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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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ahead. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. the young man who killed a classmate taking the stand saying i'm sorry. he was sentenced to life in prison ten years ago.
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judge will shorten that sentence. jessica holly is live at the metro justice building. >> reporter: a convicted killer crying on the stand this morning and there are some who are notot buying it. let's go to video and take you inside the courtroom. you will see michael hernandez. hernandez was just 14 when he slit the throat of his best friend in a bathroom. his classmate also just 14 when he was killed. the killer is 26 years oldful because he was convicted as a juvenile, federal law requires a hearing to review and possibly change that life sentence. so far he has been questioned about fascination with serial killers and death metal music. the first thing he did on the stand was apologize to the parents of the victim. first that apology and assistant state attorney's response. >> firstst and foremost, i want to
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for what i did to him. and it hurts me how insensitive it was because he was always such a good friend to me. i want to apologize to his family, to his mother and father. i didn't always feel this way. and i had to learn over the years how wrong it was what i did and how much pain i caused you, and i'm sorry. >> got a paper clip in there? >> no, ma'am. >> got a knife? >> no, ma'am. >> how u did you muster up those tears? snshs i feel horrible. >> so horrible i may have to stab myself to bring a sharp object to the interview. the you have something in your hand, mr. hernandez? no, stab, see i can cry. isn't that you, michael?
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>> oh yeah. >> reporter: this is day two of the hearing. it's expected to wrap up tomorrow and, of course, we will be here. for now@ live in miami, jessica holly, 7 news. 7 on the scene in lauderhill after a driver crashes into a home causing plenty of damage and pain. alex de armas is there live with what happened to the driver. >> reporter: well, christine, the family just arrrrived back from the hospital. they're bruised up. they're stitcd up and fortunate to be alive. they realize how close they were to their last day. this driver rig here just wooith went right here through
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here is the story. >> likike a bam. >> boom. >> loud noise. >> i thoug it was a car accident. >> reporter: instead, the williams' family heard this, a driver slamming their car io this lauderdale home late wednesday night. >> it was terrible. it was terrible. >> reporter: to make matters worse t driver of th honda runs from the sceneful >> when i did look out my window, out the door, there was nothing but clouds and smell. we couldn't see anything. >> reporter: inside a family of three sleeping. mom and dad in the front bedroom. their 14-year-old daughter next doorful tires show the car's path within right through the front fence slamming into the bedroom. >> the vehicle went into the bedroom and out the fally room and it pushed them through the
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>> reporter: most neighbors coming out to see what happened. >> i seen cloud o o smoke and seen my neighbors and friends, everybody se came outside and tried to help. >> reporter: but the driver, nowhere in sight. >> i heard somebody yelling and screaming. >> reporter: a driver leaving this home unlivable and family in the hospital lucky to be alive. >> it's very unusual based on where the vehicle is located and they're lucky they only suffered minor injuries. totoght. >> reporter: and out here is another live look at that home. the homeowner telling us that the first thing he did was make sure that his wife and daughter were okay. th he looked p p and he actually see the driverful he couldn't see his face or make out what he looked like or what was going on, he hopes this
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this person is, give broward crime stoppers a call 954-493-tips. reporting live from lauderhill, alex de armas, 7 news. thieves ripping off an eleltronics store an police say they're repeat robbers with an affinity for the business. vanessa medina is live on the scene. >> reporter: twice this last year the same couple has cool in to take items that don't belong to them. the female using her dress to take goods out of the store. police want you to look at herful she's wante for two robberies at this weston store. her accomplice, the man that you see here tfl two realizing that there's a camera looking up in its direction. january 20t0t they walk into the
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back. very unassuming the woman grabs some items wre the man shields herful she's got an and the two were out just as quick as they came in. people in neighboring businesses look at t the video to see if they recognize the video pretty shocked at ha that woman does. i would never guess something like that happenful i would never think to do something like that. >> reporter: she looks to be somebody's mother. >> it's weird. would never, wow. >> reporter: now, this is the same couple at the same store last februariful they do the exact same thing. this time she's in a gray floral dress acting at the look out. she's able to stuff at least 7
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in all now, in all of that time taking over $1,100 in merchandise. back out live, police want you to take a look at these two an hoping you recognize them. if you do, you're urged to call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tipsful reporting l le in weston, vanessa medina, 7 news. we're following a new ace heart rightnow. live pictures out of southwest miami-dade a. dth investigation underway there. >> chrhrtine: 7's ralph ray one that matches of a description of some folks that disappeared on sunday. the address 268th, 11h avenue a. you can see all of the police officer, crime scene folk, a dive team there. the body of water whehe this
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in this area right here. that car is a late model, late 2015 toy u owe with yf. the family had not heard or seen from them. they put out a vehicle of description and it was found in the waters off the lake here black point marina it felt police department of miami-dade is calling this is death investigation. they have confirmed they did fi two bodies in that toyota. the one that they have here on the scene and will take an autopsy to did he recall fell reporting live from skyforce hd, live.
