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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. developing this noon, the mother of a missing teen has a message for her son. >> christine: jessica holol is standing by live at the plantation police department with this still-unfolding story. >> reporter: the mother just desperate for news that he's % okay. 16 years old and missing since december 27th. an as go to video, you will see a picture. he'seen missing more than a month now. his father never reported him missing and then his father was arrested last week at mia for
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bruce remains in jail accused of desserting his child. they live in the island country of the pacific has a message for her son. >> been looking for you. i'm sorry -- i never had chance or power within me to look for youful rire now, everyone is helping. (inaudible) and these people here are helping, so please don't hide. pray god to jesus that you're still alive. >> reporter: a mother scared to death. she's hoping and praying that you can help find her 16-year-old son.
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you've seen him, call plantation police. we're live in plantation, jessica holly, 7 news. 7 on the scene after the body of a mother is found inside an apartment of a miami beach high-rise with her two young kid there is. police have a person of interest they want to question about the case. he actually had a court date this m mning that he didn't show up for. 7's alex de armas is following the story for us live from miami beach and joins with us the latest. >> reporter: we have brand-new informationow at noon about this case. police releasing a photo of the man they believe killed his wife right here in this apartment complex on miami beach. this man. they say he killed his wife monday night in an apartment tat flamingo building on miami beach. police say her two young children ages 4 and 6 told the
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their mommed a been hurt. police had been going in and out of the building all morning long. here is the medical examiner's truck leaving the apartment building. >> when officers responded, they made entry and were able to find a deceased female inside. >> reporter: samir has a criminal record for abuse, a case filed december 28th of last year. among the charge, battery by strangelation. he also has another case filed against him from last july. those charges were dropped. the flamingo building is one of the biggest on miami beach. late last year, a man was shot and killed here. people who live in the complex are stunned it happened again. >> i'm really shocked this happen again in such a short time. they should do something about security or background check. i don't know. i'm really in shock. >> reporter: and so if you know where that man sf you
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all that can help with this investigation, pick up the phone and contact crime stoppers. that number in miami-dade county, 305-471-tips. as far ap those four children four and six years old, they are right now in the custody of the department of children and familils. there is a juvy hearing later this afternoon to determine who they will go. to reporting live this afternoon from miami beach, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. happening now, a former miami teacher accepting a plea deal in a child abuse case. in court today where he avoided jail time by pleading guilty to aggravated child use. he now has ten years of probation p and can no longer teach or have unsupervised contact with any minor. it comes that he dug his fingernails in her hand last
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grove at silver bluff. the search continues for a suspected car thief that stole a car at laundromat with a baby inside. that baby now safe and sound in her mother's arms after the car, later. lorena estrada is following the >> thankfully this ten-month-old is with her family safe and sound. but the suspect still on the run, he was captured on surveillance video inside the laundromat prior to the theft and authorities are working to track him down. we have just been notified that the vehicle has been located and that the baby was inside of the vehicle. >> reporter: a happy ending to a two and a half hour search. ten month old child back in her mother's arms after being found safe and sound. the carjacker ditching the car
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it in the 900 bck of west mcnabb road. >> this is behind the family's nightmare. >> just before 4 p.m., the mom says, she said i left the car running with the ten-month-old inside because she was sleeping and i didn't want to wake her up. this man's image jumped in the chevy uze, similar to this one and took off. just before 7:00, good news. the car was found eight and a half miles away. the little girl in the back of family. the carjacker still on the run. so police believe this suspect is between 19 and 20 years old. he was seeee wearing jeans, hong boots. if you recognize him or have any information that can help, call
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remember you can remain anonymous. name. all police need is a tip. folks are keeping a close eye out, monitoring the situation. again, we want to remind the public that you do not have to give your name, you can remain anonymous. live in fort lauderdale,orena estrada, 7 news. the chill we had in the air is trying to make a come back. >> meteorologist vivian gonzalezez is back when we will be back in the frigid 40s. >> vivian: as early as tonight we will be feeling the 40s. it wasn't as chilly as yesterday and a front already arived and located around the florida straits and that's going to be bringing in colder air. the local storm-tracking radar showinin dry conditions. you may notice a little bit of green especially around miami-dade. this is actually the thick clo cover that's around. it's been relatively dry. we hava lots of clouds around. temperature readings haven't warmed up that much, just into
