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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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>> ais. >> it wa wild day of ather acrss south frida. amatic video catch a rnado formg and debriss flng.. > c couple ughtthe chaos.trapped u untir mobile hom as the storm tor thrgh. > peoplsharing their story throh the canup fter tho severerstorms e sun was t. at can we expt tomorro? also t tonig. unrelad to e e weathe, sewage breakakes aasty tuation foouth flori nehborhood. and heat star si line.
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and weave 7 news ale here at the1:00 o'clolo. planee usising a road as rway wh t pililot ford to makean emergcy landing. heo welcomeveryone.>> t news continu in andout at1:0.. 4> good evening evybodyy. we'lget tthe news art. pilolot of smallll pla is forcedto make nexpected fact the pot broughthe plane down on u u. 2and wound up in the grara. >> rob is live othe ene pbroke pine wh the deils robin? >> plic informion oicer fombroke p pin fir rescuegave us t the infmation. isilot jusid not thihithey wou be able tmake itto the airport they were flying or the evergladt bore 1010:00 o'cloc. possib some ginene trouble happened so e pilot madadehehedecision to la the plalane now weren the gray are
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soutbound can s s the traffic is still moving he in the s sth bound lanes b now dowto one lane.great ne here is bh pple on boa w wkeked of wit no injuries. ththere waa slight fuel spill as thehe planeandedofirefighrs put aittle bit of fm downust as precautioso as y youan see theare still t here makg suree that everytng is safeut gent twopeople o board ts small plane don't have the make donon'tknowxactly wre it was ading. whit was comg from t both p peoe on thaplewalked o w wh no injurs some st of problem led t thehemto make e thatandi here portrting li in pembroke pines 7 news night team.>> frighningight stirrinin the distae. >> tt's a2. >> twiers totouch wn. topplirerees.rippingg off rfs.
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> like a aright trai. wasmang.
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thpathf deststructn.skidz situaon. red t the cr outf me. >>repoport: ain is pring wn. debris starts flyiying and the funnelloud moves clorr to dixie highway >> it wawas m of a ght or flhtind ofof thi.get out the becau tngss were flying a over e was just amazg getut ofthe way get out of the ea and r r. >> abo tt same time the cohn famiar ri got f few seconds waing. first i heard the alert g offf on the ihonehihing the i walike is th a tordo warng?i looood outside and tn saw ke let's g inse ourcloset. >>rerepoer: ty were saf but the car wasn't. adout through pompano beh. up rooting huge trees in its this warehouse dtrict off place and dixie highw the ercece wintookok chunk of the ofipping the offnd
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>> myoof eveverytng gone she was inde her carear r busins at the te. >> you see the met and you ink will di >>rererter: : roo the fay didn't't survi. itasn'tntil hoursrs l idst a mesy cle that t uppeoplen pompanoo beacheall goaook at w powerfu tt ef 1 tnadoeallwas. >> many pepele were lucky but those who werer't peopleehohave bususesess park l lotth okok like ththis wil h he toe paent over thnext coupl o dayys s as tyork to clnt all up palm pap 0beach 7 news night team. > toninight one coupljust thanul t to belive after t home w fttened with theminside w we coinue our team 7 covera frorollywood.. >>report: summer manningrveys ththe ma ofhat wasonce her home her ars c't stop.
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repling what hpened.>> allf audn the who hoeusstartecaving ionme.anand he was apped. >>repoer: tuesd mning fier winds makaee linetowards theobile home s summershared with her husba wlishared w witithehusban wim. itas 7:35 in t morning. they wer bh sleing. >> i was screaming. cae thee winw s werecoming i on hiingg me and we we trapped.we were trappedn there. >>reporterer: n neieibor o us to liv in n e mobileome knew how to get in and ce to thei rescue >> he sasad our life. >>repoer: : the c couplwhojust mov heree from cififornia e very notng. notven their car. >> i i srts up but it's, it's
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>> i h he noloththes. , have notng anynyore. evytng theheot smashedn to omy hd. and bodody. was vy scarary >>reportrter: a you look the afteath i reay is hard belie thathey did makit out. thgoodness f t neighbor mmer did g go the e hospal stererday. shshsays t tt she's going to o go ain today becausehe is in a lot of paiaith physicall and emotiollyy a a you c imagine rertrtg in hlylywood d dielle kn 7 news. miami-de county soitby one of ththe isters. >ravevelenely fourileses in northst miami-de andndthat is ere we find sldon xith a lookt the damag there. yo. >>porter: t tuesday nht is ugh for people ju trying t get throug thetheastmiami-i-dada neighboood.
