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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now on the 19. >> another south florida teen shot. the verday families of victims killed by gun violence rally for change. >> they lost their son in an accidentalhooting and now there's parents are working to prevent another tragedy. >> a convicted murderer crying in court and begging for forgivevess. but prosecutors call this anything but genuine. >> a state of emergency in a second south florida county. a dangerous virus is spreading. >> the frantic search for a missing couple may be over after police
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>> an officer ambushed and shot on duty. his road to recovery made that much harderry another problem. his we've is speaking to rosh lowe in the lowe down. >> i'm craig stevens. >> i'm belkys and the news starts now. >> this is 7 news at 10:00. >> now at 10:00. a 15-year-old under fire shot in the street. and the gunman is still ononhe run. >> hello again, everyone, that teen shot while riding his bicycle. >> it happened just hoursrs after a group gathered in miami calling for an end to the violence. scene. >> guys, i can tell you that it is getting louder and louder as another child is gunned down on the streets of miami. >> the teenager was transported to jackson memorial hospital in stable conditon. the criri scene cordoned off with
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another soting of a child. the 15-year-old shoot along sixth avenue and 64th street in miami. bicycle and clothing on the ground inside the crime scene area. >> no word on how this evidence was related to the shooting, but earlier thursday, evidence these mass shootings must stop. mothers of slain victims protesting in front of the state's attorney office thursday outraged over the shooting of children and calling for more aggressive investigation. >> everyone knows who the killer is, everyone can tell a storyy of how it happened, but -- and they can tell everyone else, but why not call the police and tell the police what you know? >> as a child, cousin, boy, girl, everybody has somebody. we have to have love first and we can start talking and telling what's going on, but our future is being lost. young liv matter. >> but when you have violent people that are killing our kids, they need to be locked up. >> late thursday this t tet from miami-dade school superintendent, tragedy strikes again with a
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a bike. sadly,y cowardly gun violence continues in the streets of miami. >> you say you've lived in miaia all your life. have you ever seen it this bad? >> i've never seen it this pad. >> but as the father of a 15-year-old son, pastor eric says the shootings have to stop. >> i've seen gangsters take out gangsters, i'veeen thugs take out thugs, but it's so bad that children are basically taken out children. >> as you can see, the crime scene tape is down. this investigation is wrapping up, but the search for the suspect is still ongoingnd so if you have any information that can help police, you're urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers at the number you see there on y yr screen. it's 305471-tips. we live in miami, i'm daniellee knox, 7 news night team. >> danielle at the same tme that teen was shot, the mother of another teen who lost his life when he was shot spoke out for the first time.
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gun owners. night team's nicole live. >> well, belkys deputies here at the substation have been holding gun safety courses for kids since 2013. but then when this happened, just a few miles away from where we are right now they had a feeling that this family could offer a valuable lesson to the families who showed up here tonight. >> he was beautiful. he was perfect. in every way. >> but charlie martin will never go to high school, never graduate college, never get married. the 14-year-old killed in july as he and a friend played with a handgun owned by the friend's step-father. >> we're still coping with it. it's really hard. >> this is one way they're coping, sharing their stoto with a room full of children and their parents ate broward sheriff's office gun safety class for kids in cooper
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>> it is a real life tragic incident. they had dropped off both of their sons at a friend's house. they were playing for several several hours and they got a phone call from the broward sheriff's office that they had now lost their son. >> eva martin asked parents to secure their guns and to ask other parents if their guns are secure before allowing their child to visit. but every word clearly a struggle. >> when you're not a gun owner you don't think about that and it was something that i never thought about before. i wouldn't want it to happen to anybody else. we miss him s s much. >> clearly something that they are still dealing with every single day and the friend in this story, the one who actually pulled the trigger, he's facing a juvenile
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>> i know how wrong it was, what i did. >> but prosecutors say it's all an act. >> how did you muster up these tears? >> the night team c cering the case and a killer's fight for a shorter sentence. >> michael hernandez confessed to selecting his friend's throat when he was 14 years old. >> today he took the stand trying to convince a judge his life sentence should be shortened. the night team's alex dipasquale this is all a bid to tryo get out of a life sentence. >> first and foremost, i wanted to apologize to jaime and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> whatichael hernandez did do to his best friend jaime gough is slit his throat ininhe bath room of south wood middle school back in
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>> i wanted to apologize to his family. his mother and his mother, because i didn't always feel this way. >> but prosecutors not buying it and pointing to a call from jail in which his mother tells him to cry. >> why don't you practice your weekend learning how to cry in. >> oh, my god. >> i may have to stab myself. >> do you haveomething in your hand, mr. hernandez? no. stab. see? , i can cry. >> hernandez was convicted and sentenced to lif in prison. this new hearing spurred by the u.s. supreme court which ruled juveniles could not automatically be sentenced to life? >> have you got a paper clip in there. >> mom. >> have you got a knife? >> mom. >> how did you muster up these tears. i feel horrible about what i did. >> hernandez also facing questions about a discussion of serial killing from behind bars. another call. >> he used to dig up bodies, he was making a skin suit.
