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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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now on the night team. >> as victims of gun violence rally for change, another shooting of a teenager here in miami. >> and tonight the mother of a teen killed in an accidental shooting is aring her pain and hoping that others learn from her tragedy. >> a convicted killer crying in court after murdering his childhood friend. but will it buy him less time behind bars? >> tonight, an emergency expanding in south florida as crews try to combat the source of that virus. >> a car pulled from the water, two bodies inside, and it c could be connected to a couple who disappeared days ago.
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>> i'm craig stevens. 7 news continues at 11:00. >> this is 7 news at 11:00. >> hit by bullets. another teenager shot tonight in the city of miami. hello, everybody. that teen the latest victim of gun violence in our community. >> it happened just hours after a group gathered demanding justice for other children who had been shot in south florida. >> danielle reports. >> the teenager was transported to jackson memorial hospital in stable condition. the crime scene cordoned off with yellow tape as police investigate qhe shooting of another child. the teenager shot in m mmi, a bicycle and clothing on the ground inside the crime scene area. no word on how this ed was related to the shooting, but earlier thursday evidence these shoototngs must stop. mothers of slain victims protesting in front of the state attorney's office thursday outraged over the shooting of children and calling
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>> everyon knows who the killer is. everyone can tell a story of how i happened, but -- and they can tell everyone else. t why not call the police and tell the police what you know some. >> as a child, cousin, boy, girl, everybody has somebody. we have to have love first so we can start talking and telling what's goingo but our future is being lost. young lives matter. >> but when you have violent people that are killing our kids, they need to be locked up. >> late thursday this tweet from miami-dade school superintendent alberto calvaro, tragictrikes again when a 15-year-old shot while riding a bike. >> have you ever seen it this bad? >> i've never seen it this bad. >> but as the father of a 15-year-old son, pastor eric redding says the shootings have to stop. >> i've seen gangsters take out gangsters, i've seen thugs take out
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>> as you can see behind me the investigation is wrappng up. the crime scene tape is down, but the search for the suspect is still ongoing, and so if you have any information that can help police, you are urged to call miami-dade county crime stoppers at the number you see there on your screen, i is 305471--tips. in milwaukee, danielle knox, 7 news night teaea >> tonight a mother with words of warning for gun owners after her son was accidentally shot and killed while he and a fririd played with a gun. now she's hoping others will learn an important lesson before tragedy strikes again. here's nicoo. >> the 14-year-d killed in july as he and a friend played with a handgun owned by the friend's step-father. >> we're still coping with it. it's really hard.
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>> this is one way the martins are coping, sharing their story with a room full of children and their parents at a broward sheriff's office gun safety class for kids in cooper city. >> it is a real life tragic incident. they had dropped off both of their sons at a friend's house. they were playing for several, several hours, and they got a phone call from the broward sheriff's office that they had now lost their son. >> eva martin asked parents to secure their guns and to ask other parents if their guns are secure before allowing their child to visit. but every word clearly a struggle. >> when yououe not a gun owner you don't think about that and it was something that i never thought about before. i wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else. we miss him so much. >> and the martins say they are still dealing with this every single day. now, as for the friend in this case, the one who pulled the
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of manslaughter slaughter. >> 7 news night team. now at 11:00 a convicted killer taking the stand and crying in court. >> how much pain i caused you. >> but not everyone thinks he's sincere. >> how did you muster up those tears. >> as he asks for a shorter seseence. >> michael hernandez stabbed his friend to death in a middle schl bathroom more than a decade ago. >> now he's hoping his testimony will win him an early release fbom prison, here's the night team's alex diprato. >> first and foremost i wanted to apologize to jaime and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> what michael hernandez h earn dez did to his best friend jayme gough -- both were 14 at the time. >> i wante to apologize to his family.