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te tuesd morning is whenthings mnt forhehe groun fl thrgh the athe had to o be ced up te nast t-unchararaeristicweather which incded a rnado. touchi dow betweween mmi gaenand aveurura.a. ike freight ain. it wasmazing. >>reporter disaster her. disaster for pperty pecialally.. th buildg had some the roofof bwnff. right t the c it out. >>porter: tmpmpine sprung into the b bnches anda noon los like toedo somebods lascaping. oh, yeses manoke us rig up. we h to hid in n the laury room. >> win werehattereringg. >>rererter: northeast95 street near4thvenunue. t look wt 7ky force h d others s on 95. > three otherehicle we involvedn an accent thatalso iluded an overturne tractor-r-trler. >>rerter: i idid lo morthan j jt fl thatehiciclele
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it bei t t ferocious wind. ich sent islyingn and around roa. ees on to caca neay drivererat the intererction fed up a forornate. l >> nothing can do right n. itit's mot nure.>>report: by nighttime itt was t time f zogby some.others celebrad jus getting electrityga. w weatherad bwn o of he and light were ba onhours lat. on this nighthat's a vicry por cle truck sll outthis lat anice in placeslike the city of nth miami beach said theyad takenenartof allands on dede appppach. 500 cubic yardsf debris removed. we are in n ntheast mia-dade, sheldon f 7 news nightea well ayou hahave comto pect thetorm stati hasas you cored fr look at t thedamage done e what is taporthe rest of thweek. phililsn the weatr center with ts phi reporter: what a da it t s
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lot of tordo activity. wither in foret theighta little humityleasant temperatures and theest of the ek staing from torrow ward looking ptty goo. hers the stormtracer d dryall across th are really dot fores any ra or t next 24 t 48 urs.a lot o of activity y y yhos t.a lot t activity today. there y haveve bee as many a four tordo.o haveeenn confirmed the nationaweather svice i is tetellllg us thathere could ha been a thd inav b b no svevey wasone. the could ha been apossibibleort lauderle twterut nws saysy can't dermine that athis time. again 4eports but oyy two confird. so suggesting that dama acro hollywood pembre pines and mirama could havavbeenueto strghtine winds.s. nonow weave hrd about thef 1 catery between 86 and 110milepeper hour.
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here i in o our intensitycalews far nowhat we can expectcthe fro that b broug usll thisasty wther coinues to me ay ght winds tonht. tomorrow s suld beaeaiful. highressure buding in a ttle bit more nshinend looking ve nice. wel have a lot more on ourlocal forecast a lite bit laterr on. > a right phi see youoon. >> s sti aheadad fm 7 news a 11:00 o'clkk sothing fish spilling in an area nghborhood aving quit th ms behi. > police in h hot psuit after man tas somethingngnusualora joy ride mor h health ncerns fororng chchs bosch off the crt. what insider he to say about
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ji bad bre in s sth flori nehborhood. stding water filling thi ststets ithe cmunity inc of wer ringg afterer ser main spl. >>hat forced crewto suck upup e sewageor hours. brann has me from fort lauderle >>repoer: there a l lotf standidi water in is area.>>report: s sky for habovesewagege main eain fort laududdale tuesd aftnoon and hours later theituation and sme still linring. even the secury guardavin to cov his nosee.
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saying it'not theirault. >>repoer: asesidents mad thr w he t they we grted by lge pump truc working to get the stiing waterut. redents not the onlones fected.thisis dayay ce pel the proble clears bwednesesday. >> it'real bad. i'm trying tryi to ge in ouhiclcle sots real lazy. >>rerter: o'nlivededt thflooded aptment compxfor 11 y yrsrs.>> of cose t sew teeseast andrine got into o . this i what you smell thatsmell. has been ke thisince abou2 in the aereron. >>reporter he was s tango chance as he madhis wayome tern errand. >> i hav3 bag on each ft and 2ubber ban oeach foot.t. i come ppared.>>report: most juswant to get mend get to bed. >> i'm in.i don't ow about erybobody else theyan probablget inbut i dodon'kn i'in. >>rerter: t water has
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ththweekend. momost ridents hav mitit in at this poin.hopepeful this problems goney tomorrow.. we are in forlauderdale brann buyer 7 ns nig te. >>t was dangeus0inute joy ride in the keke wheman decided toto goo on bizarre run fromhe law. dashsham video mone county sherf's ciser captureit. man tang a stobackhoee on a drive a acrosthe 7ile idge see thspark flyihere.officialforced to shutown the bridge in bh direrectio for r mo threeee hou. you iginehe traraffic back up th caused. deputy fincialally put down th spike stri andnd blew out t the res on t p pce of consnsucti eipment.getting e guy to f finaltopgegettinthe guy toinally stop. he wasrrested the.andere is his m shot. faces s sevalhaharges incling rereckle dringng and fleeg and allung police. fine-yr-oldd brougught to the hospal for trerement. trfic wawas aowed back on the idge jt aereekay inin e morning. pice l looki for the guy
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came caught t man scopingng out home in hollywo. t thi v vidideo w w recorded februa 1st.the thieieis then seen rowing an object throughne of t gls patio dooooin the bac.hehe pusd hisis w t throughhe attered glass. it hapned along the 4900 block a adam stet in hollywd. the h homeoer was not there atthe time.the crook d not stick around for r ngecause an armmsystem wt off. ifou have aninfoformation ca broward c cme stopper atthis numr on the scrn. > tomoming up at 11:0 o'clk.quite a ange in n the wther night aftft t that fr thehe seveve storms clred our areaa. > so what a aut the rest of the we? it's too my tornadoe ithe past cple ofeek ass round . >>reporter: ou arere not kiddin.te rteratete oncagain thherere were ll fourtotornado repeportsoday onlyly two werere cocoirme.. the t thirdn davey.
