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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but i had never heard of that before. >> jeff: a south florida man talking after he says he contracted the mosquito-borne illness. i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons. 7 news at 6 starts right now. good evening. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. >> jeff: walter morris is live in the satellite center with more on his death. walter? >> reporter: justice antonin scalia dead at 79 years old. this is the latest information. according to reports, justice scalin found dead at the west texas ranch while on a quail huning trip. he got there to attend a party with furt other people after a day of hunting. whenee didn't appear for breakfast, the worker went to
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early reports say he died of natural causes. scalia, the longest-serving justice on the court. of course reaction has started pouring in and this statement from justice john roberts on behalf of the court and the retired justice. i'm saddened to report that our colleague, justice antonin scalia has passed away. he was an extraordinary justice and his passing is a great loss to the court and the country he so loyally served. we extend our deepest condolences to his family. and former president george w. bush also sending his reaction saying, laura and i mourn the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he was a towering figure and judge on the nation's highest court. he brought intellect, go judgment and wit to the bench and he will be missed by
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lauren and i sent our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to his wife, 9 children and family. this is live in washington d.c.. you can see sun has just set and we'll continue to follow the story. back here live to the center, walter morris, 7 news. >> jeff: all right, walter, thank you. >> robbin: and as the longest-serving supreme court justice, antonin scalia leaves behind quite a long legal legacy. >> jeff: we look back at his life on and off the bench. >> i antonin scalia do solemnly swear. >> reporter: the first italian american to sit on the nation's highest court. justice antonin scalia was a conservative in thought but not in personality. antonin gregory scalia was raised in the elmhurst of new york city. the only child of the scisilian born college professor and school teacher mother. they instilled in the precocious child a love of debate.
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i studied real heard. >> reporter: he was a top student and scalia's interest in law began in college and so, too, an interesd in maureen mccarthy with whom he later married and had 9 children. his exuberant embrace of conservative attracted the attention of republicans and president reagan ultimately named the 50-year-old federal judge to thehigh court in 1986. there he developed a reputation as a reliable conservative. and his own style helped liven the public face of the high court. >> some of the other justices were already on the court and had been on the court for awhile and well, if the new guy gets to ask all these questions, i'm going to sort of step up and ask some questions, too. >> reporter: on abortion, the death penalty, affirmative action, homosexual rights. scalia clashed early and often with more moderate or left-leaning bench mates. >> if he was trying to get
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was harder when he would use more combative language. but, you know, as much as they would say, you know, i'd like to strangle him, you know, he was still their's in many ways. >> reporter: and he helped to hone a creative d cruel streak in his writings becoming a master stylist. he quoted cole porter, shakespeare and sesame street songs. off the bench came admiration from young conservatives who wrote websites and books in tribute. and the hunting trip with vice president cheney at the same time the court was considerinin a lawsuit against the number 2 over access to privileged documents. the scisilian gesture some interpreted as obscene and captured by the boston newspaper. he called it dismissive in nature. justice scalia, a man both respected and dismissed, feared and celebrated.
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the larger than bench figure. someone who embraced both the law and a life beyond the court. >> reporter: a judge who combined sweet smarts with a well calculated conservative view of the law and society. >> i'm not driven. i enjoy what i'm doing. as soon as i no longer enjoy it, i'm out of there. >> reporter: cnn, washington. >> jeff: we'll have much more on the death of justice scalia coming up right here on 7 news. >> and we are taking a live look at mexico city. the north end of the city at the bisilica of our lady of guadalupe. and the pope having mass there during his trip to mexico. >> reporter: this is a 5-day trip for the pope and just saw him arriving two days ago. and very outspoken against the
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stages of this trip talking about drug violence in the country. >> robbin: and the pope's shrine at the ceremony where he first arrived in mexico. this morning the pontiff met with the president at the national palace. >> reporter: and the pontiff meeting with several bishops calling on them to help protect the mexican people from the violent drug trade in the country. >> robbin: and embracing the head of the russian orthodox church. the patriot coming face to face with the two branches of christianity. they signed a joint declaration of religious unity. then the declaration calling for peace in syria, iraq, ukraine and asking for europe to maintain christian roots. >> jeff: and right now pope francis holding mass in mexico city. stay with 7 news on air and online for continuing coverage
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on air and online. >> robbin: the search is on for the shooter in south florida ofl a teen. it happened on southwest fifth street and 10th avenue in little havana. you can see investigators there on the scene collecting evidence. they say the 16-year-old was walking when someone in dark clothing appeared and fired several shots striking him in the leg. that victim rushed to jmh where he's recovering tonight. the shooter is still out there. if you have any information, call police. >> lauderdale claiming the life of the child. the 4 year old was ejected when two cars collided nor tam oshanter boulevard. one of the cars spun out of the control crashing into the barrier and then a third vehicle. >> we understand when the vehicle spun out, the juvenile wawaejected from the vehicle and thus pronounced the dead here on the scene. the female driver of that vehicle had non-life
