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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. a cold front arrive a cold front arriving, chilly air not far away. debate night here in new hampshire. candidates on both sides, trying to get support ahead of next week's primary. the fight team live in manchester. >> >>. >> a group is hit by a car they say was speeding toward them. police are now looking for the driver. guns drawn, first respononrs training for a terror attack, playing out different scenarios. a south florida police officer injured in the line of duty, giving thanks to those who saved his life. "7 news" is there for the eaoegs/ is there for the eaoegsal reunion.. >> beyonce' releasing a new
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some may call it an uninvited guest. but others can't resist this sea lion that made himself comfortable, while trying to get a pwaoeult/ to eat. . >> >>. >> off the top at 10:00. check out radar, lighting up south florida, starting to get a soaking tonight. >> good evening, begin behind all of the rain is a chilly blast. >> but first, we'll have to deal with the wet weather on the weekend, too. meteorologist brent cameron lets us know if we can expect a soggy sunday. >> alex, everyone, let me put it ts way. if the superbowl were played here in south florida tomorrow, we wouldn't have to worry about a wet game. it would be a dry football game, but we are considering other change as the cold front sweeps across the region.
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a few additional showers expected and as indicated on your headlines. tomorrow, going into the next day of february with a big flop in temperatures. it was 79 today for the high, it will be much% cooler and an extended period of cooling. that's coming to the entire region very soon. temperatures right now, comfortbly cool, lower 60s except where we see 58 degrees in naples with a few extra rainshowers. here is the rain as we have seen throughout the evening, it looks like the big evening, it looks like the biggest bulk of showers pushing off shore, light to moderate rainshowers, we'll watch these as they fill in over broward county to the west and all of this should be gone by sunrise tomorrow. not that you will see a lot of sunshine right away. starting off in the 50s, noon time, strong blustery
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coler than 62 degrees. tomorrow night, that's when the real chill sets in as skies clear out. we'll talk about t`e chilly change in a few mnutes >> . >> parts of miami-dade turning into a battlefield, in case south florida becomes the place for an attack. more on this crucial training, walter? . reporter: going on, right now, this has never been done before agency before agencs from all over the state working together as if miami were under attack. march lon's park under siege ring a big game. shots fired during big game. shots fired, making the day of a day long drill. called operation heat shield, more than 21 locml
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>> there is a khrab/ >> there is a khrabation between police and fire that has never taken police. reporter: the drill starting at the children's courthouse saturday morning. scenario, -- -- tkpwoflt/ billings. metro and miamam and miami international airport under fire, testing how south florida's finest handles a terrorist event. >> it's the type of exercise in theurrent we need to do more of. repter: authorities saying they hope they never have to use this training, but they are getting ready just in case. >> we have active shooter events in this country. we feed to have active shooter training exercise in this cuntry. reporter: the drill would not have been possible without the help of the department of homeland security. reporting
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7 othe scene after a group of people are struck in the street by a car that police say just kept on going. 4 people taken to the hospital. the driver nowhere to be found. >> a group with no time to get out of the way when the car came speeding for them. live outside of jackson memorial where the victims are recovering, alicia. >>reporter: we did talk to one of the victims, too tired to go on camera, tonight, but says he desn't need to remember the accident. that's how traumatic it was. 2 of the 4 people out of the hospital, 2 remain here, fighting and trying to get better from the injuries. >> very serious pain. >> brown, lucky to be alive after she and 3 of her friends
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treufbg/ hit and run accident. brown is now recovering along with her friends. her mom, ruby english said her daughter ruby english said her daughter's leg is ecken and she is having trouble breathing she is having trouble eathing. >> she is hurt. she said she can't believe someone would hit you and leave you like that. reporter: a tkpwrap/ of friends,elebrating a birthday when their late night run to the liquor store turned into a life or death situation. happening saturday northwest 17th avenue and northwest 44th street. >> she was getting in the car when he came on the sidewalk an, i tkpwegs/ hit them direct an, i tkpwegs/ hit them directly and they say theflu. reporter: police report said the driver of the white s.u.v. slammed into them. impact so intense, cops say the victim's car ended up a half block down
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driver apparently top stopping to see what happened. >> he got out of the car. "whas this?"and that was it. he got in his truck an left. reporter: hours later, detectives finding the s.u.v. the mercedes, now evidence, take a look at the extenseive damages. people living at the home where the s.u.v. was found didn't want to say anything to our cameras. back at the hospital, the mom ruby english withh this message to the suspect still on the run. >> i would say to him to turn himself in. i would hope he would turn himself in. rorter: the driver, the suspect still on the run, if you have any informatioio, you are urged to call "crimestoppers", 305-471-tips. hundreds of people honor hundreds of people
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the hollywood community church. local member kal/ held at state road 7. he was one of 30 people killed in a terror atackast mon. >> dearfield beach. broward sheriff's office tweeting out the after math of this fire. no one was injured. crews rescued 5 cats. srelgt/ tors say the fire ststted in the kitchen. in the race for the whi house, new hampshire primary, 3 days away. that has those criss-cross crisscrossing the granite state crisscrossing the granite state. jeff has more fous in new hampshire. >>reporter: entering the final debate before next week's pry rarery, we'll have excerpts