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trying to make conversation with a pen pal. >> i'm not what those calls depict. i didn't realize how bad they were. >> the judge will ultimately decide if hernandez will serve a life sentence or be paroled in about 1313 years. >> i want to get married. i want to have, you know, kids one day. >> omega gough's mother and father left the hearing first followed by michael hernandez's family. just one station was there. >> mr. hernandez, your take on your son's testimony? >> i have no comment today. >> do you think he was genuine? >> we have no comment today. >> we have no comment. >> and this hearing continues tomorrow morning. live in miami tonight, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. night team. >> trouble spreading in south florida, a state of emergenc now in effect for both broward and miami-dade counties. it has to do with the zika virus. we're live at jackson hospital
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communiti concerns today. liz? >> craig, today public health officials added yet another county to this statewide emergency over zika virus, another case now in broward county is making public health officials concerned. >> two south florida counties are now the focus of a zika fueled public health emergency. doctors and officials with the public health departments are closing following the progression of zika. >> we are prepared. there's no reason to panic. but this is a disease that we will be able to manage. bright and early thursday morning, county crews suited up armed with packs of pesticides prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes as possible. >> so far no mosquitoes in south florida are known to have the zika virus. >> residents in this county need to make sure they do not have any acon of water around the house where mosquitoes may breed. >> all five cases of zika in south florida infected the patients during travel to south or central
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>> we're requesting that the cdc provide us with at least 1,000 zika anti body test kits so we can test -- so we can test pregnant and affected areas and have symptoms of zika. >> the disease knownwn for causing developmental issues in unborn chilren is most dangerous for pregnant women. but health officials stress as they continue to watch and learn about zika. >> can it happen here? >> yes, it an happen here and we're taking the precautions to avoid that from happening. >> tonight doctors also say that only one in five people who actually contract the zika virus will veteran go on to show symptoms for it. still they are asking people to take precautions. airlinesre offering pregnant women the chance to cancel their tickets for free to countries that happening. we have posted some tips for you on our website,, you can head there and check it out.
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hospital in miami tonight, liz nagy, 7 news night team. >> it could be a tragic end to the search for missing south florida couple. police finding their car at the bottom of a flooded rock quarry. this heartbreaking discovery comes days after the pair was reported miss zoom the night team is live as police try to piece together what happened here. walter morris is in southwest miamamdade where the car was found. walter. >> well, craig, look at this. friends stopping by well after the sun went down leaving flowers. now, the medical examiner has yet to identify those bodies discovered, but police say that miss it couple was last seen in that car. >> family and friends of brandon arana wiping away tears as they make a grew some discovery thursday morning. >> they're degeneration stated it hasn't been confirmed but they're devastated. >> 21-year-old couple missing
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miami-dadeocating a 2015 red toyota corolla submerged in the lake near southwest 268th street and southwest 107th avenue with two bodies inside. >> the investigators have identified this vehicle t be the same in whichch both brandon arana and alexandra picon. >> 7 news crews on scene thursday afternoon as the car was taken to the medical examiner's office where the bodies will be identified. meanwhile, distraught loved-ones arriving with flowers as their worst fears almost confirmed. >> i cannot imagine being a parent. i've got two kids, and i don't wish this onnybody. this is really really a sad situation. >> while they work to identify the people in that car, miami-dade police trying to figure out exactly how it got there. >> it appears it was a traffic accident. >> and while police say this does
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still too early to tell if another car was involved. reporting live in southwest miami-dade, walt morris, 7 news night team. >> all right, walter. the miami herald is reporting that no charges will be filed against an officer who shot and killed a man in miami gardens. that shooting caught on a police dash cam, officer ed said he feared for his life and opened fire multiple times after the suspect attacked another officer with a broom stick. the state attorney's office has deemed the use of deadly force as justifiable. before opening fire, the officer said he discharged his taser, but that did not stop the suspect. the family of 25-year-old javal hall was outraged after the shooting and said he was mentally illinois and suffered from schizophrenia for years. >> a dangerous drive in miami. police say a van rear-ended a car
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it happened near northwest 3060 street. a person was waiting at the bus stop and was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> tractor-trailer trouble in davie. seven sky for over the scene after an 18-wheeler flipped over. it happened on the ramp from the southbound turnpike to i595. crews were on that scene for hours and they were finally able to get the truck upright. the scene was eventually cleared and the ramp reopened. the driver was not hurt. >> now, the race to the house, hillary clinton and bernie sanders exchanging jabss they woo new hampshire voters. compared to the democrats, it's an all out street brawl. republicans are accusing ted cruz specifically of foul play. in new hampshire, clinton and sanders are trying to prove who can lay claim to a progressive agenda, the pair trading barbs over healthcare, income equality and workers rights and more.
