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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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7 news continues at 11:00. >> this is 7 news at 11:00. >> hit by bullets. another teenager shot tonigig in the city of miami. helll, everybody. that teen the latest victim of gun violence in our community. >> it happened just hours after a group gathered demanding justice for other children who had been shot in south florida. >> danielle reports. >> the teenager was transportedo jackson memorial hospital in stable condition. the crime scene cordoned off with yellow tape as police investigate the shooting o o another child. the teenager shot in miami, a bicycle and clothing on the ground inside the crime scene area. no word on how this ed was related to the shooting, but earlier thursday evidence these shootings must stop. mothers of slain victims protesting in front of the state attorney's office thursday outraged over the shooting of children and calling for more aggressive investigations.
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is. everyone can tell a story of how it happened, but -- and they can tell everyone else. but why not call the police and tell the police what you know some. >> as a child, cousin, boy, girl, everybody has somebody. we have to have love first so we can start talking and telling what's going o but our future is being lost. young lives matter. >> but when you have violent people that are killing our kids, they need to be lockeke up. >> late thursday this tweet from miami-dade school superintendent alberto calvaro, tragic strikes agn when a 15-year-old shot while riding a bike. >> have you ever seen it this bad? >> i've never seen it this bad. >> but as theh father of a 15-year-old son, pastor eric redding says the shootings have to stop. >> i've seen gangsters take out gangsters, i've seen thugs take out thugs, but it's so bad that children are basically taking out
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>> as you can see behind me the investigation is wrapping up. the crime scene tape is down, but the search for the suspect is still ongoing, and so if you have any informion that can help police, you are urged to call miami-dade unty crime stoppers at the number you see there on your screen, it's 305471--tips. in milwaukee, danielle knox, 7 news night team. >> tonight a mother with words of warning for gun oers after her son was accidentally shot and killed while he and a friend played with a gun. now she's hoping others will learn an important lesson before tragedy strikes again. here's nicole. >> the 14-year-old killed in july as he and a friend played with a handgun owned by the friend's step-father. >> we're still coping with it. it's really hard.
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>> this is one way the martins are coping, sharing their story with a room full of children and their parents at a broward sheriff's office gun safety class for kids in cooper city. >> it is a real life tragic incident. they had dropped off both of their sons at a friend's house. they were playing f several, several hours, and they got a phone call from the broward sheriff's office that they had now lost their son. >> eva martin asked parents to secure their guns and to ask other parents if their guns are secure before allowing their child to visit. but every word clearly a struggle. >> when you'reot a gun owner you don't think about that and it was something that i never thought about before. i wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else. we miss him so much. >> and the martins say they are still dealing with this eve single day. now, as for the friend i in this case, the one who pulled the
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of manslaughter slaughter. >> 7 news night team. now at 11:00 a convicted killer taking the stand and crying in court. >> how much pain i caused you. >> but not everyone thinks he's sincere. >> how did you muster up those tears. >> as he asks for a shorter sentence. >> michael hernandez stabbed his friend to death in a middle school bathroom more than a decade ago. >> now he's hoping his testiminy will win him an early release from prison, here's the night team's alex diprato. >> first and foremost i wanted to apologize to jaime and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> what michael hernandez h earn dez did to his best friend jayme gough -- both were 14 at the time. >> i wanted to apologize to his family.
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and his father that i didn't always feel this way. >> but prosecutors not buying it and pointing to a call fromjail in which his mother tells him to cry. >> why don't you practice your weekend learning how to cry? >> oh, my gosh. >> i may have to stab myself. >> do you have something in your hand, mr. hernandez? no. stab. see, i can cry. >> hernandez was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. this new hearing spurred by the u.s. supreme court which ruled juveniles could not automatically be sentenced to life. >> have you got a paper clip in there. >> no, ma'am. >> have you got a knife? >> no, ma'am. >> how did you muster up those tears in. >> i feel horrible about what i did. >> hernandez also facing discussions about a serial killing from b%hind bars. another car. >> he used to dig up bodies and he was making a skin suit. >> hernandez claiming he was just
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>> i'm not what those calls depict. i didn't realize how bad they were. >> the judge will ultimately decide if hernandez will serve a life sentence or be paroled in about 13 years. >> i want to get married. i want to have, you know, kids one day. >> jaime gough's mother and father left the hearing first, followed by michael hernandez's family. just one station was there. >> mr. hernandez, your take on your son's testimony. >> i have no comment today. >> do you think he was genuine? >> we have no comment today. >> we have no comment. >> and this hearing continues tomorrow tomorrow morning. >> in miami, i'm alex diprato, 7 news night team. >> the zika virus becoming a growing concern in south florida and now officials are taking action against mosquitoes. crews out spraying this morning trying to exterminana as many mosquitoes as possible after a new casef the virus is detected in south florida.
