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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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[ cheering and applause ] >> belkys: breaking news, we have been following this one all night long. we now know president obama is planning to visit cuba.
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hello and welcome i'm belkys nerey >> craig: and i'm craig stevens, seven news continues at eleven. >> this is seven news at eleven. >> craig: breaking news at elelen, president obama expected to make a historic trip to cuba, it looks like it is going to happen some time in mid to late march. good evening again, it has been nearly 90 years since a sitting u.s.president visited cuba. the night team's robin simmons is live in the satelliteenter with the late-breaking details on all of this. >> reporter: it is really worth noting that the cuba embargo is still in place and so we will not so it completely opened to tourists until congress opens the embargo, but it appears that president obama is just weeks from being the first sitting president to visit cuba. >> december th, 2014, president obama announcing the
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the goal reopening embassies, and just four months later he met with caso for the first time at the summit of the americas in panama, president obama and the cuba leader shaking hands, mr. obama talking about the long and c cplicated relationship between the two nation and said that cuba would not be removed from the state department list of state sponsor of terror without further investigatatn, in july of 2015, the formercuba, intersection in waington, d.c. was reopened as the cuba embassy, protestors gathering across the street as ey raised the flag. john kerry traveled to cuba, as the american embassy reopened and the flag raised over havana. and marco rubio says that if he were president he would only, visit a free cuba. >> my problem is i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change but it has to be reciprocal but look at what
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opened to them and and because our change towards them was conditional on their change for the people. >> anchor: he is not the only poll stigs, slamming the president's plans. >> it breaks me heart. yeah, it does, just as we@ legitimate the regime in iran, by negototting this agreement the nuclear agreement, we are doing the same by diplomatic relations and we got nothing in return and my hope that cuba is free, and that is when the pridesent should be going there. >> even thoughgh president obama is telling them that things are great in kau ba and that we have diplomatic relations and all of these positive changes are taking place, what do the people do? they leave cuba in record numbers and there has been an incredible spike in the number states. >> to put the significance in perspective, the last visit was nearly 90 years ago, the
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some time in march. >> reporter: so former president, carter visited in 2011, of course, after he left office and an official announcement is expected from the white house tomorrow. we are getting some dates, possible, dates from abc news, reporting the president will be in cuba, march 21, 22, a big week t tre the rolling stones will be playing on the 20th and on the 22nd, tampa bay rays are schedule to play the cuba national team but it is not clear at this point if president obama will attend. livep in the satellite cent, robin simmons, seven news. night team. >> belkys: our night team coverage continues with danielle knox and she is live in cafe with more on how the cuban community is reacting to all of this news. >> i have to tell you the reaction i got outere at the cafe was a little surprising to be honest with you. and perhaps, the opinions will cha think in the mning light but here is the reaction i got toninit.
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we break those laws, and the united states, and open the doors for cuba. i mean 50 years was longg enough, it is time for a change. >> he has the right to go. he is the psiredent of the united states he can doha wtever he wants. but i believe that being friendly with a dictator ship th violates the human rights of its citizens, every day, is not what somebody that believing frfrdom, and human rights, should do. >> do you think that this helps the diplomatic relationship between the united states and cuba. >> of course. to serve the people, you know. >> and the businessman interests are everybody's interests and so that will open the business ors. >> so you think this is a good thing in youropinion. >> yes, absolutely. >> we think that it is so great that cuba is actually going to be conneedct back with the u.s. again. we love it. >> is tha a good thing in your opinion or a bad thing that obama will be visitin cuba next month? >> well, i think that it is a
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the cuba get together again. we can go to cuba. a cation, maybe one day. so i think that it is good. opinion. so, i think they will say a lot of things about it. we just have to keep thinking the best of our president, that is all. >> reporter: so as you heard there, most people didn't seem to have a problem with obama going to cuba next month. t i expect that opinions may grow stronger as the date grows closer. reporting live outside of cafe, i'm danielle knox, seven news night team. >> belkys: all right, keep it here with seven news and where the president makes his historic visit to cuba, the news station will have havana. >> craig: also in the news tonight, a teenager under arrest accused of practicing bad medicine and now he is out of jail, he is 18 years old.