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on. hat theossible fterdale t twiwier nwsays they can't detetmi athisis meme n they mayy tomorro but nott at is momentnd also some straiait line windamage reported in hollywood.pembroke pinesnd miramar
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forerest >> andhat a day here across south floda.bufortatelely tight and t re othe week lking verynice all across t t aa. lookt the srmtracker eaier today wead line ostrong understorm rumbling through. right now its dry froro lake eechobeeouth in the florida keys ththat'sowt willstayay in the e ys ahead.meanwhil let te a a quickk viewhere at that tornado i ipompano beac. 90 to 0 mil p hour.ngth of the miles up anandown at titis. width o 200 rds anand by thwayt went
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10 in the moingnd 7:1. thers north dix highway, pompan a p park rht over e poano cityenter and again gogoing up and dowfinally it went acrs u.s. still making i wayay towards the et raraer quickly eveually endi up here lightouse int and the bt news of all the wereo o injuri the with the thiparticularwister..memeanile we e d anonotherne anothe ef 11. thne in ami-dade atonger. upnd down times a ttle narror thoughh. 150 yarand this o oook a little lonr to ke its way from westo east t out 8 minunus goingver i-95 and evtually comg to an end re vy close to bisiscayn boularard. the ts tna here comi to o end aund very clothes to ntheast 19191 seet
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w afar as thi froront, itcontues to tomorrowe should e morein the w osunshine and thehe mild weaer across uthflorida. no advisortomorrow. scaynene bay with light chopop flflorid keys ef waterer ithereef 12, beyoyo thehe reeto four fe xt high ti at 5:1515 in the moing. 7:30hrhroughout e lower k k wate temperare 69 for tonht clouds llcontinueo mov@ou ovnight lows wi be ithe upr 50's to low tmid0' tomorw should s aot mo sunshine. high in ththmid 70's toigightarnd 80 degrs. here youour exteed outlo. lookokinni aooool mornin on thuhuday and then near season tempeturesll thehe y through mday.
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exactly aear after cis bosch arted treatntnt for blooclot he s returned to taki blo thinnbosch 1time all sr turns 32 xt monthth but is e te mos vaablele player. misshe las 30 games las seasonith blood otot in his ng hopingnge caht ts eaearly and gegehim back on t t court thi me around. >> i is not a minoreal.but the simple fact that cis is talkiboututlabasket aga in the next w weeks fget next sp. it som point thi yr. that's's good sig. aprentlylyhe clot hasn'ttravelednywhere ianothervery goosign. very serio deal noneeless.just nowre 94 asedbout as la year a ithere'e's one reas w heaeafans shod be leo hahave somsort of hope r chris boh im. thatheat b bac on the actice cou morrow at 3:00 p.m. and will be missing b bird fr t t n nestbeisissing a bd from the nest. wi theba trade ddlinine onthursdayeat look for anonother
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acquiredrianan robt whoomes tomi amplein 5 p in meshis year. miami trading away fanavore chs bir man anderern tattoo n. an t second rod pick gehim. spent thr yearsitthe heatart of 23 championipteam andsono mis joininghampers and ht have sad aut 6 millili dollars with ts d dl. >> i wld say almlmt, almosalute t that are goingo more deals simimy bause th are n out of thluxurytatax y.don'n't ha to be rht now nessararily bu it wld make life a lotasier f theif eyey were bebeuse the ultimatat end me here is to have maximum ca flexibili on julyly 1sthen pat riy takes h bag of nip chaionship rg.g. drs s them open aa tab for somebo. perhapsomebody in gea he citand sayyou nt to come toia. e's talking aut kevin d your rant. fit placeats off unt thuray. cuently lead atntic
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tcig game for bacup goal tender montoyaless nig. 31 ses and leded the way for the e nthers 2-1 sho o out win. first the penguin.montoya to o acey sweatsht thd te this seasonn it feelsd. it fls goo loveo contrute. know whahat i'capapable of dog. th g kind omade my job easy tonightht pulled a cououple pk ouout of t net. couple sick guyhurt guys. everne battled toughout it. >>port: ictual wili ha one o of thsweatshirt selfhas spoport, crying and beys te us home. you aretyling guyverther. >> super. wenow that. ser. thas. >> tt's a wrap f 7ews at 11ciao ciao. >>hanksor being wh uss. joy usgain tomw v.v. a
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>> announcer: next, a paid presentation from perricone md for cold plasma sub-d, brought to you by guthy renker. cold plasma sub-d is the first-of-its-kind treatment for the area of your body that can actually age you most -- your neck, hosted by network television star cocotney thorne-smith and featuring some of the most dramatic before-and-after photos you've ever seen. >> hi, everyone. i'm courtney thorne-smith. don't change the channel, because in the next few minutes, you're gonna learn about a breakthrough product that could help take years off your appearance. but here the thing -- you don't put it on your face. want to learn more?
