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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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pass ps you hepass ps you he he hepass ps you he he he. in less than 24 hours, two schools under fire. this time young children are forced to the floor as a bullet flies into their classroom. >> students and families on edge after gunfjre rings out. and now a community is being asked for help. we have some night team coverage. temperature are dropping across south florida. will they be as cold as last night. what is the reason why you have your fedex truck park in the middle of our most busy road. >>reporter: miami beach mayor on parking patrol. the problem has him fired up and how he's using sociamedia to stop it. debate night for the democrat cal white the republican gear up for show down in the south. >> i'm craig. >> i'm belkys. 7 news continue you now at 11:00 bell nor. now at 11:00. two schools.
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one shot landing in a classroom with student in. >> we were on the floor and we were crying. >>reporter: parents teachers on edge. >> it needs to stop because it involves little kids. >> reporter: the superintendent is out ladies ladies and gentlemened. >> bullet have no place in our community or no place in our classroom. >>reporter: we have night team coverage on both schools under fire. hello again everyone. today's shooting outsi elementary school leaving some teachers and students in tears. >> tonight a new call for calm and renewed fight toen the violence. we have night team coverage and begin with liz at the sce of the latest shooting. >>reporter: this time it was an elementary school. young children inside their classroom. school had barely started. it was 9:30 in the morning. when a bullet came flying through the walls of one of those class roomss. parents clung to the little
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picked them up from school. the school day at francis tucker elementary didn't go how go. >> my teacher turned off the ligh. we went under the desk the and we didn't turn anything off so they won't hear us. >>reporter: that was ter bullets from nearby drive-by shooting at 3500 south douglas road scattered the streets andtore into the innocence of a school classroom. >> multiple rounds were fired. and this one stray bullet actualal hit the portable, went through the glass, ricochet off a wall and almost hit four students. i hugged those 4 children. one filled with tears in his eyes. not understanding whahahad happened. >>reporter: little williams was onene of those four. >> they were on the oor and we were crying. she told to us get on the floorshe told to o get on the floor. >>reporter: parents got word of the lock down by ticket message and raced to the coconut grove school. >> they are innocent children. of some one needs to do something bit.
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parents need to check and see what their children are doing at home. >>reporter: after stray bullet hit second school not so easy for parents. wednesday gunshots want off carol city high school in miami gardens. >> best defense for kids in miami something advertise tear bring broken. >>reporter: police arrested cedric anthony adams a known gang member for witness's shooting. friday even harder for parent to take their children back to scho. even less certain about what could happen outside the classroom. liz, 7 news night team. >> if you have any information abt either of these shootings you are urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers a a this number on the screen. covere continues now with sheldon fox who has a message from the superintendent aimed
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the the in miami-dade county the shooting scenes and body removal aren't reserved for criminals. >> these kid are dropping like flies. the it's our kid. >> step up speak up. >>reporter: too many kids have been shot. and the call is for people to not stand pat. police miami-dade schools superintendent alberto say it's time to stop what they feel is almost as deadly as the bullets fired across town. street code of silence. so many school kidsave been shot across the county that the man who made it his mission to visit schools and families rocked by violence said this. >> i stopped counting at 45 two years ago. >>reporter: but carlo revisited the numbers. >> within a 12 month period 60 kid shot and over 20 are killedkid shot and over 20 are killed. when in over 24 hour period two schools become the victims of drive-by shootings. >>reporter: the drive-by
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miami garaen and coconut grove in the last two days but without any bullet wound. grieving family and classmates dealt with north west senior high crisis of losing four students over few month span to shots in the street. >> i appeal to member of this community who know more than what they are saying. >>reporter: he says legislation could make sure witnesses to violent crimes become better protected so they can report what they s and hear but for now. >> we know a lot of the community members are afraid. >>reporter: fear of mom and dad and their kid andheir kid teachers though is of days like thursday. or wednesday. or any of the 60 plus other days kids came under fire. city of miami police sayinghe same thing. they need witnesss to come forward. they say leads are very dry. they have got nothing regarding what happened here in coconut grove. where we are now sheldon fox 7 news night team.
