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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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enough to bring down this massive tree that you see behind me. ititas so powerful, the rooting lifted off of that concrete slab there. and if we could go to video that's quite amazing, you can see this twistor actually forming. again, it's an ef-1 tornado. and it be suddenly gets very dark in this video. now, anthony, as he gets closer, his staff cam is able to capture the tornado growing in size. the people driving and braking and the debris hitting his car. scary moments for people inside ofofheir homes when the tornado hit. and you can hear the frustrate from this guy driving, and people braking and debris hitting his windshield. if we could go to the next video of a warehouse district just off of 25th place in dixie highway.
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roof lifted up and to bed all over. the cars are in the parking lot, and you can see roof debris on top of the cars. this happened throughout pompano beach, and the cleanup crews quickly responding to the trees downed and debris out of the road. the signs knocked down, and people watching it unfold, seeing how quickly it moved through. >> there were a lot of blue flashes of light and trees coming down everywhere. >> as i i crossing the street, you see the roof coming off of the warehouse, and the funnel circrcng, and the debris pummeling usnd the trucks and the cars, the debris from the roof over there. >> reporter: so back live, you see the crews trying to get this members cleaned up. according to the natioiol weather service, the tornado that hit pompano beach was about
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quite a distance. coming up at 5:00, a business owner who lost pretty much everything. we're told she was in the middle of her car when this tornado hits and just how frightening it was. reporting live in pompano beach, vanessa medina, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, vanessa, thank you, and other parts of broward county also left with a major mess. robbin simmons is live at the community center where the debris is also scattered, robin. >> reporter: what a aess there was earlier, danielle. we're at 16,920th and 7th terrace. lots of enclosed yards like this one, but take a look at what's left of this fence. literally justtne panel left after these winds blew through earlier today. and let's take you to video of the entrance of this subdivision, and you can see the sort of course that the winds blew through this morning,
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here a very out of the ordinary routine this mning. lots of people that we talked to thought the tornado blele through, and there was also a similar situation in hollywood. lots of cleanup going on around all across browardrdounty. the storm really leaving it's mark there as well, trees and many neighborhoods up a lot. one of the trees h hting a boat in front of the home, and hollywood fire and rescue called out to keep watch over one of those downed power lines that we see all over the area as the storms moved through. a car damaged by yet another tree, and we talked to the owner of that carar >> i got a call from my wife, who said that the tree is down, and i said well, where is it down? and she said um, on your car, and it's on my car, and that's what happened. and thank god everybody is safe and healthy and we hope that nobody else is hurt and everybody else is okay.
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damage to cars as well. you can see the window knocked out of that car, because a lot of homes have these barrel tile roofs, and because of the storms, you find shards of tile everywhere. a lot of damage b. the good news, no one senior hurt here, but a lot of cleanup going on around hollywood and miramar. robbin simmons, 7 news. >> lynn: , we saw a little bit of it in robin's store, and the storm also causing problems for boat owners. >> danielle: that's right, troubles in the marina where owners called for help. brandon beyer has the story. >> reporter: danielle, the cleanup is still happening for some boat owners, and in fact, we're on one man's dock in fort lauderdale. and i'm going to show you where it started this morning as the storm rolled through. it's up here on the lift. and did a complete somersault, and you n see where the boat land. you see them working to get it
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mess, by any means that we saw today. a wild, windy morning in fort lauderdale, both october beach and in the war ways. doug was inside of this 37-foot catamaran when the winds lifted him up and slammed his boat upside down. >> i was standing inside of the boat when it just flipped over. i guess they say it was a tornado thax flipped it over. >> reporter: just when they were about to put a diver in the water, randy pped up. >> i couldn't open the door initially and swam out from under t. and the fire department was right tre. >> reporter: not far away on the beach, lounge chairs were tossed and crumbled by the winds. a water sports owner, wayne, wasn't sure that he would have any equipment to rent out. >> everything was flipped over, and pretty big membebe out here. >> reporter: vacationers ventured out later, but they
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>> i just thought it was going to be a storm. i said did you hear the storm this morning? and she said no. >> reporter: an upside down boat, not what anyone wants to see. >> it's the definition of a bad start to@ the day. >> reporter: all right, we'll see how the day ends for that homeowner, and you see the crane here in the canal, attached to the boat sometime shortly, and undersnd right. for now, we're live in fort lauderdale, brandon beyer, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, brandon, and from fort lauderdale, we're going to move south now to northeast miami-dade where the other tornadotruck. trees toppled and neighborhoods dealing with a major mess the as well. 7's alex7's alex de armis.
