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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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sord at one point. the victim is left bloodied, and brandon beyer has the top story. >> reporter: beer hearing from him and also his wife. this 81-year-old man and his wife were getting gas early sunday at a gas station when the attack took place, and you'll hear it in his own words, as well as his wife. but let me s sw you that attack. here's the 81-year-old man, a gas station at lauderhill, state route 7 and 19th street when the suspect, 22-year-old javon walker, walks into the gas station and for unknown reasons starts attacking this man. his wife able to push him out the door and eventually get her husband safely away from his attacker. i want to show you another piece of video. the police say that walker's
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he then went to the swap shop where we are now and he grabbed a samurai sword from one of the vendors and attacked a man who owns the samurai shop. he had to be t ten to the hospital with serious injuries, and it was unbelievable to see a man attacking another man with a samurai sword. we talked to douglas brusche et and he was the man attacked at the gas station, and here's what he had to say. >> his arm was behind his back, and i didn't know that he had anhing with his hand and he struck me over the head. >> reporter: and your husband said that he doesn't want the man to go to jail, just get help. >> oh, yes. he's a poor younun man. and that's too bad. he needs help. >> reporter: can you believe that? after everything that they went through, they say they would rather see this young man get the help he needs rather than spend time in prison, and
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the onlyy crimes that javon walker is accused of committing. he'slso accused, according to the police, of carjacking a man in deerfield beach prioro all of this. you'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. for now, brandon beyer, 7 news. >> lynn: 7 on the scene after a mother is killed inside of a miami beach apartment, and this leading the investigators to keat another disturbing discovery hours ago the victim's chirp looking for help. >> danielle: the man who killed her then made another deadly decision. sheldon fox is live in miami where the police made a connection to the mother's murder. sheldon. >> reporter: lots of activity, ladies, from miami beach to miami. and tragedy all the way around. the city of miami, north
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condominium. and this is the last crime scene connected to this horrible situation. this is wre the suspect, a man wanted by the police earlier this morning or killing his wife w with the kids at home, jumps t t his death on the inside atriumf that building. first, that mother, that mother, these are pictures that were put on to facebook and that 7 news was able to acquire. and this mother, marx, the last name, found inside of her home. by her little children. her children alerted security officials within the flamingo on miami bay road about what happened. and the police were called and the police rushed to the scene and found the woman deal. we learned that she was stabbed multiple times, that is f fm the investigation, and she was stabbed, they say, by samir jam owie, a 36-year-old, her
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multiple times for domestic abuse on this woman. at the scene, the two little boys, under the age of seven years old, walking them from the flamingo to a waiting police car. wee told that those two boys are now in state custody, and they will be in foster care soon. their closest relative is well away from the miami internationalmiami-dade countyarea, and the video that you're looking at, from inside of the atrium of t t grand where samir's body was found, the city of miami leaving the scene after collececthe body and other evidence. this is just a trac situation, and we got to speak last night to the members of the miami beach police department. >> we received a 9-1-1 call from security personnel indicating
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advised that their mother was assaulted inside of their apartment. when the officers went in, they discovered a female deceasese inside. >> reporter: just a horrific story for those children and for that mother. there's a lot more to c ce on all of this on 7 news at 5:00. again, those boys in the hands right now of the s ste. and they're expected to be placed in foster care after a hearing today. nobody from the family, including the boys, was present at that dependency hearing. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> lynn: it's a tough story, thank you. a new view of that carjacking that sparked an amber alert, from outside of a fort lauderdale laundromat, shows the moment a wonderful parks her car toun inside with a sleeping baby in the car, and the crook thth comes out to scope out the car before jumping in and taking off with a ten-month-old still
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after an hours-long search, the police fou the and the baby safend sound. but the police, however, are still searching for that carjacker. vanessa medina has more on that story tonight at 5:00. >> daniell a former miami elementary schoolteacher making a deal in a child abuse case. jimena avoided jail time by pleading aggravated abuse. he faces ten years probation, and he can no lononr have contact with any minor. the student claims that he dug his fingernails into her hand and leg last year when she was a student in coconut creek. surveillance video capturing the frightening moments that a masked gunman hol up the dollar general store on oakland park boulevard.
