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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 13, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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i'm deborah meeting for the history books in havana. pope francis becoming the firstst pontiff to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. >> that meeting not the only historic news out of the island nation today as liar changes take flight between the u.s. and cuba. >> it looks like the mild weather will contitie for this holiday weekend. i'll have your forecast. >> after 40 years homeless man homelessness coming to an end. heart warming story coming up. developing tonight. chain reaction crash involving multiple cars and the results are deadly. we have it in all a live report
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hello welcome everyone. >> 7 news continues now at 11>> 7 news continues now at 11:00. we begin with the developing story several cars involved in a deadly crash in north lauderdale. hole again everybody. one juvenile is dead on the scene. >> sheldon fox is live in that neighbor with the details on what happened. sheldon. >>reporter: just an awful friday night craig and belkys. we are told it's a rollover wreck and told at first the broward sheriff's office it wawa a 5 vehicle crash. since corrected themselvesnd said three. nevertheless we have big problems here. we'll push it back down that way and show you what is going on. it looks as if there's aar up on the sidewalk. if not up against the wall. this is in the area of the north lauderdale staechlts you have a road completely shut down rock island road right near south west 12th street. traffic being diverted at 12th street and you have got a completely shut down section of road in both directions here on
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lots of police officers here. the investigation still going on. you have got members now of bso out here from an information standpoint coming out to talk to the media. we should be learning more abouthis as well. but we are told that a rollover wreck has taken one life. juvenile and other injuries here out on scene. we have more information just as soon as we get it. we do know there was one offer who overheard the crash then alerted more officers out to the scene.. they are working it as we speakthey are working it as we speak. we are live in north lauderdalewe are live in north lauderdale, 7 news. now at 11:00. all eyes on havana. >> if it continue this way cuba will be the capitol of unity. >> and the pope makes a monumental stop f/r religious meeting years in the making. > we speak as brothers. >> night team with details on the pontiff and the patriarch. >> two coming face-to-face after millenium long f@ud between the two branches of
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>> raoul castro helped make it happen. we are live in the news plex with the details. alex. >> it is the first ever meeting between the two heads of the two churches and took two years of secret planning to come together. it was a brief stop for the pope but his second stop this cuba since september. >> is in havana as pope and head of the russian orthodox church sign a joint declaration of religious unity between the two churches. then pope francis and patriarch hugged. it was nearly 1,000 years ago the two churches split. >> we spoke clelely without half measures. and i confess to you that i have felt the comfort of the holy spirit in this dialogue. >>reporter: catholic orthodox church split in 10 54 known as the great schi and have remained divided over many years including the authority of the pope and accusations by
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catholic church tries to recruit followers in russia >> we spoke about our churches. we agreeagreed that unity is built along the road. >>reporter: declaration calls for peace in syria, iraq and ukraine and your honors europe to maintain its christian roots. meeting took place at jose martin international airport whwhe cuban leader raul castro greeted the pope. after the whirlwind meeting the pope left cuba for mexico. in a light hearted moment the pontiff donned some pwrir 0on board the plane. the pope touched down in mexico city to much fan fare for a 5 day visit which will include a stop at the u.s. border to pray for those with have died trying to enter the u.s. trying to enter the u.s. poperancis is scheduled to visit places most affected by poverty, violence and
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mexico. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. >> more development tonight out of cuba. commercial flights will soo resume between the island and the u.s. island andndhe u.s. walter morris is here now to explain. >> reunion decade in the making>> reunion decade in the making. she's waited 22 years to hug her younger brother mitchell and meet his new wife fresh off one of t t few flights with cuba. >> i'm glad. i'm happy. >> now with the big announcement and maybe easier for family like theirs to stay connected. >> u.s. airlines able to offer scheduled service between any city in the united states and any city in cuba. >> tuesday rep for the state department and department of transportation will sign historic agreement in havana resumeresuming commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba. that means airlines can start bidding on routes and airport 50 years. with the decision on who can
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>> u.s. carrier will have 15 days to submit to the application for the city that they want to serve. >> this is all part of the deal president obama and raul castro made in december. allowing more than 100 daily round trip fleets between the u.s. and island naichlingts e majority going to havana and third spread between 9 other cities which means more options. fernando hn't seen his wife and daughter for 10 years. and news of e new flight has him hopeful he may be able to reconnect with other family members like his mother an brother. tourism still not allowed under the agreement. u.s. system m st clarify with the state deputy the reason for going to cuba under 12 approved categories like visiting family. the brother just one of hundreds of thousands of passengers who already fly between cuba and miami international every year an hoping more commercial flights will lead to more reunion like theirs. >> they need it.