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lauderdale and miami, 62 currently in miami and the wind is definitely drawing in that cooler air any where from 6 to 16 miles an hour, 22 at times in key west. we have all sorts of advisories for swimme, boaters, small-craft advisory in effect until 10:15 tonight. but we do have a gale warning in effect for winds over 30 miles an hour around southwest floridaful wind advisory from the lake area all the way into north florida. so that cold air will get here fast. we're going to be waking up in the 40s, especially going into tomorrow morning and the inland areas. the 40s for sure everywhere on thursday with the forecast low of 46. this front is just here to reenforce the sweater weather south florida style. but i'll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. a body found on the beach in
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an overhead view show where is a jogger came across the man's body at collins avenue. miami police on the scene to investigate. they believe it may have been natural causes. they have yet to release the name of the dead person, they say he's in his 50s. police releasing the mug shot of a driver and took off. facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injuries and resisting arrest without violence. he hit a biker, jonathan, near beacon boulevard and southwest 7th street in little havana. the impact launching the 21-year-old nearly 100 feet landing him in coma at jackson memorial hospital where he remains. in the race forhe white house, the polls are open in new hampshire and some big decision wills be made about where the candidates in both parties stand. some new hampshire voters say
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minute to decidee which candidate they support in the primary. >> chrisisne: that suggests the presidential hopefuls have a lot too to win support. jeff lennox has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it is primary day. the polls are open across the state. on the gop side, the stakes are very high in this primary. the voters could decide who stays in this race in theong haul and who heads home in the end. the polls are @open. candidates greeting voters as this the first in the primary, the firstrecincts as they voted midnight. three gop candidates tied and a hand full of people voting very early. senator marco rubio pulling in second rightht now in new hampshire on primary day meeting with voters at this polling location in new hampshire. >> you're polling second, how are you feeling?
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we have great energy, a lot of great support and moving onto south carolina. >> reporter: rubio criticized for being too robotic and scriptededith his answers. protesters following his bus on primary day. jeb bush continues his attacks on donald trump. >> i'm not going to send my resume to the donald, but we cut thee government work force by 11@ percent and people's income grew and pululd out 5,000 input and hoping for a first place finisher. >> we bonded with the people of new hampshire. i've been here somany times. i've been here with people in the country. >> reporter: chris christie lagging in the polls. this could be a make or break it state. >> president a ready to know who's going to be president of
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>> reporter: ted cruz in the granite state in the final hours. campaigns. >> reporter: we talked one-on-one with carly fiorinaful she didn't make it on the debate stage, she said she's in it for the long haul. >> you feel like you should have been on the stage? >> obvious i should have been on the stage. i tught votes and delicates counted. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders from next door, vermont. he leads clinton in the polls by double digits. >>itis not right that so few have so much and so many have so littlele >> reporter: hillary clinton as closed the gap in new hampshire and campaign stops outside of the state over the last week, political analysts say she knows her fate. >> looking forward to an election day, for people to express opinion b part of the process. >> reporter: throhout primary day on this tuesday, candidate wills be chris crossing the strait heading to polling locations.
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we will have the results later today right here on 7 news. reporting in bedford, new hampshire, jeff lennox, 7ews. >> christine: and now is a good time to download the voice your choice app. it's updalted with the latest on the campaign trail and free on app store or google play. the attorney general will visit south florida. lorettaynch scheduled to be here friday. it's part of a six-city tour where she will praise police departments considered models for law enforce. she will honor the doral police department and host a youth town hall meeting during her visit. in world new, tragedy on the tracks in germany claims the lives of nine people and injured hundreds of others. automatic safety breaking system apparently failed. tragedy o o the track as a pair of trains collide head on in munich, germany.
