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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 6PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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7 news at 6 ststts right now. >> jeff: off the top at 6:00, investigators dusting for clues after a hollywood heist. hello and good evening again. jewelry store employees ambush and roughed up by a masked man. >> robbin: that crook getting away with nearly half a million dollars in stolen goods. 7's elitsa bizios is live in hollywood with more for us. elitsa? >> reporter: robbin and jeff, some scary moments for the employees who were inside this jewelry store at the time. you know on sundays this business typically isn't open but, of course, today being valentine's day, they were supposed to open at 10:30. they were supposed to be open for business. but, unfortunately, that thief struck. a valentine's day jewelry host. it happened just after fiensunday morning an hour before the storm was supposed to open for the holiday. hollywood police tell 7 news the thief walked in wearing a ski mask and pistol whipped one
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that person and other employee in the bathroom. >> crazy. i don't think that normally happens in this ighborhood. rep respect crime scene investigators on the scene in the 3300 block of sheridan street for several hours on sunday dusting for fingerprints. this woman says these types of robberies don't surprise her and that's why she has a concealed carry permit. >> i wish they would run upupto me because i'm always strapped. >> reporter: the robber did get away with half a million in jewelry but this is not the first time the store has been hit. >> just mad cops flying down the road. >> reporter: back in 2012, 4 men went into of jewelers demanding money and cash and jumped in the getaway car. after the witness spotted the bad guys, cops were able to arrest them. and luckily through this whole ordeal those two employees inside were said to be doing just fine this evening but police would like to hear from you if you hahe any information on this crime. the number to call, 954-493-tips. that, of course, is the number
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like, you can remain anonymous. live in hollywood, elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> robbin: criminals on cara and not the first time behind the string of grab and go crimes. businesses hit hard in hialeah. sfn's brandon beyer live -- 7's brandon beyer live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: striking at least 3 eleltronics stores. one of the owners convinced the crimes are related. >> we have all their faces and confident we can identify them. >> reporter: and they might give cops their biggest clue. you see several men in his store ransacking cell phone cases cleaning them out. >> they took basically most of the front of the store. like now we're cleaning and looking at what's missing. >> reporter: also same day, same motive and the owner had
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again, cameras catch the break in. you can see the crooks actually smashing their way through the front door and then the mes they left behind. not far on 35th street also on side, a similar crime. this time the crooks brazen enough to actually flip on the lights so they could see better. >> we have the alarm and with the system like they came in the middle of the night and nobody seems to hear nothing, each that they break the front door and i would call it insane. >> reporter: if you have any information about the crime, get cash the e legal way by calling crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. in hialeah, brandon beyer, 7 news. >> jeff: unholy act for south florida crooks. targeting the temple in southwest miami-dade stealing instruments from inside late thuray or possibly early friday moing.
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the blic for help. >> if anyone saw this to help us to get some of the streements it would be so good. >> jeff: the instruments worth about $10,000 and this is not the first time the church on northwest 8th avenue and 111th street have been hit. crooks stole an ac unit at the church 3 years ago. >> robbin: in the newswstonight, the body of justice antonin scalia arriving at the funeral home in texas escorted by federal and state law enforcement officials as his family prepar to bring him home to virginia. his death sparking a fierce political battle in washington and on the campaign trail. >> reporter: and lawmakers on both sides now fighting over who should replace him and when that should happen. 7's walter morris live in the satellite center with more. walter? >> reporter: president obama saying he wants to act quickly but republicans are promising a fight. and the justice who serv the
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even been buried. from washington to the campaign trail, news of justice antonin scalia's death sparking a heated debate on when it will be filled. president obama making it clear he'll move forward. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate asuccessor in due time. >> reporter: of course president obama has to get that nominee through the republican-controlled senate in an election year. and the majority leader mitch mcconnell going on record saying he wants the next president to make that decision. >> lthe politics of it is tricky. on the one hand the democrats obviously want to fill it while they know they have the presidency. the problem is if obama picks a hard core liberal candidate, there's no way it gets through. >> reporter: with justice's scalia's death, they're split with decisions on abortion rights, affirmative action and immigration in the limbo. it could shift the balance of