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posing as a doctor. >> belkys: this is not the first time that he is finding himself in trouble, nicole linsalata reports. >> this young man said that he did not do anything wrong, he said that he had a big celebration for the grand opening of his pctraice here at this building behind me, in west palm beach. and he says, he never claimed he was a medical doctor. >> please, allow us to deal with this issue, the what i that any normal family would. >> and the issue this 18-yr-eaold is dealing with, is certainly a serious one. he is accused of practicing medicine without a license, and stealing thousands of dollars from an 86-year-old patient. >> malici, they say that you have been practicing medicine without a license. >> the cops arrested robinson on tuesday, he performed a physical exam on an under cover agent. >> you examined a patient today. >> you#will hear from my lawyer. >>? january he held a grand opening
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mother and friend and business partner all attending the cebrleation. just look at his facebook page. he says that he offers urgent care and family planning and his business partner has nothing but praise. >> i think that he is amazing. >> but love robinsoso has run into troleub before, last year at age 17 he was busted for po sing as a doctor at saint mary's medic center in west palm beach and he told a west palm beach tv station there is an explanationor that. >> i requested to shadow some physicians. next thing i know, cops are there. that is all that i know. that is all i know, i have no idea. >> he lists himself as an naturph,at health and alternateiv health practitioner, and an phd and an or taned minister and he said that he is not an md, he claims that was a mistake. but is not saying much else. as he leaves the palm beach, county jail wednesday night.
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wishes and allow our attorneys to do the best that they can to work on this case. >> reporter: but he is in trouble in addition to practicing theed cane charge, he is also facing grand theft and forcery charges, reporti in palm beach,icole nsalat seven news night team. >> craig: now that the night team and two women dressed in slmuim garbe raising eye bows at a synagog and saying that they were visiting houses of worship on a spiritual searc alex diprato explains this. i have a lot of faith in the police department and i believe that homean ld security and everybody else is top of it. >> the rabi reacting after they introduced these two won, who were dressed in muslim garbe and started questioning this man who was sitting outside of the sanctuary. >> the questio basicallywas,
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an wdhen do the people come for lecturesnd >> howdd o was thisor you. >> it was very odd, the conveyed ta to me that they were actually muslim. >> more the memrf o the synagog thought it was strange especially wnhe one of them lled out the quran, the woman asked did you have services already and when are you saying qisker which is a praye for the people who have died. >> expined the similarity, that the arabic is written from the right to left. >> you can see him outside of theyn sagog and h calls security and although no crime was committed. >> i wastrying to understand the purpose of all of this, the purpose of the engagemt a the purpopo of the content of the conversation. >> the sameomen were also at the same synagog the previous friday, laten wednesday night, foenrcement sourc tells the news that the woman in the video has terminal cancer and said that she was visited different houses of worship with her mother to learn about different
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the north miami beach department says at this point we don't believe there is a public safety threat. rara says that the community, can never let its guard down. >> we gotot to be vigilant. >> there was a similar incident in miami beach and the police are investigating that. but here in north miami beach, theolice say they don't believe these women posed any threat. inorth miami beach, i'm alex dipro, sevev news, night team. >> belkys: a badbreak in the florida keys, water gushing everywhere, flooding roads and causing low water pressure throhougut the lerow keys, and even as far south a key west. the water mama, rupturing on 26th street,n marathon, near mile marker 48, and the crews e working to fix it and thehe say that the water service is expected to be restored by 5:00 % a.m. >> still ahead at eleven, a mass shooting has applele in the midedl of a fight with the f"b.i. tonight, neither side seems to be ready to budge. >> someinthg, smelly in a south
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crews tryo clean up a maj mess. phil: no sticky weather for us, the high pressure will build
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quiet but the weekend, the >> craig: federalal judge, ordering a tech company to break into one of tpe san bernardino shooters phones. but apple is pushing back, saying it is a matter of protecting people's privacy. apple contends the governmen is over stepping its bounds. >> belkys: now it is turned into an iphone fight, walter morris explains. >> reporter: apple and the f.b.i., the feds taking the tech giant to court, asking the company to unlock an iphone. >> i think that iist pretty scarey, i mean, kind of evasive, if you ask me. >> if that big of a threat, like and you havegot nothing to height, then why not. ethe case over the falut from
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killing 14 ople, in the deadliest terror attack since 9/11, they want the company to unlock the iphone, but the can't without unlocking every phone. tim cook says that it is the equivalent of a master keys, opening hundreds of millions of locks, no reasonable person would find that acceptable. >> we are not asking apple to redesign its products or to you know, create a new back door to its products. you know, this is auch more specific request. >> news of the decision sparking prototts at the apple store in san francisco. the company says, once it comes up wh the technology, it could easily fall into the wrong hands, putting nearly 900 million iphones at risk. wednesday, apple, promising an appeal, while many ask if it is worth it. >> we have to give up some basic freedoms, if you will, for the safety of everybody.