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fireworks started evil!% fireworks started early. some of the candidates started to attack marco rubio very early. atcking his record. some of the main attacks came from chris kristi. 6 minutes between the 2 of them sparring on the record. chris kristi saying that marco rubio is not qualified to be president of the united states, saying he iss a scripted politician. ted cruz taking controversy that stemmed from the iowa caucuses earlier this week. reporter: stakes are huge for the you republican candidates as they face ofofin e final debate before new hampshire voter head to the polls tuesday. marco rubio, rise in new hampshire polls has candidates chris kristi and jeb bush on the attacks.
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well, they willll start to blast out. >> if you doubted the game was rig, look at what is going on the debate stage tonight. sorry, i thought votes counted. >reporter: barbara bush taking aim at donald trump. >> i'm not a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women. i don't think about it. i'm sick of him. thahas very strong. reportr: trump sounding off reporter: trump sounding off, tweeting -- after disappointing results in iowa, many believe new hampshire is a make it or break it state for bush. >> i think we have someone that has a proven record. >>reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz continues to send out a report -- -- he apologized.
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side, berniey sanders and hilary clinton have this week have been locked in a debate overer who!woe is the most progressive. >>. >> will we rise by lift each other up and give otheheup and giving every american the chance to succeed again? okay, on the democratic side, berniey sanders has a significant lead in the pls over hilary clinton on the gop side, trump still with a lead in this race. closest competitor is marco rubio and behind him -- -- a statistical dead heat going into tuesday's primary. we are going to have a tpupl/ recap coming up tonight at 11:00. right here
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all right, jeff, jeff lennox will be in new hampshire through the weekend into tuesday for the first in the nation primary, now is the time to download the "voice your choice "app. it is free and available for your smart phone or tab let local activisties and leaders coming together for a walk to rememb in honor of trayvon martinin led by his parents and the night team's omar lewis has the story. reporter: trayvon would have turned 19 on friday. but for his family, a day that has a much different meaning. they celebrate with an annual remembrance weekend. >> the walk is to remind our
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to walk without any problems. >> their son was shot and killed guy george zimmerman walking home from a convenience store. violence trayvon's family calls senselss, violence they have been trying to end ever since. >> you don't have to be aparade to come out and be vocal in the community. time for us to you stop the violence, put the guns down and get along with each other. reporter: the fourth year trayvon martin's foundation has gathered for remembrance. they are walking for a peace rally. >> police be able to get a cannes to talk to the community and let them know their side of the story, let them know they are not here to harm. >>reporter: the goal is to bridge the gap between the community and the police to
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2015, 79 miami-dade subschool students were shot, out of that, 19 were killed. northwestern high school can can you evering suffering the most. these are the numbers and the reasons why so many people are saying enough is e eugh, a message they hope rings lou. another young life full of possibilitys is not silenced. >> we want our young people to grow up, be productive and stop the violence. we want other people to stop shooting and killing them. but we also want them to stop shooting and killingach other. reporter: for more information on the trayvon martin foundation, go to our website. omar lewis, "7 news"night team. > in the news, amaze in the news, amazing video out of taiwan, a woman rescued
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following a deadly earthquake. >> the imact of that showing a 17 foot apartment billing to collapse, hundreds of people sleeping inside. >> powerful earthquake caught on surveillance, video, debris falling from the celing. rescuers working from day until night. this child rushed to a waiting ambulance, still in pink pajamas, some of the 340 people rescued interest the rubble after the.6.4 quake hit in taiwan at 4:00 in the morning. news agency reporting at least 14 killed, more than 400 injured. a 17 story building collapsg onto the side. taiwan's interior minister announce minister announcing an investigation into this. the
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year's celebration. chinese calendar's most important holiday. >> rescurs are using equipment that allows them to detect life in the rubble. at least 29 people according to officials trapped are still alive. the search for 2 missing planes that collided off southern california has been suspended. the search turning into a recovery mission after divers found wreckage off the coast of los angeles. it is believed 3 people were on board the 2 small planes. they collided in mid-air shortly after takeoff friday. the collision remains under investigation. another investigate wrapping up after a debtly crane collapse in new york yesterday. the cause is under investigation and officials believe it could take weeks to figure out why it fell of. it happened in manhattan. you can
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official that was operating the crane has been exam inked. >> we tested him for drugs and alcohol. he has been cooperative. >> one man killed. 3 others hurt from debris. officials ope to have that area cleared up by monday morning. >> a controversial launch. 2 hours ago, communist nation launched a rocket into space. unites nations officials suspect the launch was a cover up used to test banned missile technology that could potential technology that could potentially strike the u.s. us. secretary of state john kerry has condemned it i expert rry has condemned it i experts believe this is towards north korea's goal of a nuclear armed arsenal. the president of haiai stepping down. he will leave office tomorrow as scduled.