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>> announcer: when you look at yourself in the mirrordoes your neck look older than your face? >> the texture just looked like crepe paper, like someone, you know, wrinkled it and gave i i back to you. >> it was like, "this is awful. whoserneck is that? that doesn't even belong to me." >> announcer: are you seeing more signs of age from the chin down? >> it's like, overnight, i woke up and i saw these dark circles around my neck. and i said, "why are they there, and how can i get rid of them?" >> announcer: you can have a visibly firmer, smoother, sexier neck easily. no crazy gadgets, no drastic procedures. the secret to a younger-oking neck is a breakthrough topical treatment called cold plasma sub-d. >> it made a big difference. it's giving you results -- results you want to see. >> i'm looking in the mirror all the time now, going, "wow!" >> i want to wear a little badge that says "sub-d" -- "neck by sub-d." [ chuckles ] >> this is something that actually works -- actually. i'm so excited. >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is specifically formulated for the submandibular, which
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neck, and d\collet\. the fragile skin in these areas can easily show signs of age, often even faster than your face. but sub-d's powerful formulation helps battle the look of double chin... sagging jowls... crinkly skin... and increased wrinkles. isn't that incredible? that's the same woman, but h h neck looks so much better. >> all i kw is, i'm not ashamed of my neck anymore. i'm not. i would like to know what the heck is in there. [ laughs ] what -- what is in there? >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is the brainchild of one of the most famous anti-aging pioneers in the world -- dr. nicholas perricone. you've read about him in just about every major beauty publication in the world, including "vogue" magazine, who named him one of the best dermatologists in the u.s. and he's the author of five new york times best-selling books, including "the wrinkle cure."
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dermatologist, he's also a bod-certified nutritionist, and he's combined his lifelong passion for science and anti-aging solutions into a global prestige skin-care line called perricone md. it was after five years of intense scientific research that dr. perricone was finally able to unlock the secret to a a re youthful-looking neck. he carefully selected e very best cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, then figured out a way to suspend those ingredients in a revolutionary delivery system -- one designed to rapidly absorb into the surface of the skin for maximum results. women across the country are raving about cold plasma sub-d. >> when sub-d by dr. perricone came out, there was an instantaneous buzz because it was so needed. and when you can talk to beauty editors and celebrity makeup artists, and they are making rererence to it, that's when you know you've got a product that really works.
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inside the sub-d phenomenon with courtney thorne-smith, star of "melrose place," "according to jim," and "two and a half men." >> i am 46 now, and it wasn't that long ago that i noticed i needed something for my neck. so i was thrilled when i found out that dr. perricone was coming out with sub-d, because i thought, "if anybody can do it, he can," and he really has done it. >> announcer: you'll meet dr. perricone himself, and find out why it's taken so long to develop an effective treatment for our necks. >> people ask me, "gee, why has the beauty industry neglected the submandibular region -- chin and neck?" i don't think they've neglected it. i just think they didn't have the solution. >> announcer: he's joined by dana bledsoe, who has been the leading authority on perricone products for 14 years and who, at age 46, personifies the science of aging beautifully. >> what's so extraordinary about this product is its unbelievable delivery system. that's what gives you the dramatic results. >>nnouncer: and just how much
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look? we conduct an experiment with shocking results. >> oh, wow! >> is that the same person? >> announcer: and find out how you can lock in an exclusive one-of-a-kind discount on cold plasma sub-b- plus, for a limited time, get free sppininand get $80 worth of free gifts from perricone md. you don't want to miss this, so stay tuned. >> we've all got different names for it -- double chin, drop zone, turkey neck. one woman called it her gobbler. it's that skin underneath here that used to be the last thing on your mind, but, suddenly, it becomes a problem area. and it seems like there's nothing you can do about it. >> everything looks great up here. makeup, everything is beautiful. but then, down here, below, oh, there's so m%ch stuff going on. >> i was always pretty good about my face and especially moisturizer and especially sunscreen, and somehow iall just sort of stopped right here.