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superintendent very passionate about this he had lost to say you can hear all of his. on our@ web site. now live look outside north bay village studi cold snap is on its way out and the temperature is ready to rise in time forth weekend. >> here now is phil. >>reporter: so until then we have one mote cool night here across south florida. still a chill.. not as cold as it was this morning. meanwhileal nice cool friday after nice chilly start. there will be a very mild afternoon and that's really going to set us up for a beautiful weekend here if planning an out door valentine's dinner it should be great. meanwhile the stormtracker showing everything is dry across south florida. next
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is monor tougher this is how we woke up this morning, homesteadwoke up this morning, homestead, coral springs, fort lauderdale in the 40's. miami waking up to 50. 53 marathon. key west morning low of 57 degrees. so what's typical is about 62 degrees tomorrow still waking up to 55. 58 saturury and sunday. we should top off around 7or 74 but at night if you are planning an out door dinner itt should be around 65 under mostly clear skies then we warm-up before another slight cool down for wed and thursday. we have more on this a little bit later on. plantation woman sharing her story after experiencing horror at home. video shows man running from her house on tuesday. get away car can be seen picking the person up there. victim says she was showering when the crook broke in. >> i was shocked more than
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he was just shocked like what's going on h he. >>reporter: the thief shattered the glass of her front dooto get inside. she says he stole jewelry. you have information call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. race for the white house. democrat head to head in milwaukee for debate tonight. >> most of the republicans are focusing on south carolina. the site of the next primary. danielle is live in the plex who has it all. >>reporter: i sure do. remaining candidates are stepping up the game. rolling out new ads. bringing in some big names as well with you tonight all eyes are on bernie sanders and hillary clinton as they go head to head in wisconsin. >> in my view the government of a democratic society has a morale responsibility making sure that all of our people have a deents standard of living.
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seep based on senator sanders plan is that it would probably increase the size of the federal government by about 40 percenen. >>reporter: it wasn't just jobs. in the first face to face since new hampshire. hillary clinton and better than sanders pled no punch on the health care plan difference. >> based on every analysis that i can find by people who are sympatheticto the goal the numbers don't add up. >> yes we can guarantee health care to all people in much more cost effective way. >> let me just say once again -- on the republican side birthday wishes for jeb bush but some are wishing he not trump would shake thihis upnot trump would shake things up. >> we see a guy that is talking about china and talking about how other countryhow other countrie rip us off we are trying of it. >> it was an interesting insight and i learned from it and i think i got him. >>reporter: also has his brought who will join him on
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top of mind from rubio. >> i thank god that george w. bush was president of the united states in 2011. but jeb governor bush has no foreign policy experience. >>reporter: ted cruise campaign released new add thsday in the parody of a self-help group. >> roooofor one more. >>reporter: trumpction. >> crews found himself the target of iowa ethanol lobby. >> row illegal immigrant. >> we are just not going to lay back. i think my message will work in the deep south. >>reporter: success ithe south donald trump greeted enthusiastically in louis app thursday. >> once you get to a certain level it changes i will be changing very rapidly. >>reporter: trump will be in 7 news night team.
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you should down load the 7 fuss voice your choice app. it's always up dated with the latest from the campaign trail. historic meeting between two church leaders aday awhich now. pope plan situations heading to cuba second time in less than a year, francis, after playing a key role in helping havana and washington restore relations. this time around he sits down with the leader of the russian orthodox church. two will meet tomorrow as part of an efforto heal 1,000 year divide between east and west. meeting will be the first ever between a sitting pope and russian patriarch. still ahead. delivery driver double parked he was in addresses on collected but this robber leaves store clerk staring down
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altercation on alton road after fedex driver stops to make a delivery in the middle street. he says there wasn't anywhere else to park. >> but the miami beach player didn't think that was okay. and that's when the driver ri drama awn folded. >> what's the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of our busy road. >>reporter: mayor turns meter made. levine fed up with the fedex driver double parking and blocking traffic. >> we dave a traffic problem what we don't want is people to make it worse. >>reporter: don't look far to find it. delivery truckparking legally taking up valuable space on busy miami beachch streets. >> let me ask you a question. >>reporter: so when the mayor saw this guy on 13th street thursday afternoon he took matterss into his own hands. grabbing this is cell phone. shooting 30 second clip and posting it on line with 1 goal that are doublblparking on the
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this is thee exact fire fired up about and you cap see the federal direction truck is literally park in the milt of the road. naturalla lot of people are talking about that video on line. and the reaction is mixed. one person laughing it offsaying l o l try finding there with 50 trucks to saying major problem. glad it's being draesd, mayor. fedex firing off this stuff these matters and serious with those involved the driver drives off as confronted. the mayor shooting his license plate as he pulls away making it east for the two tickets. just picked a bad place to, pa. necessary next i'm he should pull into a proper loading zone
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i hope to love federal ix myself don't problem we have worse. in that statement also saying the behave shown in the video not consistent with company policy. reporting in miami beach 7 news night team. . south florida mother charged after it wasly discovery at her home. paul accused of manslaughter. she had been on a mental health hold for several weeks undergoing a describing evaluation. police found her 5 month old son dead in a freezer in her homestead houseless month. ortiz called deputy from the florida keys saying she was going to commit sued side of her baby boy convenience store robber taking@ng his time. the mask man in no hurry as he walkeded in. he entered the business sunday morning gun drawn and headed to the cashier.