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the street by a policecruiser. the victim is in the hospital t with several broken bones. >> diana: and that's where we find sheldon fox live with the story. >> reporter: a chaotic scene yesterday in miami. you had people screaming. you had cops on the scene. people taking video and all kinds of cay out k circumstances. in the end, a little boy would be hit by a cop and the top the a neighborhood is jolted after a little boy is struck in the street by a miamicop. >> he was stuffed under the car. she panicked. >> i seen him get hit, man. he flew. he drag him all the way down
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knocked him out of his he was miami police said the child had darted out between two parked trucks on a scooter. >> they were came around the corn r d dng 50, 60 miles an hourful >> came running down telling me my son got rand over by a mrif. >> reporter: 7 news was there as he was transport ed transported he has broken pelvis, broken article a, cut in his spleen and one in his liver. >> officer's job is to save lives. if you have hit someone, especially a child, you're going to be shaken p up. >> something has to be done because it's not right for them to be speeding. i
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of the officer. >> reporter: as you heard, that boy darted out between two trucksful there was no way the cop could have seen that boy as he ended up in the street and on his scooterful a very unfortunate situation, he is expected to make a full recoveriful his family not talking about this and, of course, miami police still investigating thisful we will stay here and give you posted on the latest. sheldon fox, 7 news. also this noon, a health emergency dececred for e mosquitos are cause international alarm. wednesday governor scott said four counties are under a health emergency.
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>> reporter: a panel of experts sat in a room full of people answering question after questionful >> at any point after fetal development is the drt doctors . >> i was thinking about having the tes and managed to calm me down. >> diana: all four cases in miami-dade county a believed to be from people traveling to south and central america. >> we're not talking about an an epidemic. there isn't an epidemic. there isn't any transmission. >> diana: still that hasn't stopped exterminator phones from ringing. >> we search parts of stanning water where mosquitos breedful >> and it's still mostly aimed at people traveling south where
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airlines at miami international airport still flying to areas where the zika virus remains. travelers said with that being said, i d#n't think there's too much concern. >> diana: many airlines ahowing pregnant womenraveling to affected countries to change their flights. governor scott is expected to he's expected to speak later today in tampa f. you would like more information, go to our web site the race for the white house heating up ahead of the new hampshire primary. joel shows us what candidates in
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aheaea of the pack. >> reporter: business as usual for ted cruz in new hampshire. his main rival, donald trump, who lost in iowa continues to blast the texas senator and campaign for tactics in the hawk eye state. >> i think what h h did is disgustingful he said ben carson, a fantastic guy who dropped out of the race during the caucus, dropped out of the race and vote for ted cruz. >> trump finished roughly 6,000 votes out of 180,000 ballots cast is calling for a new vote. the men in the middle of the controversy, ben carson, laying off 50 campaign staffers is weighing in on it. >> our campaigns can talk to each other any time and we have fflt they want to verify the story,t would have taken seconds. >> reporter: finishing just points hind, marco rubio continues to build. the latest new hampshire poll
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in the second place in the granite state ahead of ted cruz. rubio picking p up endorsement of rick sanatorium, who bowed out of his second bid. on the democratic side, an awkward moment for hillary clinton pressed high she acpted $675,000 in speaking fees from goldman saks. >> well i done know. that's ha theyy offered. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton was pressed in a town hall why she accepted eded $675,000 responding that's what they offered. ber ne sanders continues to hit clinton hard for being too cozy with wall street. in washington, joel w arcldman, 7 news. bernie sanders and donald trump are still the front runners in new hampshire. let's look at where all the
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first up, donald trump is 21 points ahead of his closest competitor. marco rubio riding a surge out of iowa in second place with 15 percent. ted cruz slippppg to third and staying at 14. jeb bush and governor john kasich 8 and 7 respececvely. the rest of the pack, new jersey governor chris christie 5, ben carson 4 and carly fiorina 3. let's track it. trump down, rubio up, ted cruz holding steady, kasich off vice president vice president senator has 58 percent support, secretary of state. that does mark a 7 percent swing in clinton's favor, possibly the result of her narrow win in iowa, both down playing expectations in new hampshire. d 7's jeff lennox will be in
