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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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with a troubling find made days after two go missing. >> lynn: the police matching a description of the one this they were looking for, and that's not all that they found. the car was spotted underwater, rosh? >> reporter: t t miami-dade police are breaking down the scene, and they have bee out here most of the day. the reason this find is so significant, they have been looking for this car sinceate saturday night, early sunday morning and it appears the worst fears have come true. let's get into our v)deo now from 7's skyforce hd. and you can see the recovery of this car. the miami-dade police were looking for this 2015 toyota corolla ever since t t young people, aulander and veronica, a
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reported missing. they were last seen at a restaurant in southwest miami-dade called cadillac ranch. after their disappearance, their pictures were put on the media and we're told a private investigator was hired. and then the miami-dade police get the information that their car was found in this body of water. we're at 268th street and 111th avenue. the miami-dade police are saying that yes, in fact they pulled out a 2015 toyota corolla, and it's the vehicle that they reported missing. they will not go as far as to confirmed identities of the two bodies found inside of the car. why? because the miami-dade medical examiner's office will have to identify the remains before making any conclusions as to what the bodieie are that of the two people missing. but you can see out here today,
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have arrived here, the pain written all over their faces. lel's take a listen to a family friend and want miami-dade police. >> yesterday they announced that the car was somebody in this area. and the cellphone turned off in this area, and we looked here last night until 3:30 inhe morning, and today, they found the vehicle. i cannot imagining a parent with two ks, and i don't wish this on anybody. this is a really really sad situation. >> the investigators have identified the vehicle as the same as which brandon and veronica were last seen on sunday morning when they were reported missing. >> reporter: so it appears at this hour, a very tragic end to a situation where two famies were desperately searchihi for their loved ones. these people, a you couple in their early 20s.
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like this happens, you hold on to hope, but as you saw in the video there, with the tears, all of the people that arrived here, those hopes were seemingly dashed. much more at 5:00. for more in southwest miami-dada, rosh lowe, 7 news. >> danielle: a killer taking the standd years after being convicted of murdering his friend. he's saying sorry in court, but a state attorney isn't buying the apology, jessica holly is in miami where the killer is hoping to have the life sentence reduced. >> reporter: daniellereduced. >> anchor: taking you inside of the courtroom, michael hernandez was just 14 when he slit the throat of his best friend in a
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the victim, i'my goff, was also when he was killed. because he was a juvenile when he committed thi crime, federal law has to hold a hearing t t review and possibly change that life sentence. he talked about his alleged fascination with serial killers and def metal music, but the first thing he did on the stand was apologize to the parents of his victim. first, the apology, and then the state attornes response. >> first and foremost i want to apologize to jamie, and i'm sorry for what i did to him. and it hurts me how sensitive he was, because he was always such a good friend to me. and i wanted to apologize to his mother. i didn't alws feel this way. and i had to learn through
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did. and how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> got a paper clip in there? >> no. >> got a knife? how did you muster up those tears. >> i feel horrible of what i d. >> so horrible to say, i may have to stab myself to bring a sharp object to the interview. do you have something in your hand? no, stab, see, i can cry. isn't that you, michael? oh, yeah. >> repororr: this is day two of this hearing, and it's expected to resume at this hour. as of tomorrow, it continues, andxpect it to wrap up tomorrow. reporting live in miami, jessica holly, 7 news. >> lynn: lauderhill residents waking up to a living nightmare today. a driver crashing into their home along northwest 33rd avenue.
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it sent a man and woman flying into the nex room. the driver running off. and taken to the hospital suffering injuries. we'll have a lotmore in the story with brandon beyer at 5:00. the bond has been raised for a man the police are calling a peeping tom. the judge released him on $80,000 yesterday, but now he's back in court facing new charges due to new evidence, and he must pay $1,250,000 to be released. sureilia has been in jail since january, when he was caught peeping into homeless. >> danielle: right now, want sunshine state on alert, hoping to curb any possible spread of the zika virus, and broward county has been added to the alert list. two of those cases right heren south florida. >> lynn: but officials say that no one yet has contracted the virus here at home.