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already looks into people's phones, and i just think that, nobody wants to be, you know, have their privacy invaded. >> now apple has less than a week to cooperate, or prove that it is too big of a burden. seven news night team. >> craig: a smelly situation is getting better tonight after a bad break in fort lauderdale, last night, sky force, hd above that neighborhood, clean up today. crews were workingng for hours to stop a leak after a sewage line, ruptured at the apartment mplex, near 4th avenue, up to a foot of the filthy water, surrounded 5 square blocks and the water is gone and they have sanitized the parkikg areas. >> belkys: coming up at eleven, what seemed like a good deed was turning unusual when a man gets back justome of his lost belongings and an interesting >> craig: it is kind of one of the funny stories of the day. also after the news, with the temps in the 50s some nights we
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we are not talking about a
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a couple of >> belkys: a new york resident lost wallet found and returned. >> craig: sort of. rilely, lost his wallet at a concert in brooklyn, a week later he received a letter in the mail from somebody, the credit cards were returned, along with a letter, but the sender kept the money in the wallet, he said that he had to buy some weed. >> belkys: all righty then. >> the dollar and it is 1,000 dollars, the fact of the matter is that there is pot smoking modern day, robin hood out there that knows my blood type and knows if i am an organ donor and knows where i sleep at night and so it is terrifying frankly. >> now the concert venue. >> the venue where he lost the wallet, learned of all of this and has offered him free tickets at least, there is the letter to
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>> belkys: that is a lot of money. >> now seven weather with chief meteorologisthil ferro. >> >> phil: i lost my wallet. and take a look at temperatures right now, and 59, and the temperatures in the 60s every plac else and the wind is calm, five miles per hour at the coast, and mid humidity at 675 percent and it is dry, and nothing from the lake okeechobee south into the keys and the next best chance for some showers, and maybe a thunderstorm or two, will be monday and tuesday, of next week. and it is also going to be warm by the early part of next week as well. florida. and the gustlff mexico, and this huge i the south, and tonight to the day tomorrow and the wind out of the north east, and feeling nice and mild and breezy and the highs will be in the mid to upper 70s and as we move into
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will change and we could see a few showers across the streets and by the way, friday is pleasant and friday and sunday is looking good and we may see just a few more cuds across the area. and here is the marine forecast and exercise, caution and the winds in 20 knots, and the biscayne bay with a moderate chop, and the current at about 8 feet and throughout the florida, keys and exercise, caution. and the coastal waters turning choppy. and the next high tide, miami will be at 6:12, and 6:07 in fort lauderdale and 6:35 and for u in key west, the next high tide will be at 8:18 a a for tonight, mostly clear and staying dry, and 59 in the over night low to miami, and it could be colder in the western suburbs and the same in fort lauderdale and the keys you are looking at the low 60s and the wind out of the north and tomorrow, it is going to get breezy, and out of the north east, and 15 to 20 miles per hour and sunny skies, and e highs in the low 70s for the keys and typical temperatures, for us here in the
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and here is your extended out look, by friday, breezy, still looking very nice, more clouds moving in, and saturday, and sunday. but, still the temperatures, are going to be very pleasant, however, monday and tuesday, ahead of a front, we are going to warm up, how about a chance of showers, and once that front goes through, the temperatures should come down a little bit and we are back to near seasonal temperatures.