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it clear they don't want that to happen. ted cruz promising to filibuster any democratic nomie and the campaign rivals not too far off. >> he clearly has the power to do it but given his decision of the supreme court justices in the past, the senate of the united states should not confirm someone out of the main stream. >> dow not have a me duck president make an appointment to the highest court in the land. >> reporter: it's unclear if republicans will get their way, but leading democratic presidential candidates pushing back, saying it's the senate's responsibility to act quickly. >> the idea that republicans nt to deny the president of the united states his basic constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >>&president obama said he would not name someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing. and leader mcconnell shshld process! >> reporter: and while that
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more reaction to the passing. gettysburg releasing a statement saying in part, it was my great good fortune to have known him as a working colleague and treasured friend. in the satellite center, walter morris, 7 news. => jeff: and stay with 7 news for complete coverage on the death of the justice. updates here and online on >> robbin: now to the race for the white house, republican hopefuls going it head-to-head in south carolina. the debate last night beginning on the somber note with the moment of silence for justice scalia but t dn't take long to go on the attack with the exchange between the front runner and the former governor of florida getting personal. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when
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the world -- i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down ring the reign. >> the democrats not pulling any punches on the campaign trail. bernie sanders calling out hillary clinton for what she calls her close relationship with wall street. meanwhile clinton facing new questions about the state department e-mails. the last batch expected to be revealed later this month. the day before super tuesday. >> jeff: lawmakers in haiti choosikg a new leader. the senate chief sworn in a the country's provisional president. he'll hold office for 4 nths until they can be elected. the country's constitution barred him from seeking another term in august. the accusations of vote rigging
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and the pope continueuehis tour of mexico right now taking a live look at the pope as he visits a children's hospital in mexico city. thousands, hundreds of thousands of people have been turning out to see every step of the way for the historic trip to mexico. earlier the pontiff landed in one of the most dangerous suburbs in the country just north of mexico city. it's 1.6 million residents have been plagued by drug-related rders and kidnappings for years. many of those attacking women. the pope held an outdoer mass attracting 300,000 people. it happened at the center for advanced studies where he urged everyone to resist temptation tomorrow.
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latest on air as well as online at >> jeff: we're just getting started on 7 news at 6. coming up the ski trip going downhill after a bus carrying students goes up in flames. wife and swimmers beware. trust us, it was caught on camera. >> and the weather, we started off cool this weekend but temperatures are beginning to take a bit of a turn. rain chances coming up.p. >> and check in with the first place florida panthers cold on the ice lately plus history at daytona. find out what happened in today's qualifying for the next 500 race. we'll have it right here on channel 7.
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details later in 7 sports.
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school students on the ski trip. their bus bursting into flames. the students got off the bus and moments later fi was shot out the windows. >> jeff: but they refused to let the heated situation ruin their day on the ski slope. the staff at mount baker was ready to tackle what was supposed to be a normal saturday on the slopes. >> we were very busy with an awesome powder day. >> jeff: but things took a terrifying turn. >> not the normal ski day. >> jeff: a bus carrying a group ofhigh schoolers on fire on the way up to the mountain just a mile from the resort. they were on the way to the ski day before mechanical error caused the flames on board. fortunately everyone on board the bus escaped without any injuries and they didn't wait too long before they made it to the top of the mountain. >> within minutes we had them safely in the sxloj had them all together as a group and went in there. >> they didn't let it ruin their day and still went skiing.
