april thraft year in miami and they confronted two others who they believe may have stolen a gun. they took off on a high speed chase. one shooting mull ta pet shots out of car out of window at the detective pursuing them. both men sentenced in april.
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third suspect. >> >> danielle: also on 7, the brutal beating of a man in custody could cost several florida deputies their job. a grand jury already disieting one of the deputies and coface serious time behind bars. >> lynn: body cameras rolling the entire time showing excessive force may have been use ood craig stevens in the plex with the story. craig. >> craig: and lynn and danielle, the the video may show something else entirely. >> sheriff chrisis blair has a message for residents who count on the marion county sheriff's office. >> don't let a few asksz these men destroyed the image any law enforcement agency as well as marion county sheriff's office. >> craig: his comments come a day after this surveillance video was released showing fight of deputies punching and kicking main arrested on a drug related warrant in 2014. previously body cam that show deputies ordering derrick price
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but this new video now shows price surrendering. it was very dishearnting. i mean, you see what took place aipped was saddened by it and upset by it. sheriff blair says he is working to rebuild trust with the community. after the grabbed jury indicted one of his former deputies charged with violating a suspect's civil viets. others have either been fired or resigned. as for derek prierks he is urging marion county residents to stay cam. his nier put out a state. mr. price and the members of his legal team urge every one to use restraint and peacefully wait the outcome of the proceeding of the law enforcement officers. the sheriff was asked if h h has anything we say to price? it's an individual, an unfortunate incidents and a this think we a all know that it was wrong. >> craig: the former deputy who was dhietd week faces up to ten years in prison if he is ul neatly con viefnlgtd in the satellite center.
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7 news. >> danielle: craig, thank you. >> lynn: coming up on # news. scary moments for a south florida teen when a robber actually goes after his jewelry. >> danielle: also fists flying bh in what looks like a student fight club. a father furious over an adult roll in all of thvment stay with us.
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>> >> danielle: and we do have this news alerted four coming out of southwest miami-dade. word of a car in a ta canal. >> lynn: let's go to belkeys in the plex to find out more on what's going on oo belkeys. >> belkeys: jarks guys, we have good news and bad news. you can see the bad news for yourself. there's the car. not sure if this is a dmal or water way on the side of the road. not very deep. not clear on what it is exactly but somehow whoever was driving car lost c/ntrol and it ended up
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this is southwest 268th street and 112th avenue. that the bad niehtz the car is there and it's in the water and it's flipped over. the good news here. there were two adults and one child in tpis car at the time. accident and from what we understand, all of those people managed to get out of that car safely. so that's what we have at this point in southwest miami-dade. two a adults and a child in that car. they got out safe. the car still parked there and probably going to get toad out of there eventually. live at the news desk ch i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> danielle: all right belkeys. thank you. in other news four now teens getting into a nasty brawl throwing punches at after an school and after school coach seen standing by. u see him there standing by but not doing much to break tup. that new york city is now out o o a job. >> lynn: and the father is
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>> 24 say far cry from a botching gym and that is not a referee. two, 12-year-old boys throwing punches while others stand around as spectators. their after school coach standing by seemingly doing nothing to break it up. >> towards the end of the video. the coach finally pulls one of the middle school students off camera. >> it's very unhe acceptable. you're a grownwn man ch you're supposed to be a role model for these kids. >> lynn: kevin joarntionz the father of one of the boys learned from the fight. he said he learned from the incident after his son came home from the after school program fr in queens new york cox plaing of pain eye had to take him to the hospital and the doctor says he has a muscle problems i i his hand. jones says he saw the video post ond facebook that night by another boy and was tour yowssments the coach marcus cruz has been fired.
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you cailingsmployee and he was swiftly removed from his position after at an after school program at the school. zero tollerens for employees vendors or volunteers who do not prioritize the safety of our students, end quoad quote. >> but the family is now hoamg for more answers from school officials. >>? was this coas coach vetted. what other circumstances occurred prior to this with that particular coach? all those things have to be investigated. >> lynn: pending the out come of that investigation goans joan and his nier will determine if they will file a lawsuit. >> 7ews coming right back after this.
