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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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twin engine aircraft, what's the runway, joe? this would be the south side of the airport runway, lost a landing gear. it had a landing gear issuen the right side of the plane. and you can see that the wing is much lower than t left-hand side here. we're above the towerrier, trying to stay above the other air traffic. the pyre and rescue responded and it looks like all of people onboard, and there may have been what appears to have been five people onboard, everybody appears to be okay. unknown the degree of damage sustained, but for the time being, the runway is closed at perry airport. pembroke pines on the south and pines boulevard on the north. we'll see if f can reposition ourselves over to the side of it once the ter lets us do that, but once again, this a ahitect having issues on the runway, and the landing gear appears to be collapsed.
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we'll get back to you, but it looks like there are no injuries involved. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> lynn: now also at 4:30, a community of faith ting to help those less-fortunate, but they say that a sinful act is hurting their mission. a project ten years in the making was about to pay off when the thieves struck. >> danielle: and this is not the first time that it happened, ann keele. >> reporter: women with children often come to them desperate for a place to stay. and that's why they spent years working on the building next door to give the families a night or two to stay. but the thieves broke m. and this is the second that this has happened in the last several years. >> opened it, and took it all out. >> reporter: the pastor was giving us a tour of the temporary housingngption for
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but t thieves took it away. copper wiring stripped from the building. this. >> i was about to give up. >> reporter: the thieves going room to room, ripping out walls. the miami police calculating a $15,000 loss. >> they know the injuries they have done. >> reporter: the pasr said that they were an inspection away from opening their doors. a long-time endeavor as the baptist church purchase today a decade ago. >> you get the dream right to fruition, and it tears your heart out. reporter: they clothe everyone in need every tuesday in their neighborhood, reaching on average, 250 people. >> that's not right, they're helping someone getting off the streets. >> reporter: the heartbreaking burglary overnight on january 23rd, and even get the
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attorney's office. staff members on-site, the pastor said that they don't have the funding to fix this. and he's hopeful someone saw something. >> i believe out of every evil, there's good, and some good has to happen. >> reporter: again, urging people with information to come forward, and if you have any information, call miami-dade. 305-471-tips. and remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting live in overtime, ann keel, 7 news. >> lynn: new details on a hit-and-run driver in little havana. 50-year-old luis sanchez is charged with leaving an accident with serious bodily injuries, an leaving the scene without violence. he hit a biker on 7th street in little havana. the impact launching the
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landing him in a combe at jack onwhere he now remains. a woman accused of drugging and robbing dates is now facing a judge. she's facing armed robbery and poisoning by water. it's'selieved that she spiked the drink of a man that she met at a south florida restaurant. the next morning he woke up and his rolex, gun and $800 in cash were gone. >> danielle: fire crews taking on a blaze a a bullets. one firefighter surviving a very close call. ammo was inside of the garage. >> lynn: some neighbors saying that the explosions were fireworks, and they got way too close to the house. christine cruz has more on the scare.
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clouds of smoke coming from the neighborhood as i was driving, and so i circled back around and i came over here, and there were flames going out of the garage. >> reporter: thick, black smoke, exploding ammunition and flying debris. neighbors say that it was like something that you would see in the movies. >> it was firecrackers. there was a lot of ammunition in the garage, and it was popping and it was very loud. >> reporter: firefighters got a call of a house fire outside of phoenix, but when they arrived they realized that there were more tn flames to battle. >> apparently want homeowner may ha been reloading ammunition in his garage something went wrong. one of our firefighters was struck in the face with a bullet. but fortunately, he had his mask o. and he was not harmed at all. >> ron delong, who recorded the
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fired off for half an hour or so, creating concern among the difference. >> those were bullets, you could tell the difference. >> reporter: miraculously no one was injured or killed, including the homeowner. >> he did have burns to his face and hands, so we transported him to the maricopaounty burn unit for treatment. >> reporter: thanks to the fast acting firefighters, the damage cane fixed. >> there are bullet shells everywhere, and drying all over the place. across the street, and bullets in their doors and glass. >> reporter: the officials urge gun owners t scene extra ammunition in a fireproof case. i'm christine cruz, 7 news. >> danielle: coming in off of the satellite this afternoon, residents in alabama literally left on edge after a sinkhole% swallows up their land.