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crews picking up the broken trees, and we're getting ready to move over to another spot. but if you turn over here, the crews are up above preparing power lines,,ecause the people who live in this northeast miami-dade neiborhood have no power. cleanup after severe weather sweeps through northeast >> it woke us right up. room. >> reporter: the trees wer bashing against the window, and the rain was going upward and everything was going sideways. weather service on-site to survey the damage. most of it on northeast 191st street near 14th avenue. avenue..% >> all of it happened in a matter of 10 seconds. >> reporter: we have seen broken fences, massive trees ripped from the ground, cars, barely visible, under heavy tree limbs,
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hate. >> i woke up the girls, and we went straight to the bathroom, andhe windows are shattering. >> reporter: check out this cellphone videoeoent to 7 news. in it, you see the heavy rain, and a large piece of material flying across the screen. over in north miami beach, people w wting up to this. >> i look out and the first thing i see is the trampoline on the tree, and wow, that's a >> reporter: homeowners having to pick up patio furniture and even a canoe. they don't even know where it came from. >> it's a disaster here. i don't know what other way -- it's not safe to be on the road. >> reporter: miami police driving around making sure that it's saferound here, as those dealing with the mess try to clean it up. the other thing thought to point out to you. see that pine tree there? it was once 30 feet tall.
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and the gooood news in this, we're not getting any reports of any injuries right now. reporting from northeast miami-dade, alex de armis, 7 news. >> lynn: not tooar away, mother nature played a role in a traffic nightmare. ann keel is there, and it stayed for quite some time. >> reporter: i-95 southbound was shutut down for several hours afternoon. as you see, the traffic is overflowing, but it came through the area, and it overturned and at least one sign came loose, and it headed strght for oncoming traffic. i-95 is experiencing major delays. >> i see the tree flying, and a lot of wind flying, and it might flip over.
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and traffic in the northbound lanes was barely flowing. trying to goat arod t. >> reporter: wow, since 11:30ish. >> i'm trying to go around the end, from biscayne bay, it's crazy. >> reporter: the s setch between izedairy road and miami gardens ive hit the hardest. the severe weather as it s spt through the area. >> reporter: it did a lot to pull the vehicle over. >> the vehicle was hit by the sign, and subsequently, three other vehicles from involved in an accident that included a tractor-trailer. >> reporter: no one had to be hospitalized with their inries. >> reporter: it shattered the glass. >> and the impacted lanes were gradually reopened as the tree% branches and other debris that
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hauled away. >> reporter: i'm mad, but there's nothing that i can do ght now, it's mother nature. i'm going to be nice. >> reporter: she definitely had a good sense of humor about this, and speaking of those larger signs, go ahead and take a look. one of them still on the ground, but at least it's out of the way of the traffic. again, the traffic is finally moving smoothly out there. reporting live along the interstate, ann keel, 7 news. >> danielle: , all right, ann, thank you very much. and evidee of a nasty storm and nasty morning in south florida. the storms have cleared out for now, so what should we expect mex? phql ferro is in the weather center, and look at that, phihi it was horrible this morning. morning. >> phil: itas down right scary at times as the twisters were making their way across
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but we're in for a quiet night and mild temperatures, looking dry, and we could be in for a very cool thursday morning. here's the stormtracker at the moment. it's nice and dry,nd a heavy rain has moved away, so as you can clearly see, we should be in for a lackluster evening here across the area. this is the front that caused the big mess this morning. and it continues to move away. behind want front, we're looking at clear skies, mild temperatures, and then as we go through wednesday night through thursday morning, we're expecting a nice morning chill. the afternoon should be nice and beautiful. and this mild weather should stick around through the end of the week. now, the average low is about 63 , waning to 64 tomorrow, a nice and coolish 59 on thursday. and then we go up and down here across the 60s through next tugs. i'll have a lot more on our
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twisters a little bit later on. >> lynn: all right, in other news today, a truck driver remains in the hospital after@ going over the edge. today, officials about to reopen part of the exit ramp, which he fell from about this time yesterday. 7's alex diprato is in miami where the truck landed, alex. >> reporter: well, lynn n. a short time, at least one lane on this exit ramp here on i-95 is sent to reopen. this is the southwest 7th stet exit here on i-95. and you can see that crews are making repairs. they're expecting to open one lanene soon. let's go to the video, and the driver of the miami city garbage truck opened this barrier, and it happened at 5:00 yesterday. pieces of concrete rained down on the park, and the cab split from a section that contains the garbage.