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and his father that i didn't always feel this wy. >> but prosecutors not buying it and pointing to a call from jail in which his mother tells him to cry. >> why don't you practice your weekend learning how to cry? >> oh, my gosh. >> i may have t t stab myself. >> do you have something in your hand, m hernandez? no. stab. see, i can cry. >> hernandez was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. this new hearing spurred by the u.s. supreme court which ruled juveniles could not automatically be sentenced to life. >> have you got a paper clip in there. >> no, ma'am. >> have you got a knife? >> no, ma'am. >> how did you musterup those tears in. >> i feel horrible about what i did. >> hernandez also facing discussions about a serial killing from behind bars. another car. >> he used to dig up bodies a&d he was making a skin suit. >> hernandez claiming he was just trying to make conversation with a
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>>'m not what those calls depict. i didn't realize how bad they were. >> the judge will ultimately decide if hernandez will serve a life sentence or be paroled in about 13 years. >> i want to get married. i want to have, you know,w, kids one day. >> jaime gough's mother and father left the hearing first, followed by michael hernandez's's family. just one station was there. >> mr. hernandez, your taken your son's testimony. >> i have no comment today. >> do you think he was genuine? >> we have no comment today. >> we have no comment. >> and this hearing continues tomorrow tomorrow morning. >> in miami, i'm alex diprato, 7 news night team. >> the zika virus becoming a growing concern in south florida and now officials are taking a action against mosquitoes. crews out spraying this morning trying toxterminate as many mosquitoes as possible after a new case of the virus is detected in
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where. >> two south florida counties are now the focus of a zika fueled pupuic health emergency. doctors and officials with the publicealth departments are closely following the progression of zika. >> we are prepared. there's no reason to panic, but this is a disease that we will be able to manage. >right and early thursday morning county crews suited up armed with packs of pesticides prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes asossible. florida are known to have the zika virus. >> residents of this county need to make sure they do not have any accumulation of water around the house where m mosquitoes may breed. >> all five cases of zika in south florida infected the patients during travel to south or central america. >> we're requesting that the cdc provide us with at least 1,000 zika anti body test kits so we can test -- so we can test pregnant and new mothers who have traveled to affected areas and have sptoms of zika.
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developmental issues in unborn children is mt dangerous for pregnant women, but health officials stress as they continue to watch and learn about zika. >> can it happen here? yes, i i can happen here and we're taking the precautions to avoid that from happening. >> doctors also say that only one in five patients who actually contracts the zika virus will then go on to show symptoms for it. take extra precautions. we've posted tips on how you can do thisis on our website, at jackson memorial hospital in miami, liz nagy, 7 news night team. >> now on the night team, a deadly recovery after rescue crews pull a c out of the water. two bodies found inside. >> police suspect it's a tragic end to a search to for a young couple who went missing days ago. the night team's walter morris reports.
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arana and alexandra picon wiping away tears as they make a grew some discovery wednesday morning. >> they're devastated. >> the 21-year-old couple reported missing sunday and then just a few days later, this. miami-dade police locating a 2015 red toyota corolla submerged in the lake near southwest 268th street and southwest 107th avenue with tto bodies inside. >> the investigators have identified this vehicle to be the same in which both brandon arana and alexandra picon were last seen on sunday morning. >> sources close to the family say cephone records show the couple's devices turned off that location near 3:30 sunday. crews on scene have taken the bodies to the medical examiner's office where they will be identified. >> meanwhile distraught loved-ones arriving with flowers as the fears are confirmed. >> i cannot imagine. i'm a parent and i don't wish this
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this is a rlly really sad situation. >> while they work to identify the peoplelen that car, miami-dade police trying to figure out exactly how it got there. >> it appears it was a traffic accident. >> what police say this does look like a traffic accident, it's still too early to tell i@ another car was involved. reporting in sououwest miami-dade, walter morris, 7 news night team. >>he miami herald reports tonight an officer who shot and killed a man in miami gardens will be cleared of wrongdoing. the shooting caught on a police dash cam. the officer said he feared for his life and fired several times after the man attacked another officer with a broom stick. the state attorney's office has concluded the use of deadly force was justifiable. before opening fire, the officer said he discharged his taser but that did not stop the man. the family of 25-year-old laval hall performs outraged after the shooting. they said he was metally illinois and suffered from schizophrenia for years. >> a dangerous drive in miami.