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folks near montgomery say that what used to be a drainage ditch is now a massive hole. people walk being out to find a 100-foot cliff. but after reaching out, the residents don't feel like they have gotten any closer to a solution. >> that's all i want to know. what is happening, and if they keep me in the loop, fine, let me know what they're doing. i'm the one that lost the most. >> danielle: the officials are working on the sinking situation, but however, the process will take time. >> lynn: dash cam responding to a fiery rescue in missouri. a man responding to a car crash when he spotted a woman inside. and the officer springing into action, he pulled her out of the wreck with the help of another person. she suffered serious injuries, and the person whw caused the
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>> danielle: in california, for the last eight years, the duo has run a soup kitchen in san francisco. with hundreds of people to feed every day, the operation runs solely on the money they get from selling pastries a donation. but now the owner has doubled the rent, and now they must pay that or face eviction. >> he said oh, my god, -- what we're getting f fm the owner. >> the matter is now on hold because the landlord is out of country, but the sisters say that if they are evicted, they hope to find a place nearby where they can continue t to feed the homeless. >> lynn: all right, this developing story and live pictures at north perry airport, involving a small airplane, and
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landing. two mer onboard, and nobody is now. but that part of the perry airport is closed. >> also coming up from the news message. she's thousands of miles away fromomouth florida while her son is missing, the teen's father behind bars. >> lynn: a water crisis in mimiigan may have left people with permanent damage. could she be facing criminal damages. >> underneath this sudden collapse. >> phil: all right, it's a sunny afternoon, and looking at the 50s. and we're stalele in the 60s.
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the entire outlook in minutes. >> lynn: people filling up at a gas station when they're filled with fear. look at that mess. on the roof as the whole thing collapses, and along with the two workers, cars were also caught in the chaos. >> danielle: but 7's ashley jones explains how it t uld have turned out worse than it did. >> reporter: sawing and tearing away after a normal day turned
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>> terrible. >> reporter: monday afternoon, part of the roof of a chevr gas station in los angeles collapsed. the cameras next tour caught the video the moment the awning came crashing down. >> there was a guy on the left side of the roof. and he was cleaning the roof. and he told me that when he was pulling the panel out of the area, the roof started collapsing. >> reporter: two maintenance workers were on the roof at the time cleaning it. one worker received minor injuries, and was treated at the scene and released. the other fell with theoof, but fortunately, he was unscathed. >> it's scary to think that something like this could happen randomly. >> there was a car in there, and there was a passenger in the car, and he got so scared that he got out of the car running. >> reporter: the safety engineers running and shutting down the station.
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debris and securing the scene where all are thankful that no one was seriously hurt. >> reporter: it's crazy what happened, and thank god nobody got hurt. >> reporter: and they noticed cracks as they were checking things out. ashley joneses7 news. >> lynn: that willcare you. >> danielle: absolutely, right? >> lynn: ahead on the news station, it's tax season, yay! and id cost him more than a grand. should you have to pay out for somebody else's blunder? it's "help me, howard" with patrick fraser. >> danielle: and an nba team on its promise after reaching out to the group behind a viral video. >> watch this video of an a-k47
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pulling the trigger. >> accidents happen. and in these cases, when an accident happens, it's serious. >> reporter: the class action lawsuit taking aim at a south florida gun dealer on the next
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tonight t 10:00. >> lynn: abnba team making it a gical moment for a group of florida k kids. host being the group of teens and a police officer, you remember the story after it went viral. >> danielle: diana diez explains the vip treatment that they all received. >> reporter: it feels great to be a vip in orlando. kids went to their first nba game. they scored balls and front row seats to the game. the magic inviting the teens and police officer, bobby white, because of a decision that he made weeks ago. this video of his cruiser dash cam went viral with 40 million views. when there was a notice complaint, he found teens
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and instead of scolding them, he played ball with them. >> i never expected anybody outside of myself or my agency to ever see that video. >> reporter: during the halftime, the magic recognized officer whi as a hometown hero in being proactive on the streets of gainesville. and the officer said that he feels honoror. >> it has been so honored to see these kids get the experience. just from me going out and doing my job. >> reporter: he told the players that he would b bng more police officers back for a rematch. and whenhaquil o'neal heard about it, he decided to be part of that rematch. and now ballplayers like tyler cummings are thrilled with being on a nba court. >> i can't describe it,t,t's amazing. >> reporter: diana diez, 7 news. >> phil: tonight's coooo weather, it has been amazing here in