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watch his live reports on saturday. and download the vis your choice app with the latest from the campaign app. it's free and available from your smart tone and tablet. a former member of the south florida congressional delation wants his seat back. joe garcia has served one term in the house of representatives and loss to carlos. the district stsths from southwest miami-dade down through monroe county has been redrn and includes more democrat, which could help garciaful he purchased at least one primary challenge from democrat annette, ho has announced her bid for the 26th seat. continue continual pharmaceutical ceo martin getting grilled on capitol hill. he is known for hiking price that helpsancer and hiv patients from $13 an a pill to $750 a pill. he inserted his fifth amendment rights facing questioning in
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>> and i truly believe, i truly believe -- are you listening? >> yes. >> thank you. i truly believe distract from the massive price increases by talking about... >> he is also facing separate criminal charges of securities fraud related to another company. wiki leaks founder could be spending time behind bars. he is considering turning himself inta pole tomorrow if the united nations panel if arbitration rules against hill. the u.n. group is deciding whether the three years spent in the ecuadorian embassy conns constitutes illegal detentionful he went there where two women have accused him of sexual assaultful stories you don't want to miss are coming up next. a woman turning the tables on a south florida officer and now
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and just convinced a judge the grant him bail. and now man accused of being a peeping tom is p slapped with new charges. and who says cars don't fly. one homeowner begs to differful and we have warm sunshine afternoon. things are going to change for the gy side of things an also we're introducing rain back in th forecast.
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the break. we're getting new details on the car that went into the house if lauderhill. alex de armas is live on the scene for us. >> reporter: that homeowner just arrived from the hospital. he describes the moment after a driver slams into thehe front bedroom right there. this impact was so strong, they ended p up in the back of the room inside t two of them and their 14 year ole daughter. listen as this fatherr describe this is chilling moment. >> the guy that was in the r, i made sure i got my wife and daughter out of the house. came out of the house behind us an he came over here, stumbled around a little bit and somewhere.
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down the street. that guy, that driver of that p honda is still out there. i did speak to police, lauderhill police. they tell me that they did run the plate of that car. the address registered to that plate is actually a vacant home. they're still looking for that driverful you are looking at debris, this is part of thth window here from this homeful but like i said, police need yo help f. you know where this driver is, pick up the phone and contact crime stoppers. that phone number in broward county is 954-493-ties. that's the very latest from news. good afternoon,n,outh florida. so far, so good. we have a mix of sun and clouds out there and to our north we build in. and that's in response to a front that we're watching. dry.
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start to see rain and as early as tonight, we could see a f f showers. 80 degrees currently in miami, well above average for this time of year. 80 degrees in key west and marathon with the breeze picking up to 20 miles an hour, breezy and gusty an hour. the big view is showing that we have some snow around the great lakes. we a line of showers, a hot of clouds spreading all the way into the northeast. flash flood wafrngs several in effect in the mid-atlantic states. this is the front and against
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good news ranging aboveve average. and tomorrow morning it will be cooler. saturday a second front pushes on through bringing us a storm chance saturday night and all clears out t. wind wills pick up from the northwest to make temperature readings tumble to the chilly side of things. there is a use caution f your planning to go beach or boating because of the wind and seas picking up, there is an advisory in effect. 5:11 is next high tide, 5:34 i i key largo with forecast highs in the 80s. mostly sunny skies. by tonight, more clouds, showers will be around with lows in the 60s. the extended outlook is calling for it to be rather wet through saturday night. we're going to range in the 50s sunday morning and the 40s to wake up to on nday. that's your 7 on 7.
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pulled over an officer she said was speeding. she tried to turn the tables and now is being harassed b b members of another police department. >> the reason i pulled you over today. >> reporter: claudia castillo is the woman who waved down the police officer last friday on his way to work. 8> leaders of the community set by example, lead by example. so, you know, it just irks me. >> reporter: castillo gave the officer a tongue lashing after she said the officer passed her on the dolphin expressway at about 90 miles an hour without lights or sirens. that is what castillo told us over the weekend. >> it has to be brought to their attention, the speeding is not okay f you're in a marked vevecle f. you have a situation, yes. >> reporter: records shows can till owe has been cited 16 times by police, including 5 for speeding. the officer's personal folder has no disciplinary action but does show three preventable crashes. it also notes his excellent
12:26 pm
since the story came to light, castillo has drawnhe attention of javier ortiz, the president of the miami fraternal order of police. he posted these photos of castillo. he posted: and on facebook, ortiz posted castillo's's business card with the caption: a facebook user reported the post as harassment. facebook removed the photo of the business card, since it violated the community standards. o're advertise reposted the information wednesday afternoon.