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where. >wo south florida counties are now the focus of a zika fueled public health emergency. doctors and officials with the public health departments are closely following the progression of za. >> we are prepared. there's no reason to panic, but this is a disease that we will be able to manage. >> brighghand early thursday morning county crews suited up armed with packs of pesticides prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes as possible. florida are known toave the zika virus. >> residents of this county need to make sure they do not have any accumulation of water around the house where mosquitoes may breed. >> all five cases of zika in south florida infected the patients during travel to south or central america. >> we're requesting that the cdc provide us with at least 1,000 zika anti body test kits so we can test -- so we can testt pregnant and new mothers who have traveled to affected areas and haveymptoms of zika.
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developmental issues in unborn children is most dangerous for pregnant women, but health officials stress as they continue to watch and learn about zika. >> can it happen here? yes, it can happen here and we're taking the precautions to avoid that from happening. >> doctors also say that only one in five patients who actually contracts the zika virus will then go on to show symptoms for it. take extra precautions. we've posted tips on how you can do this on our website, at jackson memorial hospital in miami, liz nagy, 7 news night team. >> now on the night team, a deadly recovery after rescue crews pull a car out of the water. two bodies found inside. >> police suspect it's a tragic end to a search to for a young couple who went missing days ago. the night team's walter morris reports.
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arana and alexandra picon wiping away tears as they make a grew some discovery wednesday morning. >> they're devastated. >> the 21-year-old couple reported missing sunday and then just a few daysys later, this. miami-dade police locating a 2015 red toyota corolla submerged in the lake near southwest 268th street bodies inside. >> the investigators have identified this vehicle to be the same in which both brandon arana and alexandra picon were last sn on sundnd morning. >> sources close to the family say cellphone records show the couple's devices turned off that location near 3:30 a.m. sunday. crews on scene have taken the bodies to the medical examiner's office where they will be identified. >> meanwhile distraught loved-ones arriving with flowers as the fears are confirmed. >> i cannot imagine.
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this is a really really sad situation. >> while they work to identify the people in that car, miami-dade police trying to figure out exactly how it got there. >> it appears it was a traffic accident. >> what police say this does look like a traffic accident, it's still too early to tell if another car was involved. reporting in southwest miami-dade, walter morris, 7 news night team. >> the miami herald reports tonight an officer who shot and killed a man in miami gardens will be cleared of wrongdoing. thee shooting caught on a police dash cam. the officer said he feared for his life and firere several times after the man attacked another officer with a broom stick. the state attorney's office has concluded the use of deadly force was justifiable. before opening fire, the officer said he discharged his taser but that did not stop the man. the family of 25-year-old laval hall performs outraged after the shooting. they said he was metally illinois and suffered from schizophrenia for years.
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sending that car into aus bench. it happened near 36th street. person waiting at the bus stop was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> still ahead here on 7 news at 11:00. a close call in a south florida home when a out of control car comes crashing in. >> two people posing as customers but they have something up their sleeve. and as you look at that there, police were saying with these twowo here, it's not their first crime. >> meanwhile we're looking at a series of fronts movovg in across south florida. it could keep us in the chill
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gaping hole in a house forcing a family out. the family inside their home at the time. the driver wound up on a collision course. >> the night team's brandon beyer rerts. >> the pictures are incredible. a car some 20 feet inside this lauderhill home late wednesday% night. a family of three inside. >> we didn't even hear no brakes screeching or none of that. l we seen and felt was a boom. and we was in the -- we was in the -- in the dining room of the house. >> whoever was driving this car somehow walked away and kept walking. leaving the scene before police could arrive. >> he c ce out the house behind us and he came over here, stumbled around a little bit out here and he went off down the street somewhere. >> he and his wife were both injured, their 14-year-old daughter inside as well somehow managed to escape this mess unharmed. rescue crews say they're all lucky to be alive.