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sending that car into a bus bench. it happened near 36th street. a person waiting at the bus stop was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> still ahead here on 7 news at 11:00. a close call in a south florida home when a out of control car comes crashing in. >> two people posing as customers but they have something up their sleeve. and as you look at that there, police were saying with thesewo here, it's not their first crime. >> meaeahile we're looking at a series of frontsoving in across south florida. it could keeps in the chill
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the entire look out i a couple minutes
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gaping hole in a house forcing a family out. the family inside their home at the time the driver wound up on a collision course. >> the night team's brandon beyey reports. >> the pictures are incredible. a car some 20 feet inside thh lauderhill home late wednesday night. a family of threr inside. >> we didn't even hear no brakes screeching or none of that. all we seen and felt was a boom. and we was in the -- we was in the -- in the dining room of the house. >> whoever was driving this car sohow walked away and kept walking. leaving the scene before police could arrive. >> he came out the house behind us and he came over here, stumbled around a little bit out here and he went off down the street somewhere. >> he and his wifeeere both injured, their 14-year-old daughter inside as well somehow managed to escape this mess unharmed. rescue crews say they're all lucky be alive. >> it's very unusual, based on
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house and where the bed was located, they're lucky to be a ive. >> the house is now unlivable. the family will have to find somewhere else to stay. meanwhile this father wants whoever did this to come forward. >> turn yourself in, m. you know, you could have took two lives. >> so if you know anything about this, know anything about the person who hit this house and fled the scene, call broward crime stoppers. we're in lauderhill, b brandon beyer, 7 news night team. >> double trouble when a pair of repeat robbers h ht the same store in weston. surveillance video captured t this couple in a rio shack last month. they walked in and worked their crime t t perfection. the woman slips over $100 worth of electronics into her skirt. the guy acts as a lookout. 11 months earlier the same pair committed the same crime at the same store. surveillance cameras captured them stealing more than $1,000 worth of computer p@oducts. if you recognize them, because
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crime stoppers a call. >> the coast guard rescuing a fisherman in the keys. the 49-year-old hoisted to safety after he start experiencing shortness of breath. he was brought to the key west airport and then obviously taken over to the hospital. >> coming up here at 11:00,n ride. >> love is in the air in your private villa. >> this valentine's day one place does all the work while you work on romance. and deco drive comes your way at 11:30. >> again! again!
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>> the minnesota zoo saying he's otter out of here. >> he kept busy by sledding around in its enclosure. the animal down mounds of snow. phil knows this zoo, he's done some time in minneapolis as this furry guy kept climbing to the top and doing it again and again. it's's fun. >> now seven weather with chief >> let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 73 degrees with the wind out of the south at aund 3 miles per hour. the humidity at 87%. 74 in fort lauderdale, partly cloudy skies, key west at this hour, 77 degrees. mostly cloudy. and the humidityt 90%. now, believe it or not, there is a front that is approaching south florida right now the leading edge
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already a line of thunderstorms moving east of naples, the bulk of the rainfall is hitting north of lake okeechobee. we should do see the rain moving in later on tonight and that's going to cool us down a little bit. you can see th the front stretches all the way through the east coast and in through new england with a lot of rainfall associated with it. so for tonight that front will continue to head south. we should do see some showers, a little cooling by tomorrow. high pressure builds in. it's going to be windy. we're still going to see some owers in the morning. more sunshine in the afternoon and then a secondary push of cold air moves in on saturday. that's going to bring us a few showers. temperatures back down in to the 50s and then we're really going to feel the cold air, especially saturday night and sunday night here across south florida. small craft advisory, winds building to 25 knots, biscayne bay
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throughout the floor keys you too are lookingt an advisory, up to 35 knot winds. coastal waters, extremely rough. next ohio tied will be at 6:50 in the morning, 8:50 for the lower keys. your water temperature at 74 degrees. so for tonight, clouds will continue to build, a little better chance of some rainfall overnight lows will be in the 60s. the wind will start to pick up a little bit. byby tomorrow some morning showers and then some sunshine in the afternoon, exct for the keys you're going to remain partly cloudy, highs will struggle to reach the 70-degree mark. what's typical is about 76, 77. here's the extended outlook. a few more showers saturday and sunday, but then the temperatures are really going to come down. i wouldn't be surprised to see a morning low here in the western suburbs in the 40s and it looks like another front may mover in o o tuesday and keep us with temperatures in the 50s through next thursday. >> okay, phil. thanks.
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>> the panthers go for their fifth
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steve is up next with 7 sports. >> time now for 7 sports with eve shapiro your first place florida panthers trying to extend their winning streak to five. anyone minutes. alex petrovic. 1-0 panthers. here's the remix. panthers lead at 1-0. 2:10 later.
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barkov, rebounds. particular handles. --0. vincent trochec goes through everybody. three goals in less than three minutes. it's 3-0 panthers. number 16 from trocheck. he had a goal to assist. trocheck had two goals. panthers win again, 6-3. they have a seven-point lead in the division. >> last day for the media to talk to the super bowl players. they're sequestered now until after the game. >> cam, dance we. >> there you go. >> wrapper snoop dowg, the players think that's pretty cool. >> snoop, dogg. that's the doggy right there. you grow up lisning to all the songs and movies and stuff like that and i know they going to be at
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carorona fan at least for this game. >> we'll see. four years in a row now, the american heritage girls soccer team playing tonight for its fourth straight state championship in the finals in melbourne. no score first half. a rain delay, lightning delay in the second half. freshman a floater just under the crossfire and that was enough. american wins 2-0, for american heritage. >> you m women's basketball team beat boston college tonight. lady i'm steve. here's belkys, here's craig. >> that's itt for 7 news at 11:00. chow chow, belkys nerey. >> and craig stevens.