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but the driver, kasim smith, did receive a punctured lung, and family. and he's being treated at this hospital. his ule spoke a short time ago. >> i'i' just glad that he's here. we love him. you know? if i have to stay here, i will until i know he's all right. >> it's unclear what caused the driver to go through the barrier, but we have just learned from the city of miami that there were two cameras. one in the truck and the othther that focuses on the road. that box that records 12 seconds of video has been sent to a company in california. they are now trying to retrieve the video to see exactly what happened. we're live in the city of miami, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. >> all right, alex, thank you.
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news, a very busy day of news. muchore coming up on today's tornado strikes. kids at daycare when the storm rips the roof apart not far from where one twister touched down. >> danielle: and a heat star sidelined for a reason. why chris bosh may not be o the court any time soon. >> lynn: then at 5:00, it's not a high-speed pursusu.
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on a south florida landmark. >> danielle: heat s sr, chris bosh, is dealing with another serious health scare. sidelined because of a blood clot scare. >> lynn: and it comes almost a year after bosh started treatment for a similar reason. donovan campbell has more on that. >> reporter: what we thought was just a strained calf muscle that forced him out of the all-stars this weekend is more serious. >> chris bosh is back on blood thinners, and he's doing so with hope that he can return in the season, and that's the biggest key. >> reporter: at just under 16 points a game, he's thehe heat's most important player. >> reporter: we know that they're not going to find another chris bosh out there. he's the most important player. youan't replace the tangible, and the locker room presence and what he is on theloor. >> reporter: participating in
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of ramications while on blood thinning medications. >> it's not about what are they going to do with thi guy or that guy, and it's about chris' health and his family. >> reporter: it's de javu. last season, he was diagnosed with blood clo in his lung, and faced the final games of the season. including pharmaceutical >> reporter: this is a very serious thing without question, but that he's talking about having a chance or a hope to play this year, it's t reason why there should be cause for optimism right now. >> that's what we all hope. the miami had heat will hold their first practice since the all-star break tomorrow. donovan campbell, 7 news. >> lynn: thank you. >> danielle: coming up at 4:00, most people staying indoors as
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but dozens of horses didn't have that option. >> lynn: a a young basketball player falls to the floor, sliding to a stop.
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everyone in shock. . >> and a scary morning for a lot of people across miami-dade.
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temperatures in the 70s to 80 under mostly clear skies. the wind, between 5 and 6 miles per hour. the stormtracker showing everything is nice and dry across broward and miami-dade. just a couple of lingering showers, everything is moving quickly to the east. but take a look at this morning. almost at 7:15, you can see it right there. thqt is the cell that produced the tornado in broward county. it was moving really quickly to the east. as a matter of fact, this tornado touched down, was about three or four mile long. touching down at 1500 northeast 50th avenue. and it included a blip hanger. as far as miami-dade is concerned, there's miami gardens, and you can see that nice little hook there around 7:50 in the morning, and this too was about 3-4iles long,
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coast, and so far, no reports of any injuries. national weather service is saying that both of them were a category ef-1, between 86 to 100 miles per hour. and they're going to be going back to the national weather service and reviewing all of data. they may say that later on tonight. and they also said that aside from the tornadoes, there were a lot of straight-line winding reported from 62 miles per hour, the strongest, the weakest at 49. meanwhile, this is all due to a front that's moving away from us. improving condition on the backside, starting tonight. mild had chop, and you in the florida keys, nice tonight. high tide, 4:12, 4:30 in the lower keys. for this evening, slowly clearing out and the temperatures will be in the 60s in south florida. by tomorrow, highs in the mid to
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here's your extended outlook. weweould see upper 50s come thursday morning.
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7 news will be right back. >> danielle: that is 7 news first at 4:00, i'm danielle ox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez.
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