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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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you. now on the night team. the polls are closed. and the stakes are high. tonight's results could make or break a campaign. >> 2 candidate coming in with commanding lead but tonight the people have spoken. the night team live in new hampshire. then it's on to south carolina. the night team live in both states with team 7 coverage of the primary fight. hello welcome. >> that's not all we are working on the night team. >> series of surprise attacks. tonight elderly victim savagely beaten shares his story as another victim talks to just one station. the modelel are calling for another chilly tonight but all this cloud cover could act as a blanket keeping us just alittle warmer. members spent years remodeling it. but burglars just hit a south
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and are certain ak 47 rifles firing without any one pulling the trigger? investigative reporter carmel is open the case. this is is a huge voter turn out and i say huge. we won. >> huge and win he did. bernie sanders taking new hampshire. the final members bernie nders 59 percent of the vote to hillary clinton's 39. >> meanwhile on the republican side of all thilive pictures from new hampshire whehe donald trump is speak to go supporters right now. we'll dip into this in a couple of minutes but first let's get you the numbers because you will see why he's one happy man night. decisive victory for donald
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54 percent and come from hind kasich and battle for third, fourth, fifth place. and rubio. good evening. the first votes in the nation first primary have been cast now. >> poll seem to have gotten it right with a few surprise ins this primary fight. we have live night team coverage from the middle of the action in new hampshire. >> to south carolina and calm before the next primary storm. alex there for us tonight but first we go to jeff lennox who is in manchester, new hampshire awful lot going on right now. jeff. >>reporter: yes. it has been a big day and big night here inew hampshire. the primary has wrapped up and now know the resultstst the topnow know the results at the top. donald trump bernie sanders whipping their races for the respective parties and donald trump talking about his big win here in the new hampshire primary. first win in the contest so far. let's go ahead and listen in to donald trump. >> people are going to come into our country but they are going to kilometer no our
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they are going to come in legally. jeans we are going to build a wall. it's going to be built. it's not even believe it or not, itit not even believe it or not, it's not even a difficult thing to do. and bthe way, for the people of new hampshire where you have a trememeous problem with heroin and drugs you wouldn't even believe it y/y see this place and you say it's so beautiful. you have a tremendous problem. the first thing always that they mention to me mr. trump please do something. the drugs, the heroin it's pouring in and it's so cheap because there's so much of it. and the kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. we are going to end it. we are going to end it. end it at the souther border. it's going to be over. and we are going to work and we are going to work really hard to get those people that are so addicted off the habit. we are going to work like thol take care of the situation. it's a huge problem in new hampshire.
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our country. we a2e going to have borders again. we are going to work with you people to help y y solve that very big problem. and we'll get it done. >>reporter: okay. there you have it right there much more confident speech from donald trump this go around after finishing disappointing second in the iowa caucus. ump going home with a big win in new hampshire. again this go around over the top message seeeed to have resonated with voters here in new hampshire. and what really was gave trump the over all whip here in the grn it state. larger ground game from the get go after coming off iowa. more town hall. more stump speeches. he proved that he could really talk to the small crowds. and also pull in the big crowds as well. just last night trump pulled in 5000 people at the verizon reap a. last speech before the primary started early this moing. so trump coming away with a big win on the republican side.
