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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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is saz. garbage truck landing in a miami park. >> driver pulled from the wreck annual and survived. >> we have live night team coverage. >> gunmen opening fire on group of teens two hit by bullet but hours for one to be found. tonight we are following
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direction to bring us a better chance for some rain. >> former president stumpping in south florida. then he's not the only one on the campaign trail. >> and their lives collided. when a car crash nearly took hers. tonight, a meeti a year in the making. in our night team special assignment report rescue reunion. >> we follow breaking news in the city of miami where two women are dead. the bodiesound in an apartment. we are on the scene live.. i'm craig. >> i'm belkys. news at 10:00 starts now now at 10:00. off the interstate and into danger. driver losing control with devastating results. >> that's crazy. captain get the image out of your head you know. >> night team with live team 7 coverage when garbage truck goes over the edge.
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the truck fell 100 feet before smashing into the park below. >> debris flew across the street daniel a building send several other vehicle. we have coverage danielle knox has witness reaction and we begin with alex with more on the crash at the park in miami. alex? >>reporter: that garbage truck plunged at least 100 feet off i-95 here into the park. you can see investigators remain here on the scene tonight and we have just obtained a photo of the driver. he is mr. smith at jackson memorandum hospital tonight condition. in pieces the truck sits under the glow of the lights at the park in miami where it landed after plungeafter plunging off i-95 monday evening. it happened as the driver was traveling south on the i near the southest 7th street exit. >> truck break through the railing. it was surprisingly loud.
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had just finished playing basketball at the park t.the sound of the truck breaking through the concrete barrier immediately drew their attention. >> to see the truck falling mid-air and felt like it was in slow motion. 5 seconds to actually hit the floor. >> when you hear lightning on dry land it was like that annex motion. >>reporter: the truck landed on several vehicles after 100 feet. the cab broke apart from the section of the truck that contains the garbage sending a plume of smoke across the park. >> punched a hole ip the roof too. >>reporter: pieces of the falling concrete pierce the roof of the pool buildininat the park. amazingly the driver survived. >> firefighters and police scoured the area looking under trash f fm the truck making sure that we had no other victims. >>rerter: nobody else injured. good news especially because schools were closed for president's day and the park was filled with children. >> you know thank god there weren't any kid playing and got hurt at the end of the driver very lucky guy.
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lucky but the question now for the florida highway patrol is what caused him to plunge off the highway. again the driver remains in serious condition tonight at jackson memorial hospital. once doctors and nurses are finished treating him that is when he will be interviewed by investigators. live in miami tonight, 7 news night team. pa. from the crash to reaction from residents a snap shots from the scene moments after it happened. coverage continue was danielle where the driver is recovering at the hospital. >>reporter: mr. smith is recovering in the icu at jmh. you can still see a couple friends and family here still at the hospital. alice saw the video but pictures from the scene are just as compelling as you are about to see. you are also about to hear from witnesses who saw the whole thing. picture is worth 1,000 words
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man surviving a 100 foot fall. this one shows the aftermath of the fall and fire. this one close-up of the destroyed garbage truck, the cab separated from thth back end. these two of a truck had hit on 100 foot drop. this one showing scattered car scene. and this one close-up of the cab from whichch the driver was he jebingted. >> i held like a big noise, i heard, i saw a garbage truck actually falling from the i-95. >>reporter: he was walking in the area when he saw the truck breakthrough the guard rail. >> the impact open i-9 when it broke the rail and then he fell on the roof of the house that is right next there and then fell on the floor where the driver was ejected from the truck. there was the driver on the ground. he was still moving but he was in pretty bad shape.
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and his friend had just finished a basketball game. >> we see the garbage truck falling down and i'm like oh, my god. we see the manan on the floor laying down. i thought he was dead. >>reporter: when you take a look at how high the fall was, look at how high the fall was, it's a wonder he survived and that no one on the ground was hurt. >> it givesp you chill when you hear and see that. we got lucky enough it wasn't one in front of the park on top of the basketball courts. >>porter: late monday evening back at the hospital friends and family gather in prayer circle praying for truck driver recovers.>> currently as it stands he's in icu and thoughts and prayers with the family that he make a speedy recovery. >>reporter: and he went on to say that mr. smith's speedy recovery is everybody's first priority. live in miami, jmh, 7 news night team. now back to the 7 news alert.