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expected to be selected by parliament. they will hold a position until a new president is selected in may. a runoff has been schuled. the night team is just getting started. >> he calls them humble heroes. south florida officer shot on e job finally geting a chance to say thank you in an emototnal reunion. a flat screen tv fell on p of their daughter, nearly taking her life. there is a strong message, tonight, from her parents it's not something you see every day, but this hungry sea lion takes the best seat at the house in a popular san diego rstaurant and makes himself right at homom
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here tomorwow. players are on the field taking pictures. everybody wants to take a selfie, to keep the memories, more about the huge game later
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a south florida officer injured in the line of duty, giving thanks to showwho saved his life. firefighters being awarded for their bravery being awarded for their bravavy. >> humble heroes honored. more on the emotional reunion. reporter: a special day for miami-dade fire rescue. several honored for their acts of heroism. a special day for north miami beach police officer diaz. he was there to honor those that saved his life one year ago. >> we are all first responders.
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first responders to have to treat another first responder that is critically injured. reporter: he felt gratitude for the miami-dade firefighters that dragged him to safety that february day. rescue crew 3 31 -- -- >> can't explain it. at thee moment, you do your job. it's part of our job. reporter: firefighters say they were just doing their job as officer diaz was doing his the day he was hit. he was serving a warrant in connection to a fraud and identity theft scheme. before he would be taken into custody, police say he reached for a gun and shot diaz in the leg and arm, claiming he thought someone was breaking in to rob and hurt him breaking in to rob and hurt him. thankfully, the raid did not end in tragedy, not end in tragedy, diaz underwept surgery. he is thankful for the crew.
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saved my life. justgrateful forever for that. >> bandu is out of jaja on bond >> bandu is out of jail on `bond. his next court appearance scheduled for may. . >> still ahehe rom the night team, this give as whole new meaning to the term treading on thin ice. some d dvers finding themselves in trouble after driving onto a frozen pond. a little girl lucky to be alive after she is nearly cru alive after she is nearly crushed by a flat screen tv. her parents with a warning to all families. >> you think this man was attacked by an animal? you will not believe what he said happened while he was
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>> >>. >> a really close call for a little girl injured in a freak accident when a flat screen television fell on top of her. the 150 pound tv nearly crushing thatt little girl. >> her parents, now have a warning wo all families. >> she wasn't moving. she wasn't breathing. i thought she was dead. >> seconds after leave >> seconds after leaving her dadahter to play in a spare bedroom. she heard a crash -- -- >> we knew the tv had gone on. reporter: the tv landed on her and knocked her out she woke up and started to cry. her parents rushed her to the
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stopped breathing, paramedics revived her and she was air-lifted to the hospital. doctors say this type of accident is more common than you may think. nationally, 30 kids a day have a tv fall on them. >> there is a potential for devastating injuries, people don't think about it. reporter: the family knows they got lucky in more ways than one. the tv likely bounced before landing on her. >> if it wouldn't have bounced first, and landed on her, it would have crushed her skull. reporter: her parents say they know their daughter is geting a second chance. theysy they keep a close eye on their kids, which makes it more scary kids, which makes it more scary. >> i i you have something like that, get rid of it. >> a very lucky doctor said
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girl to hav any long-term problems from the accident. taking you across country, several cars falling through ice in wisconsin. at least a dozen vehicles parked on the frozen lake when it suddenly caved. it happened near milwaukee. crews using tow trucks to pull the cars out of e water. it happened during a winter festival. luckily no one was hurt. a sink hole, crews recovering the body of a missing worker from the opening missing worker from the opening. officials believe the ground caved in as he was walking back to his truck. >> explosion involving e cigarettes, inside of a man's pocket in houston when it exploded. the man, 22 years old, driving when his pants caught fire. the flames travelingg to the vehicle's