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employee before getting away. if you have any information to help the police, call broward crimestoppers,54-493-tips. it could lead to a cash reward. >> lynn: all right, taking a live look outside, arctic air will be moving through south florida tonight. it is chilly. some areas could be waking up in the 40s tomorrow. yikes! bring in the animals and want plants. chief meteorologist, phil ferro is in the weather center. >> phil: yes, it's going to be a cold night in south florida. you mentioned 40s and 50s for the overnight h hrs, and then by tomorrow, a sunny wednesday, still on the cool side however. the temperatures will only rise into the 60s, maybe a low 70, and the cold air will stick around at least throughout the rest of the week and possibly throughout the weekend. it is dry right now all across south florida. we don't see any changes o o
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next 3-5 days. here's how we woke up this morning, everyone as cold as yesterday, but still on the chilly side. mid to upper 50s and low 60s. all of cloud cover keeps us a little bit warm. tonight, we're still going to have that blanket of clouds around, but the jetstream is going to push a series of fronts across our area, keeping us cold over the next few days. as a matter of fact, the average low is 62 . and we're waking up to around 50 at the coast, 40s inland and then the models are being aggressive for thursday morning, waking up in the mid 40s. and then the 50s will stick monday. i'll have the latest in about 10 >> danielle: voters lining up new hampshire.
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big turnout for the first primary. donald truru and bernie sanders leading big in the polls coming up to the primary. >> lynn: but are we in for surprises like the iowa caucuses thether day? in new hampshire, the polls are open for a few more hours. >> reporter: y yh, the polls will be open for three more hours in new hampshire. now, the secretary of state is predicting record-breaking turnout today in the nation's first primary, anywhere between 500,000 to 550,000 ballots could be cast in this race. that's his prediction, despite the snowstorm that moved through in the oveveight hours. meanwhile, the candidates on both sides were up early this morning trying to sway those undecibed voters. the polls are open, greeting the voters as they make their choice
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in small towns, three gop candidates tied, trump, cruz and kasich. marco rubio pulling in second today at the polling location in bedfdfd, new hampshire. >> mr. rubio, you're pulling second right now, how are you feel? >> i feel great. and i have great energy, and gret support. and we're moving onto south carolina. >> reporter: rubio is criticized for being too robotic and scripted with his answers. jeb bush meanwhile cononnues his attacks on donald trump. >> i'm not going to send my% resume to the donald. but i was governor of the state of florida where i g g the chance to lead the state. and we cut the government workforce fi 11er percent, and people's income grew. >> reporter: trump is hoping for a strong first place finish in new hampshire after placing secondnd in iowa. >> we have bonded with the
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i've been here so many times, pre-politics. i come here because i have a lot of friends that live up here, and it's one of the most beautiful parts of the country. >> reporter: chris christie lagging in the polls, and this could be a make it or break it state for h. >> the people who know who is ready to take on hilliary clinton,n,nd who is ready to be the president of the united states. >> ted cruz with the strong libertarian movement. >> the state senator endord us, and we're seeing libertarians coming together on thth ground. >> carly fiorina, she says that she's in thisrace for the long haul. >> you should have been on the stable. >> of course should have been on the staple. i thought votes and delegates counted. the system is rigged. >> reporter: bernie sanders is leading in e polls by double digits. >> it's not right that so few have so much and so many have so little. >> reporter: hilliary clinton closed the gap with campaign
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the last week. the political analysts say that she knows her fate. >> just looking for great election days. many people have expressed their opinions to be part of this process. >> reporter: okay, so most polls here in the granite state close at 7:00, about three hours from now, and 20 work polls close at 8:00 p.m. they wall start coming in quickly after that, and we'll have the results for you on 7 news throughout the night. jeff lennox, 7 news. >ynn: and a reminder that now is a good time to download the 7 news voice your choice app. it's a good app. it's free in the app store or google play. >> danielle: president obama wiwh his spending plan, $4.1 trillion. and here's how some of it will be spent.
