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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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and the reaction to the news is mixed in south florida. >> and an attorney with one of her clients back in court, this time with the judge. >> lynn: a crackdown on illegal activity in south florida. and 7 news is there for the major operation. good afternoon, for the very first time in 70 years, a siing u.s. president will head to cuba as president obama heads to the island nation next month. >> danielle: making the announcement this morning on social meedsia, we have live team coverage from south florida. but we want to begin with alex diprato with the latest on the upcoming trip. >> reporter: well, the last sitting president going to cuba took a train to key west and a battleship to havana. when president obama goes to cuba next month, he'll meet with raul castro, and he will speak
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on the island. it's historic, for the first time in decades, a sitting u.s. president will head to cuba. president obama tweeting i'll head to havana to advance our progress with the cuban people. we still have difference was the cuban government that i'll raise directly. america will always stand for human rights in the corm world. he will travel with his wife, michelle obama, and the last time was when coolidge went on a battleship in 1928. >> signaling between the two countries and peoples, and going to cuba could help to enlarge this space that benefits the cuban people. reporter: the obama administration believes that improved relationships will help
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something that the embargo hasn't been able to do. the president set this day in motion in 2014 when the u.s. government reopened ties with cuba, and then last morning the cuban embassy in washington opened and the u.s. embassy in havana opened its doors. also to manufacture tractors on the island. south florida are clamoring president's planned >> there's no justification for president obama to make a visit to cuba before any real and substantive democratic reforms are made by the castro rege, and no such reforms have happened. >> this is a president that cannot help himself. he cannot help bowing down to the enemies of freedom and the enemies of the united states and the enemies of the u.s. terests. >> the rolling stones are expect
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tour of cuba when the president is on the island. and the baseball team will play the tampa bay rays the island while the president is this, and it's unclear whether mr. obama will attend the game. >> lynn: and our live team coverage continues now with jessica holly, she's in havana, and the reaction, as you agine, is mixed about the president's visit. >> reporter: that's right, the president has been talking about a visit to cuba, and now he has set a date. and that's firing up some strong opinions about his plan. >> a place where the opinionsp are as strong as the coffee. >> it has to be. >> but it's not just a tale of two sides some are withholding judgment, waiting to see exactly what
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who he plans to meet when he arrives in cuba on july 21st. >> if this is just for capitalis, and if it's to open up cuba to the cuban people, i support t. >> reporter: also opinions at miami international airport. >> mixed emotions. >> reporter: maria is headed to cuba on a charter flight, but just this week, the u.s. signed for commercial flights in fall. that ahead of a big presidential visit in the push to hoho run normalize relations with cuba. >> i've been here for 50 years and never gone back to cuba, but i think in 50 years, nothing has really happened. so maybe it's time for a change. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, the assembly of the cuban resistance denouncing the president's planned visit. jessica holly news. >> danielle: all right, jessica,
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coming up at 5:00, candidates reacting to the trip. and then at 6:00, a live report from havana, with reaction from the island nation. >> lynn: also in the news today, republican presidential candidate, donald trump, getting intoto a war of words with pope francis. it all began when the pope commented on trump's proposal to build a wall across the border with mexico. >> and once trump got word of it, he fired back against the pontiff. more on this war. >> reporter: he's taken on governors and leaders, and now donald trump is publicly duking it out with the leader of the catholic church. this self proclaimed presbyterian is stand ung to voters. >> i am a christian, and i'm
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>> donald trump is defending himself against the world's most famous religious leader. >> i just got a call. and he said mr. trump, the pope made a statement about you, what did the pope say, i like the pope? was it good or bad if if it's good, i like the pope, and if it's bad, i don't like the pope. it's true. >> reporter: pope francis wasn't offering an endorsement for trump. back in rome after his six-day trip to mexico, he talked about donald trump's plan to build a wall. >> american who is thinking about walls, wherever they may be located, and not building bridges is not a christian. this is not in the gospel. i am not going to get involved in that. i only say that this man is not a christian if he has said things like that.
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an insult without a quick rebuttal. >> for a religious leader to@ question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian, and as president, i won't allow christianity to be consistently attacked and we cannened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> at that rally, he went so far as to call pepo francis a pawn of the mexican government. liz nagy, 7 news. >> lynn: also on on 7, the south florida attorney accused of having sex with her client inside of a broward county jail is back in court, this time at the request of the judge. s vanessa medina is live outside of the broward county courthouse with the rest of the story. >> reporter: that's right, that attorneyn court, asking the judge to have other characters with her client.
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sex with him a few weeks ago, over at the broward county jail, they had placed a glass between them, and she's asking the judge to move that glass, saying that she can not prepare for trial that way. this is video today in court. israel granda is in jail, accused of attempted murder, the man that she's accused of having sex with. but this case has been overshadowed by his alleged inappropriate relationship with his attorney. the two are accused of having sex at the broward county jail inside of an interview room. and michelle was band from the interview room, recently given access again, but now the two are separated by glass. she said that it's very hard to conducted business thatt way, and hard to pass papers across. people are listening to their conferences and making dependents comments and today
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that penalty so she can have contact with her client. and a judge denying that. >> we did an argument that mr. glancessa is not safe, and we said that we don't have meaningful contact because we don't. it has become more disruptive, and it causes mr. granda pain. and we're not able to work on his case effectively, and also, the delay that all of this is causes with regards to getting ready for trial. >> the two of you havingex woulike to be clo >> no, those allegations are
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those allegations whatsoever. >> so shelly david was in courtrt asking the judge to release her client on bond. but judge holmes said that because he was already in prison for second-degree attempted murder, and because he's already facing two other charges of attempted murder, one in broward and one in miami-dade county, judge holmes shooting it down, sang that he will stay in jail with no bond. we know that mr. they are investigating shelly david's interactions with her client. and what happens with her legal license depends on them. much more in the next hour. vanessa medina, 7 news. >> lynn: stududts feeling a little sick at a school in miami today. the rescue crews responding to maya anglo e ementary on 19th avenue after four boys became
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the students were treatment at treated at the vomiting. >> they are looking into what caused this, whether it was something internal or planned pe. >> no word on what made the kids sick. >> the all-clear given for students at a coral springs middle school. the school forced to lock down after a bomb threat there. the s sdents be evacuating on westtlantic boulevard and red ramble drive this morning. the concerned parents picking up their kid at a neay park, as the lockdown was instituted. >> lynn: still ahead, a home burgrgry in process, stopped by an app. the homeowner was able to scare off the burglars at the press of a button. >> danielle: and the police making a crackdown on drug dealers and prostitution that bars.
