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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 29, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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oh, i'm so happy for you. you are going to make the best mom -- no. blood. blood! blood donor. for me. an experimental cancer treatment. we put him up at the house so news doesn't get out. i should have told you. [ sighs ] it's already working. there is a light in you, and i can see it. i didn't tell you to be here. whwh-- why are you here? i know these people. i know how they work. been picking uafter them for long enough. and you know them from where? dad told me stuff. i am inclined to believe almost none of that, but the truth here is fbi -- not fbi. so everyone e re who's not fbi should take a nice walk.
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dad, i think that fbi agent is here to talk to you about thosdead protestors chained to your fence. why do you say that? oh, you know, they hated coal. my dad hated them. now they're dead. closyour mouth, asher. i mean, it's all over the news. do you watch the news? i don't, but`i hear old people do. shut your mouth! i'm not here to talk to your father, asher. i've got a few questions for you. just need to cover the bases. if you don't mind, i'd like to know where you were during the hours before and after those killings. let me see. let me see. let me see. i know i was somewhere... with someone.
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so where were you, asher? i have thought about it -- as a dad, what would i do if, god forbid, gracie got in serious trouble? it's not easy. i get it. but this guy -- this -- this duke davis -- didn't go well? he made it clear that if i wanted to talk to asher again, i'd have to wade through his lawyers. and the kid? alibi. he said he was with the cart girl. maybe let me take care of this one. again, fbi -- not fbi. she's just gonna blow smoke up your ass. then lying a federal agent
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[ engine shuts off ] u take me to the nicest places. you. you don't belong here. yeah, i've been feeling that a lot lately what are you doing here, bobbi? huh? something for asher? you don't know anything about asher. i know he's a prince, and you're a aart girl. i've seen this movie. it doesn't end well for the cart girl. what are you doingng for asher? [ door creaks ] ah, well, if it isn't mary goodwin's head of security. that's what you are, isn't it? that's what you're w%aring? okay, well, don't just stand there.
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(vo) don't be a settler. get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. ll 1-800-directv. [ indistinct conversations ] man, that really pissed my dad off when you took him down in the ring. yeah, you liked that, didn't you? look at you trying to get all up in my head. oh, don't worry about her. right now you got a choice to make -- red or blue? hey, i know you want to talk to me tonight, but party'over if you don't swallow. you first. [ chuckles ]
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[ conversations, laughter echo ] [ laughs ] [ growling ] [ distorted camera shutter clicking ] [ conversations echoing ] the sound is rising from the west ahh. did you come here to save me from the evil prce?
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hey, do you want her, man? what? it's cool.t she's the cart girl. everybody wants the cart girl. asher, cut it out! you ass! [ chuckles ] does your dad beat on you a lot in the ring? yeah, it makes him feel big. whatever. you know, if you want, i could maybe teach you a few moves, get inside that right cross. yeah. no, i don't think i need that. hey, this pill makes me want to tell secrets. you want to hear a secret? i know you're here for me, and i'm ready, okay? i'm ready for it. i do owe my way [ laughs ] you should see your face right now, dude! you're so wasted. [ laughing ] i do owe my way
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i do owe my way [ bell dings ] [ groans ] [ snoring ] yeah, he's definitely my dad's son. i recorded the whole thing. [ indistinct conversations ] okay, well, you're just gonna have to trust me. he brought it up. he wants to get caught. he called me out. [ ghs ] oh. hi. you okay? [ device shuts off ] you look a little bit like grandpa. what? no, i mean, the e y that he used to look. you know, sometimes, in the morning. [ moans, chuckles ] why -- why don't you just be a good girl, huh, and make me that, uh, famous hangover cure? it was just one time. gracie, gracie, gracie. don't do drugs. understand? but dad brings me all the good stuff from the evidence locker. hey. not funny.
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in my day, all you needed was a little mary jane and some whiskey, and yowere set. your day? oh, i got to run. all right, so, to recap, you spent a night of illegal behavior with our murder suspect, had him drop you off on the investigating fbi agent's lawn... [ voice echoing ] and got no information. yeah. that's great. no. wait. i-i-i forgot. i got this from the cart girl. youstole that from our cart girl. she's his favorite toy. i don't think he'd go anywhere without her. [ voice echoing ] where's he going? you're thehebi agent. you find the clue. gracie... i got to go, okay?
