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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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here's m me security video of that horrified mom who was just trying to get the wash done while letting her 10-month-old sleep soundly. some three hours lawyer and after an amber alert w issued and panic felt from fort lauderdale and beyond. a mom's chevy crews was found ditched around power line road and mick nafnlt baby still signed unharmed. she would be reunited mom. >> did you take that car? >> reporter: and the cops say the guy that put them through hell is now locked up. >> >> reporter: and it took nearly five days to catch with this guy. they called it auto theft and kidnapping. live in fort lauderdale. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: just one taition there when another reas is made after shots we fired at a south florida high school. and security stepped up at another school that also came under fire. 7's jessica hoy is live at
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with this tonight. jessica. >> reporter: this week shots have been fired near three schools in miami-dade county. two schools were actually hit. so far police have made two arrests and just one station there as the latest suspect@ was taken away in cuffs. >> are you part of a gang. >> i'm not trying to talk. >> reporter: just one stati there as 19-year-old stanley reagan heads too jait jaism the late eaflt rest at carol city school on wednesday. he joins cred ik adams who is accused of the same crime. so far no reases in thursday's shooting in coconut grove. a bullet went through a building there narrowly missing a young tield. and the week e eed with stepped up security. then this,. >> boom, boom, boom. it is crazy. the shootling has to stop. the northwest 37th avenue locking down three schools including carol city high. pray for the children.
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religious leaders thvment become personal for me and for pastors and leaders of the community. >> reporter: they say stoppin the violence comes from the help from the public. >> thihi begins with you. >> reporter: carvalho addressing the problem at a town hall meeting hosted by u.s. attorney general loretta lynch who is waiver the dangerous week in hide miami-dade. >> it highlights the need to enforce law enforcement. >> >> reporter: she wants to get the trust between the officers and community so prevent. >> why all the gun shots? >> i don't know. and he is facing a long lits of charges. ve in miami gardens. jessica holly. 7 news. >> also tonight, the pope turning to havana for something that hasn't happened in nearly 1000 years. and something else set to return over the skies flaft fla straights.
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to havana of this historic day. >> craig: the pope met wat pa tree arveg the rush anchor tho gosm church for a short time. >> belkeys: it will be represented for years to come. and we begin with alex deprado live in the satellite center. alex. >> reporter: it is the first time the two have met and took two years for the secret meeting to pull off. itas 1000 years ago the two churches flit. history in havana.a. the pope and russian pay tree ark key raild signing a declaration of religious iewn ma ti between the two chusm. 29 religus leaders then hugging. it happened at jose marty airport. >> we spoke scheerly without half measures and icon fes to you that i have felt the comfort of the holy spirit in this die
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for his humility. fraternal humility and good wishes for unity snoot cathoc church split in 1054 known as great exist iewsm and remain separated over a host of issues including the poan pope and accusations from the catholic church that they try to take follow ners russia. >> at airport pope francis was greeted by you could ban leader raul castro. his second visit there since tept sept b. but on this trip the pope heads to mexico for a five day visit e. has already left havana and on his way now. in mexico he is expected to visit the u u. mexico boarder and pray for those who have died trying to cross into the united states. >> the declarations calls for the protection of christians in syria and iraq and ukraine and urges europe to maintain it's faithfulness to the christian roossments live in the satellite center.
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>> belkeys: okay a alex. >> craig: and there's another historic development in sooling cuba ty today. >> belkeys: a change announcing flights between the island nation and u.s. walter morris has that live at the miami airport. walter. >> >> reporter: well, belkeys already daily charter flights from miami to the airport but almost the first time in 50 years commercial flights to ca will resume and they could take off as early as this fall. >> friday officials in the state department and department of trans 30r taition traveling to havava to sign an agreement for commercial pliets 20 u.s. and cuba. >> u.s. airlines will have flights between any state in the united states and anywhwhe in cuba. >> and raul castro and president o bhavment more than 100 round trip flights in and out of cuba possible.
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other cities in the country. starting next week u.s. ain airlines will start bidding to routes in the decade way decision to be made this summer. >> u.s. carriers will have 15 days to submit their application to the city that they want to rve 20 u.s. and cuba. meanwhile tourism still not lewd. u.s. citizens must clarify their reasons for going to@ cuba under 12 categories. like visiting family.. humanitarian work. a keylement to the broader policy of normalize regulations between the two countries so this, you know, this is more people to people contact. >> reporter: and that deal is set to be signed esday. it will not affect how charter flights are operating. reporting live in miami airport. waltlt morris. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: a smash and cash ate south florida restaurant.
