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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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that's all we need fromm you. >> reporter:r:o the ghoafl campaign is to remind every one, if you see something, police say something. also if you remember be, if you leave the scene of a fatal crash, you could spend a mandatory four years in prison. live in wt miami-dade. jessica holly. 7 news. >> danielle: jessica, thank you. a dangerous drive for a south florida officer. the cop caught nay chain reaction crash in miami. the three car yek happening early this morning near the turnpike extension. a driver struck another car dhawgz person to side swipe the officer's unmarked car. the vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. a gar daj badge truck catching fire in west miami-dade. you're look at the aftermath there. the blaze breaking out on 112th avenue and 8th street this morning. crews forced to dump trash on the streets as they extinguished the flame. no one was hurt.
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weeks way and if you haven't registered to vote. time is ticking. omar lewis has everythin you need to know before heading to the polls. >> reporter: voting for president in miami-dade county has come with some headaches during previous elections. just take it from this man who waited in line for eight hours duri the presidential race of 2012. >> the machines are constantly broken and this is pathetic. it's really pathetic. >> reporter: but this year the miami-dade count election department is hoping to make those complaints a thing of the past. >> the major achieve ments that the department has made in the past couple of years, think we will all result in much less voter wait times at the poll. >> reporter: f starters three ways to wait without standing in line on election day march 15th. you can vote fro home or male in your wall ot or par take in rly voting. but the r- for the lir birds
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miami-dade county and thief extended the a. ear voting days to 14. in broward county, there will be nine days of early voting and also making it easierfor voters to use absentee ballots by paying for the postage. >> so when a voter receive their absentee ballots, open t vote it, package it according to the directions. make sure they sign the ballot and drop it in the mail no. postage is required because we're taking caifort postage. >> but if you make it to the polls on election leks kay, you'll notice the changes starting at check in in miami-dade. now we have an automatic check in system where with your drivers license or florida id we're able to swipe your license and bring up your voter record right way and move you through the check in process quickly. >> and new precincts lines have been crawn croos miami-dade county to better distribute the amount of voters at each vote log indication. which means you'll wt to check first because your polling place may now be different this tim around.
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reprecincting. which means we redrew bound descri liefnltz we re distributed our voting locations to make sure not too many peoe are going to one location. and here's the miami-dade head quarter. you canan see they have all the supplies ready to be mailed off to the dference precincts thvment year 46 additional new vote log indications bringing the total to 591 voting county. >> since florida say closed primary state, if you plan on voting for the presidential candidates in the march primary. you must register way political party first. the deadline to register is february 16th. omar lewis. 7 news. >> lynn: and a couple of changes to tell you about this election. this time the i voted stick ner miami-dade will be in three different languages this year. in creole. spanish and english. also vote ears cross the state can expect more change fortz november presidential election.
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it comes to state constitutions will be a lot shorter and early voting locations for miami-dade county will increase to 30 sites. if you want more information on all of this or how to register, head to our web site at hillary clilion get lailg help from her husband head of the primary as president clin drums up support in s. a live reportrom the campaign trail ahead tonight at 6:00. >> and. >> danielle: and if we take ah look at these live pactures. we want you to know we have a news leamplet a truck somehow falling off the highway in miami. >> lynn: sounds very serious. ralph rayburn, what is going on? >> reporter: you're looking at road rain gempletz i-95 south as it goes over the mieiver. about 5:00 this afternoon, a dump truck carrying a waste container went off of this and plunged at least 50 feet. we're figuring maybe a little farther as you can see took out
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landed in front of jose marty park in front of will spool pool there. we're moving in to get you a better picture. you can see a lot of debris there on the ground. you can see parts vehicle there. smashed up prettbadly. some of the stuff that came down with it landed on two vehicle there. you see a, what appears to be a van through the trees there and also the back end of this vehicle right here. that sun sustained damage. what we know at this point is one person was transrted hospital and we don't note degree of injury. we're bhag a smal fall that great it had to be severe as we spin the camera around. sorry with that foaksz. we're dealing with `situations with the building and weather on this glus terry day. you can see there muffs been a fire there. there appears to be chard remains there. fire deptment on the scene down there along with accident investigation as we shood through the skid there. pardon us for. that it all happened around 5:00. road way southwest 4th street and 4th avenue remain closed as this accident vision continues.