1:05 am
for pretty much my entire life. [ chuckles ] >> announcer: all of that neglect can create the@ appearance of wrinkles, sag, and discoloration that can be very hard to address. but dr. perricone used his unique medical expertise to bring us a new kind of treatment for our aging necks. >> i have been a fan of dr. perricone's for years. i truly respect the groundbreaking work that he's done around inflammation. and the more i learn about each of his products, the more i'm blown away by what he has accomplished. so you can imagine how thrilled i was to get to meet t man in person, along with his very beautiful colleague miss dana bledsoe. it is just amazing to meet you guys. and today we are here to talk about cold plasma sub-d. and i was so thrilled to find this product, because it feels like you're doing something magical for your neck, but it's not magic, it's science. >> yes, well, science is the most important thing to me. so i look at and address a problem, and the problem i was looking at, for sub-d, was the fact that we're taking care of
1:06 am
being neglected. >> exactly. i think i, like so many women, didn't really noce my neck. >> right. >> i've always just taken whatever i used on my face and brought it down to my neck. and, obviously, it didn't work very well. and there's this horrible moment for every woman when you don't realize that your phone&is on, where it's facing you -- the camera on your phone is facing you -- a a you look down in the bright -- and it's just this horrible -- it's like a horror movie. >> shocking, yeah. >> and you see what your neck looks like to other people when they're looking at you in the bright sunshine. >> yeah. >> terrifying, horrible, horrible moment. >> and that's the complaint that i hear time and time again, when people know that i work with dr. perricone. they say, "i hate my neck. my neck makes me look so much older than i actually am." and i think it was just so brilliant, what you've developed, because, to me, sub-d is the most powerful in-home treatment you've ever seen. >> yeah, it's extraordinary. and these products are what we call cosmeceuticals.s. can you explain what that means? >> so, we all know what a cosmetic is. a cosmetic is something that's supposed to improve your appearance. and a pharmaceutical, of course,
1:07 am
which is a medicine. sub-d is not a pharmaceutical. this formula is the result of a lot of research, and we're using some unique ingredients, so that's what the unique feel is and unique color. when you take that out of the jar and you start applying to your skin, it works on a very basic mechanism. i just didn't know that that mechanism was so powerful. >> so, how is the skin on the neck different from the skin on your face? >> well, the skin on the neck tends to be a liltle bit on the thinner side. and so, subsequently, ultraviolet radiation can cause much more damage to the dermis, and we get wrinkling and sagging. and you see redundancy under the chin, you see a lot of crepiness, you see horizontal lines, you see vertical lines, and those are really unattracti. my goal was to improve the redundancy, help those horizontal lines, and improve the crepiness. but when we did the study, at the end of the study, looked at it, the vertical bands also improved. and when my colleagues looked at it, they said, "wow," because they'd never seen anything like this, in terms of what a topical product could do. >> the results are ridiculous.
1:08 am
>> the results arerebsolutely -- i mean, i expected results. and then i saw these "before" and "afters," and it was, "how can this be humanly possible?" when you really apply it appropriately -- and i'll show you in a second -- it is an absolute miracle. >> a lot of women don't treat their neck and their chest with the same care that ty do their face, and the neck is a dead giveaway as to how old you really are. you don't want one to look older than the other, and you want ton have this harmonious look between your face and your neck and your chest. >> so, how much can your neck age you? it turns out, a lot. >> announcer: we wanted to see just how much older your neck can make you look, so asked random people on the street to look at photos of different women and guess their age. but we added a twist -- some photos just showed a woman's face, and some just showed her neck. and since these images were mixed in with other photos, ey didn't realize they were looking at the same woman. here's what happened. >> all right, so, how old is
1:09 am
>> um...i'm gonna go with 50. >>ay 51. >> 58. >> 55. >> 50. >> announcnc: out of 25 people polled, the average age guessed for her face was 55. then, after we showed them pictures of other women, we asked about her neck. >> all right, next one is a neck. >> it's an older neck, so probably 7 7 >> that neck looks about 85. the skin is very wrinkled, and there's a discoloration. >> maybe around 75? >> 79. >> there's jusso many -- it's horrible. there are just so many wrinkles. >> announcer: on averara, people thought she was 76 years old, based on her neck. that's a 21-year difference between how people thought her face looked and how her neck looked. most people hadn't even realized that it was actually the same woman. >> oh, wow! >> is that the same person? >> would never have guessed thososgo together. would you? >> no. >> she has a beautiful face. her eymakeup is gorgeous. her smile is nice.