12:27 pm
statement quote: director javier ortiz did not respd to our request for a comment. the miamimiolice department has opened an investigation into the officer who was caught on video. bond raised for a man police say is a peeping tom. a judge ruled to release the man on $80,000 bond yesterday. but now he's bk in court facing two more charges because of new evidence and has to pay an additional $150,000 to be released. he has been the jail since early january, after he was allegedly caught peeping into homes in pembroke pines. and still ahead on 7 new this is noon, strangers becoming heros when a driver ends up in way over his head and woman bought a baby goat and said she returned it.
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happened and now the animal is gone and so is her moneyful so
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>> daring rescue on camera after a car a plunges into a pond. stranger who is witnessed it turned lifesavers. >> christine: the driver getting an opportunity to hug one of his heros. he did not know randy before wednesday. >> glad to see you're okay. >> ashley: now he owes him his life. banton losing control of his car after being hit by another vehicle wednesday. the 73-year-old driving into an a port st. lucie pond. >> trove -- dove straight in,
12:31 pm
>> reporter: he came across the street and done in to help a stranger. i o oned the door, he panicked. and hit the bottom and pushed ourselves back up and got him on thee car. >> ashley: another good samaritan and three port st. lucie detectives brought him to shore. it took while to find the vehicle submerged in 15 to 20 feet of waterful he would be dead without him. >> he's my hero. they're rare, people like him. >> reporter: and second good samaritan and police detective, the driver was able to walk away without injuries n. the satellite center, ashley jones, 7 news. 1>> taking you cross country a bizarrrr scene in california. a car on the roof in long beach
12:32 pm
vehicle on top of the two-story house. one person taken to the hospitalful crews using a crane to remove the vehicle. a rare cat sightingn arizona. someone snapping video of a wild jaguar roaming tucson. it's not the first time they've seen the animal, meaning the boss in spanish. time for a break and chehe on wall street. (stock market bell) >> the dow is up around 26 points. nasdaq down about 5. actually, the dow is up 14, 15 points right now. the s&p 500 off a point.
12:33 pm
back. a middle school murderer taking the stand hoping to shorten his life sentence. he apologized to the family of the classmate he stabbed to death in 2004. a driver taking off after making the smashing entrance. damage significant but no one was hurt. a pair ofhieves returning to the scene of the crime a year after robbing a weston radio shack. cameras capturing them stealing electronics and taking off with more than $1,100 worth of merchandise. i'm steve shapiro. great wins for the canes and heat last night and the canes
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7 sports coming up. every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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a south florida woman said she bought a baby goat. the battle now turns to the coast of the goat. >> this is a kid, a baby goat, a kid. you also call tm something else, really cute. >> it was precious, sweet and going baa. >> reporter: they were looking at birds when her granddaughter saw the pygmy goat for le. >> i like them and gnddaughter was please, please. >> reporter: she lives in a house and knew she could haven't a big goat walking around.
12:36 pm
>> he said it would be no larger than 20 pounds and easy to take care of and use a litter box. >> reporter: she paid $500 for it. to fine out more about her little kid, she googled to find out more about her little kid. n i googled pygmy goat and i it said they could be up to 55 pounds. >> reporter: and found out her association didn't allow farm animals. so two hours later she returned it. >> the sales slip that i can't return and there's nothing posted in the store that said that. >> reporter: she said she left the goat with the owner of the store, wednesday home and disputed it on her american express card and then. >> he's told american express that i never returned the goat
12:37 pm
have the goat and i have the money. >> reporter: she said the owner had the goat when she left. he said she never came back with the little kid. >> he had the goat in his hands there are five people who can write an affidavit about it. >> reporter: no one put a chip in it seeing it was the same goat makingt he said she said. legally, how do you solve it? >> you solve it with witnesses. laurie said her son was with her hen she returned the goat an told other people she was taking it back. the store owner can show security cameras. that would answer the question definitively that the goat was not returned. in small-claims court, the judge will have to decide who has the goat. >> as far as i know she has the animal and the money. >> reporter: we went over and talked to hillful he said the security cameras weren't working
12:38 pm
he'sed a hasn't and if it's returned he will return her money. >> if she brings it back, i will gladly credit her card. >> ho has the goat about ten weeks old? depends on ho you ask. >> i r@turned the goat, the bottle of milk. >> did not return the animal. >> reporter: and the credit card company is trying to decide who's side to take. she made a mystic an said she did not get a return receipt. her granddaughter was crying, she wanted to get out of there quickliful without the return receipt, it could help the store owner if they go to court. make sure you get a receipt, in case things go craziful got a bad situation that has you pinned up?