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target of a cyber attack and forced to pay a ransom. >> phil: pleasant weather continues through the weekend. and as a matter of fact, we have an eveve coming up this sunday in boca raton, and it looks like mother nature will cooperate.
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rainfall. lamb dielle: a woman getting some assistance to get ae a crime inside of here. you see thatlleged crime bng featured by her security system. >> lynn: yeah, it notified her that something was wrong and a phone application sent a group of burglars running. ashley jones has the story. >> reporter: it wasn't the kind of cellphone alert this homeowner from tam was expecting at work. >> i just saw these guys walking had said of any house. >> reporter: they came in on monday morning on a mission it take what was not theirs. >> i felt violed and we're in
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and it cn atny time. i panicked. >> rorter: but what they didn'tla p theat wchful eye of this high quality security camera. this couple bought it in december. >> i really didn't take it serious. >> what do you think now? i think that it's amazing to have. i think that everyone should have cameras. >> anything that homeowners can do to help us identify suspects, it's going to be beneficial for both parties. >> reporter: for the homeowner, the camera was not only able to see the suspect, but set off an alarm, causing these guys to hightail it out of there with only an ipad. they have tracked down one of e suspects, a 1-year-old. >> any time they think they're going to get away with somebodod there could be somethings watching them and they were caught this time. >> reporter: they plan to buy more cameras, but they hope that
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see any alerts like thi that 16-year-old is now should charged with felony burglary and grand theft. i'm ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: coming up at 4:00, a kitchen fire destroying a home and a family pet is behind it. why firefightersay fixing a fires. >> danielle: and this guy is not
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place, but a tree. >> phil: and good afternoon, everyone. it has been another nice day here across the area. look at this, mostly clear skies, except for a littltl cloud cover right along the beaches there, and otherwise, everythg is looki nice and clear, and itill remain that way at least through the weekend. temperatures now, i the 70s 74 in fort lauderdale. and 75 in bimini. way out in naples, southwest florida, 77 , a you can see th cloiness right offshore, and that's about it, really. every place else is mostly eaclr. dry from palm beach county to the keys, naples, fort meyers, everything is looking good.
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wi be ely nexeee aeup incrsouthst and that's going to stick around r t next few days. quiet night,,breezy on the the highway patrol will stay away for the next d or so. boating conditions, that could stick around as well. fifit half of the weekend, nice and mild. and here's the next front. if it holds o o long enough, the temperatures will be back down to t tical vues by next week. small craft advisory, biscayne bay, choppy, and for you in the florida keys, also with a a adviryso. 25 knot ss beyo t ef, building to0 7. d cstoaal waters turning ro nextigh tide i miami, 5:21, key lar, 5:5 2, and 63 in
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tomorrowig, cloudynd a breezy a,nd overnight lows in the wind starting to kick up. by tomorrow, sunny skies, looking dry, and highs wlil be in the mid 70s. what's average, 77 , 76, around there. the wind still out of the northeast, 15-20. and here's your extended outlook. saturday, breezy, sunday mild. but by monday and tuesday, we start to warmup. a few showers moving in, and agaim, if that front makes it by thursday, the temperatures should cool down just a little bit.
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7 news will be right back. >> kanye west had a fit whene found out that kylee jenner signed a deal with puma, but it looks like all is goodith the reality show team family. kanye had a deal with adidas, but he was mad that his competitor. but i said t tt he's happy, and now that he's in debt, maybe so me of kylee's puma money can bail him out. adele's gray performance was cursed,ut sllhe blamin herse. e said her perrmanceas a itch but she's always a little pitchy. she sdt i happens because her
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it's good to kwha tt even ade emotional a herwn songs. bills tni the bles o onef h accusers. theom cianre coract sui agahe sault. the two signed a confidentiality agreemen i behinks at violad the agreentme byalking to prosecutors and giving depositions. >> no one uses oscar except oscar. the motion picture companys sug a company for usingheir trademark. they're handingut oscar gift bags, stuffed with more than $200.000 of swag, but some of that is sual in nature, and some is even drug related, and the academy doesn'tant their name on any of that. tonight the drive, the
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hugh jackman talks to decoabout his new movie, eddie the eagle and strikes an olympic pose. that's tonight at 7:30.0. i'm shireen sandoval, back to you ladies. >> me too, shireen. thank you. >> lynn: that's 7 news at 4:00, thank you for watching. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 4:30 is straight
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ahead. >> danielle: o theop at 4:30, nearly a dozen pple arrest a loa food a police van and hde td during a crackdown. most of the arrests were for prostitution and drug dealing. >> lynn: it was all part of a major operation in theity of miami brandon beyer is live outside of the auditorium with the crackdown. >> reporter: one of the arrests is happening behind us.


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