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results. >> secretaries clinton said -- i'm pair paphrasing. some people call me a moderate and i proudly say i am a moderate ritter. you can't be a moderate and a progressive, thorough different. >> according to our exclusive poll, sanders still enjoys a significant margin. tracks. sanders is down three, clinton up four. the biggest single gain since we started the poll. meanwhile on the republican side, donald trump holds on to fit with 36%. marco rubio takes over second place with 15. a gain of three points. ted cruz now in third with 14%. jeb bush, 8% and john kasich at seven. trump is trying to maintain his edge chris crossing the granite state thursday. >> we're at the beginning of a very very important last few days. this is really crunch time. >> rubio's momentum continues to
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he picked up an endorsement from rick santorum who dropped out of the race. and cruz finds himself in the middle of controversy after staffers reportedly told iowa voters ben carson was about to withdraw. >> i called them afterwards the next day and i apologized to them directly. i said, listen, it was a mistake for our team not to forward your subsequent statement. now, i didn't know about any of this. i was off campaigning and barn storming. this was something the team had done, but it was a mistake. >> as for the rest of the republicans, chris christie polling at 5%. carson at four. carly fiorina, 3%, with an undecided. 8%. >> well, the final gop debate before tuesday' primary is saturday night. one note about jeb bush by the way, still trailing as you saw in the poll. he's bringing out the big guns, his mother campaigned for him in new hampshire today and his brother, the seldom scene former president
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>> we will be there to cover it live. watch for those live reports. they start saturday here on 7 news. >> and still ahead here. the nighttime team. a wild ride ending with a smash, but the driver was nowhere to be found. >> this is not an approved carry on item. >> airport officials not about to let this go through security. >> and a police officer was ambushed and shot on duty. now they're dealing with another problem at home. rosh lowe has it in tonight's
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>> his police cruiser was riddled with bullets, but he survived the attack. >> had family is still fighting an uphill battle. his wife is speak to go rosh lowe. her story in this edition of the lowe down. >> my husband has survived this horrific event for me to g give up and i will not give up. >> no, belinda will not quit. she maintains her faith even after her husband is shot on the job in miami gardens, and why won't she quit? she has witnessed a miracle. >> and he said i've been shot, i'm going to be okay and -- i just said what? he sd i've been shot.
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>> the first thing that i did once iealized that i was still alive is i called my wife and let her know, because we always have an agreement that if i was capable and something happened to me, call my wife and the next thing i did was offer a word of thanks. >> w w spoke with david in his hospital room days after he was shst in late january. he was sitting in his patrol car writing a report when cops say david mahia opened fire. he was hit twice in the back side. >> i just remember walking in and seeing him with all the people around him and hisis eyes open and -- he smiled and told me that he loved me, and then he knew he was going to be okay. >> but the starlings are struggling financially. >> the prayers or well wishes, it has just been -- just beyond belief. >> her husband is now recovering at home, and she took us to the source of their financial diffilty.