1:10 am
think i had about two decades' worth of an age difference. >> well, wtever she's doing for her face, she should be doing for her neck. >> okay, you're really inspiring me to use something on my neck now that i've seen all these pictures. >> announcer: does your neck look older than your face? you can have a visibly firmer, smooth, sexier neck easily with dr. perricone's breakthrough discovery, cold plasma sub-d. the women who have already experienced sub-d have made it one of perricone md's highest-rated products, and the bebety experts agree. >> newbeauty magazine awarded co plasma sub-d as the best neck-firming cream for the beauty choice awards. and it was chosen as a winner because it really helps prevent some of the signs of aging on the neck that we're all concerned with. >> you want to use sub-d morning and night, and i'm gonna show you how. you don't need a lot. you start at the d\collet\. you go all the way up to the chin.
1:11 am
you want to take it all the way underneath the jawline and up behind both ears. i'm telling you that you are going to absolutely be amazed at the results that you're gonna see. >> announcer: wouldn't you l le to try sub-d yourself? you can, and at a huge savings. in stores, some perricone md products retail for over $200 each, but when you call to order through this exclusive television offer, you can get cold plasma sub-d for just a fraction of that cost. and that's not all. today, the first 500 callers will have their order instantly upgraded to perricone md's total face & neck duo. that means you'll also get dr. perricone's high potency amine face lift for no extra charge. amine face lift is a highly concentrated treatment that helps firm, tone, and tighten the appearance of your face. >> i could tell the difference
1:12 am
and the overall tone. and my husband said, "gosh, you look younger, but i just can't kind of figure out why." isn't that great? >> announcer: so, be one of the first to order and get both of these incredible perricone products for a one.of-a-kind low price. want to know how low? not $200, not $100. yoll get this total face & neck duo for just $49.95. and, for a limited time, your shipping is free. but this exclusive television offer doesn't stop there. mention today's coupon code when you call, and you'll be eligible to receive two exciting gifts from perricone md. they're an $80 value, but with the coupon code, they're yours free. first, it's blue plasma, known to beauty experts as the unpeel. with blue plasma, dr. perricone has reinvented what it means to exfoliate. >> i am not a fan of the existing exfoliators that are on the market, because when you
1:13 am
thing, because it actually causes inflammation in your skin and accelerates the aging process. >> announcer: instead of harsh abrasives, blue plasma uses a unique bio-specific peing to lift away dead skin cells without redness or irritation, leaving you with smoother, brighter-looking skin after just one use. >> it looks like magical -- like a magic potion. >> and you get all the benefits and you get rid of all those dead skin cells, but it's not rough on your face. >> announcer: since its worldwide launch, blue plasma has been h hdline news everywhere you look. "allure" named it one of their "editors' favorites." "newbeauty" says it's "better than a peel." and "us weekly" calls blue plasma "a skin savior." blue plasma technology was so innovative that industry experts begged dr. perricone to create the me kind of solution for the eye area. the result? blue plasma orbital. this cooling gel immediately reduces the appearance of puffiness and gives your eyes a
1:14 am
"more" magazine called blue plasma orbital "a godsend." and "marie claire" says this product "will change your life." >> makes my eyes look refreshed, and it also makes them look brighter. >> i had this line right here. smoothed it around my eyes. it's gone. it is gone. it is gone. >> announcer: and all you have to do to get both blue plasma products for free is mention today's special coupon code when you call to order cold p psma sub-d. this exclusive collection of produc has been handpicked for you by dr. perricone. supplies are limited, and you can't find this special offer in any retail store. altogether, it's a $197 value, but here it's all yours for just $49.95. >> you could never step into a major department store and buy all those things at that price. that's a steal. >> announcer: and we're so confident your skin will look younger and firmer that we include a no-questions-asked
1:15 am
you can use the products for 60 days, a if for some reason they're not right for you, just return them, and we'll refund your money. you can even keep the blue plasma bonus gifts just for giving sub-d a try. if you've ever dreamed of treating yourself to dr. perricone's miraculous products, now the perfect moment. visit or call the number on your screen right now. don't waitit >> you've been hearing how so many of us have neglected our necks over the years, and d thought we'd conduct a little experiment to prove it. we asked a group of 20 women to come in and just go through their nightly routine -- nothing special, just show us how you take care of your skin before you go to bed. check out what happened. >> aouncer: as people brought in their products and got themselves set up, we asked them to talk us through their skin-care routine. >> basically, i just wash my face with a mild soap and water. kind of just use my fingers to get everything off. >> get my facial cloth, wet it,
1:16 am
dirt and gunk out of my face. >> and then i'll just put, like, a little bit of oil serum just on my dry areas under my eyes. and then just a moisturizer. >> announcer: then, we asked each woman what they did each night to take care of their neck and d\collet\. >> something for my neck? i've never really done anything for that, to be honest. >> i feel like it's kind of the forgotten area. >> no, i don't really concentrate too much on the neck. i should, , ough [laughs] 'cause i'm seeing these creases right here tt i'm getting right now. but i haven't really looked into it yet. >> howowbout you? have you been neglecting your neck? >> when women thk about skin care, it truly is from the chin up -- right here. this is all that seems to matter. and then, all of a sudden, we realize, "oops, we forgot this area." i think dr. perricone certainly hit on something very special and, more importantly, very needed with sub-d. and what's so great is it's never too late to start taking care of your neck if you never did. you can start right now.