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brought it back. liz nagy is at jackson memorial hospital where the doctors addressed concerns today. >> reporter: governor rick scott announued that there are 12 cases of zika in the entire state. and nearly half of them are in uth florida, so the doctors and public health are trying to get out in front of it, closely monitoring it, and making that are that jackson memorial hospital and other areas are prepared in case it does spread. south florida is on the map as a place to closely watch for the zika virus. between broward and miami-dade counties, there are five confirmed cases of the mosquito borne illness. >> the mosquito that causes it is common in florida. >> reporter: doctors with the public health department are closely following the progression of zika. >> there's no reason to panic,
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be able to manage and we all need to collaborate and stake precautions to control the submission. >> reporter: they suited up with pesticides, prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes as possible. so far, no mosquitoes in south florida are known to have the zika virus, but miami-dade county is not taking any chances. >> residents need to make sure that they don't have any accumulation of water around the house where the mosquitoes may be. these mosquitoes breed in small puddles of water. >> reporter: all five cases of zika in south florida infected the patients when traveling to central or south america. known for causing developmental diseases in children, it's a danger for pregnant women. blue as they watch and are concerned about zika. >> we don't want people to
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such doesn't cause any major health issues for adults or even kids. >> reporter: well that same doctor went on to say that only 20% of people who actually contract the zika virus will even show symptoms of it, so doctoror are asking heel people to not panic if they believe that they're infected because they have been to one of these countries. they said go to your general practitioner first before going to the emergency room. they are running a campaign, asking peoplee to drain standing bauer near their home because that's where mosquitoes reproduce, and cover up with light colored clothing. we have tips for you posted on liz nagy, 7 news. >> danielle: now, in thereas for the white house, a progressive
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night's democratic town hall. fresh out of gate, hilliary clinton and bernie sanders made back-to-o-ck appeals to new hampshire voters in the cnn town hall, this, as the political rivals fought for another credential in the historically liberal state. >> secretary clinton said some people call me a moderate. and i proudly say i am a moderate. i love moderates. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they're different. >> senator sanders has set himself to be the gate keeper of progressives because under what was flyg around, barack obama would not be a progressive, and ioe biden would not be a progressive. >> lynn: over on the republican side, the iowa caucuses is causing casualties. donald trump continues to blast the texas senator and his campaign, this after the cruz staffers had allegedly told iowa
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to drop out of the race. trump weighing in ap cruz apologizes to carson. >> i think what that he did was terrible. he said tt he had dropped out of the race during the caucus, and vote for ted cruz. >> i called him afterwards the next day and i apologized to him directly, and said listen, it was a mistake eor our team not toorward your subsequent statement. i didn't know about any of this. i was campaigning and barnstorming and this was something that the team had done, but it was a mistake. >> lynn: in the meantime, finishing a sim point behind trump this iowa, rubio's momentum continues to build. this as heeicks up an endorsement from ri santorum, who bowed out of the pressure bid yesterday. >> danielle: two sides to the same story as a boy is struck by
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>> lynn: a driver managing t get out of his car after a crash and splash and the next problem, he can't swim. >> daniell and a crook picking on the wrong clerk. why he was more than ready to put up a fight. >> lynn: and then at 5:00, a man dressed like the cape crusader
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crime. >> danielle: a clerk fighting
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money, and nowowharing his story. the would-be thief putting a gun in the victim's face. >> lynn: the man who was threatening happens to be an army veteran with a lot of combat experience. christine cruz has the story. >> reporter: this video from the brevard county sheriffs' office seems to show a man pointing a gun at a clerk and demanding money. it happened near titusville. >> he was using profanity and telling me to put the money in the bag. >> reporter: but things didngt go as planned for the would-be thief. >> i kind of went into training mode. i had to get the gun away as fast as i could. >> reporter: you see the clerk is an armyeteran who served five tours as a specialist. and it didn't go well for the man on the other side. >> he made the first mistake, and i was able to take control of the situation. >> reporter: do though the gun
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he was able to grab the gun and put the wld-be thief in a chokehold. and you can see him punch him several times. >> that's when i knew i had a chance, as soon as i got him to look away. >> reporter: dropping the money, theananventually runs out of store. >> trying to get away from me as fast as he could. >> reporter: now the robber is on the run, and this husband and father of five hopes that he's caught. >> hahang a gun mutt in your face, it changes you, and over $60, this person wanted to ruin somebody's life. >> reporter: he acted on instinct, but he doesn't encourage others to fight off robbers, especially if armed. in the plex, christine cruz. >> danielle: coming up at 4:00, a driver choosing control and heading for trouble, but what causededis car to end up there, on top of a house.