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why was he working souch? >> let me show you this. this was supposed to be his dream home in palm beach county, and the story behind this story is that in august of lisa year they purchased this home. they wted to do a lot of work, a lot of renovations, they tell me the contractor went bankrupt and now they've lost most of their life saving >> they tore everything out without a plan and doug up the floor and just left all of this mess. >> thihi is what the house looked like had they moved in. and this is the house now. >> when you look at this now, what goes through youou mind? >> my husband and i worked very hard. we've prayed about this. >> the starlings are renting elsewhere and don't have the money to finish the renovations on this home. they say other contractors just don't want to touch the project because of the damage and liability.
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putting all of this into god's hands and -- and he'll get us through this. >> belinda is now hoping for her second miracle. in palm beach county, rsh lowe, 7 news. >> sincee first aired the story, 7 news viewers, a lot of you have helped raise more than $18,000. if you would like to donate had to we have a link to their gofundme account right there on our website. >> well, custom agents showing off a secret stash at miami international. officials say they've seized 90 pounds of synthetic drugs, including bataclan salts over the last -- bath salts, 47 packages have been intercepted, all mailed from china. some of the samples were deemed to be 100 to 800 times more potent than the real drugs they mimic. >> a different kind of drive in
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road and right into a house. >> the driver made a run for it after that accident happened. brando beyer has more on this crash and dash. >> the pictures are incredible. a car some 20 feet inside this lawsuit hill home late wednesday night. a family of three inside. >> we didn't even hear no bras screeching or none of that. all we felt was the, boom, and we was in the -- in the dining room of the house. >> whoever was driving this car somehow walked away and kept walking. leaving the scene before police could arrive. >> he came out of the house behind us. and he came ove here, stumbled around a little bit out here and then he went off down the street somewhere. >> he and his wife were both injured. their 14-year-old daughter inside as well somehow managed to escape this messnharmed. rescue crews say they're all lucky to be alive. >> it's very unusual, based on what
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house and where the bed was located, they're very lucky to be alive. >> the house is now unlivable, the family will have to find somewhe else to stay. meanwhile, this father wants whoever did this to come forward. >> turn yourself in, man. you kw, you could have took two lives. >> so if you know anything about this, know anything about the person who hit this house and fled the scene, call broward crime stoppers 954493-tips. we're in lauderhill, brandon beyer, 7 news night team. >> up on flori's night team, crooks coming dressed for the occasion and police say they've practiced this burglary. >> and the caped crusader turning to a life of crime. bat man is caught on camera. >> i'm steve shapiro. coming up in sports. the bandd wagon against detroit going for their fifth straight win. and charles barkly goingnto the music business.
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>> some troubling teamwork in weweon. the shhp dressed man helping a companion commit a crime. >> as the night team's veterans medina shows us, they've done this before. >> they walk into the radio shack, she's on her phone, it's january 20th. she head straight to the back, she looks at the shelves, decides what she wan, then walks over to her accomplice who is looking outs and just like that they starts dropping the merandise down her dress. >> you would think that a couple is not think twice that they're going to rob you. because they look like just your average joe. that comes into the store. >> people at nearby businesses shocked when they see the video. >> i would never guess that mething like that would happen.
10:25 pm
something like that. >> crazy. they look like they're both going to church. >> nothing holy going on there. >> the woman knew exactlyly where to go and so did her right hand man. last february the two hit the same store. that time she came wearing a gray flowy dress. >> she said itorked for her one time, it's going to work a second time. >> that time she puts not one, not two. let's count, three, four, five, six and seven computer parts into her mumu, and just like thaha they walk out with more than $1,100 in goods. >> sad. it's sad that you have to be vigil to everybody that walks in your door. >> police need your help in identifying this duo. if you have any information at all you're urged to call broward crime stoppers, that phone number,
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>> police in orlando l lking for a caped crook caught on camera. here he is, batatn or as police are calling him, badman. he was seen walking into a one, two, three, dollar store tuesday with a gun. he then is seen behind the checkout counter demanding money from the clerks, taking the cash and walking out of the store. the owner of a b bber shop next door with a message for this batman bandit. >> i would tell him turn himself in and get help. stop this before you hurt somebody. before you get hurt. >> well, police say 90 minutes later that same man robbed a dollar store 5 miles away from the first crime. >> coming up on 7 news at 10:00. identical twins turning on the charm online. >> how they've gained a msive following with their positive message. it's a night tm special assignment report, teen idols. >> we h he at least two fronts