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two women found dead. >> liz on the scene now where detectives are trying to unravel it. liz? >>reporter: at this point it's just that. it's still a mystery to police officers what exactly happened here inside a duplex on northeast 75 court here in the city of miami. crime scene investigators arenow out here but still trying to figure out what may have all% happened. they are giving us very limited information at this point. but we'll go ahead and show you the scene sow can get an idea of what is happening out here. they have one block here, blocked off. several police officers and crime scene units here investigating. they tell us at 7:15 this morning they got a call for shots fired here at 7529 northeast 75 court that's in the city of miami when officers responded and got inside what they say is an efficiency or duplex they found two women both already dead inside. police are looking for a suspect thatat they have not given us any more specific
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women may have died or how a suspect may have gotten from the scene or even a description so we are continueso we are continuing to wait for more information as we get the updates from officers we'll pass ital it is rinse and repeat in south florida. plenty of showers today and they are going to be sticking around. phil in the weather center to tell us more phil. >> here are your headlines. we could see overnight rain. the breeze will stick around. we ever kind of caught between high pressure to the east and low pressure to the west. it cou also be a very stormy tuesday as plenty of moisture moves in. ingredient will be present for some strong thunderstorms and what a night tonight for the south east. plenty of tornadoes. here's the stormtracker. we have moisture to our east. moisture to our west. some of that could be moving in
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but here's the reason for all this. high pressure here low pressure there. warm moist air is moving in running into some very cold and dry air to the north. and where they meet that's where we see the severe weather tonight and all the red dots that stretch from louisiana all the way in through alabama at least tornado reports. now the tainld of that is moving in our direction. so for tonight our model suggest we may see at 5:00 o'clock in the morning some storms ahead of that actual front. the front should then be very close to lake okeechobee by 00 p.m. and then things clear out and it should be a beautiful wednesday. i'll have more on this agent bit later on. >> teens running for cover when gunman opens fire. oneictim left all alone and by the time he was found
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the teens were walking along some train tracks when they were targeted. robin is live for us at the miami-dade police sub station and north west dade with the story now robin. >>reporter: yes. miami-dade police are still looking for answer also as are the families. they all want to know who pulled the trigger that sent one teenager to the hospital and killed a second. >> family says tip on social media was the first clue something happened total the% boy. it was hourts before miami-dade police confirmed he had been shot to o ath. his grandmother and aunt wondering how first responds missed his body. passerby discovered it sunday afternoon few blocks from the shooting scene and called 911. >> we figure if they was called should have covered the area and tried to find out what was going on. >>reporter: happenenelate saturday night near north west 73 street and 19th avenue where the 16-year-old and three friends were walking along the train tracks.
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could scattered to safety t.the mother says he was incredited my lucky a stranger answered his cry for hit. his cry for nobody would help them. they wanted help. so whoever the lady is that made the phone call for my son and called me, thank you so much. thank you because he probably won't be here. >>reporter: shot in the back the 15-year-old made it to the hospital and survived emergency surgery. pastor red begging for the violence to end. >> listen, it needs to stop. thinks personal for me and it needs to stop. pick up the phone. if you saw something pick up the phone. it can be your day tomorrow t.this is this has to story, as for the teenager killed, he was a student at leadership academy charter school. his family says they are desperate for answers. >> we just want t`em to stop the shooting. stuff that is going on. taking out the young childldn like this. can't even grow up as a young
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just taking their life away. >>reporter: if you have any information for investigators the smalest tip could break this case call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. as as you can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward. reporting live in north west miami-dade, ron robin 7 news ninit team. new case of the mosquitos born zika virus turned up in the area. fourth patient diagnosed with itn broward county. that brings the total to 21 state wide. miami-dade county is 7 cases 7 couldn't across the state reported people with zika. all of them contracting it while over seas. state set autopsy hotline staffed 24 hours a day to answer questions and concern. the number is here on the screen. we also have that number posted at our web site.