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throwing throa age cinder block through the business. then grabs a cash drawer from the register that happened to be empty and two bottles of wine before taking off. it happened atlas vegas cuban qua scene along sterling road and lake shore drive last month. if have you any information that can help police, call crime stopper at 954 tip tip. >> well, it's a big weekend in ssm the miami international boat show just one plaition place you might want to head out and have fun jiet weather, the weather. the weather will it cooperate? i know the a answer because i've been sitting here since 4:00 and dmekd with phil ferro a couple of times. gorgeous phil. >> phil: it will be bought across south florida. we begin to with tonight. nice and quiet. still a chill in the air just not as cold as it's been over the last few day. saturday, sunday, highs in the 70s. very little humid tid with a
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valentine's day looking great. here ithe very latest as far as the storm tracker is concerned. no rainy wrvment we should remain dry at least until maybe monday night we could see an isolated shower. our best chance for some rain will be on tuesday. 69 degrees right now palm beach. 70 in fort lauderdale. 69 also iniami and key west. and you'll notice very little in the way of cloud cover here across south florida. high pressure dominating our weather. what's typical for a low? 62 degrees tomorrow, we'll be waking up to 57. 58 on valentine's day. we will probably reach a high of about 73 and then if you're planning an outdoor dinner. plan about 65 degrees. maybe a light jacket. monday morning wake up to 64. the warmest morning lk tuesday. and then we kind of go back down into the low to mid 60s. i'll have a lot more on this a little later on.
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>> belkeys: we have a chance now to take you back live to cuba. >> craig: more on the big story of the day. reporter patrick heart man is in havana for us. patrick. we talked about the significance of this meeting in terms of the church but significance of your view as it relates to it happening in cuba and for the government there. >> reporter: absolutely. you have to think not too long ago this was a prior state. it was the country that the united states was actively trying to block from having relations with the rest of the world was trying very much to keep isolated and have a major international religious event like this today where at the end of of the event pope francis said he saw havana one day being called a city, a capital of unity. it make it seem like anything but an up rise in the states so.
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lives grew up in a countryry that encouraged atheism perhaps are catch the fine poiois between catholicism and russianrthodox church. certainly they rea lood today that this was a very important event. an event that was literally hundreds of years in the making jievment unrelate bud still a big deal in cuba today speak of flights now betweenhe u.s. and havana are a go. any reaction from the cuban people on the island patrick? >> >> reporter: interests a lot of sky. we've been bhearg this for some time. really one of the first points of norma la daition between the united states and cuba that would you have for the first time a really since the revolution regular flights service rather than charter service. so cubans have the expectation that this will lead nor flights. cheaper flights we're talking about.
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between the susm and havana. another 90 flights a day 20 u.s. and the rest of the island and major air carriers like american airlines and jet blue saying that want to fly a lot of those fligigs and have said that the flights could become significantly cheaper. ride now just to fly to miami could be over $500 and that is very expensive for just about snifnlt while there hasn't been a signing yet. the 2nd secretary will be here next week to sign. it a lot of details need to be worked out by the end of in imreemplet it would seem there would be regular flight service 20 united states and cuba. we once again and people are very excited about that possibility jive a lot of news coming out of cuba today. thank you patrick report ring for us live from havana this eefnlgt. >> craig: and now south florida schools seem to be struggling to make t great and
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san dar died test. both miami-dade and broward counties received an overall b. broward earned the smallest pro portion of a's. 84 schools and the largest proportion of f's. 29 schools. 167 miami-dade school received a's with 20 nail failing here. to see how your school fared for move tho results just swris visit >> >> belkeys: coming up from the newsplex. a place where danged carar are taken turning into a complete wreck.. this firefight would not be easy. >> craig: and students returning to school when a discovery is made on campus. >> belkeys: and a r an attack ate restaurant and a weapon inside no one expected. >> craig: and it could of ended her life but a south florida turning a tragedy into something else. a woman did. that that is on 7 news at 6:30.
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ierks a story of strenh and perseverance and shot with the story. >> belkeys: and her story nothing but inspiring. rosh lowe has it in to nied night's edition of the low lowe down. >> ts person tried too kill me and what about my family? what a aut my daughter? >> reporter: the scar is there. the emotional pain will never fade but eva lynn ma ta more roz is aware she has been granted the everlasting gift light. the chance to see her two daughters again. >> reporter: doafnt forget. kiss your daughter. don't forget to say how much you love to your family and because you never know if you're going to come back. >> reporter: it is a gift t e sees every day.
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her children. after all eva lynn survived being shot in the face at close range. >> everything was you snow so fast and i just can't remember at i receive the shot to my face. it wasn't here and then the bullet came and toomey o float here. >> reporter: january 24th, 2014, eve lynn was going goat food for her family in the area of northwest 53 street and 7th avenue when she is attack and robbed at gunpoint. >> reporter: when you hear ef vin's stor you understand the magnitude today of the miracle. here you have someone going to get food. the mom is in the car. the gun is fliesd her head and the gun goes off. that the point all she could think about is her daughters. carmel is locked up for the crime.