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going to bring the cold air in south florida. we'll have the entire outlook in
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>> shows like american idol are one path t fame, but nowadays there's always another way. the internet. >> that's right. lynn martinez introduces us to some south florida twins who have taken social mediay storm. our special assignment report, teen idols. >> hundreds of screaming teenage girls, 60,000 subscribers on
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179,000 instagram followers you've over, bieber, t tre's a fresh faced duo getting noticed on the net. >> they started broadcasting from their boynton beach home just a year ago and the 16-year-old identical twins have quickly gained a big online following. they call theelves 99goon squad and their fans. >> goonies. >> no, their name is not a nododo the classic 1985 movie that came out 14 years before they were born, in fact they haven't even seen the vie. >> no, but i know what you are talking about. my dad showed me that, yeah. >> oh, my gosh, i feel so old. >> but their admirers are young and they're feeling the brotherly love. >> the wall of the brothers' bedroom is lined with adoring fan
10:30 pm
watch their nightly live show where the self-described social media involuntary natures share a message with other teens. tomorrow you're going to wake up and say today is going to be a good day. a lot of of our goonies notote how far we've gone and it mob 80 them to go out there and do something and do what you want. sometimes we'll read in the comments like, hey, last time when you motivated me, i got intoy dance team or i'm on the cheer team now. >> i made my volleyball team becau of you guys. >> julian and jiovani are not musician says, but that didn't stop them from sign well a talent agency and going on a 10 city tour. check out this wild s sne in la. >> although they're just having fun, the boys recognize the positive impact they have on others. >> someone like started crying in my arms saying like, you helped me out so much, i used to get bullied all the time, but because of you i'm here today. >> the pair's big sister is not
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>> every single time we would go somewhere, people would stoand you say be like, oh, my gosh, you guys are so cam newton. you guys are twins, blue eyes, so it was like they're always center of attention. they're going to be successful one day. >> all right, full disclosure. the teens' dad knows a thing or two about cameras himself. julio is a 7 news photographer. >> when i'm trying to tell him something, he tells me what to do and i'm like, how do you know? >> in a bit o news, julian and jovani say they're single, hear that, identical twin girls? >> that's what we talk about every time we go somewhere, twin girls. look. >> the teens who are homeschooled don't know where their social media start w wl lead, but right now they're enjoying it. they've even perfected their own sign off. well, on three. we say one, two, three, ye. that's how we end it all. >> martinez, 7 news. >> cute.
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say ye tonight. furniture i i celebrating a grand opening in cutler bay. private ribbon cutting ceremony for the showroom tonight and 7's own alex de armas officially opepeto the public on saturday. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist bill. >> morning lows in the 70s. afternoon highs in the low 80s which is typical to about 61 degrees and about 76, seven search for a high. no rain in the rain gauge except key west with a trace of rainfall right now partly to mostly cloudy skies, temperatures are in the 70s everywhere. the winds out of the east-southeast and it's still pretty humid.
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this line of rain that you are seeing here is the leading edge off a front. it's been slowing down. we were supposed to get some of this rain right aroundidnight. it looks like it may be a little later than that. ssibly as we move in through the early morning hours of friday. could see some rain for your morning commute. now this front extend all the way up here through the middle atlantic ates and the northeast and it's slowly making its way toward the western elaborate i think. here's what we can expect, the front will continue to move in our direction. should do see some showers overnight. then early tomorrow morning, i think that by afternoon, we should do see dry conditions are more sunshine, but it's going to turn windy, and then by saturday, especially saturday night we get another secondary push of cold air and that's goioi to put our temperatures back into the 50s. i wouldn't be surprised to see a
10:34 pm
upper 40s saturday night and sunday night as well. all right, so here's is the marine forecast. small craft advisory in effect. the winds will be picking up to 25 knots in biscayne bay will be rough. throughout the florida keys you too are looking at a small craft advisory. 35 knot winds are expected. 6-10 feet, coastal waters extremely rough. next ohio tide, 6:45 in the morning. in fort lauderdale. key $1 largo. clouds will builds. overnight rainfall lows around the mid 60s. the wind will start to pick up. by tomorrow, morning clouds, a little bit of rain, afternoon sunshine, highs are going to have a hard time reaching 70 agrees degrees with that winin out of the north 20 to 25. saturday and sunday we may see a few swers, but then the temperatures drop and look at that.