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tonight. bern sanders coming away with a big win. for quite some time he is pulling well ahead double digit ahead of hillary clintononnd tonight did very well among independent voters as well here in the granite state. as we look at this video right here sanders earlier t tight watched the returns with his family and when he was playing basketball a light moment right there on the trail with sanders and two sons that's when he found out that he won the new hampshire primary over hillary clinton. she won that race 4 years ago. now the sanders seen big support among young voters in new hampshire. feel the burn the message you hear when out on the campaign trail. again bernieanders just few moments ago talking about his big win and also thanking hillary clinton forher concession. let's go ahead and take a listen to bernie sanders. >> together jeans we have sent a message t tt we'll echo from
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maine to c cifornia. and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super paces. >>reporter: one more interesting newspaper in the race. he performed very well among democrat who wanted honest and trustworthy canada today. he got 95 percent big number right there of those voters comparedd to hillary clinton who only got 5 percent exit poll on those people who wanted a more honest and trustworthy candidate. now talking about hillary clinton she really had an uphill ballots here in new hampshire coming off the razor thin win in iowa caucuses. a little more than a week ago. we can tell that you clinton
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voters. trying to really speak to them but we saw the voters really going over to the sanders side throughout this race. seen that she knew her fate likely in new hampshire hilary stepped off the trail on sunday campaigning in flint, michigan. talking to voters there about a tainted water scandal going on. a little bit earlier again hillary clinton called bernie sanders conceding this win. here's what she had to say a few moments ago. >> i want to say i still l le new hampshire and i always willnenehampshire and i always will. and here's what we are going to do. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >>reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have another debate coming up early next month in flint. these are life pictures right now.
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kasich coming away with second place on the g.o.p. side. he really had a strong ground game in new hampshire putting all his egg in the new hampshire primary basket and it paid off. he didndn campaign a made stops there but new him. came away with second place. waiting for him to speak a a we have that coming up later tonight right here on 7 news. another interesting point to make we can tell you that 46 percent of republicans going into this race were undecided about who they would vote for. who they would pick to be the nominee for respective party. it shows why we may have surprising results for second place in this race. we have much more on the race from new hampshire coming up a little bit later. live in manchester tonight, 7 news night team. >> all right jeff. there you have it. we have heard from donald trump who has claimed vtory. looks like john kasich there has addressed his supporters. sealed the deal for number two. now fight to the finish for the
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>> let's hanwith the numbers for a moment. we saw ohio governor kasich came on strochblingt cruz a boce for him come out of his iowa victory. governor bush is enough for him to live for another day. he has a lot of cash behinhim so his campaign is not going anywhere. senator rubio there's the storysenator rubio there's the story. hot come out of iowa then ran into the debatdiscussion with christie and that show down may have cost him because he under perform in the view of soableperform in the view of someableist tonight. from the primary fight in new hampshire to the next contest because there is another one that's on the horizon. >> never break for the candidate. they now have their sight on south carolina. alex just got there a little while ago too, alet? >>reporter: welcome to south carolina. the sipe says it all smiling ces and beautiful places. we are in the city of fair play
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the 216 presidential election. overnight the candidates ill come from new hampshire here to south carolina and they will begin crisscrossing this state for votes tomorrow. we have put together a map for you of where they will be. done trump is set to hold a rally in pendleton. ted cruz in myrtle beach tomorrow. jeb bush in hilton head. marco rubio in spartan burg. john case he can in mount pleasant and because of how well did he in new hampshire his campaign is senng 20 staffer here to south carolina. christstie will be here on ursday in pwuvrt and as for the democrat bernie sanders will not campaign here tomorrowwill not campaign here tomorrow. hillary clinton has also notannounced plans to be here yet, however because of how important thistate is no doubt they will eveveually come here. the primary for republicans is
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the democrats i i is on february 27th. no doubt a lot#going on here in the next few weeks. we are here. covering it for you. and we have the latest for you here on 7 news. we are live in fair play, south night team. all right alex. we rididulous for your live reports throughout the day tomorrow as the candidates make their way into that state. and d want to remind everybody now is a great time to down load the 7 ns voice your choice app. it's updated constantly with all of the news from the campaign trail. itks free. you can get it in the app store and google play. live look outside north bay village studio mother nature is keeping it cool once again in south in tonight. it's crisp and beautiful and the we have more of the same. >> phil is in the weather center with more about the nice weather phil. >>reporter: here are your headlines.