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>> hilary is running to restoror the american dream to all americans. >> enemy and ally will know that when president jeb bush speaks, he will follow through on his words. >> as two candidates go for the jugular. >> i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> you notice how rattled donald gets when the numbers start going down. >>reporter: tonight the campaigns are more cut throat than ever in the race for the white hoe. >> race is getting down right nasty in the republican field but the name calling is sharing the stage with two political power houses. tonight one of them is in south florida. jeff is live in miami where president clinton attend ago private fundraiser on behalf of his wife hilary this evening, his wife hilary this e ening, jeff. >>reporter: the fundraiser just wrapped autopsy few moments ago with the former presidentt. let's go ahead and look at the
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bill clinton leaving the neighborhood. walked up to some valet drivers took pictures then took off in the motorcade. this is the third stop for the former president on the campaign trail today stumpping for hillary clinton. [applause]. >>reporter: former president clinton on the move in south florida. stumpping for hillary clilion and attending two private fundraisers. hilary backing out of the events last week. >> hilary is run to go restore e american dream to all americans. to restore broad base prosperity and take it into the future. >>reporter: former secretary of state khohoion instead to campaign out west in nevada ahead of saturday'saucus. clinton talking about universal health care on the stump mondadahealth care on the stump monday. >> affordable health care is in many ways the under pinning of so many people's lives because without health, without access to quality care, there's a lot of suffering.
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sanders in dear pworngs michigan according to this union uaw struggling to pick a candidate tone doors. on the g.o.p. side former president clinton bush trying to give his brother a boost. ahead as south carolina primary this weekend. >> so please welcome serious thoughtful candidate a good man the a man i am proud to call my big also brother. jeb bush. >>reporter: donald trump continued his attttks on jeb bush and family in charleston. >> the worst attack ever in this country? it was during his the presidency. >>reporter: senator rubio talking about the recent opening on the nation's high court after the death of justice anthony ska lee 8. next president should knot nominate the opening. i believe i'll be the next president. >>reporter: ted cruz respond from attack from trump and aruba yoychlt trump and rubio. both have the very same patternboth have the very same pattern.
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their record they simply start screaming liar liar liar. >>reporter: ohio governor kasich stayed well away from the south carolina slug fest speaking at rally in michigan. >> i d d't like anything big. i don't like big labor. big business. big government. >>reporter: okay. so the florida primary in one month on march 15 and b weekend for both parties. republican have the primary in south carolina. democrats with the caucus out west in nevada. reporting live in miami tonightreporting live in miami tonight, 7 news night team. all right jeff. only one more day to register to vote in florida march 15 primary. florida registration applications musbe postmarked 29 days before any vote in the state. that gives you until midnight tuesday. you can also hand deliver your application by close of business tomorrow so anyny soup of election office. if you want a list of location
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click on the story that is titled florida voters prepare for upcoming presidential primary. >> if you haven't done so yet down load the 7 news voice your choice app. it's free and updated with the latest from the campaign trail. >> fidel caso in a rare appearance on camera. the government put out a still photo of the 89-year-old meeting with the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. castro was quoted as saying friday historic sit down in havana between the patriarch and pope francis raisese worldwide hope for peace. actually it's video. i mimipoke there. cuba hosting of the meeting most recent high profile event in recent months including visits by the pope e d secretary of state kerry since havana and washington restored diplomatic ties last year. university of miami is in mourning in. the loss of former leader. school confirms former president died today. foot led the university for 20 years stepping down 2001 when
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during his tenure erased academic standard at the u recruiting topaculty and improving the school finances. cause of defendant not disclosed. he was 78 years old. still ahead from the night team. another hit-and-run has investigators lookingng for new solutions. >> backing up and up and up. driver going full speed right into a neighr's garage. >> part of the building crumbling on popular south florora street and some one was underneath it. >> and she did the right thing and turned lost cash into the police. 90 day waiting period passed. nobody came forward to claimantnobody came forward to claimant.she thought she could have it. the officer said no. t.we'll look at that in tonightt.we'll look at that in tonight's edition of helme howard with patrick frazier.