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braking system that should have stopped one or both of the trains so they didn't reach a blind curve at the same time. >> it is horrible picture. >> reporter: speaking at news conference, one of the trains had drilled into the others leaving the cars totalling dismantled. he described the scene as horrible picture saying it was estimated the trains had been traveling about 60 miles an hour at the moment of impact. >> everyone is really shocked and our thoughts are with the ctims and their families. p>> reporter: according to german media,a, they were reefonal passenger trains that usually carry kids to school but luckily they're closed for winterr vow case. the company ceo said they're not sure how@ both trains collided. >> usually the automatic system that automatically stops the train when you pass by the signal.
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we are assume that both signals green but we don't know yet. beings . >> ashley: and hundreds used boats shuttling people to other side of the river and there waiting ambulances took them to the hospital. a senator asking questioio after a royal caribbean cruise sailing into a storm. the anthem of the seas rococd for 12 hours by what passengers say were 30 foot waves. original port. senator bill nelson calling for the ntsb to conduct an investigation. >> so why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> reporter: royal caribbean said the extreme winds were higher than what was forecast. at least four suffered described
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all are expected to receive a cruise. president obama requesting federal funds to bat it will zika health emergency. the president asking for $1.8 billion to reseaeah and combat the virus t. money will be used to expand mosquito-controlled programs and help speed development for the vaccine. five florida counties are under a state of emergen including miami-dade an broward. 16 cases have been reported so far in florida, six in dade and two in broward. new vid coming into the news flex noon of a school fight at souou dade senior high school. this p happened before school started and this video has been circulating on social media. >> ashley: as you can see, the
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several punches, kicks and school security trying to control this. it actually happened around 8 o'clock this morning, we're told, before school started in the cafeteria. >> christine: and the good news here f there's any to report as we watch this video, none of the kids are going to be arrested situation. coming up next, a suspect armed with a sword goes on place. two men feared missing saved at sea. and a scare at a drive through involving a a alligator.
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one ends. authorities are looking into shocking attack. that man used a sword. he didn't waste any time
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the second time around. >> reporter: a man walks into a lauderhill gas station casually steps in line and for no reason starts swinging at this stranger. >> appears to bee metal pole that you would use to hang up a shelf like in a store type of thing and just starts are hitting himim around the face and head area. >> reporter: two guys duck out of the way and the woman with the innocent whwhe-haired 82-year-old man and gets between them and fights off the attacker. they watch in disbelief as he walks out of the gas station. >> the suspect leaves the store, unsuccessful trying to take the care. >> reporter: while paramedics are treating the man bleeding from the head. >> we get a call from the swap shop about a man in the swap shop brandishing a sword and attacking one of the clerks at the swap shop. >> reporter: watch this or you both believe it.
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the sword at the clerk chasing him around the store trying to clies at him over and over again w. the sword from the store's display, as the clerk repeatedly tries to fight him off. >> when they get there, several bystanders and other store clerks had pinned the guy down. >> reporter: to make it stranger t pole-stealing, sword-wheel with -- sword-wheeling attacker had just seen poltergeist. eitherway, he's in jail and facing attempted murder. all this on sunday morning. he was also driving a stolen car. i alsoant to mention to you that just moments ago, we had a chance to speak to the victim in this story and will have that for you shortly. ashley? >> ashley: all right. two men saved at sea after
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the coast guard tweeting out t t picture of the nearly cam flajed mangroves there near islamorada. no word how long they were out therere until help arrived. both are said to be safe and sound. good afternoon, south florida. we have clouds in place. a front crossed through the area and those clouds will start to clear out t. radar is showing dry conditions and this will be the trend throughout the next severaldays. it's 62 degree, cool afternoon in miami, 61 in fort lauderdale. we do have thick cloudsaround, 68 degree, nice and mild in k k west. but it's turning windy with the breeze picking up out of the west-northwest any where between 6 and 16 miles per hour, gusts have been as high asp 30 at times. there are windadvisories, gale warnings in effect for north and central florida around the coastal low case. so we have a front to our uthful it's anchored to a spin
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all the way south into parts of alabama. but the ohio river valley, mid-atlantic states and also the northeast dealing w th snow showers. but strong winds and bitter cold air will spread through the nation's mid-section all the w into the northern grade great plains and northeast the next few days. 11 in minneapolis, 17 currently in chicago t. forecast is calling for the clouds to clear tonight and temperature readings toto tumble into the upper 40s inland, low 50s along the coast. the coldest night will p happen on wednesday night, with temperature readings generally in the 40s pretty much everywhere. we will definitely have another cold front cross through on thursday. that will simply reenforce this winter weather south florida style. small-craft advisory is in effect, biscayne bay choppy, very rough in theoastal waters of the keys with advisories in effect. 9:25 tonight is next high tide in miami, 9:48 in key largo.