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>> craig: hello again. i'm craig stevens. new here at 6:00, a south florida teenager shaken up after he was ambush add and robbed in broad day light. the moments caught on came cape pe. we have the story and a woman finds herself in hot water thing. at she was doing with an
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miss hib bitted from going toy save jail. with we'll have more on these stories and more. hope you join belkeys and me. pgh the news continues at 6:00.
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bike >> danielle: we have another news alert for you here at 5:46. you're looking at it there. a car on fire in doral. >> lynn: this is on the the problem. let's go to ralph rayburn do
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>> and i vehicle headed northbound at 826 herer at 58th street pulled off to the side of the road and caught fire. metro dade police officer here is block that one lane of traffic. we'll bring you back out here. you can see people are slow, slowing down to take a look at. it we have a road rananr over here and good samaritans up here who haveire extinguishers but have not been lewd to go over there and get on the roadway to put that fire out. they are going o wait for th pros to pull up here. these guys are from 17. that's right off 36th street and 76 a anue. think will hook a line to the front of that engine there and start putting some water on it. again, a 58th street and the 826 expressway. this is northbound traffic down to, we've got one, two,till have four lane o.2 lane blocked as fire official just arriving on the scene. going to put the fire out no. injuries reported that the time. looks like it was just the
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he wasble to get out and get safely to where the road ranger is. we'll stay on this pe a second and thel put water on this and bring it under contrololnd get the fire out. and same sure a tow truck will be called and then an insurance company. again, a car fire, northbound on 826 express way. brick the camera bac out quick and you can see that normally busy roadway here is slowing down as people are trying to merge over into the inside lanes here thvment all happening in the last four or five minutes. with we heard the call as we were headed back from another story. they are just about ready to put the fire on and you can see the white smoke there. they are doing. that so we'll sign off. that's the story here onky force hd. i'm ralph rayburn recording live. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. let's take a look at the cowfn tri here coast to coast. it is really nice. basically from the southern half the u.s. we're still looking at cloudiness right across scht lingering cloudiness.
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throughout tonight and tomorrow. but mostly clear rig across the heartland. temperatures not too bad at this hour. as a matter of fact the coldest that we can find is along the great lakes. 31 in minneapolis. 33 in the windy city. miami with 62 deechtz only going to get colder night the reason for, that there is a front that went over us yesterday. now the cold air is settling n. by tomorrow afternoon we're looking agent mild conditions across south florida. still in andnd out clouds across the a area. by sunday werks start to warm up. highs could be right around 80 degrees.s. could see aaate day shower and then there's the next front that should mov in right around monday morning bringing with tai better chancnc of some rainfall here. small craft exercise caution tonight. do to the wind and seas. biscayne bay choppy. a slighgh chance for rip currents at the beach. for nut florida keys, ao use caution. 15 knot winds. seas beyond the reeeethree to
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next high tide 11:57. 1:27 for the lower keys. for this evening. still partly cloudy. the wind coming out of north northwest. over night lows in the low 50s along the coast. upupr 40s in the western sub wushz. even the keys feeling a lit bit of of this chill. and tomorrow partly cloudy skies. the wind out of north. highs in the low 70s. what is average is 76, 77 degrees. and here's your extended out look well. warm up on sunday. high of 80. late day shower. a better chance of some rain on monday. then thearmth sticks around through thursday. a little bit of a cool down by next friday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> danielle: all right phil, thk you. well after a little bit of a rain delay it was all a aut play time for zoo miami's cieft tiger club. he got a chance to explore the outdoor enviewer member.