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free gear for those that lost ski stuff in the flames. >> they were exexted to be on the mountain and anything to help accommodate them have a bettereray, a good day here in the mountains is certainly what we're about. >> not the normal ski day they hoped for and not for the day that began in such a scary way. >> all in all it worked out all right. >> jeff: ended well. the cause of the fire on the bus is still under investigation. >> robbin: and still ahead on the newsplex, freeze and frustration. this as whout conditions sweep the northeast. -- white out conditions sweep the northeast.t. >> jeff: and swept in a very
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ready to walk down the aisle.., >> a winter blast has millions of americans feeling the freeze this weweend. people in baltimore, maryland, bundling up with temperatures dumping into the single digits in the atlanta. they're forced to open up
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the cold snap. some loals are loving the bitter cold and tourists are just taking it all in. >> come alive in the winter time so they say the time - >> it's 70 in texas right now. we're like what is thth? >> i'm in houston and like we years. >> they're ready to go back to the rport. in addition to the extreme temperatures outside, officials in some cities are bracing for snow to start off week. >> south florida place to be and considering the sunset with clouds around and rewind to daybreak and woke up to 56 in fort lauderdalele lots of low to mid50s and going to miami and 56 in homestead d kendall. then temperatures in the low
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with the dry sweep on the radar that'continued since on this valentine's day sunday. we have the clouds basically approaching off the ocean waters. the closest rain-producing clouds though. northeast of lake okeechobee up around fort pierce and vero beach and nothing locally in broward or miami-dade with the temperatures very consistent. 69 or 70 . now because of the fact that winds have switched around unlike say last ght and the night before, these winds will continue to come our way off the atlantic. so the mild air will continue to flow in our direction. so tonight is not going to be nearly as chilly. i want to take you into the day tomorrow though. of course it being president's day and notice the model still showing most of the cloudy skies and little specks with thrain coming in off the ocean. not the kind that lingers very long but that rain potential will be with us with the
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monday and tuesday and watch for the potential of another front. a very weak one moving into our state. this is not weakening in the large area of snow. any travel plans to the northeast will need to be monitored as that spreads in and, of course, out of the western states also areas of rain and snow. your boating forecast and the rip currt advisory, small craft advisory issued later on tonight after 10. already in effect for you in the keys. low to mid60s tonight. not as chilly.y. comfortably cool. highs well into the 70s tomorrow. the rest of the forecast warmer on tuesday. and then very seasonal after that. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> jeff: okay, brent, thank you. >> robbinincoming up next from the news station, the panthers and whether they've gotten cold on the ice. >> jeff: and the team in tallahassee. we'll tip off against the seminoles and get ready for the game!
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up next with 7 sports. >> canes with the 20s at fu and noles beat them 72-59. the win tonight in miami could be ranked top 10! >> i'm pretty sure with the state and just steady at the scene and d play together and the defense and we'll be fine >> reporter: adriano with the lady canes taking on third ranked notre dame with the south wind today and it's l irish. the freshmen hits two of the game high 18. like i said, all notre dame and canes lose 90-69. next sunday right here on channel 7, we'll have the daytona 500 race and history has made today's qualifying. it was done by 20-year-old chase elliott.
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did it with the qualifying speed of nearly 1nefp mph. his dad bill is a 2-time daytona 500 winner. chase draws the 24 car and the retired jeff gordon and has gordon's crew to try to become the young of the daytona 500 winn ever. >> i think the big thing is just the team and daytona 500 qualifying is about the team guys and the effort they put into these cars and it's nothing special di. just very honored and blessed to be with t group of guys viand this entire team does such a good job with the car this off season and we sure would like it to have it to ce on sunday so hopefully we can get to those duals and be smart. >> reporter: and before the season lester city was a 5001 long shot to win lead. and it's first place and up 1-nil in arsenal. arsenal takes advantage. theotie its at 1! gets knocked over at celebration but pretty happy. still tied at 1 and stoppage
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arsenal l ee kick and danny heads it home for the winner. arsenal wins 2-1 and lester is still in first with just 2 points ahead of arsenal. and it is two back and liverpool against austin and scoring for liverpool. gogo to celebrate with fans and one guy cannot stop kissing him. kissing him with multiple kisses and frank, i know you love me man, but enough. i guess many kisses apapopriate on valentine's day. webster with the super bowl winning with the denver broncos and joins us in the studio for sports xtra. happy valentine's day, by the way.
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>> jeff: that is a wrap for 7 news at 6. i'm jeff lennox.
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>> now at the pricey jewels. >> and the death of the u.s. sproirt justice. the death of justice antonin scalia sparking a debate on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. >> robbin: and the second full day in mexico.. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i's jeff lennox. 7 news at 6:30 starts right now. investigators dusting for clues after a hollywood heist. the store employees ambushed and d ughed up by a masked man. >> robbin: that crook got away with nearly half a million dollars in stolen loot. 7'elitsa bizios is live with more. >> reporter: a jewelry heist happening about an hour before the store was supposed to open for the holiday. they say the thief walked in
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