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captioning company." >> narrator: are you consttly overwhelmed by your mountain of debt? then you don't wanna miss the personal breakthrough you are about to experience that wl turn your life around and break the back of poverty. >> hello, and welcome to your hour of breakthrough. my name is david cerullo. you know, many of us go through
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we're in a season right now. just as there's seasons in the natural world -- sprinin summer, winter, fall -- there are seasons in our lives, as well. and the world right now is experiencing a winter season -- a time when things look gray outside, a time when the leaves have fallen from the trees and things look bleak. but i promise you, there is a new season getting ready to begin in your life today. i'm here with my very good friend dr. todd coontz. he's a businessman, a philanthropist, television host, a best-selling author. we'rgonna be talking today about eight steps to experiencing a new season in your life. if you need a new season in your family, a new season in your finances, a new season on your job... if you need a breakthrough, this is your hour for breakthrough. and i want you to please welcome with me right now my`good friend dr. todd coontz. todd? boy, i'm excited you're here. >> it's so good to be here. >> can i sit down? >> yes, please sit down. >> thank you.
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here, because i know that god is birthing a new season. i think it was king solomon who said, "there is nothing new under the sun," but you know, he kind of said that in a backslidden, depressed state. >> david: yes, he did. >> god's creating new every single day. >> he sa his mercies are new every morning. >> renewed every day, yeah. and i just feel so stirred in my heart today that there are so many watching who have been going through a very dry season. >> david: yes. >> a season where they've prayed prayers, and prayers seem to have gone unanswered. they have prayed for loved ones to be saved and they only get worse. some are struggling in their marriage. there are others who are really struggling in their business. and there's those who have planted se, financial seed, that have a delayed harvest. i really feel, with all of my heart, that this program is a breakthrou program. and i'm glad you named it "this is your day for your breakthrouou." >> it is, i believe it. and i like the message you're gonna share about today: eight stcps to experiencing a new season in your life. people need a new season, i'll tell you. it may look bleak outside,
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the leaves may have fallen from the trees, it may be dry in your life today; but i believe god has a new season. springtime is right around the corner. that springtime of new growth, vibrancy, life, color. god's about to breathe springtime into somebody's life toy; i believe it. >> well, god began to birth the message in my heart. can i go ahead and start teaching? >> david: sure. >> there at your home... listen carefully, because god's connected me with your life, and god always always connects me with people who need a breakthrough... a breakthrough in your finances, a breakthrough in your family. it could be that you need a breakthrough in your business. i'm a businessman; i understand when there's a downturn and we hit tough economic times. and you may be struggling in your business right now. this is not happenchance that you've tuned into this channel at this moment. this is your season. this is your time. this is your moment. and god's given me a phrase, and i would urge you to write this
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back of your bible with today's date. i don't know when you'rere watching or what country you're watching in right now, but this day is day for a new season for you, a new beginning, a breakthrough. and here's the phrase: "every turnaround miracle, or breakthrough miracle, requires a turning point." a turning point is a moment of time when god deposits in you the believing ability for impossible things. and you may be up against something that seems impossible. it may be a mountain of debt. it could be you need restoration in your marriager with somebody that you love so much. it could be that you've got children that are not saved. maybe you're struggling in your finances. this day is your day. it is not coincidental that you're watching right now. god connnnts me to people who need a breakthrough. i have a breakthrough anointing, and i sense it so strong. i sense it so strong.