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then walk out i, goaway with 77,000 dollars. happened on north west 81 street and tack rack. if you know something give broward crime stoppers tip. coming up at 11:00 o'clock. it it iing still church out there. >> stretch of chilly but it's going to get a little warmer for a little bit. >> especially through the weekend. we know we have the boat show but we do have value i day this sunday. if you plan on derner outside in the evening looking at 68 grees and mostly dry.
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still chilly across south florida. we are looking at clear skies. miami the wind is calm. 58 degrees right now. as a matter of fact fort lauderdale you are one degree colder. 57 degrees for you.
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percent. key west 58 with the wind out of the north northeast 5 miles per hour. clear for you. right now we are looking at very dry conditions across the south florida. it's been dry fororuite a while and it will stay this way. next best chance for few showers could be next monday and tuesday. meanwhile high pressure will dominate our weather tonight going in to the day tomorrow. now after the chilly start w start to gradually warm-up. item going to be a beautiful afternoon. mostly sunny then by saturday we have another frontery weak front making its way across south florida. almost going to arrive unnoticed. no rain with it. very little as far as temperature change. just a different wind didiction and that's about it. meanwhile here's the marine forecast for tomorrow. n advisory. 15 knot wind. sea up 2 to 5 feet. be careful here. 5 foot sea will be in the gulfstream waters. biscayne bay a light chop. florida keys looking good.
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beyond the reef 2 to 3. coastal water as moderate chop. next high tide dade broward 11next high tide dade broward 11:58 tonight. 1:10 in the morning. water temperature 69 degrees. by the way if you venture this weekend into the beach, be careful. sunday and monday a very high ri of rip current. for tonight mostly clear. overnight lowal the coast between 53, 55, a liltle colder inland for the keys upper 50's to right around 60. tomorrow lot of sunshine after the chilly start temperatures are going to rebound rather nicely. average is 76, 77, start getting there and here's sentenced outlook saturday eezy still cool start. cool start on sunday making it upo 74. mostly dry. monday maybe a shower for president's day. warm-up on tuesday. back for nice little cool down towards the end of next week. that's the 7 on 7.
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heat center white side suspended one game without pay. for this move tuesday night right side of the screen. white side elbs center jeans in the coconut. he was ejected from the game. there it is. now he t out the first fame after the all star break february 19 against atlanta. will cost white side 9,000 dollars. canes gfor win no. 20 this sunday at fsu. coach got it going again. rank no. 11 in the country. 19 and 4. 8 april 3 in the tough acc. making it sound today like any dope could coach these guys. >> at miami can't get anybody to understand. we are not winning because of me. we are winning because of rodriguez educates and mclellan and reid and because they are really good. they really know how to play. >>reporter: he brought all those guys here. first place panthers are back
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louis. st. louis blues are e od. they are just one pointless than the panthers. all opponent are good when you are the hunted. panthe are first in the a team atlantic division. second best in the eastern conference. >> teams ready for us every night. they know that we are a good club and they are going to have a tough gamam. no easy game in the league. to be successful y/u have to play hard every night. >>reporter: second behind washington in the conference. capitol superstar alex scores hat trick inh one period. tonight against minnesota. that was the second. 14th career hat trick. he has 34 goals this season. he's third player in nhl history here and that's all i got. >> yes you are and thank you very much. >> we won't be seeing steve for a few day
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that's a wrap fofo7 news at 11that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao. who aim goi to like. >> won't be the same. >> cut up with. >> c cl craig thanks for being with us.
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classic t.v. show in classic heat style. to talk about hot dogs, there is just one peon to call. man: you know me, snoop dogg life in the dk. >> announcer: they say imitation is theincerest form of flattery, we are not so sure. >> woman: i never let you down. >> man: say you are sorry now. >> announcer: the start get a dramatic reading of justin bieber's zombie. >> chris: come celebrate with deco we are live in miami international boat show were of course there are new boats, a new location, and a boat named after yours truly. >> announcer: now it is the show i've dreamed about as a little girl. >> man: deco drive. >> lynn: hi everyone i am lynn martinez. >> shireen: and i am shireen sandoval and this is s co


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