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across south florida. expecting temperatures along the coast to be in the 50's t.maybe the western suburb in the upper 40's. sunny wednesday in store. highs will be probably in the mid 60's and the chilly week will stick around at least 50's will stay with us through the weekend. here's storm cracker dry right now and shoul remain dry over the next few days. the fronts are come in extremely moist free. w the key to our temperature tonight is the cloudover. if it sticks awaa around may not allow the temperatures to drop a lot more. model very afrivs. right now temperatures in the upper 50's to the low to mid 60's. now the jet stream will continue to push along series days so the cool temperature will stick around for at least a few more days. waking up tomorrow to 51. 47 on thursday. and 50's at least through
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we have a lot more on this agent bit later on. and now an elderly man brutally beaten. in unprovoked attack. >> i didn't know he had nothing and he just struck me over the head. >> he wasn't the only one. >> t ts happened so fast. >>reporter: night team with new details on the crime spree. one of the men left bloody and bruised but says he feels sorry for his aacker. >> another victim is speaking exclusively to the night team tonight. robin is live. one of the crimes she's in lawed hill. >>reporter: those injuries incredibly difficult to look at and that attack happened here at this gas station. second stop on a little mini crime spree. 22-year-old walker's mug shot. police say he took a pipe to the face of this man 81-year-old douglas busch during a sunday morning crime spree. his face covered in bruise was two black eye and 18 stitches
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>> suddenly he came toward me and his hand behind his back and i didn't know had he anything in his hand and he just struck me over t head. >>reporter: the video from the gas similar couple ststped is chill. man starts beating busch and people scurry away insad of helping the couple. finally she gets her husband out of harm's way. >> when you see yr husband being attacked the only thing you think about doing. >>reporter: you don't expect that kind of stuff. i never even seen him. >>reporter: the violence all started with this man who asked we only call him bill. he talked to 7 nuts. too afraid to give full name beach. >> he pulled me out ofy truck like i was a paper doll rag doll or something you know. >>reporter: investigators say walk's second stop was the shell at 4 41 and north west 19 street. finally attack came to dramatic end at the swap sho. police say that's walkerr
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swinging a samurai sword lashing the stunned victim. another vendor managing to grab the suspect and hold him until police arrived. >> wasn't thinking about my life. thinking about the next life. >>reporter: walker told police had he watch the movie polt giingt and wanted to kill evil. 22-year-old need something more thanjust jail time say the victims. >> want to see him get betet >>reporter: you for give him for this. >> why not? yes i do. he needs help you know. i pray for him and his family. >>reporter: walker has been charged with attempted murder. he had an initial appearance before a june today. that has been rescheduled for tomorrow because of medic reasons. reporting live in lauderhill, 7 news night team. >> new details tonight after model of two young children is muered on miami beach. police found the body of miss marks in second floor apartment at the south tower of the flamingo last night. victim children first alerted security
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police say her husband 36police say her husband 36-year-old killed her before they could catch up with him hee killed himself. jumping from the 29th floor of the grand condo in downtown miami. investigators say twice before had been arrested for assaulting his wife. the children both of them under 10 are in state custody until another hearing on the 23rd. miami police searching for a missing woman, 21-year-old karen wright last seen in the brickle section yesterday but her work i.d. badge found miles away at aventura parking lot. her family is obviously concerned. >> she's a beautiful girl. she attends fiu. she is pursuing marketing degree. currently working as receptionist at building in brickle. family girl. loves kid. loves her friend. she's former sorority girl at fiu. great family and up until now we have never had any issues whatsoever with her. we want to bring her pack home safe.
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at her job at the 600 block of brickle's another look at her picture. if you see her you are asked to call 911. security breach at jackson memorial hospital. employee suspected of stealing confidential patient information. including names, social security numbers and addresses. over the last 5 years. an investigation is now under way. the patients will be notified andffered free credit monitoring. just last week two employees nurse and secretary were fired after the hospital determined they leaked the medical records of new york giants star jason pierre paul who had one of the fingers amputated after a fireworks related accident last july. frightening find at new york airport. two people board ago flight to miami taken into custody at laguardia after being caught hiding razor blade in a hat and pair of shoes. tsa found concealed weapons
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40-year-old man and 18-year-old woman arrested. still ahead here from the night team tonight. south in house of worship rocked. years of hard work undone by burglars. >> pilot having trouble putting it down easy. rescue crew racing to a runway in south florida. >> off the pipe and into trouble. danger on the job for south florida worker. >> is there a dangerous defect in a certain deadly weapon? investigative reporter is on the case. you are watching south florida's night team first at
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isis can. south florida church say their members are keeping the faith despite a devastating blow by burglars. building that members spent years renovating. stripped bare. >> ann has more on this unholy t. >> open it and took all of that out of here. >>reporter: the pastor thought he would be giving us a tour of newly opened temporary housing option for church members in need. >> they cut the fire alarm here>> they cut the fire alarm here. >>reporter: thieves took that away. copper wiring stripped from the building. when you come and see this. >> oh,>> oh. i was about to give up. >>reporter: the thieves going room to room ripping out walls. miami police calculating a 15miami police calculating a 15,000 dollar loss. >> we trust that they will search themselves and know what injury they have done.
