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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> 7 news continues now at 11 bell nor. >> now at 11:00. police search forearm carjackpolice search forearm carjackers in south west miami-dade including the guy o opened fire. hello again and good evening everybody. police@say they present continued to be selling a car. >> but things quickly took a dangerous turn. alex live on the scene in south west miami-dade wh this. alex? >>reporter: plenty of police activity here in south west miami-dade tonight. these two people were attacked when they came here to buy a car. one was shot. the other was pistol whip. street. police cordone off this area. we are in the area of south street. according to police the two victims made a deal to buy a car yesterday. tonight when they came here to attacked. the person who was shot was tan by air rescue helicopter to ken today regional medical
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the other person was pistol whipped was taken to homestead hospital. at this hour police are looking for at least two males. they say were in hoodie and possibly dark jeans. if you have any information the number for crime stoppers is here on the screen. more information as we get it. we are live in south west miami-dade i'm alex 7 news night team. now at 11:00. plane dropping out of the sky. and plunging i io the sea with two people on board. >> started screaming and running on the rocks and they were just, everyone it wasike it was crazy. >> really lucky. when you hit the water it's like hitting concrete. >> 11 guard quickly jumping into action. after the crash and splash. >> the man on board two of them just then and 20 years old. >> tonight the wreck annual has been pulled from the water and brought to land. investigators try to figure out
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night team has more from the hall over marare center. >> what was left of that plane was finally halled away in pieces lifted out of the water bay crane. it's nowown its washington toy a hangar to continue the investigation and the rescue portion of the plane took far longer than treatinghe people who were on board the plane when it went down. it took a 5 man crew tugging with all their might. >> it's not like a boat where you have spots where you can tie it up to an just raise it. >>reporter: to budge it the last if you inches to the boat ramp. >> like a tank. >>reporter: towed along by a series of boats submerge underneath the surface and floated on the bottom by air bag is a small plane. >> i was on the beach and suddenly an airplane started dropping in the air an it fell on the water. >> united states coast guard plane wt down outside baker hall over. >>reporter: tuesday morning just before noon.
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the sky. narrowly missing the rocky jetty. vet rap life guard lopezezove in and swam out as fast as he could. >> he said i held my partner because he doesn't swim very well. so actually i give the board to one guy. secure the guy then grab the other guy and start come in together. >> do you feel lucky to be alive. >>reporter: two student pilots ob board just 19 and 20 walked awhich barely a scratch. rescuing them proved far easier than the plane left behind. tow crew battle the current in the inlet. >> real rough. >>reporter: slowly racing the setting sun to the boat ramp. >> stopping make sure the bag are still attached. that we didn't leave no piece behind. >> financially another salvage company hoisted what w left of the wreckage from the water in fire rescue said the twotudents flying the plane at the time were students out of marathon. still n n exactly sure what happened to that plane. tonight both of them are
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to talk about the situation. the pieces of that plane are now headed to a hangar in fort pierce where we continue the investigation. in northeast miami-dade, liz, 7 news night team. . >> bash range of bullet unloaded on car with three women sitting in. the women in the drive through at south florida fast-food restaurant when police say they were targeted. sheldon fox has more on this triple trouble. >> calm down calm down. >>reporter: 18-year-old the is in pain and in fear and this is why. mom. >> calm down cam calm down. >>reporter: she documented and pollinged to facebook the surreal moment after being shot with her mother and family friend as the three women sat at a burger king drive through in opa-locka. gant and her mother miss lock are being treated for gunshot wounds at crack son.
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released. >> i'm hurt. it's my mama. >>reporter: miss james is the older sister and daughter to miss lark. she flew down tuesday from atlanta to be with her injured family. >> my mama never do nothing like this she don't bother nobodydy she's a christian woman. >>reporter: what was this all over. >> nobody knows. opa-locka police department and other agency loong for the shooter know this. bullet riddle chrysler had to stop at north west 27 avenue tuesday morning. we were over the aftermath of an ambush. and the beginning of a man huntand the beginning of a man hunt. >> according to the preliminary investigation it does look le they were directly targeted. >> i feel blessed because they are all well and alive. god is good. >>reporter: our family members feeling positive esday night outside the ryder trauma centeroutside the ryder trauma center. hours after the horror in the
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multiple agencies trying to figure out if this shooting in opa-locka connected to previous shootings. they say they are not ruling anything out as they look for men behind this ambushf women at the drive through. the men could be. if so you need to pick up the phone and call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. number in miami-dade county. collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police. we are in miami, jackson memorial hospital, 7 news night team. just one station with new im am of dangerous robber and it could be a crucial clue in cracking this case. police release surveillance image. it is a irly clear picture of one of the men they are looking for. cops say he and accomplice robbed north miami cell phone store earlier this month. the owner was beaten and pistol whipped. the victim who did not want to show his face spoke to 7 news exclusively yesterday.