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go back to cuba. >> officials saying this agreement should not affect how existing charter@ flights operate. reporting at miami night team. now on just one stationn video of shooting suspect wanted for opening fire outstse carol city senior high school. reagan arrestethis afternoon. 19-year-old who police say is a member of opa-locka gang is accused of opening fire on another gang member near caus dnesday. some of the bullet hitting the miami garden school. another suspect anthony adams was arrested last night. officials say the gun violence has to stop. >> this becomes personal for me. this becomes personal for pastors. this becomes personal for leaders of the community. >> i want to thank the community for the fact that the community stood up and the community spoke up and it was using information from the community that decide to break the code of silence that we
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arrests. >> mean time stepped up police presence today after shots rang out near francis tucker elementary this coconut grove yesterday. one bullet pierce ago classroom there but no one was hurt. police are still looking for the gunman in that case and another man wanted for the carol city senior high shootingcarol city senior high shooting. if you have any information you should call crime stoppers at the number there on your screen. just one station also with video of 21-year-old student arrested accused of bring ago gun to campus. cory faces several charges inclcling possession of firearm on school property. police say the gun was not loaded. the weapon discovered in a backpack at lindsay hopkins technical education center. vocational school in miami along north west 20 street and seventh avenue. t tthe street saga going on on miami beach. >> what's the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of our most busy road.
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philip levine confronting a driver of fedex truck yesterday near 14thtreet. he told the driver that he couldn't park where he was on the busy stree >> we have a traffic problem. what we don't want is for people to make the traffic problem work. >> it's a warning to all the big truck that are double parking on our main streets. don't do it. >> street saga not just about truck. city sent out a tweet telling resident if they use street signs to lock the bike and not bike rack. they will be seedsed by the city causing quite a sister. member of the city commission addressed that today. >> only supposed to be on lincoln road area but seemed like we were city wide and jacking everybody's bicycle. that's not what it was. >> so clarified now only affects bike on lincoln road as for the mayor video it received a lot of comments on social media. some applauding his actions others complaining there's just enough parking on the beach to
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>> it is a big weekend across south florida. miami international boat show setting sail on virginia key while other parts of miami are all about art. live look outside north bay village studio where picture perfect night as we kick off what looks to be a terrific holiday weekend. >> phil is in the weather center phil i said it earlier when it rains we all want to kill you. bravo we are loving ts weekend's weather. thanks fichlt you have to take it when you can. it's going to be a quiet night here a allcross south florida. we are looking at a cool night. temperatures will be dropping into the 50's and by tomorrow it's going to be a nice mild day. plenty of sunshine. ght breeze. highs will be in the 70's. and right now ventine's'say on sunday. looking beautiful. here's the stormtracker dry. been dry awhile. we could use some rain. next best chance will probably be on tuesday as a little moisture moves in across south florida.
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beach, 65 fort lauderdale. miami 64. 57 here but the big thing here is that there's hardly any clouds around and that's the pattern over the next 24 to 40 hours. average low this time of year. 62. we will be waking up to 57 tomorrowow 58 on valentine's hitting a high of 73, 74 and then at night if you go out for dinner out doors might need a light jacket. temperatures around the mid 60's. monday morning waking up to 64. warmest morning is tuesday then cool down to near typical temperature for the rest ofof next week. we have a lieutenant more in the local forecast a little bit later on >> go back now to the develop story we mention earlier in the newscast we learnh more about the deadly wreck in north lauderdale from police. let's listen. >> this accident and immediately reonded to the scene. what we know at this time about how that accident occurred there was a white
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northbound on rock island road and attempted to make a left-hand rn on tom chante boulevard. when it was struck on the passenger side of that vehicle by a white chevy lumina heading south bound on rock islsld. that south bound chevy spup out and struck a concrete barrier that is on the west side of the road. the vehicle that was impacted was being driven by a female that had a young juvenile, male juvenile as a passenger in the vehicle. that vehicle also spun out and ended up striking a black nissan sentra that was waiting at the intersection on e westbound side of traffic to move. we understand that when the vehicle spun out the juvenile was ejectete from the vehicle and thus pronounced dead here on the scene. the female driver of that vehicle had non-life threateninggnjuries and transported to university hospital. the driver of the chevy lum
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concrete barrier was fine but later on wasn't feeling too well so as precaution n at male driver also transported to university hospital. so in total we had 4 passengersso in total we had 4 passengers. two in the northbound vehicle that was attempting to make a left-hand turn. one in the vehicle that was heading south bound and one rson in the nissan sentra that was static on the westbound side waiting for traffic to move. total of three vehicle involvedtotal of three vehicle involved. >> the juvenile. >>reporter: a little more information on the terrible terrible accident involving several vehicle that is left one person dd in north lauderdale. should we learn more in the next few minute we'll bring it
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>> sheldon is keeping an eye on just one station. owe emotiona recun between woman and homeless brother after he spent almost 10 years living on the streets of miami. hadn't seen his sister or anybody else in his family in nearly 40 years.