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get it back to you. sky force hrtion d, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> danielle: also on 7a a cruise ship is back at sea just days after sailing into a a severe storm with thousand of people on board. you might recall this story. the passengers there rocked by whipping winds and rough waves. >> lynn: but after making it wat back here to port where the ship was repaired. it has been given the green light and as robbin simmons reports, the coast guard is the one that gave it the green light. twice. >> reporter: the an. they seas you returning to the port. >> if it made it through last anything. >> reporter: last week the royal caribbean ship was headingng to the bahamas when it encountered a terrifying storm off the cav carolinas. >> oh my god. wind gusts reaching 75 miles per hour and waves measuring 40 feet high. the weather leaving passengers in shock. >> everything was all over the
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everything in the bath room was on the floor. toy la trees and everything. and we're like oh my god. the first thing that come to mind is i'm going to dhievment is it. >> crews were walking around nonstop fr cleaningp degree. >> >> reporter: luckily no one seriously hurt from the storm. >> and 145 passengers returned to port late wednesday night. >> the passengers did a great job. >> reporter: before heading back to sea they had to repair the pro pulse tion system that was damage fltd storm. and after the inspection the coast guard gave it the all clear. >> and we have ships that came back like this before. >> people should give credit to the captain and should give pred cred it to the people who designed that ship becauau it is an extremely sea worthy. >> reporler: while there are still questions on whether the an them of the seas should of set sail because of storm warnings last week. some say the possibility of in a
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part of cruise package the first cruz h- criewrs i went on had a hurricane and the second cruise i went on had a tropical storm. so i've been on ships with bad weather before. >> i get sick. >> reporter: passengers received a full refund and a certificate crert toward a future criewvmentz meanwhile royal caribbean says the company will strength the storm avoid answer policy. reporting in the satellite center. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> danielle: and taking you cross country tonight. danger on the the job for a worker in oregon. the man was trim age tree when his harness got stuck on wranchs and was pulled into the chipper jones. his leg tripping the safety bar there shutting off that machine ve, very lucky guy there. those blades stopped working inches way from get this, his head. he was taken hot hospital suffering a broken leg. >> lynn: wow, that guy needs to play the lottery.
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a hero in virginia. he was on his way to work when he spotted heavy smoke copping out of a crashed car. he immediately pulled over and ran toward the driver eye pulled in through the drive side window and got hip out that way and then pulled him, maybe 10 feet from the car and by that time the car was engulfed in flames and he was just mooning and growing. he was i guess he was in pai >> lynn: he saved his life. crews managed to put out the fire. the driver was taken to the hospital no. 1 else was hurt. >> danielle: fire and ice in philadelia. flames consuming a entire street damaging eight buildings. more thang 150 firefighters battling the blaze for hours but then the water froze turning the buildings into an icy wonderland as you see there. the cause of that fire is still unknown. >> lynn: all right. want to get bac to that awful story we told you about minute
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the breaking news story that fell off the ramp there of i-95 and on to the ground some 40 feet. it look like at least 40 feet down to the ground. >> danielle: we understand alex deprado has just arrived on the scene. easm, what can you tell us. >> reporter: danielle, that garbage truck fell 40 to 50 feeee i want to show you ir 95. you can see the barricade is missio that is where it fell and it fell dowow about 40 to 50 feet down here near the entrance to jose marty park. as you can sel tell this is a very large scene at this hour. lots of police. lots of firefighters here trying to contain this scene because it just happened. we have the city of miami lieutenant captain ig nas yaws carol here. tell me what you know so far. >> we know tt just after 5o it appears the city of miami solid waist truck was traveling southbounding on i-95 going tont 7th street exit and for some
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off the highway and falling more than a hundred feet to the parking lot of jose marty park. luckily this park is filled with kids but there was no one injured on the ground and the driver was transported ryder trauma cenenr in serious condition. as you can see now they are still trying to make sure there is no serious structure damag we made sure there was no one on the groundut there this is very lucky for a lot of people especially children who play at this park. >> this park normally on a monday afternoon would be very crowded. speak to us. it seems like it was miraculous no one was injured other than the driver. >> yes t say miracle, that nobody on the ground here. no one at the park. the pool was om open with here swimming. so right now we're dealing with one city employee with some injuries but other residents were not injured as well. but a lot of questions to be happened here. >> reporter: any indication on