1:17 am
invited a group of women to try cold plasma sub-d for the very first time. perricone md tracked their progress and documented their incredible results with numerous "before" and "after" photos, the show. but before any photos were taken, before the women started treating their skin with this fantastic product, they were asked to take a moment and really confront what they see and how they feel when they look at their necks. maybe you feel the same. >> the part that bothers me the most are the serious wrinkles in the center of my neck, right here. >> you know, there's onetwo, three. i don't know, they just keep coming. >> these little cords right here and this loose skin really can ruin a girl's day. >> starting to look kind of like a chicken, i think. >> this is my turkey gobbler, and then this is my spaghetti pasta neck. if i don't have the gobbler and the spaghetti neck, young girl, old lady. >> if we can do everything we can to make it better, you know, that's what i'm trying to do.
1:18 am
just 90 days made. afteusing cold plasma sub-d, these women saw dramatic changes in the appearance of their skin and felt a newfound confidence in the way they look. >> using dr. perricone's products, especially the sub-d, it's really helped my self-esteem. it makes me feel like i can age gracefully. >> a couple of my friends who i see on a regular basis -- they said to me, "your skin looks so radiant. what are you doing? what are you using?" >> i am very confident, very happy. i'm never going without this sub-d ever. >> announcer: courtney thorne-smith has been starring in hit television series since her early 20s -- "melrose place," "ally mcbeal," "according to jim," and "two and a half men.n. now, at age 46, her skin looks as smooth anyouthful as it did two decades ago. thanks to dr. perricone, courtney is not afraid to bear it all for the cameras and share what she most loves about the
1:19 am
>> okay, this is the amazing cold plasma sub-d. this is gonna blow your mind. so, you open the jar, take it on your hand. see the texture? it's incredibly light. this skin on me was starting to get crepey, and i was starting to get self-conscious. literally, one day, i looked and i saw a picture and i went, "[ gasps ]" and since i've been using sub-d, my skin looks so much firmer and tighter and smoother. it's really incredible. i don't know about you, but i did not ha anything to use on my neck. it's amazing. we have to talk about this. this is the high potency amine face lift. i put this on, and i walked by a mirror and i did a double take. i'm not even kidding. and d 46, to look in the mirror and see this smoother, firmer face, it's crazy good. and then this is t t really beautiful blue plasma. it? and then look what happens when you open it.