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again. danielle knox explains how they were finally reunited. >> tonight recognize me? >>reporter: with a hug and tears 65-year-old isaac better known as chico nights of homelessness have ended. the hug lasted severalal minutes. his sister traveling from north carolina to s%e a face she hadn't seen m 40 years. it's almost like they can't believe it. >> do you know how hard it was to get here. >>reporter: happy ending. every happyening has a beginning and fairy god mother of sorts. >> this is check 0i miss you very much. >>reporter: : this woman changed chico's life. >> i'll bring her to you. she'll come to my house. >> for the last 10 yourself khibing 0house the streets of downtown miami.
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free meals near the art center on tuesday. when she learn he hadn't seen his family since he was 25 years old. uhe made this video and social immediate contract did the rest. on tuesday night chico heard his sister's voice for the first time in decades. >> can you be ready friday or saturday. >> you going to come down here. >> yes. >> my youngest. aaron. >>reporter: now she is not just a voice but a face. with loved ones who can't wait to take their loved one home. yes. i said a prayer for you all. >> thank you. >>reporter: don't let go is what he said to her. ironically she said to him one of her other sons his name is isaac. in miami lakes 7 news night team. just one station tonight.
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hopes you can solve unholy act. members of the faithful dedeverance temple found the church dark. they noticed somebody had robbed their hse of worship. >> turn out electric to break in. upon check in we notice that all of oururquipment, all the amp were gone. guitar gone. music system was gone. >> not the second time the church located on north west 11th street and seventh avenue has been hit. few years ago the ac unit was stolen as well. if you know anything that can help investigators give crime stoppers a call at this number on the screen. >> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. the weather. oh,oh. the weather. it has been so lovely. >> why we live here perfect timing. a lot of folk have a holiday wean. >> lovely on sunday.
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afternoon about 73. then planning out door dinner it's about 65. maybe a little light jacket or maybe cuddling will be just fine.
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for the weekend is here and it's a really nice one. right now we are looking at 64 degrees. mostly clear skies in miami. the wind is calm. 65 for you in fort lauderdale. 7 miles per hour winds. humidity at 70%. key west really doesn't get any better. clear skies. a temperature of 64 degrees. now as far as the rainfall is concerned,d,ell we are looking at conditions across the keys. fort lauderdale and miami. very dry right now. as a matter of fact we have been pretty dry for the last few daypretty dry for the last few days could use a little rainfall next best chance for showers will be next tuesday. here's the marone forecast. no
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15 knot wednesday. biscayne bay moderate chop. florida keys 15 knot wind as well. coastal water with a moderate chop. next high tide 12:55. 2:14. water temperature at 71 degreewater temperature at 71 degrees. by the way if you are venturing into the beach sunday and monday there is a high risk of rip current so be sure you swim at guarded beaches. tonight temperatures in the 50's except for the lower key. clear by tomorrow just going to be beautiful. sunny. high near typical values for highs except for the keys. but the wind coming out of the north keep the humidity very low so beautiful pleasant day then as we move in throughh sunday, fay for low. 73 for high. maybe few showers late in the day on president's day here's e better chance for some written fall. that's going to be the warmest day of the week then we are back to near typical temperatures. that's the 7 on 7.
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what's up south florida. start the sports party with the florida panthers who got off to the 6 game homesteadthe 6 game home stand sging the blue. turns 44 on monday. rst period. derek off the rebound. giving them the 1 nothing lead. then all blue. david check this out. with a little slapper just past roberto for the equalizer. scored three goals in the firstscored three goals in the rst. second gym of the season. panthers give up three goals if the first period. st. louis showsim up two. cats down 4-one. make things interesting. campbell and johnson for the goal. down by one 2 minute later.
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florida falls 5-3. heat star bosch will not participate in the all star festivities because of strained kachlt wade enjoying media day in toronto. sixth all star weekend. 34-year-old is afternooning 18 points a game this season and doing his best to keep his game fresh. >> i would love to be 21 and 22 my whole career. love to be flash my whole career. that's humanly impossible. in this game so i have been able to find a way to still be who i am. not get outside who i am but still be productive in the gamestill be productive in the game. >> the fins make some moves friday. cut quarterback bryce mccain from football to soccer friday night. appearance take on thewolverines. frankie. who got foot loose in the
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three titis for the hat trick. a beef all season. 3 goals giving him 59 on the season. berlin wins 5-2 cap off undefeated season with the first state soccer title. con water from to the wolves reasons. that's sports. now back to you. >> thanksonovan. that's a were for 7 news at 11:00. ciao co everybody. have a great valentine's day. you too dc. ciao ciao. >> i'm craig. have a good night and have a good one. you too my wife. see you monday.
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