12:39 pm
patrick fraser, 7 news. a 7 news alert with a death investigation. >> christine: ralph rayburn above the scene. >> traffic reporter: at 26th street and southwest 111th avenue, there is a rock pit just off to the east here of south point marina. were going to zoom if and show you this marker. they believe there is a vehicle down there with two bodies in it. the vehicle matches the description of the late model toyota corolla, 2015 model. theyeye trying to draw or connect the dots here on this investigation and with a missing person's investigation started last sunday, as we told youou earlier, a woman alexandra and man both 21 years of age disappeared on sundayful they were driving a car similar to that. as we look at the pictures, they are looking for those folk,
12:40 pm
they have indicated the is a death investigation and they will retrievehe bodies from vehicle and once they perform an autopsy, as we come back out to the live picture, they will make a determination as to who those folks are. thth's our story in skyforce hd,
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live. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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it is good to be a basketball fan in south florida. we w wl start with the heat on the road. hasan whiteside back after missing six games. here's whiteside, spin, throws it down, part of a 15-2 run. dwyane wade missed his first eight shots. here's wade, the heat were down four in the third, part of a 14-2 run. more heat coming up, dragic to whiteside. he had ten point, the heat u by nine aftererthree. fourth quarter, bosh, a two handed slam. the team high 20 points for bosh. heat up six. under six minute, dirk nowitzki had a game high 28. up by two just over a minute to playful bosh to deng in the corner. but the heat win the game, 93-90. fifth straight win in dallas. still a half game behind atlanta. they `lay at charlotte on friday. the canes needed a bounce
12:43 pm
smoked at nc state on saturday. they were home last night against nether dame. canes in home white. canes off and runningful canes up by five. two minutes left in the half. to anthony, the kid hardly plays and had 11 off the bench in the first halfful canes are up 12. gains up 15. lawrence finished with a team high 18 points. just under 10 minutes. wton drive, canes up 17, led by as many as 20. um beats notre dame 79-70. the canes are 17-4. 18 new players, 16 from the state of florida. that's um's new recruiting class. it includes wellington receiverful he snuffed alabama. from st. thomasas tight end and receiver. three players from gulliver including defensive end, jackson.
12:44 pm
ranked 19 in the country by espn. >> definitely oh yeah. i'm dripping, muddy, dripping. >> like a huge lightweight off your back. it's so stressful an try to enjoy it t. >> i bring whatever i can to plan to help great impact on the team freshman year. iust want to help it be what it used to be. >> steve: i'm dripping. i'm muddy. >> every year these high school kids come up with different ways to announce where they're going. he jumps out of a perfectly goodd airplane. he narrowed it down to texas, lsu and mississippiful once he gets to the ground. let's see it. where you going to school? he's going to ole miss. these kids are crazy. that will do it. i'm steve shapiro.
12:45 pm
have a great day, everybody. back now to that death investigation undedeay in miami-dade. >> christine: 7's raffle rayburn above the scene to fill us in. >> traffic reporter: we've seen a group of four divers put on their gear and walk down the path from the roadway, 111th
12:46 pm
you can see the divers here on the shoreline here. the three other divers are this the water. they walked out with a tape measure to indicate on their diagrams exactly how far the vehicle that they're looking for here, this 2015 toyota corrao la that has two bodies in it. let me bring you back out here. this is a big, big rock pit. it stretches over here. this area would be black point marina. we're southwest of black point marina. somebody discovered the vehicle in the water. miami-dade police department responded out here, they did a cursory dive, the first dive and discovered the two bodies. what they're going to d now, they're going to try an float the vehicle. they have these big flotation devicesful they've takak two in the the water and have extra air a taipgs. they're going t t put them on the vehicle or around the wheel wewes and try to raise the vehicle with the deceased people
12:47 pm
shoreline so they can do their entire investigation that way. that's pretty muff the way they handle those things. in the meantime, we have a tow truck that just arrived on the scene. that was another instrument, theye going to have to drag this vehicle back up to the muddy area hereful and we want to tell you that we have seen what appear to be family members that may be related to an investigation that we were reporting earlier of two folks that were missi alexandra, 21 years of age and brandon, 21 years old -- yearsf age. both of them are reported missing on sunday by their family membersful they were driving a car very similar to the one that's beeeen located here. as of right now, the miami-dade police department will only say they have death investigation going on. this's our storyry in skies for hd, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. all right, that wraps it
12:48 pm
>> and i'm christine cruz. re news beginning first at 4. real-time closed captioning
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