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60s, struggling to reach 70 degrees. it will be ndy, even through tonight with lows on the chilly side. your extended outlook, south florida, is calling for you to have the layers with you all the way through valentine's day and possibly president's day on monday. th's your 7 on 7 forecast. all right. back at the news desk with an update totory i brought you a short while ago. here is the video that we're referring toful you just saw the ory, the man, inexplicable, he was swinging around the sword. one of the victims in this is an 82-year-old man by the name of douglas. we had an opportunity to talk to him a short while ago and just listening to him is bad enough to feel his pain. take a listen.
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hand was behind his back. i didn't know he had anying in his hand and just struck me over the head. that's it. >> christine: gosh, poor guy. really lucky to have survived that. that's 82-year-old douglas nice enough to talk to us. the suspect has beem arrested, trying to figure out what was going on and why he wen on the attack. live at the news desk, i'm christine cruz, 7 news. a plan brings an alligator to drive through and sounds like handcuffs. water way. a mother whale and baby swimming thing. hear why next. and later on, a man paid someone to do his taxes but something was wrong and fined by the irs. more on that story straight
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me howard with patrick fraser. a florida man is behind bars charged with assault and a adly weaponn after throwing an alligator through a drive through window. his parents say it was all just a prank, but now finding himself in big trouble. >> just a stupid prank that he dqd that's now turning into this. >> and you definite tly believe this was a prank? >> oh 100 percent because he's a prankster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> reportfr: they say their son is harmless but sitting in jail facing arges. >> charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intento do less than murder. >> i don't even get that. i don't know how -- i don't get . >> reporter: they're s sll waiting to get details from their sonirectly. josh knew one of the employees
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>> do you think the people at wendy's think it was a prank? >> how can you not think anything like that is a prank? >> reporter: the three an a half foot alligator hurled through the drive through window. floridid fish and wildlife used a credit receipt that josh james purchased and tracked him down. >> they said will he cooperate? absolutely. he's a stupid kid and did a stupid prank. absolutely he will turn himself in. >> so you're saying he's not violent? >> absolutely. it's a total prank. >> reporter: he has no past history and is expected to be arrived sometime later today. a mom and baby whale struggling to swim through the inlet. the duo swimming through the tide and officials done know if they're distressed and the don't seem to have any injuries. wildlife officials are keeping an eye on their progress.
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at noon, he paid someone to do his taxes but somethi was wrong and he was fined by the irs. it's today's edition of help me howard with patrick fraser. and we are watching wall street this noon. the d is down about 76 points right now. the nasdaq is off 17 and the s&p is down 7.
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back.what would you do, if u could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour.
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with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any twparks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savivis. more adventures. time to check on today's top stories. >> reporter: last seen in late december.
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unlawful dissertion of a child. officials n searching for samir after he failed to showw up in bond court today. late last night police belief he killed his wife in their condo near 15th street and bay road. a terrifying ride, the girll sleeping inside her mother's car. the child found hours later and reunited with the family. the carjacker is still out there. a history making coach is taking the field.