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put your shoulders back. satan's tried to rob you of your joy, he's tried to steal your hope, he's tried to tell you that the circumstance is bleak. but my bible says in isaiah 43:18-19, "behold i am doing a new thing." and it says, "nowowt shall spring forth." god said that he "will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." your dry desert place is coming to an end. your present season is coming to an end, and god is birthing a new season. hallelujah. just lift up your hands and say, "god, thank you for my new season." go ahead, right there at your home. just lift up your hands and say, "god thank you for my new season." >> david: thank you for new seass. >> god loves you so much. that's why he has you watching this moment, at this time. i'm gonna urge you to do something. i want you to reach for your bible, a piece of paper and a pencil. and i wanna outline eight keys
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new season. and i feel so stirred... that there are seven watching right now at this moment. god's getting ready to give you a turnaround. i mean within 72 hours. i'm just hearing god say, seven for a 72-hour turnaround. and i don't know where their turnaround's at,t,ut i just feel like there's a breakthrough turnaround going to happen for seven. and i'll be very sensitive to the voice of the holy spirit, but somewhere, god's going to have me come into a covenant and pray with you, so listen very carefully. number one: the first thing you have to do to a new season is you need to embrace the holy bible as absolute truth. embrace the holy bible as absolute truth. david, there's 1,189 chapters in this book, the bible. as you know, there's 66 books written over a span of 1,500 years. what you may not know is there's actually 800,000 words in the
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if you were to sit down and read it from genesis 1 to revelation 22, you could read the bible in oneetting in 56 hours. the bible -- this book, the holy bible -- inspired by 40 authors of god... this book right here... over six-billion copies have been sold. if you want to birth a new season in your life, you have to come back to the bible; you've gotta to come back to the book. you are in the world, but you are not of the world. you're an ambassador representing heaven on the earth. all that's happening at wall street and happening there in washington -- even with your job and your employer... all that's happening around the world globally, as we're in a global financial crisis... as a born-again believer you have to know, you have to understand, that you are held to another standard. it's called the bible, the bible, the book, this book. and god said if we would believe this book --
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command the blessing upon you. you'll be blessed with everything that you do." verse 1 1 deuteronomy 28 says, "if you hearken diligently to the voice of god." if there's anything that i could tell you as a born-again believer, you need to come back to the bible. what does the bible say about your business, about your family? what's it say about your finances? what about your heal and your healing? what does the bible say about your crisi your dilemma? whatever you're facing, what does the bible say? if you're going to have a new season -- and i believe god wants to birth a new season in your life... if you'r'rgoing to have a breakthrough -- and i believe god wants to give you a breakthrough... then you must come back to the bible. you must embrace it as the absolute truth, the holy word of god. and when you do that, every other action that you take, every step of faith that you take, will be the result of the word of god.
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hearing by the word of god." number 2: if you want a new season, you must honor god's scriptural chain of authority. you must honor god's scriptural chain of authority. there are ten commandments in the bible. the first five is about honoring people, and the last five is about honoring god. now listen carefully. the fifth commandment is the only commandment with a promise. it says, "honor your mother and father, and it will go well with you." "honor your mother and father, and it will go well with you." i've been a financial advisor for nearly 20 years; i'm not just a best-selling author, and a tv host and a businessman... or aan of god. i'm also a business owner. and i believe with all of my heart one of my keys to success in my life has been the fact that i have honored my parents. it is a scriptural command byy god. it is a scriptural chain of authority.y.
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protection. it's for provision in yoururife. the purpose of authority -- let me say this: the only place you're going to find blessing is somebody who has been given the authority to bless you. somebody over you is the only person capable of blessing you. when god decides to show you favor, it will always be from a person of authority, someone who has resources. and god has established a scriptural chain of authority. and if there's anything that i could say to you and urge you with all of my heart... if you have not honored your mother and father, go back a a revisit that. of the ten commandments it is the only commandment that god attaches a promise with it. "honor your moth and father, and it will go well with you." "it will go well with you." "it will go well with you." i've always honored my mother and my father. my father passed away about ten years ago. but my mother... i talk to her every day. she's my number-one prayer warrior. she prays and intercedes for me.
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month... a sizeable check. whatever she needs, i pay for. you say, "y do you do that?" because that is my mother. and it has gone well with me. i believe with all of my heart, there have enemies who have tried to destroy me, david, but they cannot destroy me. because when they attack me, they see -- god sees what i've done for my parents, and there's been a hedge oprotection over my life. if you want a new beginning, a new season, i urge you to go back and revisit... how have you treated your parents? it could be just a phone call. it could be just saying, "i forgive you." it could be just saying, "i love you." how have you treated your parents? now, i'm not telling you to enter abusive relationships, because i know that there are some who have parents who have not been good, who are not good parents, who have been abusive for some reason or another. what i am saying to you, though, is... if you are harboring unforgiveness and you have not forgiven them, then today let go of it and simply forgive
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even that step wl help you. number 3: the third thing that you must do to birth a new season in your life is you must guard your mind you must guard your mind. yourind is more fragile than anybody's telling you. believe with all of my heart that god's given you a mind to make good dedesions. and we're in a scenario where good decision making is important. proverbs 4:7 says, "wisdom is the principal thing," and "with all thy getting get understanding." the bible sa in james that "if any of you lack wisdom, ask of god who giveth liberally and upbraideth not; and god will give it." i would urge you to begin to pray and ask god to help you makeood and wise decisions about your family, about your finances, about your business. there's somebody watching right now. one of the things that god's getting ready to do for you -- and i believe you're a business owner... god's gonna give you a fresh anointing on your mind and
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decisions. guard your mind, protect your mind, because it is more fragile. your mind is important for you, not just for your survival, but it's important for you to be le to provide and protect and to help those that you love. you must guard your mind. david, i have a little saying... and it's proven to be true in my life: "what's conceived in the mind takes place in time." you are your thought life. what you think about is what will eventually happen. one man of god says, "your mind is your garden." whax you decide to put in your mind and grow in it makes all the e fference. what you conceive in the mind comes to pass in time. now, let me stop for a moment and say something about faith. because there are seven watching right now -- i've gotta talk with you for a moment. i'm just feeling stirred to pray with the seven even before i continue to teach. here's what you have to know: faith is not birthed in the mind, but faith is birthed in the heart.