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were an inspection away from opening their doors. long time endeavor as temple missionary baptist church purchased a building more than a decade ago. >> feel to be right there to get your dream to fruition. tear your hearts out. >>reportrt: they feed and clothes any one in need do it every tuesday in the over town neighborhood. reaching on average 250 people. >> that's not right. to be stealing from somebody else that help somebody else get off the street. >>reporter: heart breaking burglary overnight january 23rd even getting the attention of the state attorney's office. staff members on site to speak with the pastor who says they just don't have the funding to fix this. and he's hopeful some one saw something. >> does not shatter my faith. i believe out of every evil there is some good and some good has to happen. >>reporter: so if you have&any information for police you are urged to call miami-dade crime
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the screen. remember you can remain anonymous. reporting in over town, 7 news night team. >> bumpy ride on south florida airport. small plane sliding to stop at north perry airport in pembroke pines when part of the right landing gear collapsed. wing and one propeller hitting the tarmac. crew make temporary repairs and they were able to tow the plane to a hangar. two people on board were not hurt. an accident at constction site in south west ranches. worker was injured after large pipe fell off a crane and landed on him.. it happened in the area of south west 207 terrace near griffin road. the worker was traraimportanted to memorial regional hospital. >> class action lawsuit takes aim at south florida gun dealeraim at south florida gun dealer. he claims certain ak 47 rifles can fire unexpectedly without somebody pulling the trigger. investigative reporter tonight
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carmel? >>reporter: watch the demonstration of ak 47 rifle firing without a person's finger on the trigger. the scenario is central to class action lawsuit recently filed in federal court. >> you don't think of a gun firing without engaging the trigger. when you see that happen, when you see that happen, that's scary. >>reporter: fort lauderdale attorney marino represent a missouri man who says his ak 47 was being handed to him by some one at gun range when it fired. nobody was hurt. but he is suing century international arms claiming quote it is only a matter of time before individuals are seriously injured or killed. according to the complaint the del rey beach company manufactured and sold thousands of allegedly defective ak 47
10:23 pm
country. >> this is because of the design defect in the rifle. >>reporter: gun safety went on designed to prevent a weapon from accidentally going off. but the lawsuit alleges that when this lever is raised above the safe position the rifle fires. even without some one pulling the trigger. >> loved one may be in a way of one of the discharge bullets and these are powerful weapons. tu can sustain a very serious injury. >>reporter: the lawsuit also claims century has known about the defect but failed to warn customoms or issue a recall. the plaintiff points to this you tube video posted in january 2015 where another demonstration provides up close look using an unloaded rifle. >> i'll rotate this safety
10:24 pm
that it's going to make contactthat it's going to make contact. and it trips the trigger. now again if we had a loaded firearm here, kaboom. you have a round go off. >>reporter: any issue involving guns is bound to be highly charged. especially in an election year. marino says he expects the lawsuit will be viewed as being politically motivated. >> there's no doubt that in my opinion that this is going to be perceived as an attack on the second amendment. it is not. i'm a gun owner. this is not against people's right to bear arms. >>reporter: century international arms attorney sent us an e-mail reading it is century's policy not to comment on pending litigation. however century will be vigorously defending itself against this lawsuit. carmel, 7 news. and if there's something you think carmel should look into give her a call or e nile web site. also tweet her at carmel on the case.