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eve lynn has been through four surge reevmentz doctors at jackson memorial hospital showed the x-ray im manch the bullet lodged inside of hereck and we what heard from one of her daughters. i'm very grateful for her because she gave me life and my sister. >> reporter: doctor have since removed theullet. look at her three years ago. look at her now and think about clows that bullet and it's fragments came to the main blood vest eflt neck. eve lynn thinks about that and offers this daily prayer. >> i just see my daughter and then i say wow, thank you god for giving me one more opportunity to keep enjoying because it's a maig. >> so this is an opportunity for eve lynn to give thanks. because for weeks she was in the hospital.
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bone but she never questioned why and you cnlt shat per her spirits. she vowed if she made it out, she would inspire others to make them realize there is hope and it begins in the gratitu of every moment. in miami. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> belkeys: grairkts great story. still head night many cities have a park problem. one south florida mayay is take matters into his own hands. >> craig: and one community dealing with a winter nightmare and things would get worse.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: friday, a long holiday weekend is here and it looks like mother nature will cooperate. this morning we had lows in the 50s. all across the area afternoon highs in the 70s. no rain in the rain gage. 70 degrees right now. just about every where in broward. taking a look at miami-dade. 69 across miami and miccosukee and even key west also checking in with a temperature of 69. the wind t of southeast between six and 7 miles per hour. the humidity 61%. storm tracker seeing this everything is dry a across south florida. we hadn't had rain for a white. our next best chance for showers will be next monday. maybe late in the day going in through tuesday. tuesday has the highest chance for rainfall
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weather. nice calm night tonight. still a cool over night a far as temperure are concerned. by tomorrow mild. we get another front moving in but very weak. moving in dry. as a matter of fact it will keep us dry with cool temperature all the way through sunday and early monday. we may see an isolated shower croos th coastal waters late in the day on sunday. so here the the marine forecast for tonight. nod advisories, the winds will be vair able. seas with one to 2 feet. biscayne bay with a light chop. for you throughout the florida ceerks 15 knot winds. inside the reef two do 3 feet. beyond the reef three to 5. coastal waters with a moderate chop. now next high tide miami will be at mid night. and 1:10. >> and clear skies tonight. nice and dry. over night lows in the 50s to the low 60s for the keys. tomorrow doesn't get any better.
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temperatures in the 70s very little humidity. here's your extend out look. sunday wakinin up into the upper 50s. high of 73. on precedented day. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> do t t a strained calf kris bosh will notparticipate in the all-star game selected to the th all-star game bosh would have been playing in the city where hi career be gafnlts he was also scheduled to participate nay three-point shootout. we drew from that as well. fashion bell as all dywane wade enjoying his 123-7b8g all-star weekend. the 34-year-old is averaging 18 points a game this season and doing his best to keep his game fresh. >> i would@ love to be 21 and 22 my whole career. i would love toto be flash my whole career. that's humanly inn impossible in this game. so i've been able to find a way to steal be who a am and not get outside who i am but being productive ttt game. >> keep doing what you d my ma'am and tonight they hope to have the st. lieu i guys singing the blues.
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win in buffalo. the cats remain on top of the of the division but still way they thr are no rule to let them lose. >> when we play well, we can beat any team in the leagu if we're not playing our best game, any one comes in and beets you. and hoping the results will be good for us. two teams that play against. they ral in the mix. keep the month jo going a little bit. we feel good about ourselves and you know. weweot to continue to grow a team. >> the accolades keep file pieing up for shaquille o'neal. just days after the heaea announced they will retire his jersey. basketball namefy na lifort, the former heat center will be inductct but the 15-point all-star and four-poin champion still hold on to one aspect of his game. >> first of f l i would like to thank all these guys on stage. all you guys have inspried me so much expect rick ber rivment he came to lsi and want med 20
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i would rather do it, i would rather do z zo%. too cool for. that and mie dolphins released quart beark brice ma day. that's sports. i'm donovan campbell. craig g d belkeys, back to you. >> craig: thank donovan. >> belkeys: and that's a wr57 for 7 news at 6:00. 7 news at 6:30 is next. have a good weekend.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> danielle: and now at 6:30, a south florida mayor fed up with a fed ex driver take action and capturing a park problem on camera. >> good evening everything. it's no secret that park on miami beach can be difficult and affic can be tough to drive through. now the city's mayor wantsto go after those making it worse. rosh lowe is in miami beach with this delivery drama. >> hey so, let me ask you a question?
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video by now. miami beach mayor fill a.m. april veen confronted a fed ex driver who parked in the street illegally. >> we have a traffic problem but we don't want people to make it worse. >> and thihi was post ond social media. >> reporter: when laveen saw the fed ex 3457b park like this he too out his cell phone and scd made a roshedding. >> i don't have to wait. >> reaction to the video has been mixed. with one person writing quote, lol, try finding parking on alton when you have 50 stops to maifnlgt not truck driver. another person gave laveen kudos. major problem. glad it's being addressed play o they wrote. >> fed ex released a statement that read, we take these matters seriously and will address it with those involved. in the video the x- fed ex employee drive off. however laveen was able to catch his slice ens plate naik easy r police to catch with him and


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