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morning lows in itself today, 59, and 61 in miami. 65 to start the day in key west. and the highs have been in the mid to upper 60s to 70 with a trace of rain in key west. the clou cover, keeping most of the temperatures in check. not as cold last night. and not as warm this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s across south florida. the wind out of the west, 12-19 miles per hour. and the humidity, 50%. the stormtracker is showing that everything is dry here from lake okeechobee south. and our atmosphere is going to remain mostly dry in the days ahead. now, we do have a couple more fronts that are setting up shop here behind this huge area of low pressure. everything in blue here by the way, that's snow, and it's st. again, out of this area, a couple of fros will get pushed
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so the cool air is going to stick around tonight, colder than last night. anddhen by wednesday evening, we'll see all of skies clearing out. but it's going toking pretty cold, especially starting out thursday morning. the high pressure building in, and it's going to be breezy across south florida. all of the long-range models are hitting that the cold air will stick aroundthrough the weekend. small craft advisory, and it's not a good time to be out on a boat. the winds are picking up 5-9-foot seas. biscayne bay, a moderate chop. fofo you in the florida keys, 20 knot winds, check out the seas beyond the reef. 6-8 feet and the coastal waters will be rough. meanwhile, the next high tide, 10:35. and the water temperature, 69 . tonight, parliamt to mostly cloudy. along the coast, we could see upper 50s.
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keys 56, lower keys, 62. it will be breezy. i think that we'll see more sunshine, especially for miami-dade and broward county. partly cloudy skies for the keys and the highs struggling to reach 70 . here's the extended outlook. the models are saying, thursday morning waking up in the upper 40s. and looks like the 50s will be hanging around with request lows all the way through valentine's day. >> belkeys: hey, everybody, i'm belkeys nerey, and two hours of news straight ahead. here's the look at the lineup. a mother killed and her children tryingngo find help before another disturbing discovery. a woman's car swiped in seconds with her baby onboard. we have a new view of the mother's frantic reaction. a voters lining up for primary day in new hampshire. 7 news is live in the granite state. all of that a.d a lot more
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minutes. >> tonight on 7 news at 10:00. >> lynn: they fell in love. got mare read and thought they would live happily ever after until they both ended up facing a life threatening condition. >> it's so strange that the way it happened but great that we've been able to be there for each other. >> lynn: see how this couple beat the osdz and why they say it was their life saving love
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first at 10:00 tonight only on 7 news. >> lynn: all right. that's 7 news at 4:30 thank y y for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 starts now. now on 7 news. >> crara: a mother killed inside her south beach apartment but police will never be able to question the prime tuesday secretary. a new view after a car is stolenned with the a baby in the back seefnlt the search for the driver now in over drive. >> phil: another chilly night in store. we could see some areas dipping into the 40s. >> craig: the first of the nation primary underway as voters head to the polls to voice their choice. tragedy on the t tcks when two trains collide. and fast food fried when a gator is thrown in through a drive through window and now a florida man is in some serious hot water. >> belkeys: and live at 5
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plane making a rough landing at a south florida airport. hello and welcome every one. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craigig i'm craig stevens. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> belkeys let's get trite to that developing story. trouble at perry airport. a plane experience big trouble on landing. hello again every one. the problem with the landing gear is to blame here. >> craig: ralph rayburn over ts the scene in pembroke pines. ralph of. >> reporter: >> reporter: and the runway was the problem theemplet say piper sin na ca. its registered out of columba. two men on board. both able to exit the aircraft once it put down but the geesh did give way. the wing w was on the ground there along with dage you can see to the prop, the one on the right hand side of the aircraft there. fire rescue responded out here
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what thief done now is call the the service folks and you can see they are trying j jng that wing there to get it stab ba liedz underneath so they can secure that landing gear and tow this off the the runway. right now that runway remains closed but all the other ones are active. they tell us no delays for the normal flight coming in and out of here. this all happening in the last 25 or 30 minutes at north per airport looks like everybody will be fine. they will get aircraft removed. that's the story here in sky force hd. reporting live. >> belkeys: now at 5:00, a gruesome discovery on miami beach. >> two small children were advised their mother was sawltd inside their apartment. >> belkeys: ending with plain deasdly decision miles way in miami. officials connectioning the dots after a mother is murdered. >> well, td woman's children making the horrifying discovery last night. >> craig: tonight man who police say killed her is dead himself.
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with the story now. sheldon.
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