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>> lynn: did you hear the awe. >> babies and tiger cubs, not big tigers. >> lynn: he was born at the zoo back in november and just imitting a access to the exhibit. and that means when he is out there, you could watch him in afntle belkeys nerey at the news desk with h e rest of the cute story. belkeys. >> belkeys: rrr, the new addition will get a litite bit of time in his exhibit. for now it's baby steps bute is already a big hit. >> oh look. a baby tiger make his debut in the zoo miami exhibit on friday. the sumatra cub born in november and roaming around the exhibit for afternoon feeding and play time with other tigers. after getting his vaccinations and making progress the last several weeks, zoo staff giving him the opportunity to `experience the sites and smells of the exhibit as he familiarizes himself and
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>> it is an important process to get him out here to understand what everything smell like and he smells his dad. he smells his movement he starts mark higz territory a little bit. >> belkeys: groups people snapping pictures of the little guy assist takes his time playing around and putting smiles on kids face ooze this is the first time i've seen a paib by tiger. i've seen them grown up a they are cute but baby tiger is a `really amazing. >> belkeys: the cute cub climbing a wall, crawling through a opportunity 234e8 and sniffing something i the grass before posing for pictures and shake hands and waving buy to his new fans. >> it's a great feeling. the zoo splais where things live and die all the time. and we've dealt with deaths, aprilalls that were old recently and this whole circle of life. to have the tiger come out it inspires us.
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significant contributions to sumatran tigers around the world there. highly endangered from indonesia altogether now. ow. he is o cute. at at the news desk. i'm belkeys nerey. it's friday around here. with can you tell? we're coming right back.
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>> >> lynn: fans of all awjs gearing up for greases as they hit the movie gets transformed into a tv show. and thee stars rehearsing for months ahead of sunday nights live show. >> danielle: it is going to be so good and it promises to deliver a serious dose of hollywood treem. shireen san do van evaluate live in the control room way preview snroo i know all the songs by heart. here is the good news.
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it will happen on live tv. >> i'm n n great at hand grief but i have chill and they are mull ta plieg. grease is back. >> >> the musical made into a movie back in the 70s. >> >> and my heart is set on you. >>eporter: grease live has an incredible cast fee touring the hottest young stars in hollywood. >> actress dancer and singer julianne hough plays sandy and andrew plays danny. it's like nothing thief ever done before. >> the biggest production i've ever been part of. >> hand down. you'll see itton stage but wherever we go commercial and every one is scrambling to get on the set. >> with 300 crew membersnd 44 cameras.
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with a studio audience watching. live in front of our faces. key key parlor plays miami and theair is excite bud they are also feeling lots of pressure. lots of pressure. but pressure that propelled us to get to the point where we are now. >> and the cast is so insane that we all came in a so nervous about impressing each other. the pressure has been on since the beginning. singer c cly ray jepson who plays general si and can ma hugh who plans january says it's a one ever a kind show bis p imrerns ch we're taking all our favorite parts from the movie and all the favorite parts musical and trying to do something that what nt totally been done before. the nice high breaftd movie, news call and something new. combo platter a. >> grease is word.
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original movie and some new songs, superstar singer jesse jay will make an appearance too. >> i'm happy i'm getting to show with such amazing people. no matter how you sing t1 thing for sure this sunday. grease is the word. >> and there's only one place you can watchch grease live and that's right here on 7 sunday night at 7 70 p.m. i'll definitely be watching. live in the control room.m. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> lynn: oh sandy. that's 7 news at 5:30, i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. 7 ne at 6:00 begins now. >> now on 7 news. phil: expecting over night lows in the 50s. how long will that chill stick around for. >> a teen ripped off outside his south florida school. >> a man found not guilty nay
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livivi with a heavy hamplet he is sharing his pain with rosh lowe in the low down. >> bad behavior behind bars and an attorney accused crossing the line with an inmate. and south florida way game plan to o ing back the the super bowl. >> thiss 7 news at 6:00. >> we have a live look outside nowrnlg bay stiewd yoafnsz and have a look that the fantastic sunset there f fday evening. as the sun goes down night, thing will cool off once again. >> craig: hello again and good evening everybody. you can feel the chill in the air right now. >> belkeys: and we'll soon be feeling the 50s. chief meteorologist phil ferro live in the weather center with all the details on this for us. phil. >> phil: a quiet afternoon so far and as we go in through the evening hours t it will be dry and mild and as the sunsets, the temperatures will start to drop. we'll be waking up to lows in the low 50s. maybe some upper 40s in the
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