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ansported to university hospital. >> jeff: they do not believe speed or alcohol were factors in the crash and are investigating to see what caused all this. >> robbin: taking a live look outside the north bay village studios. a gorgeous lovely weekend out there. south floridians and visitors, i'm sure, falling in love with the weather. >> jeff: and meteorologist brent cameron live in the weather center with the details. brent? >> brent: that's what's going on this time of the year for us and here's the latest. we had a lot of weather in which temperatures have either been on the warm side or on the chilly side. and we're now managing to get right in between so a nice breezy pattern in store for us as we continue this holiday weekend. the breeze coming in not yet off the ocean and out of the variably direction 6 mph out of the northwest and at the coast
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definitely in place with the area crossing the weekend. it's widespread across the region and courtesy of high pressure and then it's going to the sprinkles on the breeze and then it's the forecast for the couple of minutes. and after saying he contracted the zika virus while in haiti. >> all of a sudden i felt this huge, huge headache. it was literally the strongest headache i er felt. >> reporter: he says he came down with the virus while on a 9-month medical mission trip near port-au-prince after returning home to miami in november. he says he developed several symptoms which he described including a fever and rashes. >> and then on sunday, i saw the rash spread through my
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so then i never felt anything like that before and never had anything like that before. so then i said to myself tothe doctor, we have the blood tested and then when it was confirmed to be zika. >> robbin: now according to the cdc the first local transmission happened in december. meanwhile here at home in south h florida the number of total case syst at 20. miami-dade reports 7 broward reporting 3. all patients got the virus while overercess. the health emergency remains in effect for 5 counties. the state of florida set up the health hotline to address any questions s d concerns about how zika help with emergency. the hotline is staffed 24 hours a day and we also have the number posted for you on our website >> jeff: we're just getting started on h7 news at 6. it's a big weekend across south florida.
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enjoying the gorgeous weather and all the fun. elitsa? >> reporter: you sasa it. lots of fun out here but once again big weekend and a lot of events. we'll tell you all about them coming up next. >> jeff: okay, hunters on
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but it will soon come to an end. >> and now little boats, luxurious yachts and pieces of history from the high seas. >> nostalgic to go back and drive a boat that feels like a boat instead of plastic. it's an absolutely unique experience. >> plus beautiful works of art as far as the eye can see. >> art that is modern, contemporaryemerging and street art. >> tonight the fun and
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>> robbin: great way to spend valentine's day weekend with the people you love. >> and the boats. itits lots of family fun out there. 7's elitsa bizios live at the arts festival in coconut drove -- coconut grove to kick us off. elitsa? >> reporter: there's an art show, boat show and another art show. but right now at the coconut grove art show. people have been shuffling back and forth here on bay shor drive all day having a beautiful fun time. a big weekend in south florida bringi hundreds of thousands of people to the magic city for 4 major events. kicking off saturday, the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. >> it's fantastic. we go every year. >> we got right in. it's been beautiful. the weather is like to die for. >> reporter: on display this year, 380 artists showing paintings, skult ptures and even these -- sculptures and even these lawn pieces.
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is as well. >> reporter: that's what brings people out each year. the family event and something for everyone. >> the culinary demonstrations and the free music on the grand stand. we have all this art. and it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: a coconut grove arts festival is also an attraction for artists like luis and he says each year it keeps getting better after being here five years. >> people come to support us and we're here from miami so it's even better. >> reporter: art also on display at art winwood where about 30,000 are expected to shuffle through. over in virginia key, boat after boat at the 75th annual miami international boat show. that's been opened since thursday. and transforming into yachts miami beach. hundreds of the most expensive vessels like these on diplay in the water giving buyers a
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all right and back out here live at this arts festival they are packing up but the doors essentially will open again at 10:00 tomorrow. but, of course, with 4 events there are 4 different start times and different locations and different ways to get here. so we posted all of that info on our website. just head to for now we're live in coconut grove. elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> jeff: all right, elitsa. the answer to the major python problem set to come to an end. the 2016 python challenge will end tomorrow. so far 102 pythons have been caught. all this in the effort to control the invasive snake population here in florida. cash prizes up to $5,000 are given to teams and individuals with the most and the longest pythons out there in the everglades. the hunt's final count will be announced coming up later this month.