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shoes thank god they open the door. it would have been worse i think. >>reporter: here's another look at one of the two crook. if you recognize him call crime stoppers at this the number on the screen. and now. presidential candidates heading to new hampshire. >> i fl good about my prospects. >> all eyes on the country first primary. >> awakening sweeping this country. >> next big battle as the hopeful get ready to go head to head. >> day after the iowa caucus the candidates are shifting their focus now to the next big challenge. >> many of them using last night success as momentum. robin is live in the plex with a look at this. >>reporter: smaller group of candidates hitting new hampshire ahead of the state primary but even the winner of iowa caucus not taking anything for granted. next president out of thes is
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powerful force in all of politic. we the people the grass roots. >>reporter: senator cruz, >>reporter: senator#cruz, donald trump and senator rubio finishing first second and third in iowa. crew already heading to south carolina to shore up support ther while subdued trump predicts possible first place finish in new hampshire but wondering if one choice cost him m g. >> i think it could have been the debate. some people were disappoted i didn't go in the debate. if i had to do it again i would hahave done the exact same thing and the reason is do you know why?% because i raised 6 million dollars for the vets in one hour. >> the trio of current and former governors needing a break out moment. john kasich and christie pressing the crowds and bush say the focus should be on results not rhetoric. >>reporter: back bone to stand on what is right and a a heart to be able to bring people together and fix things and brain able to do it. is rub yo.
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on identity. what america has been for over you know what it has been. it has been the single greatest nation in the history of all of mankind. >>reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton winning by the slimmest of margin in iowa. she's down playing expectation since her rival who represents neighboring vermont beating her dijt. for him. we are in his back yard. i love the fact that we we talk about issues. >>reporter: senator sanders campaign raised 20 million dollars during the month of jachbility he's banking on another stunning showing next tuesday. >> we took on th most powerful political organization in this country. last night we came back fromal 50 point deficit ithe polls.
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political revolution not just in iowa not just in new hampshire but all over this country. >>reporter: iowa caucuses broke all sorts of recordrdor republican turn out so we have to see if new hampshire voters do the same. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. >> jeff will be in new hahpshire for the primary. his life reports again saturday on 7 news. if you haven't done it yet now might b a good time to check out or done load voice your choice app. updated with the latest come in from the campaign trail. >> more cases of the mosquitos born zika virus confirmed in florida. health officials say 6 new cases of the virus detected in the sunshine state. 2 of those new cases here in miami-dade bringing the total number of cases to 4 in the county. mean time a first in america.
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they have a patient who contracted zika after having sex with an infected person. >> zika spread by mosquitos with travel to tropical region where in democratic to mosquitos such as latin america, mosquitos such as latin america, caribbean, however in dallas county we have received confirmation that it spread otherwise through sexual activity. >>reporter: virus linked tobirth defect in newborn and muscular and nerve damage. world health organization estimates up to 4 million people across the americas will be infected with zika in the next year. craig. >> still ahead here on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. police trying to bag a problem at south in mall that has shoppers on alert. >> high price heist at south
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story first on 7. police say there's a pervert makiki his way around a parking t at south florida mall. they say he's been on the prowl for weeks. >> that has s sppers on alert. ann reports. >> attention dade land mall shoppers. there's a parking lot pervert on the prowl. >> thais that's terrible. >> like a flasher or something. >>reporter: that's exactly what they say he is. >> he is loco. >>reporter: cops say he struck at least three times in the last several weeks including this past saturday. >> i'm not very happy bit but hopefully i won't come across him. >> i hope you d't either. >>reporter: here's the way this indecent driver does his business. he crosses the lot. drives up to women. puts down his window and according to a miami-dade police reporthen the victims looked at the male driving the vehicle he lifted himself from
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private part to the victims. the subject then fled westbound on the south side of mall street. >> he's a pervert. >>reporter: the pervert behavior took k ace in the lots outside of sax fifth avenue and detectives. miami-dade cop urging you to be aware of your surroundings at parking lot especially. >> i hope they catch him. >>reporter: in l this flashing creep is caught. the malorie leasi a statement we are grateful forthe immediate response and action of the miami-dade police department. we are fully cooperating with their team and continue to assist them in any way we can. police will be taking a look at the stoto surveillance video to hopefully i.d. the guy but in the mean time if you have any information for detectives you are urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. the number is here on the screen. remember you can remain anonymous. outside dade land mall, 7 news
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computer crime at preschool in sunrise. surveillance camera captured burglar rerehanded early in the month. he stole three lap top. crime happened at future scholar preschool near north university drive an north westt 39 street. if you have any information that might help investigators go ahead and give crime stop ears call and there's the number. car going up in flames in south west miami-dade 7 news viewer sent video of the vehicle on fire. officials say the blaze happened after an accident along 66 street and 107th avenue. nobody was hurt. if you see news happening and you can do it safely shoot some video and send it to 7 at this web site. coming up at 11:00 o'clock. it was a gorgeous day across south florida. we would like to order another one just like it tomorrow phil. >> it will bdelivered however in the long run they have to take a look at this a front moving in across louisiana. miss situation. alabama. all that in red.