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seven on seven forecast, and the >> time now for seven sports with mike dipasavale. >> reporter: here is what we do know for shurz about chris bosh, he will not be traveling with the team for the game on friday, and the heat will not confirm it, but according to published reports bosh is back on blood thinner and the deal with
12:55 am
leg, he had a clot on his lung and now the heat are not saying much on if and when cb wlil be back. >> that is all@ that we are going to comment on right now. he is not here right now. he is not going with us to atlanta. but he will be with us shortly. he will have a statement then. and everybody has been in contact with him. so we are able to get right to practice and get right to work. and i think that is what everybody wanted any way. >> reporter: whiteside was a a practice but he will not be playing on friday, he will serve a one suspension from the nba, trade rumor and it is tomorrow at 3:00. >> you know that it is all speculation and you know, whatever happens, happens. you know, and i am just going to keep coming out here and just keep trying to produce, and be the best player that i cane for whoever i am with. >> reporter: college hoops with the@ buc, and the coach's eleventh ranked coaching
12:56 am
the chair and the locker room bere the game, and straight in the second half, miami up, and angel, rodriguez with a steal and he is dealing, miami up three rngs and the canes pulling away in this one, and rodriguez, plays hide and go seek with the defense and he will weigh it in and with all of 14 and the canes are up ten and just over seven minutes to play, and will post up and give them a hoop or give them a foul, and the canes are up 15, and a minute later, and reid with the reverse, dunk and puts, miami up by as many as 18 and led by as many as 21, and the ces win the 5th straight and this one is 55-49 and miami, 21-4, and ten and three in the acc. duke at number fiveve north carolina tonight and a little over a minute left, and duke takes the lead, and down one and the clock is winding down and duke, and blocks this shot, from joel this second and just start hugging each other and duke hangs on to win it, 74-73, and the firstst place, florida,
12:57 am
shark's head coach, is the former panther's and that is craig. >> belkys: that is it, chow chow, i'm belkys nerey, >> craig: and i'm craig stevens, and thank you for being with us on wednesday evening.g. >> >> belkys: wednesday, hump day. you tomorrow. real-time closed captioning
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think, that i've enjoyed out of this whole deal is nick showing me how to use my ira money as a self-directed ira to buy real estate. before, you know, i was dependent on the stock market and i was wahitcng it. it'd go up, it'd go down. i'd lose $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 in a week, and it was like -- was driving me crazy. now since i've rolled it over into ts self-directed ira, i can buy real estate like this house i bought with my ira. doing all the rehab comes out of my ira. and what i make on it goes back into my ira, and i'll make about $55,000 on this house. so, that's 30% in three months. my ira, say if i had $150,000 in there, now it's $210,000 in there, so i can go get a bigger house, or i can get two houses or three houses or four houses going at one time with my own money and make, you know, 120% a year on my money. >> announcer: it's time to take action so you can learn how to get in, get out, and get paid
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he found the success he wawa looking for through real estate, and so can you. so don't wait another second. pick up the phone and make the call right now. >> it was surprising for me to findut o we could use our retirement to invest in real estate, like our ira and also 401(k) to make a return. can you explain? >> do you know that 90%-plus of the population does not know that? they do not know that you can take your 401(k) and your ira and actually invest within it. you can loan within it, you can flip houses, you can hold cash flow property. so, for instance, let's say you have $100,000 in your ira and you find a property that's $100,000 even. that ira can hold that property inside of it. and you can grow your retirement with brick-and-mortar assets that itead of being in the stock market, if that's where you choose not to be, 'cause let's face it. if you have your money in cash at a cash potion with
1:13 am
are not gonna be able to outlive your money, unless you have an exuberant amount or you're a really high earner. and in most cases, that's not the way it is for most pple, so you have to invest. if you own a piece of property, it's an appreciating asset that, for example, allhe rents that come in go back into your ira. and let's say the market goes from $100,000 to $150,000 in the next five years. thatroperty gains $50,000 in equity. well, that means your ira just went up by $50,000, and all that income that comes in is tax deferred until you deal with taking the income later. so, it is a major vehicle of investing that my investors learn coming through my trainings, and again, just by coming to the free event, they're gonna know more about that. and the reason why your finanaial planner does not want you to know that is because if you do not invest in stocks, then they don't make commission. they don't make money on your ney. so, they don't want your money, which is the key word -- your money -- to be able to be ifted somewhere that you can hold real estate and make money elsewhere.
1:14 am
secret, and i'm here to let that secr oetut bau ise think people need to know and then make a decision for themselves. does that make sense? >> that's amazing.g. >> one of the things that really -- it amazed me -- that i found out is that close to 90% to 95% of the people listening to my show and my students that come through my academy do not know that you can use your ira and 401(k) to invest in real estate. no idea. no idea that you can self-direct, just for a few hundred dollars, your ira and 401(k)s and use that money that's in your retirement to either buy and flip a house just like this with $65,000 of profit in it. it's one of the best-kept secrets. and i tell you about these secrets when you come to my live event -- my free live event. these are the secrets that i i gonna show you that your financial planners do not want you to know. guys, you would drive by this house -- i would imagine, if you know nothing about real tate -- and you wouldn't even pay attention to it.