1:20 am
are you kidding me? and so you put that on your face, and when you wake up in the morning, it will have taken away the dead skin cells, and your skin is just glowing. and this is blue plasma orbital, which goes around your eye. and the consistency is the smoothest, softest gel. and when it goes on your eyes, it feels like it's cooling. it takes away e dead skin so your skin looks fresher and brighter and smoother. i wish you could feel this yourself. look how beautiful that is. ifou feel self-conscious about your neck and d\collet\ or your jawline, please try the perricone products. it realllldoes make a difference. >> announcer: because you're watching today, you have the unique opportunity to get all four of these groundbreaking perricone products at a price never seen before. when you take advantage of this exclusive television offer, you'llet both cold plasma sub-d and high potency amine face lift for
1:21 am
but that's just the start of your savings. mention today's special coupon code when you call, and you'll also get blue plasma and blue plasma orbital absolutely free. that's right. they're an $80 value, but you get them free with one simpl phone call. plus, for a limited time, we'll include free shipping. >> the products are absolutely amazing. i just noticed such a big difference in my skin clarity and just how it feels and just how i looked. it made me feel like i should have been using this a long time ago. >> announcer: together, these four perricone products are a $197 value, but today, all four are yours for just $49.95. >> i've spent $50 on something this big [laughing] so look what you're getting in this offer. it's absolutely incredible. >> announcer: remember, you can't find this offer in any store, supplies are limited, and so is free shipping, so call the
1:22 am >> dr. perricone, i've seen some incrediblebefore" and "afters" with sub-d. could you walk me through a few of them, please? >> yes, let's do that. so, i'm focusing right here. it's gotten a lot of sunlight. breaks down the collagen and elastin,nd you get this kind of crumply look. so, let's see what happens with cold plasma sub-d. >> [ gasps ] wow! that is stunning. >> the skin looks very fresh and radiant, and this looks like a younger person. now i'm gonna try my computer skil here and go up to the next one. [ click ] okay, so, now here, this is obvious, but we're looking at those horizontal lines. >> mm-hmm. >> and they're very prominent. >> [ gasps ] oh, my gosh. >> we're not only seeing that the horizontal lines are going, but you see the redundancy -- almost like flap there? >> mm-hmm, mm-hmm. >> the appearance of that has changed, as well. >> it's so amazing to see these pictures and to think about how these women must have felt when they have this neck that must ve felt like it aged them. maybe they felt like they couldn't wear an open-neck
1:23 am
and, suddenly, the tone looks better, the texture looks better. it just looks so much younger and fresher, doesn't it? >> it does. it's very gratifying to see something like this, because science works. >> i was so surprised at the results. i said, "wow!" i mean, i, you know, thought there was a difference, but when you look at pictures, there's a big difference. >> when i actually saw my "before" and "after" photos side by side, i couldn't believe it. i didn't think there was any way that it could be that much of a change. sub-d really does work. >> in a recent study, where they carefully monitored and questioned every woman that tried sub-d, an tounding 98% reported that no other product they had tried before had given them the same benefits as cold plasma sub-d -- 98%. if cold plasma sub-d is having this kind of effect on other women, imagine what it could do for you. >> announcer: don't wait to try sub-d. take advantage of this exclusive televisisi offer right now and
1:24 am
in stores, some perricone md products retail for over $200 each, but when you call to order through this exclusive television offer, you can get cold plasma sub-d for just a fraction of that cost. and that's not all. today, the first 500 callers will have their order instantly upgraded to perricone md's total face & neck duo. that means you'll also get dr. perricone's high potency amine face lift for no extra charge. amine face lift is a highly coentrated treatment that helps firm, tone, and tighten the appearance of your face. >> i love the amine face lift. i have definitely noticed an overall better skin quality. it's fantastic. >> announcer: so, be one of the first to order and get both of these incredible perricone products for a one-of-a-nd low price. want to know how low? not $200, not $100. you'll getethis total face & neck duo
1:25 am
and, for a limited time, your shipping is free. but it gets even better. if you use today's coupon code, you'll also receive two special gifts from dr. perricone, valued at $80. first, it's blue plasma, known to beauty experts as the unpeel. >> with dr. perricone's blue plasma, he's basically reinvented t way exfoliation should look, the way it should feel, and how it should perform on your skin. you know how most exfoliants have granules in them, so they're very rough? but with blue plasma, there are no granules. in fact, it's a serum. while you sleep, it is exfoliating. and when you wake up in the morning, it's like the rebirth of new skin. >> announcer: in fact, blue plasma made such a splash that industry experts gged dr. perricone to create a similar product for the eye. the result -- blue plasma orbital. "more" magazine called blue plasma orbital "a godsend." and "marie claire" says this
1:26 am
imagine getting both of these premium products for free. you can. all you have to do is mention today'special coupon code when you call. that's an $80 value, yours free. this exclusive collection of products has been handpicked for you by dr. perricone. supplies are limited, and you can't find this special offer in any retail store. it's a $197 value, but here it's all yours for just $49.95. >> $50 for four products of that caliber? that's amazing. >> announcererand we're so confident your skin will look younger and firmer that we include a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. >> this is a win-win situauaon. not only do you get to try this amazing oduct, which i know you'll love, but if for some crazy reason y y don't love it, you get your money back. >> announcer: yoy can even keep the blue plasma bonus gifts just for giving sub-d a try. don't let this one-of-a-kind
1:27 am
visit or call the number on your screen right now. >> with dr. perrone's products, you get results -- amazing results. >> sub-d is absolutely wonderful and has made a huge difference in my skin and the way i look. >> dr. perricone's products -- they are in a class all on their own. juju amazing. >> no question, i would advise everyone to just give a try, because the perricone products deliver results. >> isn't it time you treated yourself to something justor you -- something that will make you feel really good about your skin and the way you face the world? isn't it time you tried perricone md? call right now. >> announcnc: this has been a paid presentation for cold plasma sub-d, brought to
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