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reasoning mind, but your faith is not birthed in the mind, your faith is birthed in your heart. faith resides in your heart. your heart. believing ability comes from the heart. it is not logical when god gave the instruruion to joshua and the children of israel to march around jericho seven days and seven times on sunday. that's ridiculous; that's crazy. that's not even logical, david. but yet they obeyed. they obeyed by faith. >> david: it was their key to victory. it was their key to victory. and god's given me a powerful, powerful phrase, and i w wt you to write this down. i heard a man of god say this many years a, but god re-birthed it inside of me: the instruction that you follow determines the seauon that you create. becacae god's birthing a new season in your life, and there are seven right now. god wantme to tell you that even though you're to protect and guard your mind, what is needed in your life right now is not a mind decision, it is a faith step.
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faith step. because the difference in your today and ur tomorrow is your step of faith. your step of faith. i feel stirred to pray for you right now, because you can't go any longer without getting a miracle. and i wanna come into covenant with seven people right now. and i'm going to pray over your life. and i'm gonna come back to my teaching, but in the next five minutes, i'm going to pray and i'm going to ask you to take a step of faith. you say, "why does god require a step of faith?" because god is not moved by my need, he's moved by my faith. if need moved god, then you wouldn't have any. did you hear what i said? if need moved god, then you wouldn't have any. hebrews 11:6 is one of the most powerful chapters in the bible, and here's what it says: "without faith i can't please god, for he that comes to god must b bieve that he is and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him." even as i'm talking to you right now -- i've gotta stananup.
1:11 am
now, something is being stirred inside of you. you are on the verge of a breakthrough, and i'm talking to seven right now -- that i wanna come into a covenant with you, i teaching. i still have more points, but i must stop and pray over your life because you can't wait any longer. god has connected you with my life. god has connected me with your life. it's not happenchance. i have been assigned to you right now at this moment. you rember what i said? every breakthrough miracle requires a turning point moment, a moment of faith when god is birthing in you believing ability for impossible things. whatever you're facing in your finances, with your marriage, in your business... whatever you're facing in your life right now... a breaktough anointing is what's required. and i wanna come into a covenant with you, and i'm going to ask you to take a step of faith. and this sounds really unusual, but the instructioiothat you follow determines the season you
1:12 am
birth a new season in your life. i see sosobody watching right now -- that favor's getting ready to explode in your life. i see somebody favoring you. you've been praying, you've been believing god; but within the next 72 hours somebody's going to favor you. there's a woman watching -- god's going to give you a breakthrough in that real estate. i don't know if you've been trying to refinance and the bank keeps sayi no. god told me to tell you, when man says no, his yes overrideses it. and there's a business owner -- sir, you will plant this seed on behalf of your business and there's going to be a breahrough. now, listen carefully. there are seven watching right now, and i will go back to my teaching, but i'm going to pray over your life. and there are three things that god told me to pray over you. number 1: all losses wl stop. from this time forward, you will suffer no more losses. you have lost much; satan has
1:13 am
but the faith that's rising up inside of you is going to recapture what satan's stolen. number 2: you'll have total recovery. what you have lost can be found. what you have lost will be recovered. the bible says that king david recovered all. the bible says in proverbs when the thief is discovered, he has to return iteven times. and number 3: the third harvest that'm praying for the seven right now, at this moment -- again, this is not for everyone, but there are seven -- that you'll have total restoration. i feel like this restoration is going to be in business and with relationships. here's what god told m mto tell you. i'm going to ask you to plant a very unusual seed i almost have never tked about. it's a $273 seed. 2 is the number of agreement. 7 is the number of comsletion. 3 is the number of trinity and resurrection. 273 is a powerful, powerful
1:14 am
deuteronomy 27:3 says that god is going to bring you in the land of milk and honey. this is going to be your breakthrough seed. father, i've said what you told me to say, and you stopped me in the middle of my teaching. and i come into a covenant with me and you there at your home. and i decree in the name of jesus... i decree in the name of jesus that all losses will stop. total restoration and total recovery -- i decree it. what satan has stolen from you, he must give it back. i degree that real estate favor will explode in your life, and that a finanal boaz will be introduced into the equation of your life. d somebody will give you favor like you've never known. father, i decree in the next 72 hours that these miracles will begin to happen. lord, we know we're not buying a miracle, but we can sow a seed to express our faith, because you're moved by faith. in jesus' name.