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big win in the race for the whithouse. our first primary in new hampshire and bernie sanders takes it. 59 percent to hillary clinton's 39 percent. decisive win for bernie tonight in the granite state. >> first place finishes not ch of a surprise. polling had been telling us this in the last several daysbut especially the g.o.p. side if you look at those numbers. couple surprises there how well governor kasich did here. ted cruz and then let's look at jeb bush and marco rubio fitting for the slot there in fourth place. we'll look at this with our political ananast when we
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new hampshire could be a
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changer for the candidates. bernie sanders on top on the democratic side. which we expected. >> yes we d.over on the republican side donald trump also came out on top. also expected. he was leading in the polls there for awhile governor john kasich on e other hand that was somewhat of surprise and tetecruz, jeb bush and marco rubio basically duking it out for third place. they are really, really close together there in the numbers. >> i started to say new hampshire is a game changer for some of the candidates. >> dr. charles political science professor from south east university is in the mr. ex for us with his perspective after tonight's primary. what does that say to you charles about politics and the washington establishment app how people in america are starting to feel about it. seems like they are making a statement tonight. >>reportrt: people are fed up. things have gone. they are fed up with the congress doesn't work. they are fed up with different
10:28 pm
republicans are fed up with are different than what the democrat are fed up with. they are fed up with the way things have been status quo. as a result two candidates who very much are fighting against the status quo the not only won but won by prettgood margins. >> if we can for a second let's focus on the republican side of this which in terms of horse race is intfresting and item that screws moved on the wire when you started speaking so i don't think you have had a chance to see this won't come as surprise that governor cristie is in the word of, being quoted here going home to new jersey to take a deep breath and take stock of his presidential bid probably not a big surprise given his poor performance this evening. effect activity it seems through a kneecap at senator rubio slowing his momentum but he didn't benefit from that. >> no.
10:29 pm
doesn't always pay off. he took out rubio. kill his momentum but the fact that rubio is scoring higher in the race than chrisie and neither doing particularly well is a sipe they sort of almost like a due el they point pistol an shot an both injured by it. in the case of christie he just esn't have the money to continue on in the case of rubio, he does have the monon to go on to south carolina and most likely in nevadan beyond that if he can rise up again in the poll. >> speaking of money we know that governor bush has as we look at senator rubio, governor bush has a lot of money. a lot of organization. he can go on. what is tonight's placement for him, virtual tie at this point from what i have seen with senator rubio. what does it say for him going forward. >>reporter: he came in currently he's fourth. he mighth come in third. he might end up fifth. he needs he needed to do well
10:30 pm
professor to his backers that i'm ready to the kick the fight i can move on. he didn't do so badly that he would drop out but he didn't exactly help his case either. as long as he's got the funding, though, he can go to south carolina where he has strength. he can good to nevada and try to make his case but he needs to start coming in second and third not fourth or fifth. if he expects to move on in the race. >> tell heading into south carolina what can we expect to see from some of the candidate that really need to bring up their game if they expect to win any of these primary. >> a lot of fivrjts you can expect to see them pushing as hard as they can against those they perceive as the immediate threat. the question is and we won't know until this week, is the immediate threat the governors and rubio going after each other again?