1:15 am
but there's a $65,000 profit in this house. it's a bank-owned r.e.o. we still have hureds if not thousands these just in your market right now from the hangover we have from the subprime market that dropped thth are right in your streets and neighborhoods. so, my free live events are right in your area. come to my live events and learn how to do this. call that number right now, guys. take action. i can't do thafor you. but if you take action and you invest in your future, i'm gonna show you how to get there. >> announcer: if you're looking to make money while taking control of your financial future, then listen up. nick vertucci, star of l.a.'s number-one real-estate investment radio shows and self-made millionaire has a life-changing opportunity for you. nick vertucci, the nation's top real-estate investing pert, is presenting a unique free two-hour workshop teaching you how to build wealth in today's real-estate market. you'll learn how to flip and hold income-generating properties with no credit and
1:16 am
nick and his power team of real-estate experts are looking to work with a select group of motivated individuals. so, if you're looking to start a career ireal estate, or if you're already working in real estate, then this is your chance to learn how to get in, get out, and get paid. >> are y y tired of depending on a job where you live paycheck to paycheck? do you want to increase your inmeco while enjoying th quality time with your family and friends? or maybe you're just tired of having small returns on investnts like your 401(k) and your iras. if so, stay right here, because i'm gonna show you how you can have all of that and more in a a career in real estate. hey, guys. i'm out here with my students eric and jenna farr. this property here, why don't you tell them how long it took you to get it, the amount of hours that you put into it, and what you're making on it, and i know that's gonna speak volumes of the power of this business. and just bring it.
1:17 am
students that are now making the decision to come through and do what you did, which is to take action and to come through our system and to get our training what has happened since that time and what this one deal is looking like in your life. >> it took us three months to run through from start to finish.. so, we should make about $30,000 to $35,000. >> 90 days to make $30,000-ps, and how many hours would you estimate that you took out of your time rough this whole process to take this thing from ststt to finish to put $30,000 profit in your pocket? >> yeah, so 5 to 10 hours. >> 5 to 10 hours. so, think about this a second. $30,000, 5 to 10 hours of time. you know why? because they knew what to do and what they were looking for, and they executed it. do two, three, four of these a year, $30,000, $60,000, $90,000, $120,000 a yeaea putting 40 hours in to make $120,000. that's reality, okay? we're standing here right in front of a property that the
1:18 am
$30,000 in 90 days. that is powerful. >> according to the u.s. census bureau, less than 5% of people over the age of 65 have enough to retire on. >> and if you're concerned with your retirirent or you're unhappy with the financial direction that you're heading, then it's time to take action. so, pick up the phone and call right now. >> the game plan is in place, and all u have to do is follow the steps to gethere you want to go. >> they lk you through a plan of how you can retirine three years. >> you have to be able to turn into dollars. 'cause that's why we're he. i mean, , are here to learn how to make money. is that right? [ audience agrees ] correct? we want to better our lives. >> he showed us within 30 minutes how to make $90,000 a month. >> what really got us excited was the fact that we would learn how to make money right awayay which none of the other companies were able to d and that's important.
1:19 am
money right away [snaps fingers] i'm in. >> yeah. >> as a former police officer with only a k-through-12 education, it didn't take me long to realize that i needed to find something to ensure my family's financial fute. and like my law-enforcent background, i realized that you needed a system. and as a police officer, following a system meant that you save lives. it's the same thing for succeeding in real estate. if you follow my systems, you'll save yr r financial life. this easy to follow three-step system will provide the guidance and protection that you'll need to safely create the financial security that your family needs d deserves. >> announcer: if you're looking to make money while tatang control of your financial future, then listen up. nick vertucci, star of l.a.'s number-one real-estate investment radio shows and self-made millionaire has a you.