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managed to fall this far and crash through that barricade. we'rnot sure but as you can see from the highway above, that is very ser serious structural damg that took place down there and structural dhaj took place here on the ground buvmentll in all. as of right now no one lost their life. >> thank you very much captain. we appreciate. that here again in the the city of miami. a garbage truck has fallen 100 feet off i-95 through that concrete barricade. plunged wnere on to the ground at least 100 feet near near jose mar park. miraculous as you heard the city of miami lou fire lieutenant say that only the driver was injured in all thvment that driver taken to jackson memorial hospital we have being treated at this hour. and police as you can see have cordonedff this area as they begin this investigation. we're here, wre monitoring and as we have more information
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we're live in the city of miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> danielle: all right alex and from you there on the ground let's go high above the scene now. >> lynn: ralph, you're showing us pretty incredible picture. we see how close that pool is which normally kids would be swimming in it. >> reporter: you know sometimes with we can see a lot morep here look down on things and you can see here that the roof structure of the wild ago jais ant to where this truck came down sustained quite a bit of damage here. we're going to take a closer look now at what is this waste removal vehie, the dumpster. that was head westbound and also another vehicle, a smaller car here that looks like the rear end of it took, sustained some serious damage there. ways fire here a brief fire. anyway the fire department city of m miami responding quickly and knocking that down. we reported earlier that one perp was transported to the hospital. we want to take a look at the
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with this roadway here. the there will ba quite a major fix involved with this right here. maybe a tememrary one with some barrels and cones and thirntion that they'll mark but it's a two lane exit ram southbound from i-95 to southwest. i believe it's yes yeah, southwest 8th street 7th street exit there that will take you downg toward brickell and that roadway remains closed. let me disooment camera out and give you a shot looking northbound. another florida highway patrol vehicle coming. that's a long exit ram. you can see there road rangers have that road closed. any one who nor plail would want to get off on that exit, continue south blownd and get off on i- # five and work back through the road sefntle i'm sure any one who lives in the a area nose that roadway down there. this all happening as we said earlier. around the 5:00 hour. and let me see now. i seem to have lost my position here. let me swingt camera wack around
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and keep monitoring the situation here. you can see the o course the entrance to the park is closed off. jose marty park with t`e building structure there and the pool section right there.. but florida highway patrol has this area closed off along with road rangers and that southbound exit ram will remain closed until they figure out what too do here. that's the story here in sky force. i'm ralph rayburn reporting rif. >> lynn:: incredible. we're just noticing how far wait truck land add long with the cab from the distance where it wernlt off the highway there. pulling for that driver. thank you so much ralph rayburn and alex depepdo. >> danielle: and stay with us. 7 news at 5:30 is coming right back.
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>> >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this news alert coming out of miami close to the little havana area we
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waste truck fell off the highway i-95 near the 7th street exit. fell nearly 100eet. >> lynn: lo let's go to easm dwe pra do, a reporter on the scene. he has an umm date. alex. >> reporter: lynn we're here in the city of miami. you can see i-95 back there. if you've ever been through downtown. now how high the bridge is there. this truck ws traveling south on i- # five when the driver somehow crashed through the concrete pillars there and then fell at least 100 feet here on to the street below. we're going to zoom in a you can see part of the cab there beyond this truck as well as part of the garbage part there. >> it fell here into jose marty park. there were no injuries here on the ground but the driver was injured accord oging to the city of miami fire department.
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taken to the hospital in very serious condition they do say thisisas a lucky situation here because there are normally children andther people here in the street when this happened. obviously it's monday. it's a holiday. many are off from school and work so this area is very crowded usually. it was a miracle according miami fire department that only this one driver was injured taken to the hospital. at this hour. police have cordoned off this scene. they are trying to gather the information on how this happened andith as we have more a answers and as we talk to more pevment we'll turn that around four. live in the the city of miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> l)nn: alex, the update. >> danielle: and stay with us. 7 news at 5:30 will be right back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: grait gray day here across south florida. it could be a rainy night and agai tomorrow. it look like it will be on the with wet side. we do have a front sitting right here. it will continue to move in our directions. bringing us tha better chance for some rain. temperature right now 30 degrees in the big apple. 29 in washington dc. 51 in atlanta. we're looking at 72 in miami. and l.a. this afternoon, the warm spot with 81 degrees. as far as any rainfall right now.