10:31 pm
up on trump? it really in a sense there's still all fighting to be the alternative to trump and if they think in those lines you are going to see more of the same attacks on each other and trump is sort of off on his own with a free hand. at some point somebody has to say i'm in second place. i'm taking on trump. just may not be in south carolina. may not even be in nevada but definitely has to happen by the time we start getting to the sec primary and super tuesday. >> one thing at a time. political science professor from south east university thanks again for your expertisethanks again for your expertise. i expect we'll see you again around here. >> i hope so thank you. stay
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homeless man living in south florida and the family he hasn't seen for decade willsoon be together again. the story is on just one station in. reunion all thanks to social media. >> liz is live in miami to bring us this exclusive. liz? >>reporter: this 65-year-old man said he once worked as a printer at the old miami herald now he spent nearly the last decade living on the streets blocks from where he used to work. now within a matter of days he will see family that he hasn'tt seen in even more than 10 yearsseen in even more than 10 years. the t.chico's life business to change. >> ty want to be here when my sister get here. >> i'll bring her to you. >>reporter: he hasn't seen his
10:33 pm
in almost 40 years. tuesday night chicoeard looup voice first time in decade. can you be ready friday or saturday. >> y@s. >>reporter: he spent almost 10 years walking and living on the streets of downtown miami coming to this spot in the shadow of the adrian art center every tuesday for food and comfort. that's where he met gabby. >> there's people out there that give a darn about mexican americans like me. >>reporter: after she shot this video. >> guadalupe, had is chico i miss you all very much. >>reporter: she got isaac or chico message on to his siblings. >> howoes it feel to finally talk to them again. >> it's awesome. i am so overwhelmed. >>reporter: so is he.
10:34 pm
they are, they are my hero now. they are my hero. they are my people now. my saint. >>reporter: chico night on the streets are now numbered. >> i'm dump founded, you know. just i might not be coming backjust i might not be coming back. >>reporter: he's not coming baba. he's going home to his relatives. >> take care mutual 0. >>reporter: the 40 year gap is about to close. chico's sister is drivinhere from north carolina starting friday morning. she hopes to be here in downtown miami saturday afternoon and take him home to all the rest of his family while he waits for his birth certificate to start putting his life back together. all of this thanks to the help of social media and one generous woman who took an interere in him. we are live in downtown miami,
10:35 pm
>> by the way broward county has some homeless shelters available due to the cold weather for tonight especially for tomorrow night. this is how the day shaped up. morning low in the 50's to low to mid 60's afternoon highs mid to upper 60's. 70 in key west. right now temperatures are in the low 60's, 59 in miccosuke, the wind out of the west south west at the coast 14. humidity at 62 percent. now it is dry all the front that are coming in are lacking a lot of moisture and it should remain this way at least through the weekend. taking a look at the state temperatures in the 30's along tallahassee by`the way much of central and northern florida are under a freeze warning. temperatures could drop right to 32 degrees. from orlando south 50's and 60's right now but the temperature will continue to come down during the overnight hours. rip current at the beach tomorrow.
10:36 pm
beach boating conditions tomorrow are just going to be dreadful. also an advisory for the keys. 20 knot win. coastal water will be choppy. now next high tide for miami 10now next high tide for miami 10:37. 10:32 fort lauderdale. key largo 11:00 o'clock. 11:23 in key west. clouds around tonight. mostly dry. model are being fairly consistent that it will drop to low 50's in miami. upper 40's in fort lauderdale. low 60's for ththkeys. could be a little colder in the western suburbs an it's also going to be breezy if not down right windy. more sunshine tomorrow. still breezy. high only inhe mid upper 60's and here's your extended outlook.once again model insisting tomorrow actually thursday morning the low will be in the upupr 40's. more cold air moving in all the way t rough sunday. valentine's day the the morning low of 58. that's the 7 on 7.
10:37 pm
isis. imagine. finding the love of your life and then both of you end up facing a life threatening condition. >> lynn shows us how this couple's life saving love pulled them through >>reporter: robin and jeremy counter are the couple every couple want to be. >> we met on j date. it was a very long date but it was a good one. >>reporter: year later they were married. >> you know what you want. you fine it, unite. >>reporter: what they wanted was happily ever after. but this love story had a tragicwist. >> in the milt of 2011 robin found out that she had failing kidneys. >>reporter: dialysis would keep her alive but she needed a kidney transplant. jeremy tooker to treatment as they focused on getting her better. but the love s sry would face another challenge. >> we were focused on her situation.