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where we saw the vehicle in the house and where the bed was located, they're lucky to be alive. >> the house is now unlivable. the family will have to find somewhere else to stay. anwhile this father wants whoever did this to come forwar >> turn yourself in, man. you know, you could have took two lives. >> so if you know anything about this, know anything about the person who hit this house and fled the scene, call broward crime stoppers. we're in lauderhill, brandon beyer, 7 news night team. >> double trouble when a pair of repeat robbers hit the same store in weston. surveillance video capturededhis couple in a radio shack last month. they walked in and worked their crime to perfection. the woman slips over $100 worth of electronics into herkirt. the guy acts as a lookout. 11 months earlier the same pair committed the same crime at the sametore. surveillance cameras captured them stealing more than $1,000 worth of computer products.
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there'ss a pretty clear shop, give crime stoppers a call. >> the coast guard rescuing a fisherman in the keys. the 49-year-old hoisted to safety after he start experiencing shortness of breath. he was brought to the key west airport and then obviously taken over to the hospital. >> coming up here at 11:00, an adorable otter going for a snowy rie. >> love is in the air in your private villa. >> this valentine's day one place does all the work while you work on romance. and deco drive comes your way at
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>> the minnesota zoo saying he's otter out off here. >> he kept busy by sledding around in its enclosure. the animal down mounds of snoo. phil knows this zoo, he's done some time in minneapolis as this furry guy kept climbing to the top and doing it again and again. it's fun. >> now seven weather with chief >> let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 73 degrees with the wind out of the south at around 3 miles per hour. the humidity at 87%. 74 in fort lauderdale, partly cloudy skies, key west at this hour, 77 degrees. mostly cloudy. and the humidity at 90%. now, believe it or not, there is a front that is approaching south
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is just a l ltle west of key west already a line o thunderstorms moving east of naples, the bulk of the rainfall is hitting north of lake okeechobee. we should do see the rain moving in later on tonight and that's going to cool us down a little bit. you can seehat the front stretches all the way through the east coast and in through new england with a lot of rainfall associated with it. so for tonight that front will continue to head south. we should do see so showers, a little cooling by tomorrow. high pressure buildss in. it's going to be windy. we're still going to see some showers in the morning. more sunshine in the afternoon and then a secondary push of cold air moves in on saturday. that's going to bring us a few showers. temperatures back down in to the 50s and then we're really going to feel the cold air, especially saturday night and sunday night here across south florida.
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building to 25 knots, biscayne bay already rough. throughout the floor keys you too are looking at an advisory, up to 35 knot winds. coastal waters, extremely rough. next ohio tied will be at 6:50 in the morning, 8:50 for dhe lower keys. your water temperature at 74 degrees. sosoor tonight, clouds will continue to build, a little better chance of some raiall overnight lows will be in the 60s. the wind will start to pick up a little bit. by tomorrow some morning showers and thehen some sunshine in the afternoo, except for the keys you're going to remain partly cloudy, highs will struggle to reach the 70-degree mark. what's typical is about 76, 7 here's the extended outlook. a few more showers saturday and sunday, but then the temperatures are really going to come down. i wouldn't be surprised to see a morning low here in the western suburbs in the 40s and it looks like another front may mover in on tuesday and keep us with temperatures in the 50s through
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>> okay, phil. thanks. >> sports is next. >> the panthers go for their fifth
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro your first place florida panthers trying to extend their winning streak to five. anyone minutes. alex petrovic. 1-0 panthers. here's the remix. panthers lead at 1-0. 2:10 later. panthers on the power play. barkov, rebounds. particular handles. --0. vincent trocheckoes through everybody. three goals in less than three minutes. it's 3-0 panthers. number 16 from trocheck. he had a goal to assist. trocheck had two goals. pahers win again, 6-3.
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>> last day for theedia to talk to the super bowl players. they're sequestered now until after the game. >> cam, dance we. >> there you go. >> wrapper snoop dowg, the players think that's pretty cool. >> snoop, dogg. that's the doggy right there. you grow up listening to all the songs and movies and stuff like that and i know they going to be at the game and hopefully they're a caroli fan at least for this game. >> we'll see. four years in a row now, the american heritage girls soccer team playing tonight for its fourth straight state championship in the finals in melbourne. no score first half. a rain delay, lightning delay in the second half. freshman a floater just under the
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american wins 2-0, for american heritage. >> you m women's basketball team beat boston college tonight. lady i'm steve. here's belkys, here's craig. >> that's it for 7 news at 11:00. chow chow, belkys nerey. >> and craig stevens.
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