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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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lauderdale to 47 i i west kendall, 58 degrees in key west t. day p pnner is going with a zero percent chance of p rain, afternoon highs once again in the upper 60s. ovovnight lows will be in the 50s but after midnight. as far as your commute is concerned, south florida, you don't have to worry about rain. we have some clouds around but you tone have to worry about rain. i'll have the full forecast coming up. students on edge and the superintendent fed p up. >> it's tragedy. >> policeearching for a shooter after the close call. >> diana: administrators say four shots ended up u on school
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>> ashley: alex de armas is live with the details. >> reporter: olice say that suspect is a known gang member with an a vie len past. he was seen running from the scene here yesterday. take a look at this flier, miami-dade schools police releasing it, hoping to track downwn stanley reagan, a 19-year-old who has a violent history. he was seen running away from carroll city high school with a firearm. impact glass, the only thing keeping bullets outside the building. telling 7 news how staff members got them to safety t. school put on lock down about 50 students still there for extra circular activities. >> soundnd like foot stomping.
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told uso get insiedde. i am proud that the teachers acted professionally and courageous first an and foremost protecting the kids. >> reporter: it happened about 40 minutes after dismissalful an a car was driving east when they started shooting. canines and officers from miami-dade schools police and miami gardens police finding at least eight bullet, two hitting a fence. part of it remove by miami fire rescue for evidence. two other bullets hitting office windows. another incident of violence hitting too close to miami school. >> over 60 shootings. over 20 kids shot and killed in miami. and today, it appears that we have as close as one can get to a drive-by shooting near a school. absolutely unacceable. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capturing some of it.
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we're aggressively pursue inging that >> reporter: let's take another look at stanley reagan. he is a known gang member with a violent past. police are looking for him. he's 19 years old. he is a known gang member with a violent past f. you have any information, that phone number in miami-dade county is 305-471-tips. reporting live fbom miami gardens, alex de armas, today in florida. in the ns now, police searching for a man accused of triggering a scare at a south
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elitsa bizios is live at baptist hospital with the details on that. >> reporter: are ashley, some really terrifying moments here at baptist hospital. police are looking for a guy who walked in, threatened to shoot, threatened to kill peopleful let's get you right to that surveillance video of ho they're looking for. he is described as a heavy-set male about five feet nine in. s tall in his0s. he was last seen wearing a gap hoodie sweatshirt. he walked into baptist hospital asking for a nurse. when he was told by an employee he would need a badge to access a secure area he resnded by saying quote you heard of shootings at theaters and schools, now you will hear about a shooting in an a hospital today. i just want to have a little murder, end quote. again, imagine to hearing those wordrd the employee did the right thing, alerting authorits. the hospital releasing the
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when made are of the situation at the hospital, security followed protocol and alerted authorities. the individual in question was seen leaving the hospital, enquote. of course, hospital teaders here are working with miami-dade police department. and they are looking for this man. there is an active search for him. let's go to that crime stoppers banner to show you what this guy looks like one more time. he is described as a heavy-set male about five feet nine inches tall in his 30s. if you've seen this guy or know anything about this situation, you are urged to call crime stoppers immediately t. number 305-471-tips. for now live outside baptist hospital, elitsa bizios, today in florida. all right. 5:06 is now your time. a woman caught on camera stealing medicine intended for a 14-year-old boy. that incident happening near southwest 22nd avenue and 23rd terrace in miami.
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with dark shades and black purse swiping the envelope with the medicine, putting it in her purse and making off with it. cameras captured a male driver with her. >> there was a male driver in the car. our neighbobo saw him when he was taking the driver out. >> diana: the teen takes the pricey medication on a daily basis. the dad is hoping to get justice after the crook ripped them off. call crime stoppers 305-471-tips with tips. now onto the race for the white house, the the republican presidential field getting a lot smaller. chris christie and carly fiorina dropping out after disappointing finishes in the primariful
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trail. >> in south carolina, donald trump seemed to be stunned as he walked into his first rally in the state held in a livestock arena. >> what the hell kind of a building is this? what is this? >> reporter: trump fresh off his primary in new hampshire speaking in pendleton as two rifles, chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out. >> we did a good thg. place. and we won it big. >> i think america's hungry. they're hungry for a good leader. >> means business. knows what he's doing. he's great. i believe he's going to do it. >> reporter: rye l values barn storm the stateful john kasich second in new hampshire campaigned in mount pleasant. >> in new hampshire, i had
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and i td them last night the light overcame the negative of campaigning an i feel great about it. >> reporter: ted cruz stumped in myrtle beach. he plans to spend every day in south carolina before february 20th primary. >> the great thing about iowa and new hampshire, it's narrowed the field and given south carolina clear choice. >> reporter: jeb bush campaigned in bluffton after coming in fourth and took use of trump's pro fanty. >> here's another thing, unless i'm caught with a camera i can't see, i'm not going to use profanity in public. sixth. on the other side, bernie sanders placed first and met with al sharpton on wednesday. hillary clinton placed second. neither democrat has started to campaign in south carolina yet. here in south carolina t 20th. the democratic primary is
