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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that scene as well as several tow trucks. those tow trucks able to right at truck just with 30 minutes or so g- ago. you saw tha live here on 7 news at #. the good news in all of this, officials say no one was hurt. >> danielle: we're live at the bews desk. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeys: now at 5:00, a days long search for a missing couple leading to a car in the water. >> cell phone turned off somewhere in this area. >> tonight an jaition investigation flr way after police make a disturving discovery. >> belkeys: family andriends as you might imagine of that missing man amed womed woman nearing case has come tie tragic ent. >> craig: now investigators november to find out exactly what happened here. rosh lowe hat live a the scene of. rosh. >> reporter: let me step out of way here and rlly show you the story as we zoom in over there, you see that guard rail that is down. you'll see the yellow police tape that is up. and as we move in farther, you'll s s that body of water
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was found with two bodies inside that car. the hope is replaced byy teempletz the friends and family of alexander and brandon arrive ontd scene where two bodies are found inside ever a car. and a large body of water in southwest miami-dade. >> i cannot imagine being a parent and you have two cimpletd i don't wish this on anybody. this is a really sad situation. >> the 21-year-old couple went mission sunday. the 2015 toyota corolla was found in the area of southwest 268th street and 111th 111th avenue. >> the investigators have identified this vehecle it to be td same in which both brandon a rar na and alexandra pecan were last seen o sunday morning when they were reported missing. >> reporter: family says they rr wr last seen at cadillac ranch. a restaurant in southwest miami-dade. early saturday night, sunday rning.
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it hasn't been confirmed but theyeyre devastated. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office will have to identify the r rains as to make sni conclusions a if they are the body of the two mission. but worse fears painted all over the faces of those who knew them. yeah, this family was really hoping and praying. both familiar leessmentsz young people here 21 years of age and what we have seen this afternoon and you saw it there in the story, we saw many friends, not only coming to the scene but when the police tape was taken down, going over to the body of water here behind me just standing there and looking and crying. and as i menoned in the story, the medical exam neve ner's off office will make the final determination on the i'd ifghts people in that car. >> we're live tonight in southwest miami-dade. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> craig: 7 on the scene of a wreck. a driver slamming into a home
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>> 7's brandon beyer live for us at that scene in laudeill with the story now. brandon. >> belkeys: craig, i tell you twharks say lucky family. a mom and dad and girl all home when this car came flying down the road and slammed right into their house. snoot pictures are in credible. a car some 20 feetnside this lauderhill home whrait wednesday night a aamily of three inside. >> we didn't even hear no cash, brakes screeching or none ever. that all we felt was the boom and we was in the dining are room of the house. >> whoever was driving car somehow walk wade and kept walking. leaving the scene before police o could arrive. >> he came out of house behind us and he came over here stumbling around a little bit t here and then went off down the street somewhere. >> he and his wife were both injured. their 14-year-old daughter inside as welel somehow
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rescue crews say they are am lucky to be alive. >> it's very unusual based on what you saw with theehicle in the house and where the bed was located. they are very lucky to be alive. the house is now unlivable. the family will have to find somewhere else to stay. meanwhile this father wants whoever did this to come forward. and turn yourself in, man. you could of took two lives. >> it really is amazing no one was more seriously injured. if you know anything about, this know who may have run into that hour, call wro regard ward crime stoppers. 954-493-tips. we're live in lauderhill. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> all right bran cofnlt new charges for a man ciewd of being a peepg tom. 43-year-old pa eye as sa rule leo facing two new charges including ago gra gra investigated stock. he has been charged with burglary. his bond raised to $150,000. prosecutors say surveillance cameras captured sa riew leah
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with women's homes in pembroke pines. investigators believe he has terrorize women in the east end of the city at least 25 times since 2013. >> craig: also tonight, a mosquito born virus spleading. stood florida has 12 zika case ooze. >> craig: south florida is on alert. >> we have to ensure. >> craig: afer officials report new cases. >> govenor scott has decided to extend the zika emergency to now include broward county. >> belkeys: and jessica holly live at the hospital this afternoon where doctors addressed the community's concerns. liz. >> reporter: bell cees keys and craig. broward county was added to that public hedge emergency because it is now clear that there is one case of the zika virus in broward county. that bring the total in south florida to five cases. nearly half of all the case that's exist state quiesmed that's why the got noars and
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officials all over the state trying keep this in control until this disease is transmitted inside the state of >> four south florida counties are now the the focus of a a zika fueled public hedge emergency. all the cases in florida are travel related. the mosquito that causes zika >> >> reporter: disrs with the public health department are closely following the zika virus. >> we are prepared. no reason to panic. but this is a disease that wel be able to manage and we need to could lab or rate and take precautions to con troltd transmission. >> >> reporter: bright and early thursday morning kelly grew ta suited up armed with pesticide prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes as possible. >> so far no mosquitoes in south florida are known to have the zika virus but mied county isn't taking any chances.