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tail end of that could move in here by frichltd what can we expect. entire olook in a couple minutes >> then a aer the news hail caesar already a big hit because one star spent the day hating george clooney over and over and over. the stars tell deco about
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we should b in for quiet night across south florida. a little warm. average low about 61 degrees. we are going to remain way above that. right now 76 degrees in miami. the wind out of the east south east at 14. 76 also in fort lauderdale. check out that humidity. 91 percent. clea skies in key west. temperature of 76 degrees. with 13 miles per hour winds. meanwhile let's take a look at the stormtracker. dry across palm beach. broward. miami-dade.
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we really don't foresee any changes at least until thursday night. we may get a few showersoving in friday looks wet. we get a front moving in across south florida. look at this huge cloud pattern that is a front that has already spawned 9 tornado between mississippi and alabama anchored by low pressure here. this front will continue to head in our direction until then nice quiet tomorrow warm once again the front will knocking at the door across the panhandle and as we move in through thursday it still will be warm here across south florida. we may see a few late day showers and then the front will stall over us friday, saturday, sunday. won't be as hot but we are going to see a chance of rain every day in through the weekend. threat of rip current at the beach. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with moderate
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for you throughout the florida keys looking att advisory. coastal water choppy. next high tide 5:05. 7:24 the lower keys. water@r@ temperature 73 degrees. so for tonight partly cloudy skies. overnight low in the upper 60's. if low 70's. what is typical is about 61. tomorrow highs will be in the low 80's. the ample is 76. 77. here is your extended outlook. by thursday night we may see a few showers moving in. not as hot. still a chance of some rainfall friday, turday and sunday. near typical temperatures but once the front finally makes it through temperatures could drop right back down into the 50's forever the start of next week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. all right phil. >> and stay tune. sports is >> huge game tonight for the panthers in the nation's capitol they take on the top team in hockey. steve is up next.
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at washington. that streak is over. washington the best record in the league. back up goalie montoya in the pipe. first period panthers in white. a beauty. 9th of the year for hubert. panthers first blood. 1 nothing. later first period. cats on the power play. lo at that pass. his 14th. 2 nothing panthers. second period. 20 seconds in. vincent way out wide. somehow it goess in. t's three nothing panthers. still second period another power play. the duke to hubert. whistle it. tenth of the year. panthers win again. four straight wins. beat the best team in the league. second place detroits here on thursday. well the heat just didn't have it tonight for fifth straight we know at houston. heat in black first quarter wade drives expense up and under. game was tied after the first period. second quarter james harden
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deep three right before the half. the heat down by fifty break. third quarter the heat got down by 14. cut it to two. dang for 3. part of a 15-3 run. down two but no closer. harden with the no look pass to jones. thee heat were did you know seven after 3 then houston reully pulls away. fourth quarter smith for three. the heat arar down by 15. harden game hh 26. 16, 3'3' in the game. heat lose at houston 115-102. most points the heat have given up all season. play at dallas tomorrow. somebody has some explaining to do. the under 23 world cycling championship in belgium. the guy on the lead is 19-year-old t.he starts to celebrate a victory but there is one lap to go. maybe he miss counted.
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he lost the race. belgium the hear won the race. do you know what that is? premure celebration right there back to you. >> that's dangerous. so that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. i'm going to keep it moving. ciao ciao. i'm belkys. >> great idea. >> does he realize the other cyclist were still peddling. >> maybe he lost count. >> you know in the moment. >> sigh again tomorrow. have a good one. >> that guys what's his name
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