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>> it happened fen. another person killed by a hit-and-run driver in south florida and now officials are tatang action. the highway patrol is mulling over ways to cruise the number of deadly wreck and to bring the drivers to justice. >> jessica has tails. >> beg you for your help. >> teenager girl another plea for help in finding the driver who killed h h mother. white sedan hit them on the night of december 11 at kendall drive and 101. day after the crash s s had this message for the driver. >> you are not going to run away from the problem.
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nowhere to be found same for many other cases as we lead the state in hit-and-run crasheses >> it's sad. sad we have so many people down here that are willing to leave the scene and live like nothing ever happened. >> the message very clear. it's the law. the law clearly states you can not leave the scene. >>reporter: but people continue to do it. just like a driver in ba raton on i-95 just south of palmetto p pk roadd on october 26, 2014. thatriver hitting and killing road ranger arnold matt. >> every day, every day i miss him. >>reporter: jeep cherokee involved in the crash found but not the person behind the wheelnot the person behind the wheel. >> some just belling begging for my children's sake, you know t.somebody to come clean. >>reporter: last year there were 92,000 hit-and-run crashes in florida. many cases now cold leaving
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comes with an arrest. >> if you saw something just the please call and help because that's all we need from you. >>reporter: so the goal of this campaign is to remind everyone if you see something say something. also remember if you leave the scene of a fatalrash you could spend mandatory minimum of 4 years i i prison. reporting in west miami-dade, reporting in west miami-dade, jessica holly 7 news. driver behind the wheel when she says her car suddenly went out of control. she was parking in her lauderhill driveway when the engine revved-up. vehicle then darted across the stre and slammed into a neighbor's garage. witnesses strange into action pulling her out. >> i heard kaboom boom boom boom my kids called me and said daddy hurry up the lady next door got hurt. car went in the garage. i ranin kicked the windy out and dragged her out. >> we went and kicked the window out. cked the front window out because she said she couldn't get out.
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26th avenue north west 43rd terrace. nobody there was hurt. smashing end in fort lauderdale. bmw crashed into the front of a store at north west 19 street and 31 avenue. nobody hurt here either. car was towed no word what caused the crash. woman recovering a aer part of a building collapse. section of concrete facade fell over the weekend. debris landed on top of her. happened at the 600 block of this boulevard. victim taken to broward general in serious condition. if you found cash the floor would you turn it in to police? if you do and no one claims it, if you do and no one claims it, you can get it back. but when o.e woman turned cash in, she was told she couldn'n' get it back. so she called help me howard with patrick frazier >> it was cash. nice bundle of cash. hilary saw it laying on the
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>> it was 200 dollars. it was fresh from the atm because it was crisp 20's. >>reporter: ask yourself if you found 200 dollars in cash would you just stick it in your pocket? for hilary the answer was absolutely not. >> i was brought up that way. do the right thing. be honest as you can. >porter: hilary was at publix grocery store in hollywood 30. was a guy checking out so i walked over and picked it up. i was like is this yours and he says no it's not mine. i'm like rush? says yes it's not mine sought guy behind him is this yours he said no, now understand hilary has full-time job anan part-time job good just to get by. 200ollars would be a nice chunk of change. >> that's my phone bill fpl bill car insurance. vital stuff for me i can cover bills for the month. >>reporter: she told the store manager. they called police when nobody claimed it. >> they took all my information>> they took all my information. my license number. address. social security. after 90 days if nobody claims
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>>reporter: 90 days passed she called the mr. is to see if anybody claimed the 200 dollarsanybody claimed the 200 dollars. >> they said no. i said okay well that's great news. >>reporter: her excitement wiped out. officer told her she couldn't have the 200 dollars she found because. >> unfortunately within 48 hours you were supposed to have dmom to the police department t-file a claim form and give us $25. >>reporter: hilary replied that the officer she handed the money to 90 days earlier never told her she had to file a claim and pay $25 so hilary then went on the police department web siteo find the policy. >> their web site is useless. found. >>reporter: howard if your honest and turn in cash or property to the police, can they keep it if you don't fill out a form. >> it depends. when you turn cash or property over to the police if they have a policy governing found money they have to tell you what to do. many departments do not require you to fill out a form but
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didn't tell hilary she's entitled to get the money back. >>reporter: we contacted hollywood policece spokesperson told us because of the confusion they would take care of this. in other words, the department didn't let hilary know she had to fill out a formbnd pay $25 to claim it. hollywood changed the web site tonclude that policy with the 25 dollar fee. so people would know in the future. because hilary wasn't told hollywood said they would make a one time exception. give her the money and drop the 25 dollar fee meaning she got the full 200 dollars. but howard can they charge a fee to pick up the money you turned in? >> yes the police can charge a reason fee to cover their cost to stoyrt and to put a notice out that the money was found. it's a rightful owner claims it that person has to repay the fee to the person who turned in the cash or property. >> morale to the story always do the right thing. >>reporter: hilary hopes her experience doesn't stop other people from turning in money they find.