10:35 pm
the way through next thursday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> another one, wow. thanks, phil. another good cold front. officials cominggo the rescue of a deer in the keys. deputies receied a call about an animal stuck on big pine key. the deer wasasaught between a fork and a tree. state fish and wildlife officers responded as well. all of the attention apparently agitated the poor thing. the deer managed to free itself and then take off back into the woods. >> at least it got out. yeah. >> still ahead here on the night an officer made national headlines% for bringing shaq to shoot some hoops with group of kids.
10:36 pm
it's game time for a group of florida kids who made head lines when shaq stopped by to s sot some hoops. it all started when an officer started a pickup game with the kids. then a basketball star came and things just kept getting better and better. >> i get woken up by a phone call from the orlando magag. >> that is officer bobby white. he's not suit up for a game of street basketball. instead. >> somebody from the team called me and they are inviting me and all you guys to a magic game. >> they're not just watching t t magic game sunday against the atlanta hawks. >> we're goingo actually get to go down court side while they'rem up. >> officer white's r rationship with these boys started when he responded to a complaint about kids making too much noise while playing ball. he quickly got the name basketball cop.
10:37 pm
about kids playing basketball in the street >> the video went viral instead of reprimanded the grouou he showed up with a little show time of his own. then he returned with backup, but this wasn't any ordinary teammate. >> i told you i was going to bring some backup. are you guys ready? it was shaq. the super stall baller -- superstar baller who has a little magic of his own. >> the legendary center giving anyone $100 if they nailed the jumper. >> >> shaq also giving the kids some hall of fame advice. >> stay out of trouble. listen to your parents. respect your elders. you can be anything you want to be. >> there you go. words of wisdom from shaq. officer white also laying down the law, telling the boys that if they do not behave, their out of thinks
10:38 pm
to the game. i expect everybody is on their a game, no fun intended. >> will stay in line. >> up next here in sports, another high scoring game for the panthers and we're going to sw if you it was enough to beat detroit. >> the players are pretty loose as they meet the media for the final
10:39 pm
>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> if you're not following it is florida panthers, hop aboard. at home tonight against detroit, the panthers trying to extend their win s reak to five. panthers in red, nine minutes into the game, alex pet vic lets it fly. here's a remix, great redirect. number 101-0, panthers had the lead. panthers power play, alex barkov. 25 seconds later, trochek goes through everybody and three goals in less than three minutes, it's 3-0 panthers. number 16 from. he had a goal and two assists. he had two goals. panthers win again, 6-3. that's five in a row.
10:40 pm
can make plays, they can score, i just try to help them and try to do the same thing. he was my biggest idol when i was younger and i just enjoy every moment. >> pittsburgh here on saturday. the heat move on to charlotte tomorrow night. 1-1 on the road trip so far, fm far from behind in dallas. they were down by nine, they came back to take a 10-point lead and held on to win the game fr our mistakes, even when things was bad. we made sure we stayed with it, with our defense, so that was the difference. fromomne night to the next. >> at charlotte tomorrow. after today the players are off limits. the super bowl is threeays away. no question the nfl is selling it as manning versus newton. total concentration on the practice field.
10:41 pm
although newton knows there's a lot of parties that he's missing out on. >> on the professional side you still have to go through meetis to try to come up with any type of edge, because you're still preparing for a team, but, you know, this -- all the fest activities, the media, it's hearted not to just take it all in. >> peyton manning and the broncos practicing at stanford university, the broncos best chance if thh defense is the defense slowing down m newton and the carolina high scoring offense. >> i've been playing football since i was 7:00, so everybody have to put on their pads the way i strap it on. tie they shoe one at a time like i do. i don't know too many people who can tie two shoes at the same time. >> all right. the theme song for the ncaa basketball tournamentt is one shining moment.
10:42 pm
it sort of. >> there's only one person here that sings worse than that. hey, hey, hey, i think i know who
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>> that's a wrap for us at 10:00. chow chow, belkys nerey. >> 7 news at 11:00 is next.
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>> now on the night team. >> as victims of gun violence rally for change, another shooting of a teenager here in miami. >> and tonight the mother of a teen killed in an accidental shooting is sharing her pain and hoping that others learn from her tragedy. >> a convicted killer crying in court after murdering his childhood friend. but will it buy him less time behind bars? >> tonight, an emergency expanding in southlorida as crews try to combat the source of that virus. >> a car pulled from the water, two bodies inside, and it could bee connected to a couple who disappeared days ago. >> hello, welcome, everyone, i'm belkys nerey.
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7 news continues at 11:00.
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