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still a few sitting offshore. bulk of the rain sitting just north of palm beach but here comes this line of rainfall. could of move in later on tonight or very early tomorrow morning. rain forecast threat of rip currents. small craft advisory. do to the wind and seas. wis gain choppy. four in the florida keys also ter able boating conditions. the winds will be kick up. seas yopped the reef f ur to 8 feet. cost twawl ters ruvment next high tide willll be at 3:04. two hours later for the lower keys. you're water temperature at 69 degrees. so for tonight mostly cloudy skies. still a chance of some rain. maybe even a wayward storm. over night lows in the upper 60s to the low 70s tomorrow a warm one. upper 70s to the low 80s. i think most of the rain should be during the morning maybe early afternoon. here's the extended out look. looking nice and dry on wednesday and maybe a little cool down for thursday.
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that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> lynn: all right. want to share new pictures we have with you about that garbage truck that somehow went flying off that ramp onn i-95 towards southwest 7th street. landed right in front of that 3weu8ding at jose marty park theessments are some ofhe first pictures taken by city of miami fire rescue. >> danielle: those pictures are a far away picture of the truck. this is a close up picture of the truck. it did catch fire when it hit the ground. wire understananthe driver is the only one taken to the hospital because it is a hols day as y/u look at more picture here of that truck that was hit as well. i'm saying because it ways holiday, really no people in the park. and no people in the area which is to so lucky because stip ikl lynn there are people who free gent that area off af school. a lot of cars were damage bud no
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7 news at 5:30 coming right back.
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>> >> lynn: this is 7 news at 5:30 thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 begins now. >> now on 7 news. >> a disturbing discovery tear age south floridaamily apartment. tonight they have some tough questions. >> police say a driver was trying to escape the law when things took a tragic turn. >> phil: clouds toin build with a better chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. why? we'll have the latest. >> a formem president making a south florida stop hoping hi wife wins the white house. and a historic development in cue bane involving these american traj tractors.
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>> >> and we continue to follow this developing story.. a truck plunge off i-95 in miami. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> craig: and we begin with that developing story in miami's little havana sefntle a d dver losing control. plowing through a guard rail and plunge off a highway. had hel low and goodvening. that driver landed up in the city parking lot. >> belkeys: and we begin with alex diprato who is live the scene to bring us the very latest. alex s se. >> reporter: belkeys, this garbage truck plunged 100 feet off i-95. it was traveling southbound near the southwest 7th street exit when somehow it went through the concrete barrier and plunged one hub feet as you can see it landed here near jose marty
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the cab and the actual back nart carries the imar back were discononcted during the fall and the impact it appears also a car was hit here. quan, this happened just a short time ago. the driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition a according to miami fire rescue. we have video, live picture from 7 skyforce that will give you an aerial view what happened here. again, the truck, this garbage truck was t@aveling southbound on i-95 near the southwest 7th street exit. it was on this, on the overpass there at least 100 feet when something happened and the truck plunged here to the ground. the good news according to the fire department is that no with one on the ground has been hurt. the only person who was hurt is the perntion the driver of the garbage truck thvment happened right near jose marty park. there is a pool here and it is
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department that no one other than the driver was injured because today say holiday. there are children off school. normally many people in this park so they say really a tragedy was averted here. police have arrived here on the scene. they cordoned off the area near hereo try and figure out exactly how this happened. they haven't been able to speak to the driver yet because he is being treated by doctors at jackson memomoal hospital. but as you can see from these live pictures, the back part of the vehicle that carries the trash has landed here on a wall. so a very unusual scene here and no doubt more questions than answers that the time. but we're working to get moree details. we did talk to some witnesses. they say there was a very loud explosion when this happened. and in fact it smell like diesel gasoline here at this area here


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