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to make sure they don't have any accumulation of water around the breed. they breed in small piles of water. all five&cases of zika in south florida infected the patients during travel to south or central america. the disease known for causing development mental issues in unborn children is most dangerous for preg nantsts woman. but health officials stress as they learn did zika. >> can it 457 here? yes it can happen here. we're taking precautions to prevent t ampletet think prevention is better than control. >>eporter: and doctors say that only about 20% of patients who actually contract the zika virus go on to show symptoms. so miami-dade county is expanding their prevention plan. they are rung a campaign called cover and drain. they are asking foam drain all standing water around their homes and asking people if they are going outside for activities
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cloth. more tips like that provide four on the web site. at we're live at jas jackson memorial hospital in miami. liz nagy. 7 news. >> craig: well, democrats are getting ready to go toe to toe again in new hampshire is the toot nigs presidential debate. >> belkeys: we have new poll numbers. lynn martinez in the plex with tafl it for us. lynn. >> lynn: and it's true the democratic debate is just a few hours away and dan candidates ontd gop side are crisscrossing the state head off next week's primary. hillary clinton and bernie san cers in a tug of war over who is best for progressive values in historically lish ral new hampshire as thewo gear up for the first one on one debate of presidential campaign. two candidates hustling over who is more committed to carrying out a liberal agenda on health case, worker equality and more.
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gets results. some people call me a moderate and i proudly say that i am a moderate. i love moderates but you can't be a m merate and a progressive. they are different. >> >> lynn: according to our exclusive 7 news o university of massachusets lowell tracking poll. bernie sanders has a significa lead over clinton. 58 to 36%. a 22-point margin. but look at dir reskts tracks. sanders is down three and clinton support four. the biggest single gain since we started this poll. meantime on the republican side donald trump holding on to first with 36%. marco riewb riewk taking over second place with 15%. a gain of three points. ted cruz now in third with 14%. jeb bush eight% and john kasich seven%. trum trying to keep the numbers up holding a town hall as well as several other campaign events at granite state on thursday.
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a very, very important last few days. this is really crunch time. while marco rubio's momentum continues to build pick up ankle endorsement from rick santorum who bowed out of his presidential run and ted cru finds himself the middle of a controversy after staffers told iowa vote thears ben carson was about toto drop out after the race. >> i coold called him the next day and apologized to him directly. listen t ways mistake to our team not to forward your subsequent statement. i didn't know about any of thvment i was off campaigning and barn stormingng it this was smght team had done but it ways plis take. as for the rest of the republicans. chris christie, f fe%. ben carson four%. and carlie fiorina five% and undecide eight% eye meantime the republicans final debate before tuesday's primary is saturday night in the newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right lynn,
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hampshire to cover the primary. watch for his ro i r live report starting saturday on 7 news. and down load the voice your choice app for the latest campaign trail. it's free and availabab for smart phones and tablets. a midair scare on an african plane may have been an act of of terrorism. a large explosion rocked the jett yet earlier this week. sources close to the investigation say military grade tnt residue was found on the jet. cell phone video shows passengers wearing oxygen masks as air rushed through the cabin. plane was carrying 74 passenger when a sudden blast blew a hole in the fuselage on tuesday. that pleen land safely in somalia's capital of month ga deshoe. so far no terror group has claimed responsibility. >> craig: want to bring you up to date on this situation. it may well affect yourvening commute if you're in west broward. these are pictures from davie. this is the southbound lairchtdz turnpike heading on to 59 5.
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for some rean or another wound up on it's side. thre workingngo rectify that situation. but for those of who you happen to travel the cell phone turnpike and i-95 5 ght be be in your future. not so much right now. you can see the traffic as it stacks up there. so it maybe a while before they recommend mady that sit aichghts once they finally do, it will be a while to get thal traffic moving again. so keep it tunes tuned on the air and at swreelt latest. also a convicted killer take the stand and saying sorry to the family of the teen he killed years ago. but prosecutors weren't buying . 50-year-old struck by a police crewser to night loved ones are demanding answer. a message to parents at a hollywood elementary school has them and their kids on later. robbers on the run. ra cops say this pair is crafty and creative. >> >> belkeys: and a man dressed like batman committing a crime
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>> >> c cig: cameras roll as the cape crusader turns into a costume croofnlgt a man dressed as batman committed a crime instead of fighting it. >> a. >> belkeys: and danielle knox is live in the plex with thvment danielle. >> danielle: batman is a bad man because police say this guy is responsible for more crime and people in central florida are hoping ha is caught before someone gets hurt. >> danielle: this man of cekd out in batman gear caused walking into the one, two, three, collar disor in oregon. moments later surveillance video shows him with with a behind the check out you counter demanding money from the clerk. at one point he sets down the gun beside him and take the cash and casually walking out of