1:15 am
it doesn't take god long to do something big, and i'm only gonna stay with this for three or four minutes. but there's a number they've placed on the screen. i'm gonna ask you to go to the phone right now, dial the number you see on the screen and say, "tell todd coontz i i one of the seven." this is not for everyone, but this is for those who want tomorrow to be different than today. this is for those who want god to birth a new season. and if you've just tuned in, god stopped me in the middle of my teaching, and he said to pray for seven. so ie stopped... and i've obeyed god. you say, "why 2-7-3?" 2-7-3 was the seed level where god gave me the single greatest breakthrough in finances i've had in my life. it was a 24-hour miracle. and god told me to tell you if you'll plant the $273 seed that all losses will stop, total recovery and total restoration. quickly go to the phone. quickly go to the phone. you know the voice of god.
1:16 am
my voice; another they will not follow." i'm not gonna prolong this. quickly go to the phone. dial the number r u see on the screen and say, "i am one of the seven." seven's a biblical number; it means completion. and i hear g g tell me to tell you that he's going to complete the work that he's begun in you.u this $273 seed is a powerful seed. it seems like it may not be much wo somebody watching, but to others it's everything. and i learned this from god many years ago: that when my seed moves my faith, my faith will move god. go to the phone right now and di that number. i don't know when god's going to give you this kind of faith. i can't remember a time when god has stopped me here at inspiration ministries and said, "talk to seven." stopped me right in the middle of my teaching. you must go to the phone and respond right now. i don't know why it's so significant that you sow now and not later.
1:17 am
he's working behind the scenes. i'm only gonna talk with you for another minute or so and then i'm gonna go back to my teaching. but if you have not called, go to the phone and say, "i'm one of the seven. there's a person watching... you are in debt up to your ears and you don't know what you're going to do. i'm going to ask you to place -- this seems illogical, it seems crazy; i know. i'm going to ask you to place this on your credit card and believe that god will give you supernatural debt cancellation like he did the widow woman in 2 kings 4:1-7. you say, "that doesn't make sense." no. no, it doesn't. but it doesn't make sense to walk around jericho seven days and seven times on sunday. it didn't make sense when jesus spit in some clay and put it on a blind man's eyes and said, "walk two mileleto the pool of siloam." god's instructions can be illogical, but they're always doable. and i believe with all my heart if you'll obey right now, this $273 seed will maka change in your lifif
1:18 am
the breakthrough that's coming in your life. we have less than 30 seconds and then i'm gonna go back to my teaching. david, there's a real strong anointing and this is unusual. i don't normally do this because i've still got several more points to get to. but i just felt that there are some wating, that they need to respond right now. >> i believe that, todd. this is a moment that@god's encouraged you to stop. and if the people at home will stop, listen to this word, be obedient to it, i believe god will release that breakthrough, that turnaround, a new season that they've been praying for, that they've been crying out for. i believe gogowill release that new season in your life. take a step of faith and obedience. go to the phone and sow that special, unique $273 seed. todd, i know you got more points you wanna share with up today about steps to experiencing a new season. >> eight keys to a new season. and if you tried to call a moment ago, maybe you got a busy signal. quickly, go back to the phone and call right now.