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to be in perfect health, but
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upside down. >> phil: we're going to see a lot of changes over the next few
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front should move in tonight. it could bring ustochetttt of rain and cooler temperatures for tomorrow. in the 70s across south florida. and key west the warm spot, 80 , and across the bahamas, grand bahama and nassau, 81. the wind out of the south-southeast, anywhere between 13, 14, 18 miles per hour. and right now in marathon, it's variable at 7 miles per hour. the front rig now, centered just north of the i-4 corridor with a lot of heavy rain, and the tail end of that should start to move in our direction. it could start around midnight, bringing with it heavy rain. at the same time, the surf is getting a little choppy here. small craft advisory for all of these areas higighlighted for at least friday at 5:15. there is a front, and warm air ahead of it. showers continue to move in our direction, and some of these
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throughout the weekend as another front moves in on saturday, and that could really bring our temperatures down. especially waking up monday morning. small craf advisory in effect tonight, rip currents at the beach, and biscayne bay, moderate chop. and we could see wind gusts out there. 25 knot winds, seas beyond the reef, 3-7 feet. and coastal waters turning rough. miami, the high tide, 5:11, and 5:06 in fort lauderdale, and 6:33 in key west. tonight, the clouds will build, chance of rain, and overnight lows in the 60s. it will be breezy, andnd by tomorrow, i think that we're going to see morning rain, and then by the afternoon, the skies should clear out. highs trying to reach 70 . and look at the wind out of the north. 20, 25 miles per hour. and here's the extended outlook.
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and low, 61. by sunday, 51 , and it will continue to cool down as we go through monday and tuesday. maybe some western suburbs could see temperatures in the upper 40s. that is your 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: all right, phil, thank you very much, we're taking you to deco dayside. and taylor swift loves making time far her fans, but don't try to make a house call. and them at 4:30, a man storming
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when a clerk gives him a jolt. >> an unwanted visitor showing up at taylor swift's front door. >> lynn: and beyonce' putting a long relationship behind her. more in deco dayside. >> reporter: beyonce' has broken up a long-term relationship. her marriage is still intact, but the woman who shaped her career is history. b got rid of her entire team, including her cousin. b wants to kick her career up a few notches when it comes to sponsor ships and acting, and didn't think that her old team was up to the task. taylor swift loves to interact with her fans, but not
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they caught a man on her property. and he was yelling for taylor to come outside, but no report on whether she was home at the time. this is why it's very dangerous to publish celebrity addresses. taylor swift is getting her own mobile game. theyreated a game for kim kardashian and katy perry. so far no details have been released but we know that it's set to hit your phone later this year. from beverly hills 90210, to the shark nato trilogy, a lot of show biz miles, and now he wants to openis own travel agency. they will hook you up with the same hotels and resorts that hollywood stars hang out in without dropping a ton of cash.
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tonight on therive, this should make the skyline pop. a computer artist is bringing the buildings to life and a new show debuts tonight. we're bringing it to you on deco drive. back to you. >> danielle: that is 7 news first at:00. thank you for watching, i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i i lynn martinez.
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