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and a $19 billion upgrade for cyber security. and $1.8 billion to combat the zika virus. >> lynn: ahead tonight on 7 news, a local church helping those who need it the most. and they say that crookses have spoiled it again. >> danielle: and a gator ending up inside of a fast food restaurant. the pice say had a it was being used as a weapon. >> lynn: it may sound like fireworks, by firefighters had
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dangerous. >> danielle: drive through danger. employees scattering when a gator is thrown inside of a fast food restaurant. a man now charged assault with a deadly weapon. >> lynn: the reaction from the suspect's parents who say that it was all jusus a prank. >> it's just a stupid pranknkhat he did that turned into this. >> you definitely believe this was a pnk? >> 100%, he's a prankster, he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> reporter: they say that their john, josh, is funny, but he's facing assault with a deadly
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>> it's one step less than murder. >> i don't even get it. >> they say that josh knew onene of the employees working at this wendy's. >> it was someone that therapy pranking. they were pranking? >> do you think that the people at wendy's didn't know t tt it was a prank. >> how could you not know? >> reporter: the florida fish andildlife used a credit card receipt for a soda that josh purchased and they tracked him down. >> they saidill he cooperate some and i said absolutely, he's not a bad kid. he had no trouble turning himselel you're saying that he's not violent. >> absolutely not, it was a total prank. >> reporter: ashley jones, 7 news. >> a judge has set his bond at $6,000 today. and he has been ordered to undergo a mental health
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>> danielle: it's not every day that you throw a gator into a fast food restaurant. coming up, several homeowners find themselves on edge, but thehe say this their calls for help are going unanswered. >> lynn: and a state trooper
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action. >> phil: we have had cloud cover across south florida. and that's going to stick around throughout the night as well. so this could keep our temperatures from not getting that cold overnight, regardless, there's a lot of cold air moving in, and it's a chilly night across south florida. the temperatures are being contempt in check, and not a lot of sunshine. everyone is in the 60s, everyone from a andros to naples, and nassau. the wind is coming out of the west in the gulf of mexico, 18 at naples, and so it's a little bit stronger across south florida at timim. there's no moisture associated with this cloud cover, so we should remain dry tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. because it's dry&windy, all of these areas in south florida are under a small craft advisory and i wouldn't be surprised if they extend them at least over the
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so we still have all of this cloud cover and a series of other fronts that will be pushing in across south florida over the next few days. what that's going to do, it's going to keep the conditions for you boaters on the rough side. small craft advisory in effect, look at the winds, kicking up to 30 knots in biscayne bay, and small craft advisory for the keys as well. looking beyond the reef, 6-8 feet coastal waters rough. next high tide in miami, 9:20 in fort lauderdale. and key largo, 9:25 and 10:45 in key west. tonight, includes sticking around and dry. lows, in the 50s east of i-95, and everything west of i-95, temperatures dipping into the 40s and 62 in the keys. it's going to be breezy. tomorrow, more sunshine, and the breeze will stilling there,
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the highs struggling to reach the mid to upper 60s. what's average for this time of year is around 76, 777. now, here's your extended outlook. by thursday, a reinforcing shot of cold air comes in, especially for the morning, waking up in the 40s. and then it looks like we're going to s ick around in the 50s through next monday. so valentine's day will be chilly. a little snuggle day, and then
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70 . >> danielle: that is 7 news at 4:00, thank you for watching, i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'mynn martinez.
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ahead. >> lynn: 7 news at 4:30 begins with a breaking story at north perry airport, annncident involving that plane. >> david: i'm danielle knox, and let's get you to the scene in pembroke pines. ralph rayburn high above in skyforce hd. what happened?
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twin engine aircraft, what's the
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