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in pendleton, south carolina, i'm alex diprato, today in florida. >> diana: and now is a food time to down hoed the voice your choice app. we update it frequently with the latest from the campaign trail. breaking overnight. the latest of four armed occupiers of wildlife refugee in eastern oregon are saying they will turn themselves in after the fbi surrounded they will. it played out on the internet beginning wednesday night via a phone line being live streamed by a a acquaintance of one of those occupiers. and lawmakers calling on the iranian government to step up thor is p. for missing agent from south florida. the bill sponsored by bill nelson to look for bob levenson. he went missing nine years agag tehran has denied any
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president francis will travel to c ca to unite the roman catholic church an eastern orthodox churches. it will p happen for the first time friday as part of an effort to heal the thousand year divide between the east and the west. the meet willing be the first ever between pope an sitting patriarch. they will meet at the international airport where they wiwi sign a p joint deck ha ration. the move being seen as a step in the right direction. >> the move being seen as good thing. degrees hope francis will travel to cue u baa for a six-day tour of the country. time n to check on stories in the days ahead. >> ashley: omar lewis is live with that. >> omar: good morning. attorney general will be praying police. she will highlight doral police department blue courage
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between police and community. n an official swearing in ceremony for police director juan perez. he has dedicated more than 25 years to the force. he will be sworn in in front of family, friends and fellow officers at port miami. a top ranking official from u.s. border and customs in town. the commissssner will meet with airport and local business leaders to highlight the importance of flower inspections ahead of the busy valentine's day season. and starting today, you can find whateve floats your boat. the miami international yacht show. for more information, head to live in the plex, omar lewis, today in florida. and next from the 7 newsplex this morning. dairy queen wants to be your plus one. the company sweet plans for valentine's day in the trend.
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land after a cruise hit rough weather at sea.
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break. well cool back. a cruise ship is f fally back hole. >> ashley: they had to tush back after rough winds. passengers on that cruise spoke about their experience. >> we're ha pi to be on landful it was a scary couple of daysful
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there was little communicatn. it felt -- at one point that i wasn't going to see my fally geb. >> 150 mile ab hour winds, the whole ship was on 45 degree abbing angle for four or five hoursful >> stuff was flying everywhereful thehe safest place to be was on the bed totally face downful if you sat u up, the motion sickness wasut of control. >> ashley: deck push theture sent flying everyere and waves
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there was damage to state rools. passenger wills get a voufer. florida. 47 in poll poll, weston, 50 degrees, davie 51 to 49 in miramar. in miami-dade, it's 50 degrere in hialeah, 50 in miami beach including palmetto bay and homestea
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torch key. wind direction will stay this wa the next few days and ranging 5 to 8 mile an hour. the ma showing it will spread to the eastern halfful we are expeing snow and up to two feet of snow will be possibleful we're going to be looking at below average temperatures. the average high should be about 77, 76 degrees, dry and not as chilly goingnto friday morningful high pressure will be in place. it will be nice an dry this weekend with temperature readings nearing p seasonana values as another cold front will be on the move saturdayful now remember we're not used to these long stretches of these
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pets and plants and fires. be careful with those space heaters that we don't use all yearlongful if your plans take you beach or boating, use caution around biscayne bay and the keysful 10:37 is next high tide in mile -- miami, 11 o'clock in key largo. tonight p upper 50s and nearing 60s in the keys with your temperatures calling on being a little warmer going into your valentine'sful and trending this morning, dairy queen releasing a new treat for singles just in tile for valentine's dayful >> ashley: that's right. it's mix of salted caramel,
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dq ice creful while you might consider ice cream in a breakup, they're hopin to celebrate singletonful ahead on today in florida. from boats to art work, south florida gearing up f a weekend full of sun in the sunful and we have been asking you asking you to send in your picturesful one of fort
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viewerful that's gorgeous. miami gearing up for a big weekend. >> diana: and in other parts of south florida it's all about the art. >> reporter: final preps underway for the 75th annual miami international boat show that kicks off thursday and g gs through the holiday weekend. this yearr a venue change in virginia key. >> we thought it suited the boat show, absolutely perfect for maritime activity what a better place for a boat show. >> reporter: 100,000 people are expected to come to the show and with that comes a lot of traffic.
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nearby key biscayne is going to be limited. the best thing is to hop onto a water taxi. >> they're very detailed transportation plan. we would like people focus on buying their parking and tickets online in advance. >> reporter: and not just the boat show bringing in the crowd, over in the grove, gearing up for the coconut grove art festival. >> 380 artists and we have entertainment, we have family entertainmentful we have a beautiful culinary area where we have about 12 to 14 chefs. >> reporter: and here in mid-town, setups underway for the 30,000 plus expected to shuffle through art wynwood. >> and bringing emerging artists and just something for everyone here this year. >> reporter: in miami, elitsa bizios, today in florida. and for more on the big events to hit south florida,
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back. good news for our viewers. our ordinary reasons have reached an agreement with at&t. >> we are happy that we have come to app agreement and the viewers of south florida have
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great programming on fox. >> diana: in a statement, at&t said quote we appreciate our customers' patienc while we resolve this issue. welcome back. we missed you. >> ashley: great new there. i'm ashley jones. .
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welcome back. shivers across south florida. miami getting the cold shoulder. and two people suspected arrested in a suspected drug house. and sword wielding suspect.
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