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it's sachtd right now i have to pray for that guy. >> the owner of the barber shop next store has happens o be be a huge batman fan and said he was discussed wa when he saw in the surveillance video. the first because he is point age gun at two women in the store who were there alone. the second because he was wearing batman. >> if he was wearing spider man, i would have been all right. i'm happy the girl is okay. >> as for the robber best dressed as batman. he is not bad man. he is bat bizarre ro. that is the opposite of batman. he does the bad thifnlgtz bat bizarre o. that's what what we should call him. >> danielle: his message for bat wa sar o. i would tell him to turn himself in and get hevment stop this before you hurt somebody are you get hurt. >> danielle: police believe that may n n have been his only crime. 90 mines later miles way the
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robbed a broward general at fun boint. >> and they confirm they are looking for the same poarn nern both crime. we're live at the news desk. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: thank danielle. >> belkeys: we're keeping an eye on a develop story in davie thvment is the southbound lairntion the ramp of the turnpike. the 55. a tractor traer sort of just snripped over on it's side there. no injuries. that's the good news. the bad news. traffic in that area is backedd up for miles in davie. but we're keeping an eye on this one. we'll keep you posted. >> craig: and days before the biggest fer per for marchts year. we'll hear from the stars of the
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>> belkeys: the head liernz of super bowl 50 0 e getting ready. cold player with will be playing at half break. >> craig: they will be could lab or wraight super star acts. sheen sandoval in the plex with more for us. shireen. >> reporter: and this time the super bowl is pulling out all the stops. today the stars who are performing are sharing their excitement and their plan. >> super bowl 50 is sure to be wrok cold play as a featured act. thursday the group take the stage at the bowl's halftime news conference a announcing what they have planned for the audience.
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play all the our no. 1's and they can workout for the l lt ten minutes. and he used a little humor. deciding the set list was challenging. >> we just had an argument for a long time about which songs we wanted to play andnd which songs we thought any one else would have heard before. >> martin saying because it's the 50th anniversary of the super bocialtion the performance is not just about future that would include the youth orchestra ever los angeles but also the the past. >> the way we're honoring the past is asking people whose halftime shows we really love oovmentdlong with cold play beyonce will be on hand. queen b will be performing the new song hem for the weekend with the group. b will do something else as well but thus far that is top secret.
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performing. he was unforget able i ithinks hiz 2014 halftime performance. >> lady gaga just recently signing on to sipg the national anthem. the singer say he he is honored to kick things off. >> by the way there, is one announced performer, it's a surprise for fans soy guess we just have to wait and see. in the meantime this is cold play's very first super bowl performance. >> live in the newsplex. shireen san vo 'do evaluate. 7 news. now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. we have seen some warm temperature today. that's going to change. we are watching our next front. right now sitting across northern florida. temperature in the 50s already across the panhandle. some ofthat rain could move over us over night. tomorrow we're looking agent
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our chances for rain, we're looking at a 30% chance on friday. 40% on saturday. and then back down to near typical vavaes. so mostly dry as we go in through next week. and then another coldd front will be moving in over tsweekend. cool, friday, saturday, and then another front moving in. temperatures dip nothing the low 50s all across the area. we could see some upper 40s in the with western suburbs. sunday night in through monday morning. >> take a look at form straker. actually let's take a look at the temperature first. i was just mentioning the cold air already moving in across the panhandle. 57 degrees in pensacola. same in tataahassee. look at the mid 50s here. jacksonvillend gainesville. plenty tiff cloudiness and rain across this area. meanwhile 79 at the theme parks in orlando. 63 in tampa.
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we've seen a decent amount of sunshine. temperature are still in the upper 70s. and the keys right now looking pretty good at this hour. 79 march thoofnl 80 in key west. the wind out of south at 12 miles perour. here's the marine forecast. for tonight threat p rip currents. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. the winds will be pick up. for you throughout florida keys, you're looking at a small craft advisory. 25 knot winds. seas beyond the reef three to 9 feet. coasl waters turning ruvment next high tide miami 6:00 in the morning. 5:55 in fort lauderdale. key largo 5:36. 6:33 in key west. tonight clouds willontinue to build. some over night rain. the lows whrb in the low to mid six 50e6789snd the wind will start to pick up out of northwest ten to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow i think we're going to see some morning clouds pose baiflt a little rainfall. then it it should clear out in
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to reach 70 degrees. here's your extended out l@ok. saturday and sunday a chance for a few showers and look at those loavmentz they should remain in the 50s all the way through next thursday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> craig: that's it for this edition of 7 news at 5:00.
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will i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 5:30 is up next. caio caio.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and we do begin with this developing story. it is happening in davie. a roll over wreck at the turnpike south 595. this developing story again is in davie. so if you're headed to that areaeabe careful. that tractor trailer putting the brakes on rus hour for sure. good evening everybody. >> lynn: and let's get to you this break story. craig stevens with more on the traffic situation. craig. >> craig: and we'll get back to those pictures there. coming to us from davie. i'll start off by telling you there are no injuries. that!s the good news here fnl the bad news is for commuters in at area. just to set the stage, this is the on-ramp from the southboun turnpike to 595. so an order anily busy place traffic wise.
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