1:19 am
remember to tell them, "i'm sowingy $273 recovery seed." it's a recovery seed for your breakthrough. ththfirst thing that i talked about a moment ago was "embrace the holy spirit or the holy bible as absolute truth." number two, "honon god's scriptural chain of authority." number three, "guard your mind." and i'm talking about eight keys to a new season. number four is "forgive." is "forgive." if you live long enough somebody's going to hurt you. somebody's going to do you wrong. now listen carefully. it's so important that you do not harbor unforgiveness in your heart. if you want a fresh start, if you want a new season, then you must release thenforgiveness that's in your life. i don't know who's done you wrong. it could be a parent, it could be a sibling, it could be a friend, it could be an employer. maybe you were accused of something, like joseph was, unjustly. somebody has hurt you. the thing about unforgiveness is
1:20 am
up. it harms you more than it harms others. and i would urge you with all of my heart to simply let go. let go of the bitterness that is a result of unforgiveness. if you'll take this simple step of faith and you'll simply say, "god, i will forgive," god will give you the strength to rgive. this is one of the most powerful things i've ever taught. and i've never had a subject that i've taught that i've had more response from people about the subject of forgiveness. there's a man who brought his daughter the other day. he cleans my car a the time. his daughter was with him and she said, "dr. coontz, i saw you the other day on television talking about forgivenes" she said, "i needed to hear that; it changed my life. thank you for sharing that with me." here's what i wanna say to you. if you'll simply forgive the person that's done you wrong - and i'm not saying you haven't been done wrong. i'i'not saying you haven't been abused or taken advantage of or been cheated on or lied about or done wrong.
1:21 am
i'm not minimizing the pain that obviously you've experienced. but what i am saying is you don't have a right to harbor it and to hold unforgiveness in your heart. jesus forgave those while he was on the cross. he expects you to forgive those who have done you wrong. and even if you don't have the power to do it, with his help he'll help you to forgive. it's one of e critical keys to a new season. number 5: you must speak right things. you mumu speak right things. i do believe in the verbal law of confession. i do believe what you say you can have. i told you a few moments ago that faith was not birthedn the mind, that faith was birthed in the heart. faith is birthed in the heart through the word of god. "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of god." but you must speak the word of god. you must speak your faith for it to be established on the earth.
1:22 am
that comes into your mind. and not everything that you have in your mind, every thought th you've got, should be spoken. i believe that you can't stop things from entering your mind, but you can take thoughts into captivity, and you certainly don't have to say it. >> david: that's true. >> you've got to quit speaking negatively. you've gotta get your eyes a your focus off of everything that's happening around you, and you've got to begin to speak the word of god. that's what i mean by "speak right things." what does the bible say about your circumstance? because your faith is birthed in your heart. but in order for your faith to be activated you must speak it. faith is voice activated. when you say it your faith is established on the earth. you see, your words are powerful faith forces. i see them as seed containers carrying the word of god. the bible says that god planted the garden, but he spoke the universe into being. your words have powerful forces. mothers and father if there's anything i can encourage you to
1:23 am
would admonish you to speak right things over your children. see, i wasn't very successful as a child. i was adhd, on ritalin three times a day, voted least likely to succeed twice. david, twice. i flunked the second grade twice. i had reading problems, math problems, i had a speech impediment. my own grandmother said, "he'll never amount to anything." >> you needed a new season, todd. >> i needed a new season. and thank god i had a mother who believed in my new season. and she spoke over my life every single day. "todd, it doesn't matter what others say about you. you can be anything, you can do anything; and nothing can stop you wi god on your side." i thank god for my mother. you need to get right people in your life speaking right things over your life. and you need to speak right things not just over your family, but over those over your life. remove wrong people out of your life. ask god to take them out of your life. get ubters out of your life. because when you speak what you
1:24 am
here's what i hear god say: "stop speaking what you're seeing and start speaking what you wanna see happen." hallelujah. speak right things. number 6: "you must build your own faith." build your own faith. nobody can use your faith for you. nobody. faith is personal. "faith cometh by hearing, and heheing by the word of god." hebrews 11:1 -- "now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." "now faith is..." faith is not historical. faitis not tomorrow. faith is now. dynamic and moving faith is now. "now faith is..." you cannot existnd survive on yesterday's faith. when the children of israel were wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, when they were being fed with manna and bread, they had to pick up a daily portion. moses could not send aaron out to pick it up; he had to go pick
1:25 am
representing that jesus is the bread of life and thatatesus and the relationship with him is very personal. nobody can use your faith for you, so you must build your own faith. you say, "how do i build my faith?" right now, even as i'm speaking your faith is being cultivated and itit being built. you exercise your faith. you take steps of faith. you have confidence in god and believe what god said he'll do he'll do. in fact, a definition for faith, a working definition, means confidence. what's confidence? confidence is simply this, according to webster: "verbally, boldly speaking." speak your confidence in god. quit seeing and saying what you're seeing, and start speaking the faith of what you want god to do. call those "things that are not as though they are." start saying, "my business is going to turn around." "my best days are around the corner." "my family will be saved." "i will have this financial breakthrough." "i will recover." "what satan's stolen, he must return."
1:26 am
of jesus, because your faith is
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