12:31 pm
she's taking career of coaching from her high school days at miami northwestern to college days of tennessee state to the next level. time is flag football at miami jackson was a stepngstone. >> glad to be here at miami jackson head coach of the generals football team. y'all lay around for it. there's going to be big things coming up. >> reporter: introducing the rst female head coach in florida's history. >> everybody want equality? guess what, we got it. i'm here. >> reporter: new head coach known for his work as a coach for miami-dade county schools and park programs as well as community activism. >> she's a legend.
12:32 pm
already been girl on the streets. she said reality now football, students and players seem to be onboard. she probably know most than coaches do they said congratulations and i said what for and had to put on my big coach panties and ready for it. >> reporter: she said off the field respect off the field will earn respect on it. >> weee not here for publicity. we going to let miami jackson content to be win. luck.
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25th. people are getting ready to file their income tax returns and hopefully the information will be correct. if it's not and you get fined by the irs, who has to pay, you or the preparer? >> ashley: the answer in today's
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fraser. >> reporter: they say two things are certain, death and taxes. you're alive and about b to deal th taxes. >> i feel my income taxes every year. >> reporter: jc owns a business. >> i do about an everything you can do. >> reporter: jc said when you're the boss, you have to make sure everything is done the right way and that's the attitude when it comes to his income taxes. >> h and r block, i went to them. they're good. they're nationwide. i went there so i wouldn't have no problem with the irs. >> reporter: last yeaea around this time, he paid $ 00 to do his taxes and then september rolled around. >> irs wrote me a letter and told me i filed the wrong form. he got p palized for sending in
12:35 pm
o he hadded back with to h and r block to talk to theerson who filed his tax return. >> the lady told me, i was supposed have told her what form to put it on. fi knowed that, i could have filled it out myself. >> reporter: they filled out the right form and refiled his taxes and he asked them to pay the penalty for their mistake. their responon... >> reporter: they're going to have somebody come out and interview me if it's my fault or they fault and nobody come out, since about two months. >> reporter: he got tired of waiting and paid the penalty to the irs. then called help me howard to find out if they fine you, who has to pay for the mistake? you or the person that prepared your taxes? >> if the tax preparer makes the wrong mistake or does incorrect
12:36 pm
fines and penaltiesful they make math error and get too much back or pay too little, you're responsible for that. >> reporter: weontacted h and r block. good companies are easy to dl w. they sent a statement saying we take this matter very seriously. the local tax professional did work with the client to resolve the situation, when your tax preparer hands you statement, make sure everything's appropriate and you're filling out the proper form. take your time and read it. it's easier to prevent mistake. . >> reporter: h and r block sent him the penalty. >> they did me a good favor. poor people can't afford a
12:37 pm
there on time. >> reporter: why don't they have to pay snit if they had done it properly, they would have had to pay it anyway. got a situation that's taxing your patience, ready to deduct it from your list of troubles? we will take interest and return your peace of mind. for this help me howard, i'm patrick fraser, 7 news. and we have new information r you on that mother that was found dead inside her miami beach condo. >> christine: sheldon fox is in miami with details for us. >> reporter: we just got confirm from a police source, ladies, that the person wanted in text with thatmother's murder overnight in miami beach has just killed himself in miami. i'm going to step out of the way and show you what's happening re. this is the area of 17th street. we're looking at the grand. the area outside of the grand, ich is a condominium and a ao
12:38 pm
two purses for this building. you've got crime scene investigation unit, multiple members of the miami police department, detectives as well. i don't see -- doesn't mean they're not here -- don't see any miami beach cops right now. as we take the video we show you and tell you what this investigation s. we're told by a police source investigating this situation that the person who has just killed himself is samir. he was wanted in connection with the murder of a woman overnight in the flamingo on bay road in miami beach. the woman was found, we're told, by her little children, her two boys who alerted building security that something was wrong with her mother and when security came, they realize that had a woman was indeed killed inside of the unit and you go
12:39 pm
mainland section of miami and north bay warm drive. and we over a told some 20 something stories according to cops and which portion of the building he jumped from. wewe do know that you cannot see the investigation on the inside where a lot of this is taking place on the inside of the property or beyond the point where we're standing, but they're act vly working the situation. 7 newss will continue to have more information on this and bring you this as soon as we get it.