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we'll be right back. >> the sun going down with the high day across south florida. just harmless clouds and the beautiful one. temperatures were turning very nicely and the temperature highs getting in the mid70s. 69 the cool spot in key west. lower 70s in miami and fort lauderdale. and across the rest of the board here in south florida on the beautiful february day. into the short term tonight into much of the day tomorrow. and even despite the fact that the breeze is going up and right now light variably winds and that light humidity is low. then we have a weak front that's able to straggle through
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southern states for sure and additional across the eastern seaboard as we go into valentine's day. here's the set up for the next 24 hours and really sunny on sunday and the high pressure. there it is. in charge of the weather and then by monday maybe on the base and the back side of the high, the extra moisture in off the atlantic ocean and a few sprinkles on the breeze. the big story, we had some chilly air in the case so far this february and the dip in the jet stream over the east. that's going to be less pronounced in the week ahead and because of that warmer air and temperatures actually either close to normal or even a step or to above average. so that's some good news for those of you wanting someme milder type temperatures. use caution boaters for any conditions ating tonight into the day tomorrow. small craft advisory. choppy waters in the keys. temperatures steady tonight. upper 50s for most of you. inland meaning the western suburbs in the mid50s.
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over the next 7 days. warming up to about 80 by tuesday and wednesday. we have a couple of holidays before then valentine's day looking nice and on monday for president's
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7 news back after a break. >> reporter: what's up. we welcome the predatoros on the back to back. preparing to start against nashville and last night the all-star goal tender had a night to forget. giving up 3 first period goals for just the second time all season in the pipes. >> it wasn't a good night for us last night and we didn't play well. so we don't like but thought it sparked the team a little bit and tried to4get them better because going all season long
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put them back in there tonight and hopefully play real we as a team and get back at them. >> reporter: yesterday chris bosh sdmised himself from the all-star festivities and the reports the heat big man will go testing and gets back to miami on monday. meanwhile kobe bryant has been all smiles at all-star weekend in toronto. he's playing in the 18th and final all-starame. the coach played defense as well at practice. i didn't know that guy could have fun. lebron prepared to watc michael jordan last all-star game. >> i remember watching mj right after the all-star game and, you know, koebe has been part of the all-star game and to be part of the weekend and playing against some last wednesday and this last game in cleveland, it means a lot. you don't take those moments for granted when you get an opportunity to share the same greatness. >> reporter: it's almost baseball season. i can't wait. pitchers in for the marlins on friday. before being sequestered up in jupiter, today the fish pitcher %
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sunrise and interacting with the fans and made the first appearance to mlb last season. the rookie won 4 games and had an era of 3.76. >> i'm very hungry to play baseball. i want to get on the mound and want competition and i want to pitch. it's been an amazing off season and able to buy the house ask love the off season and it's important for us and it's been a long enough one now and i'm ready to get back. >> the call of the week coming from the delta stakes. let's take a listen as the horses come down the stretch. >> sand diva trying to make a second late run and it's best behavior in third is to come to the final 16th and penwidth is in control! penwith has won royal delta! >> love these. go dolphin trained by carrie and ridden by least size held off winner sand diva for the
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robbin and jeff back after this. >> robbin: that's 7 news at 6.6. i'm robbin simmons.
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7 news continues in 2 minutes. >> jeff: we continue to follow this news alert out of st texas. supreme court justice antonin scalia found dead. we have the latest in the live report ahead. >> robbin: and in mexico city, a live choir singing for the guest of honor. pope france celebrating mass at the holiest shrine. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 6:30 starts right now. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi >> jeff: and off the top here at the bottom of the hour, straight to the news alert. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. >> robbin: tonight public figures are reacting to his passing. walter morris is live at the satellite center wiwi the latest. walter? >> reporter: that's right. this is coming out of the


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