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kicked the battery out of the car. >> within seconds, i looked down and there was a ball of fire, basically in my pocket. melted my pants to my leg, rolled down there, burned through there. >> only e cigarettes for therapeutic use are being regulated by the fda. next, she's useed to scoring goals on the field, now, a u.s. soccer star is scoring big with a toy maker. practice makes perfect. that's what lady gaga was spotted doing ahead of her performance superbowl sunday. that's coming up in the buzz. rain moved by throughout the evening, majority of the showerpassed by. still keep showers passed by. still keeping the chance through the overnight. big difference involves cooler air, 50s
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hundreds of people coming out to show their support for a south florida school dedicated to helping students with special needs. a familiar face special needs. a familiar face, m c of the 23rd fashion show for the learning experience school. today was all about giving those kids a chance to shine on the catwalk. >> danielle knox has a look at the annual benefits of this fund-raiser. >> the biggest problem, we are the best kept secret in south florida. >> welcome to the learning school established in 1977. a special needs school filled with plenty of shining stars.
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>> i'm a freshman in high school. reporter: inside, you will find eager students taking part in reading, music, physical ed/ aou/ vision and home economics. >> i think the best school in miami for students with special needs. reporter: the learning experience prove experience pving to be a big hit with parents. >> when you have a school with special needs, a school like this is very nurturing. i feel my son is very safe here and he is getting the care and attention he needs, individual attention he needs, individualizeed educa[ion at his level wr-r/ he can perform. reporter: one of the many highlights of the year for everyone, the annual fashion show. >> it's a day of celebration as well as fund-raising our large well as fund-raising, our largest event that keeps getting larger and larger. we have over 800 people that attend from the community, our family families and our partners. we
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show this year as we are doing the touch of winter, a silent auction and we have of course, the students, which are the stars of the show. reporter: the social component is key at the learning experiencee school and everyone loves it. danielle knox, "7 news"night team. you might say our weather has been going through prety fast phases here in south florida. we started the weekend off in the morning, sunshine followed by afternoon cloudsnd the rain, which started after the sun went down and during the evning, it has been quite soggy and a real mess out there. still plenty of available moisture as the relative humidity checking in with 96%. we look to the radar
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falling. not as much now across the keyu as a dry sweep across the middle and lower keys at the moment. miami-dade county, most of the ra breaking apart just off shore in the atlantic, at least for the time being, we have some slight tooderate rainshowers in western tkrourd/, these will continue to move off toward the atlantic beaches through the overnight tonight, broward county still the best bet at getting additional rain and shower chance overnight with cooler temperatures, readings in the lower 60s, 50s across central florida with orlando. 52, jacksonville at 4 3. it's that direction out of the northwhwt that our air will be turning out, giving us cooler air. here's what we expect according to the models, clouds around still first t ing in the morning, we advance to noon, notice clouds breing up over
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these arrows, that's the wind d the winds will be a big factor out of the northwest, making it cooler than what your thermometer reads. coldest, monday morning, wake up read monday morning, wake up readings in the 40s and we'll struggle to bounce back in the afternoon with readings in the 60s in the days ahead. the reason for our rain and current weather pattern. low pressure intensifying over the western atlantic, continuing to move away. it's between the high and low that we get the strong gusty winds we notice during the day, tomorrow, even as this moisture moves out. i mentioned at the beginning of the weather segment we have some fast phases. already, we'll be eying the next cold front from the northwest. that will be the case about tuesday and that will bring us prolonond cooling over the next several days. small craft advisory for miami-dade starts at 1:00 in the morning.