1:20 am
real-estate investing expert, is presenting anique free two-hour workshop teaching you how to build wealth in today's real-estate market. you'll learn how to flip and hold income-generating properties with no credit and little to no money out of your own pocket. nick and his power team of real-estate experts are looking to work with a select group of motivated individuals. so, if you're looking to start a career in real estate, or if you're already working in real estate, then this is your chance to learn how to get in, get ouou and get paid using nick's easy rethe-step system. nick's fortunes in flipping system has created some of the newest and most successful real-estate entrepreneurs today. they're making money while changing the financial future for themselves and those they ve, and now so can you. so if you're tired of the daily grind that never seems to get you ahead, stay tuned. it's time to take action, so
1:21 am
now. >> now, i know many of y are still thinking that you need great credit or loads of money to do this business in real estate. well, that's just not true. in fact, a large number of my most successful students have used private money lenders that they have gained access through my training, making large profits and never using a penny of their own money. >> so, tt hawas my scenario. i couldn't find any time. but i was able to put my money to work where other people did have time, and they were able to get intotoeals, and they ndeeed some funds to do so. we engaged nv real estate academy. very short amount of time that i found myself in foururctive deals. we were only in the deal for three months, and that's about a 12% return on cash. nothing have i ever made a 15% or 18% gain in a matter of three months. it's a pretty good investment. it's much better than i've gotten in the stock market. >> you see, investors and their money are always searching for the right investments. once you plug into my syem,
1:22 am
investors that are looking to fund real-estate deals. they are in almost every city in our cotry, looking to put their capital to work through people just like you. >> announcer: it's time to take action so you can learn how to get in, get out, and get paid just like nick. he found the success he was looking for through real estate, and so can you. so don't wait another second. pick up the phone and make the call right now. >> k inow you're sitting at home watching right now, thinking, scratching yououhead, "should i make the call?" well, i've got 102,000 reasons why you should. take action now. call nv academy today. >> announcer: so don't wait another second. pick up the phone and make the call right n n. >> guys, i want to tell you something. one of the things that i'm gonna bring you is reality, not reality tv. let me tell you what i mean by that. i've started this nv real estate academy because i want to give back to someone just like me. here's wt hahappened with me.
1:23 am
i mentioned that earlier. and i lost my business between the year 2000 and about 2004. toughest years of my life. i don't even have the time to go into, with you, the pain that i felt when i was going through that time. i lost, guys, everything. i had two daughters, a wife, and a daughter on the way. and i had lost all my wealth because i didn't'tave wealth mentality and i didn't invest in my future. and i took myself, in a 10-year period, and i've invested in so much real estate, one door at a time. and i've created millions of dollarof wealth for me and generations to come for my family. okay? and i want to give that back to you now, okay? it means a lot to me, and i really want to help you. and if you're doing great and you just want to take it to another level, i've said that before, come to the event. i'll sw you how to do that. i'll show you how to do it safely. and i'll show you how to do it with integrity. call this number right now. come to the free live event. and we'll see you there. >> there's a lot of folks out there atth have done very well for themselves and their family.
1:24 am
for the person who is really looking foa r change, whis stuck in a corporate job that monopolizes more of their time than they can invest with their families, in today's world, where, you know, the rich get richer and everyone else kind of loses out to those folks that are fortunate, i would say that nick has invested not only his time but his money into developing this program to give back and really crack thcoe de for us to also have access to his success. >>hatever you do, whether it's real-estate investing, whatever business you get in, you have to haveve passion for it and you have to believe. your mind is the most powerful and strongest muscle that we have. and if we believe in something and see it, then all you have to have is the system and the right approach to it, and there's nothing that can stop you. our minds, i told you thip on day one, they are so powerful. thth hold the key to our success. i'm telling you guys, this isn't just an emotional ride for you. this is the real deal, 'cause i
1:25 am
more to this than just real estate. you need to plug into us. we are gonna be here for you. >> this means more to me than you realize, you know? i want to make money, yes, but really, i want to be able to give back to my family and to other soldiers. >> ican't even be said enough that just few months ago, we never considered beiei associated with al estate and investing in it. because of your system, you have allowed us to release this cap that's been placed on society and their understanding ofow to make money. we can't appreciate it enough that now our ceiling is the heavens and we can support our family and enjoy the time that we have with them through doing something that we like doing. it's just great. so thank you. >> thank you. i would just say thank you to him. >> one of the most important ings i could tell you during this show is this right now.
1:26 am
provide is you taking action. 10 years ago, that's the one thing that i did that changed our lives. i took action. i made the call. and now we are living a life and leaving a legacy for our children that we never could ve imagined. if you come to my y o-hour free event, i promise you this, you're gonna learn something, and you're gonna be given an opportunity to change your life for the better, regardless if you're doing great or you're in a position where it has to work. we've created an environment where that can happen. so i'm looking forward to seeing you at this event. pick up the phononright now and call that number, and i'm looking forward to seeing you on the other side of suesccs. >> thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home and sharing your inspirivg story. >> well, it was our pleasure and it was great having you here. >> if you're out there right now watching this, this is your chance, s/ pick up the phone for this life-changing opportunity.
1:27 am
nick has developed for you. pick uthat phone and call. take action and get started today, because i know i sure will. >> and i want people just like myself, the ordinary joe, to get out there and get a piece of this pie. the american dream. >> announcer: this was a paid presentation of the nick vertucci real estate academy's fortunes in flipping
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