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the cash. >> who do you call about something like. that you callhelp me howard. >>reporter: glad we are able to help an honest person get what they deserved. what if you are the person who loses the cash or property?well first of all check every place you went that day. then call the police department that day and for the next few days in case anonest person like hilary turns it in. problem found you? want to give it to someone elsewant to give it to someone else? contact us. no forms. no fees. hopefully cash in with us. for this help me howard, 7 newsfor this help me howard, 7 news. detour for drivers who use the 836 tell but all westbound lanes of the dolphins closed right now north west 87 avenue. closures will allow the contractor to do workn the roadway. detour signs will be posted. lanes set to reopen at 5 in the morning. up next on south florida's night team. it was a bad crash. it nearly cost one south florida woman her life. >> but it's all smiles a year later as she meets the man who
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it's special assignment report rescue reunion >> in sports the nba trade deadline on thursday and panthers try to snap a two game losing skid taking on the penguins.
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is isis is. >> horrific accident brings two people together. a woman critically injured and the man who saved her life. >> now they meet again for the first time since that fateful day. lynn has this specia assignment report tonight rescue reunion. >> car just was in front of me.
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>> i looked out and saw my arm and it was completely twisted around. >> we hear car accidents we know it's pretty bad. >> i heard him say we have an open fee muir fracture. >> it has been a year since they came crashing together. >> you are like a hero to me. >> now they meet face-to-face for the very first time since the accident that changed her life. >> the scary that day we saw you. >>reporter: he remembers the scary day very women. i have never seen injuries like this with a person completely with it. never seen a broke arm like that. she had a couple never seen on our lis. >>reporter: crew ripped away the mangled car around her the lieutenant knew w had one job. >> put my hand on her and just started talng to her. >>reporter: for adele that touch the sound of his voice helped her to hang on. >> it was crazy what was going
10:33 pm
i knew it was serious but he just made me feel like there was somebody there in my cornerwas somebody there in my corner. >>reporter: she had to be air-lifted to the hospital and started very long and grueling rohr ri. >> hi multiple broken toes. actual foot itself was very wrecken. had to be pinned. both my knees shattered. shattered femur your came out throroh my leg i have a metal plate run from my knee to hip and my arm i have a rod that goes from my shoulder to my elbow. >>reporter: through all the pain adele never forgot the man who helped to save her. she wanted to meet him in person the to say thank you. >> helel. >> hi. how are you? >> how are you doing. >> good. and you. that's for you. i just remember just that one person o was just kneeling next to me telling me everything is going to be okay. don't worry. >> this is rewarding when you see people. youu come back and see the end
10:34 pm
>>reporter: for adele the end result is gratitude. >> when you have them touch your life in such a way i wanted to make sure they realize that they did have an impact on me and an impact on my life. >>reporter: lynn sharing that story with us. >> what a great great story. >> coming up on 7 news at 10:00 o'clock. snow. wind. rain. and that is not all. >> no. certainly looking and feeling an awful lot like winter in several places tonight. phil. >>reporter: you are not kidding. from louisiana all the way through kentucky. tennesuee. heavy rain with gusting wednesday. tornado. now they look at ice in north carolina. virginia. and of course all that blue. that is snow from new jersey through massachusetts. have a lot more on this plus our local weather in just a couple of minutes. >> the do you feel tonight something shifting in the force. big news for "star wars", fans
10:35 pm
shattered box office records. >> fear of the zika virus grow scientist right here in south florida are on the front-line working to stop the spread. >> my approach to this is we have to hit hard and hit early. >> top researchers are put to the test in the ballots against zika first at 10:00.