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her dog. she put her dog in the kennel. she kenneled her dog. why would anyo kennel their dog? just go ahead and say it. they kennel their dog because they're leaving town. or in this case, fleeing. yes. good work with the wallet. maybe next time you can get some legally obtained evidence so that i have something, you know, to put in the rert. life is not reports. more like him everday. he knew how to tail someone. you lose her, we get nothing. so i won't lose her. really? driving like this? u ever tailed anyone before? never. this is very exciting. it's my first tail.
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i guess duke davis' jet? taking the kid and the girl out of the country? he's still covering his kid's tracks. [ bobbi screams ] i'll call for backup. you stay put. we were below the e th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history.
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duke? duke? where's your kid? are you a father? yeah, i am. huh. he was such a tiny baby. weighed almost nothing. my hand covered his whole back. [ chuckles ] he was always in trouble. just boy stuff. his mother saw. i just tught rambunctious. then came the businessss at highland hall. then he did it again. and the company -- oh, that kind of publicity
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what was i supposed to do -- destroy everything just because i couldn't handle my kid? so many. at some point, i...i was in too deep. no one would understand. not if they weren't a father. oh, duke. officer with a 10-33, med respspse at the airfield off cole avenue. a stab wound, loss oblood. but this -- this last thing... with the axe... ...that was enough. but you were taking him out of the country, letting him get away with it again. he thought so. he didn't want to go.
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none of us werer i only put in enough fuel to get us an hour... over the ocean. you have kids? did i ask you that already? [ screaming ] you want me, kid?
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aah! asher: sweet, stupid bobbi. i saw you do the math on that little cart girl. i knew you'd follow her. follow her sad, little car. putt, putt, putt. why'd you kill your dad, asher? oh, he couldn't stop me. he was weak. you wanted him to stop you. [ blade scraping ] i wanted him to try. if you wanted your daddy's attention, you should have gotten a piercing like a normal kid. i didn't want his attention. i wanted him to be a man, like you -- like us. i know you understand what being a man is. i saw it. and now you want me to stop you. is that it? to try.
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you know what, i've been dead. it's not for me. [ yelling ] aah! ohh! drop it! i told you to watch the right cross. where's the girl? she doubled back. her car's gonene did you set up a perimeter? you mean have i done this befo? yeah. now i'm gonna cuff him 'cause he's a bad guy. leave him alone! [ gunshot ] ohh. [ gunshot ] ohh. [ gun clicks ] [ gasps ] [ grunts ] [ exhales sharply ] on your knees! get down now! hands behind your back!
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[ james coughing ] is asher okay? oh, god. now what the hell did you do? [ straining ] i got shot. what's it look like? all right. you hang on. the ambulance is coming, okay? no. no ambulance. yes! yes. yes. that's shock from the loss of all that blood. you hang on, all right? you hang on! now i'm gonna get you to the hospital. no, i just took a bullet for you. sosoou just listen to me, all right? just once in your life, just listen to me. take me to mary goodwin's. [ breathing heavily ]t, whether you're out on the town... or in for thnight... at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy the samsung laxy s6 and get one free.
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[ engine revs ] this is agent pritchard. you'll find duke davis dead in his plane. he was killed by his son, who's in an ambulance. an accomplice is cuffed and in a hangar. i'll make the report after i pursue another lead. [ james breathing heavily ] why the goodwin house? why does it alwaystake us back there? and i want the truth this time. i always told you the truth.
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you didn't need to know everything. you were just a boy.y. you were just a boy. i should have gone to your ball games. i should have... i should have been betr to your mom. a child's father is supposed to... protect him from the bad things, not be the d things. sorry, duval. i was just -- i was just trying to protect you. what the hell are you talking about? [ cellphphe rings ] mes? this is fbi agent pritchard. he's dying. he begged me to take him back to you.
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can you do that? what's wrong with him? multiple gunshot wounds, cuts, massive blood loss. i'll meet you at the gate. no, we're coming in together or i take him to the hospital. no more lies. [ beep ] this is not good at all. i realize that, otto. to compromise the security of the operation is to put us at risk, but to refuse will put you at risk. i understand that, otto. let me think. [ breathes heavily ] what the hell is he? mary: not "what." "who." he's james pritchard. you know that. [ speaking foreign language ]
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going to ball games, like he thinks he's my father. he said he was sorry. why did de say that? [ speaks foreign language ] why did he say he was sorry? [ speaking foreign language ] why does he think he's my father?
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