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right back. > the miami heat announcing they will reti shaquille o'neal's number 13 jersey. it will hang with the greats of alonzo mourning and tim hard away at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season. shaq was instrumental in 2006. your first place panthers just beat detroit down here last thursday. they were up in detroit last night.
12:41 pm
straight, try inging to make it six. no penalty on the play. he had to leave the game. he has an upper body injury, but he's hurt. still scoreless fromhe point deflected by thomas. panthers trail 1-0. later in the third panthers down 2-0. red wings, two on one. with the back hander, one minute to go in the game. derek goes afterer him. mcken si gets the worse of this. panthers lose 3-06789 two straight losses and barkov is hurt. >> regardless whatever we end u
12:42 pm
we're not happy it ees's no good. and san antonio spurs make their only appearance. probably without gininili and duncan. whiteside has been pouting. he was not used in the fourth quarter loss sunday. the first three quarters. ha a little sprained ankle. he was asked how he and coach are getting along. >> i don't know what our relationship is. >> you and spoelstra? >> we fine. >> there's no need to talk about it. it's nothing other than we went a different direction. >> coach going to make the decisions to make and i go to the next game. >> he couldld play big minutes tomorrow f his ankle'sfine. >> steve: that's tonight against san antonio. the canes move up to 11. um home tonight against pittsburgh womens hoops number one uconn against south carolina, both undefeated.
12:43 pm
uconn wins again 56-54. 60 straight wins for the lady huskies. thirdongest winning streak in division one womens history. broncos victory parade today in downtown denver, super bowl champs. that will do it. i'm steve shapiro. make it a great day, everybody. and speaking of, that here is live pictures from the mile high city celebrating where the denver broncos about to begin there. do hard fans a a staking out the best places to get a glimpse of the team during the victory parade. the broncos defeated the
12:44 pm
bowl 24-10. men and women tend to have different views on many different tocs especially decorating. >> christine: that's first thing that comes to mind. martin is here with decorating. >> reporter: when it comes to decorating, men and women have different styles. tell me what's going on with your space? >> we recently bought our home.
12:45 pm
breakfast table, actually. >> you need comfort, right? and you need style. let mess see if i can basically mesh tease two styles into one warm and inviting space. i'm going to get to work and surprise you at the end. we're dealing with a small space andhis intrusive ceiling fan right above where would be thehe table underneath t. first thing that's got to go the this. the light fixture is perfect. it has clean modern shade, which ishe aesthetic that she likes. these tone and tone panels give us just enough keeping the background neutr and modern for jay. shapes. this is perfect s sle for him and her, a simple design, it
12:46 pm
i love the art work that keeps the space fun and casual. there we go. it's all in the details and otherwise empty space. now come the highlight. let's see their reaction. this morning the space was empty and basically you wanted a place to sit down and have breakfast and cat you wanted a little bit of glamorous style. one, two, two and a half, three go ahea love it? >> oh i ove it. >> congratulations to the and-new home, thanks for letting us do this for you. there are more tips online and we will see you next time on another room for improvement. and as we leave you, where she nice pictures to shareful it's mardi as.
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sounds of the parade marching through new orleans on this fat
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have a great day, everyone. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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>> today on "fablife"... >> we're kicking off mardi gras in a big way. >> with giuliana and bill rancic. >> sure you can handle that, honey? >> bill, stop. >> okay. (laughter) >> and hgtv's property brothers. >> we're bringing that french quarter style into your home. you peel off a piece, stick it right on the wl. ta-da! plus... >> what the heck? >> you got it wrong. (cheering)
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