10:38 pm
>>reporter: jeremy's kidneys also started to fail. >> we think this is nuts. >> didn't run in our families.p >> came out of the blue. >>reporter: doctors didn't know why both jeremy and robin had kidney failure but they did knowoth needed a kidney transplant. >> 110,000 patients wait to go receive a kidney transplant. the the list is growing every year. >>reportrt: they knew the odds of both getti new kidney in time is not good. >> you live for years waiting for that phone to ring. >>reporter: all they could do was put the names on a list at eveland clinic florida and wait t.cherishing t tir time together even if most of it was spent in dialysis cirs. >> i don't wish it on any one. but it was nice to do it together. >>reporter: they waited three years for the call. jeremy's came first. he asked for the kidney to be given to robin. >> it wasn't just to get a
10:39 pm
>> i said thank you but you keep it. it's for you. >>reporter: after the transplant robin helped jeremy recover. wondering if her call would ever come. worrying they would never have the chapters to grow old together. but justin days after jeremy's surgery, her call came. >> i just screamed. mind you we had been waiting at least three years for this type of call. all of a sudden boom boom there it is. >>reporter: even the doctors at cleveland clinic could not believe it. >> it was a coincidence. it was a beaeaiful coincidence. the to have the support they have jor each other an also help with the transplant and life afterward. >>reporter: robin and jeremy know they have faced bigger hurdle than most married couplehurdle than most married couples. they believe if their life saving love got them throughout this, it can get them through nichlingt i wouldn't want any one else by mside. for anything. >> we are extremely blessed. that we have each other.
10:40 pm
>>reporter: jeremy and robin have to be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives but they say that is a small price to pay for their happily ever after we wish them the best. in the news plex, 7 news night
10:41 pm
heat just not there. lost two straight home games against better teams from the west. tonight san antonio without duncan. first quarter heat in white. wade made 9 of the first 10. he had 24. the heat lead by four after one. second quarter white side working unrneath gets the lee up and foul. heat are still up by four points. but then late in the second drives. he gives it to aldridge. he had a game high 28. heat down by 7 at the break. third quarterarker steals and goes coast to coast. trying to cover him. backward. heat down by 10 after three. in t t fourth quarter the 3 falling down hit. gets the foul. during the foul shot watch the right of the screen. white side elbows bob in the face. white side kicked out. heat lose 119-101. 29-24 in the all star break for the next 10 days.
10:42 pm
they will retire shaq's no. 32. the ceremony will be next season. shaq helped the heat win the first championship. in 2006. you. >> it was an absolute pleasure to have him here. i think because of his presence in 20066 along with an he mentalin 2006 along with an he mentaling dwayne wade. we won the first championship. honor to have one of the greatest player in the history of the game to have new jersey hanging from the rafter. >> everyone down there d wade and hazlem. >>reporter: it was0 years ago. win is a win but tonight was hairy canes at home against pittsburg. trail as many as 8 in the first half. he beats the clock. for three. um down 4 at the brick. 15-4 run. rodriguez to read. bucket. um leads by 7. 30 seconds to play. canes up 3.
10:43 pm
ties the game. tie game 7 seconds left. mclellan for 3. no good. tips. rodriguez smallest guy on the court tips it in. canes lead two second and a half to play. contact no foul. pit coach ipissed. um beats pittsburgh. canes 19 and 4 8 and 3 in the conference. >> the other day me and my team mates were talking about making play and making fun ope bus i'm short. now i have a place something to brag about now when i get back to the locker room. >>reporter: go big manhis was scary. forth caroline coach williams collapses during the second half at boston college. williams was help to the locker room. reportedly doing fine. unc beat bc by only three points. without these players the panthers try to snap a two game
10:44 pm
panthers in white. 3 goals. the 11 for him. panthe at that time lead 3 nothing. 22 seconds into the second off the face off. alex whistles it. 4ing in panthers. then late second period it's 5then late second period it's 5-2. hubert on the wing 17 for yagerhubert on the wing 17 for yager. 6-2. they squared off three times in the game here. takes a shot in the face. right there. but the panthers beat buffalo 7but the panthers beat buffalo 7-4. panthers back home on friday against st. louis. st. louis is very good team. i'm steve. that does it.
10:45 pm
>> that is a wrap first at 10:00. ciao ciao.
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