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>> in the mid land particular and northeast they clean up from the latest round of winter weather. >> new york seeingecord shattering cold techlts the mayor urging resident to take precaution as the big apple was blanket entered snow.doesn't look like the east coast is warming up any time soon another front coming from the midwests expected to hit. 85 million people will feel the effectsfrom the freeze. twister troubub ripping through parts trees down in mississippi a also behind a gym there. some cars were also damaged. but no one was hurt. >> good evening everyone. great day across south florida. morning low in the 60's among
10:39 pm
70's and everyone getting rain today. temperatur right now in the 70's under mostly cloudy skies. the wind out of the south east 14 total 21 miles per hour. it is a breezy night and it's alsouggy humidity at 81 percent. here's the stormtracker. there is moisture head entered our direction if we do get showers and thunderstorms it might be towards 4 or 5:00 o'clock in the morning and there's a small chance that we could see an overnight thunderstorm. mean twhil a look at the big mess across the south et. line of strong thunderstorms impacting the panhandle. plenty of rain up through kentucky tennessee everything in this color right there is ice. everything in blue is snow. we'll continue to watch the progress of that front for the time being across big bend into tallahasase all the counties
10:40 pm
tornado watch until one okay in the morning and it's also poor for boating c cditions. small craft advisory there until 3:00 o'clock in the morning. now here's what our in-house model high detaiaimodel is suggesting. throws the area of low pressure tip to go move north. trailing front. ahead of the front some moisture could develop right around 5:00 o'clock in the morning along the coast and that could bring us some pockets of heavy rain. taken it look like the front will continue to make its way across the area near lake okeechobee around 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon still kind of breezy then after that the front should move away. high pressure builds in and that means a very nice and mild wednesday. here's the marine forecast for tomorrow. we are lookingnat winds out of the south west. sea up 2 to 5 feet. 5 feet in the gulfstream kuvrnlt lht chop.
10:41 pm
least around 20 miles per hour, 20 knot, 22 knot overnight so because of that there's a small craft advisory for the keys. coastal waters will have a moderate chop. next high tide miami 4:12 in the morning. 4:07 fort lauderdale. key largo the next high tide 4key largo the next high tide 4:35. 6:27 in key west. so tonight cloudy skies. potential is there for isolated thunderstorm to move through. typical low by the way around 62, 73. we are at 71 to item a warm muggy night for thi time of year. average high 76 or 77 for the main land. we are looking at high in the low 80's. tter chance for rainfall maybe some afternoon sun here's thextended outlook wednesday looking nini. thursday we may see a morning low of 59 degrees.
10:42 pm
>> south florida hospita reunion with medical miracle. annual president's day carnival at nicholas children's hostal brought together patients and the medical team. celebration of the heart program and the children get to have a day to enjoy all from face paint to go lesson from the harlem globe trotter. chief of surgery delighted to see everybody there doing well. >> then to see them now running around playing, smiling doing all the things their parents hope that they would do when they were born is is a very satisfying fight went on to reassure parents that th hospital will tip to work on the best way to the treat children who have heart challenges. they do a lot of grit work there. >> great to see them smiling and getting their face painted and eating popcorn. >> still ahead on ththnight team. they found luke. now they just the very to film him. >> episode 8 "star wars", in
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10:45 pm
some new faces joining the fight of the galaxy and it all starts now. "star wars"episode 8 is officially under way. >> chris is here to tell a little bit about it. chris. >> less than two months after episode 7 hit theaters and shattered rord filming for episode 8 has officially begun. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 8. >>reporter: 32 teaser clip released on "star wars", com and the "star wars", you tube account and already racked up more than 1 million views. >> beautiful. camera. action. >>reporter: yj abrams who directed episode 7 is out and an johnson who directed the movie loop err and breaking bad is on board to write and direct both episode 8 and 9.