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lows in the 50s, 60s for you across the island chain of the keys, this time of the year, we should have highs of 78 and next weekend below that, keep the jackets out and handy. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. lady gaga belting out during rehearsals at the levi stadium yesterday in santa clara, california. she will be singing the national anthem before the superbowl. tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the big game. >> another superbowl performance, beyonce' back with
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bee surprising her music fans with a new video, her first solo song in more than a year. beyonce' and bruno mars will be performing with coldplay at half time. her sister in the big easy her sister in the big easy, reportedly losing her wedding ring. she said she realizes that the rock slipped off her finger saturday night. the group she was riding with, offering a cashh reward for anyone who returns it, but no word on how much. i hope she finds it. there is more coming up from the news station tonight and it may sound like the beginning of a joke, a sea lion waddles into a restaurant. but it was not, it really happened. we'll tell you what happened. heat survive the touf/ heat survrve the toufest stretch of their season, just
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puzzle. 7 sports is coming upup
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a soccer star and olympic gold medallist is scorink big with mattel. >> the company introduced the official barbie. featuring women of influence and power. >> i want you to meet the abby doll -- -- >> the first athletic barbie produced by mattel. it was revealed at the maker's conference that show cases exceptional women. it's a replica of the most famous female soccer player in the world. a university of florida graduate was on hand for the unveiling, saying she played with barbies as a childnd said those may or may not have looked how she felt. >> it proves we are really getting somewhere. notot everybody is created equal. if
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your doll doesn't look exactlyly like you feel, here's another option. >> strong national museum of play has an extenseive display of barbie dolls, including one produceed in 1959. the doll locked the same over the years until mattel announced they were pronounce were producing some with different body types. >> not all of those have been available to the public. they were one-of-a-kind to celebrities sole for charity, but abby, i understand will be a producionf barbie. i think it would be wonderful to have her. >> the new abby barbie meansns different things to different people. many say it incles diversity. khraougs/ and
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>> the fact that she is open about league about being lesbian is not relevant and won't be relevant it the to. however, if the young girl who is playin with that toy maybe identifies as a less biian or maybe has less biian moms, have to be monumental for them, here's the role model that is a toy. >> no word from mattel on when the doll will go on production and be available for purchases on shelves, online, anywhere. >> a little something different from everyone. >> >>. >> stil ahead, the first place florida panthers weweome in the pittsburgh penguins tonight. top 2 college basketball teams in the country. -p/
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>>. >> hi, everyone, a hockey night in south florida. another big cowd as the first place florida.-er this face
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priod. no score. punt go out. panthers up one-0. same score in the t`ird. break away score in the third. break away, great stick handle away, great stick handling, now, check out the replay, panthers up 2-0. over 3:00 to play. sydney cross bi-- -- overtime, tied at 2. in overtime, same combination, other way around. penguins power play. cross bi-- -- panthers lose this one 3-2 in overtime it sucks. we are up the whole game. in a good position and from here on in, we have to keep playing like we h he been. >> disapointing, because i thought we played a good enough game to win. we were pretty solid. any way, it happens. fortunately, we got a point. >> cats do get a point.
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the bench to post the fourth career tripping -- -- heat beat the hornets 938 ! >> a big presence in the paintnt for us. tough team to defend. he was protecting the basket, extremely well. >> i knonoi'm going to come out here with a chip on my shoulder ever since the all-star game. i really felt like i should have been in it. >> college hoops, ges on the rad, atlanta faces tkpwafrpblgts/ tech tkpwafrpblgts/ tkpwafrpblgts/ tech gore gentleman tech. gators
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"good roy williamno carrierringringconnect 19200 tommy macho jockeying, dominating the fred -- -- tommy macho wins. >> >>. >> and that's sports. robin
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party of one for a cute sea lion pup grabbing the best seat of the house at a popular san diego restaurant. employees showing up to work in the morning and geting a sea lion surprise. >> as cute as he is, he was actually starve actually starving and may have been looking for something to eat. reporter: the sea lion pup lounge -pblging at one of the
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rescue thehe unexpected diner. the pup was likely searching for a place to spend the night because stormy conditions were in the area. >> southern california specifically san diego county has been having very high tides and very low tides. they have been have been having a lot of stormy weather. these pups are looking for high ground and warm areas to haul out for the night. reporter: the pup, that was at least 20 pounds underweight may have been looking for a place to grab a bite. >> not only are they looking for high ground, they are searching out food. reporter: the mammal was taken to sea world rehab center where it was checked out by vets. it wil stay at the center until it is strong enough to return to sea. >> early on in the animal condition, we are cautiously
10:44 pm
attempt at giving them the best life. >> that guy is lucky. >>.
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