10:46 pm
mark hamell tweeting an adventure just beginninghash-tag still no dialogue hash-tag ryan has more lines than me hash-tag wait for 8. and john who plays fin says first day on "star wars"8 complete. we must face them. fight them if you are saying that teaser doesn't really show anything new, well, you are right. filming only just began on monday at pine wood studio in london. but here's something new. few new additions to the cast. benecio and laura dern will join the characters you saw in the force awakens. t.we have to wait awhile. episode 8 not slateed to open for exactly 22 more months on@ december 15 of 2017. lili in the news plex, 7 news night team. >> that soo okay. thanks. >> right around the corner. up next.. panthers birthday boy that's on one of hisld teams tonight.
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what's up south florida. start the sports party with h e panthers in the midst of two game slide needed a shoot out to decide this one. panthers celebrating the 44th birthday monday night against
10:49 pm
no score first period. alex shoots it. the puck back. great pass. l big stick and knows how to use it. pan thirps 1 nathing. same score in the third. 3 minutes to go in the game. face off and the equalizer this one goes to shoot out. tied in the fifth round of the shoot out. the pretty shot from the goal. pittsburg now with chance to extend the shoot out. come up with the huge save on that. montoya 31 saves on the game. panthers win 2-1 in shoot out division >> good come back win. we found a way to win it. good goal tending and we shut down the top guys for the most part. we found a way and haven't had a a oot out in awhile so it was interesting. >> with the tra trade deadline
10:50 pm
new york daily news heat would ship white side for dwight howard. would have to the a few sal troy make it work that's why they talk about a third team involved in potential traichltd last tonight all star game being the 18th and final one for kobe bryant get this dwayne we could be the elder statesman if he makes it again next season. at the tender age of 35. >> i'm looking forward to it. vote me back in i'll be the old guy here. make it next year how cool. already called me o g. always call me o g so i'm next i'm on deck.>>reporter: really. 35. baseball season around the corner as pitchers and catchers report friday for the marlins. until then why not check out
10:51 pm
friends right. marlins fernandez teammate checking out panthers monday night. jose dropped the puck and addressed the team outlook. >> i honestly think from the bottom of my heart we have a team and we will compete and keep what we got. > if you put the royals roster cardinals any team there every year you know each position we are probably better or as good as every position so mat of putting them together. >>reporter: u.s. women soccer olympic qualifying americans clinch the top spot in group 8 taking on puerto rico. u.s. up 3 nothing. check out the shot. 4 nothing u.s. 4 nothing u.s. 5 nothing stars and stripers. dunn third goal of the game. foot loose. that's right. she had 5 goal in the game beat
10:52 pm
what is she sees. she should.
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that is a wrap for us here first at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> stay tune.
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ask is garbage truck crashing through enter take it barrier landing on cars below. the crash happening right in a miami park. >> miraculously the driver surviving 100 foot fall. 27 team 7 coverage ahead. >> teens ambushed and shot.
10:58 pm
but it would take hours before his body would be found. >> former president stumpping for his wife in south florida. as anonoer former commander in chief stumps for his brother in south carolina. and we continue to follow breaking news out of miami where the lifeless bodies of two women were discovered inside an apartment and the night team is live on the scene 7 news continues at 11:00 >> let's get right back out to that news alert. >> as we mention two women found dea in a miami apartmentfound dead in a miami apartment. detectives are there still trying to sort out what exactly happened here. liz is live with the lest on their investigation liz. >>reporter: crime scene investigators from the miami police department are out here trying to figure out exactly what happened that led them to
10:59 pm
back of an apartment. we are at 75 street and northeast miami court that police told us they received phone calls and 911 phone calls about 7:15 this evening indicating there were gunshots fired. now we understand there were several gunshots fired. how many and what led up to that they are still not sure. they are likely to be out here for hours piecing all of that together and we spoke with family members of two of the victims they a picture we received from family members this is the woman found dead inside the apartment there still unsure who the other woman physician it was perhaps a friend of hers family members rushed to the scene what ened and what information they could get from investigators. we spoke with the sister of that woman just a little while ago. >> i got a phone call saying something happened to my sister so we just, you know, we obviously immediately came to


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