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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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utsoflidaer. ynn:s tre t rackdown. 7'srandon buyer iliven i our brdo >> >>epor wl,te lynn, poli av he busy tonhestres oet miami. they said theyto run operation clean up d clean up part of the seetsyave ests iol ftreetsaf ser rticar in trehey focus nea up. concerated on thisre caee w aisn sue ndicstutionhat s a ccerns. a 732 >> o gathered rl ca at the mmi county l's mak surer rie vilagint pin attention and bac ehthererp. >> a hhe and f pstitesro and drug
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weopped he t car whteraofn ficer castill gd policeortartswi a watchful eye. >> you really don't look.u ould@be able to pick up what u'snusu checkedn a group of squattade. another crew investiuated at some for some activity before clear oog. residentsays ustav hing the police presence make a difference. >> well f is something that will help the city t is very good. anything that is for the gf the city, i support that situation. >> repter: all right. there haveeen aut 1tol arsttos day. eratn clean up continue >> live miami.
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>> dane: and nowtory annncemt the >>nt g wonrosl nviioicit psintma w bl tfi sngcu i years a that has l lotfpe g offrolomda havana. >>nd aprado rom sshe tr >> rorr: ieafl the u. retion in hana is erelly positive. >>fterspeleop icuban elcome cominf oma's i tt ishide ia fohim visitsoe can see canubs livehe tty v. h c the we are treated in t hospita andn ols. ep nsew he islan >> ihinkt' is a aor abl thinfor our countit's moretep in ourylose eemple and i undetarsnd it shoved been done a while ago because were neighbors.
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thing. the cubans appe had thisvimp the rationsp between the two count treatment anythingelated toha tt goal say sitive thingor society and the cuban people. >> and the tradeinister ys it's good ns forisoury. a nadal alsoo on boa th t at et h vilte thehi be t states. ou crs ierdo aheeflt la diit between theuntries, to bifte ander t occued by naval base antanamoas to be rd. >> r though there's more to be done the hico a mil as unsot lsiat oe
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coeptionre poi th iluncstherhing t >>nt wilma histori visit 21 liewx. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. yn and stayith 7 w continuing co verage of this we'll taking you there live to havana head at 6:00. >> danielle: and also in the ws today new dail about a dertnt. e thdepartment of justice agreeing to monitor the departmentver theext four ars. the cilvi rites reviewillook l teptmten trasin vi oersstolice sotin and oper it'spec u ts >> agreements a it stands right now i'm'm very comfoabrtle.
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a long time for bonch us to feel good about the irompvementsf o policdepamentrt >> thessmiionsex ct votthe reemagt next week.ic nd yourelin catching a paifer armed robbers in rveillce videoer he pturcathmomehae unpoint posi money. ma befe getting ay inhis or recni them, police. police stepping up for two people who kidnapped a woman in wellington on sunday. officials releasing these sketches of the man and women theyelieve are behind the e dudrthov dowe h h the light van. hospital. >>ow,ere it those sketes.
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800-, 458-psti if have any information. >> lynn: more than 50 animals will soon beooking for a new meho after being rescued from a me near animal services say that 47 gs,do four cats and a horse te them living in deplorable cdiontions. officials say e animal wil soon be tnsrapoed trt miamdadeou cnty a bndeut u for adopon. > danielle: wndo have iss leromin the pl. a a bbery. ln: let'sto the ple d liz gy f li >>or w je'getting mo a thvmmiicete ase a esnspoleoren meoml hvee . ig all
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no mi h someone who iio crinnd ie nofthet o ga so licein about thatnd a anyinon to u. live in the px.le liz nagy. 7 news. ln: all right back to that story we were telling buvment also on 7, a soh florida football plar on the fast track. he has ankle offer to come and pl at. u he hasn'tt finishemid le school. take tt in. mi dquale live in the plex an c't remembewhr at wasas doing wh i w in s mes harriso bai and fans mig want to mereer for the futl be part of the y'sth cls png n life staum. esthe piur oar rick harrison flashing the u werestreetd out.
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and he is a scholarship. hes from georgia and apparely he swtd theou yng man whilhee as playi in gradoovmen this p he helped the team with win t t giolsctate titnd qb passed for over 1600 yards and rushe for ove231,9 ies blessed and humed to recve first offer f t keepn mind can'tletter of intenth miami or any o a schorslap for ars. first for a the the u. they offipchs to 38th grade last year. and my gos start traing them prek. i'm teing you womb. mi ungp on # ns.yoe offck uompcin g her in hut florida butheper the superbowl srkpa protepoff oicers hehe.
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wheneny pd tie hseorship sthe cordre saitrght. >> lynn: a m pkic w pharmacyo t t and rob see what heencounters a binampion re to prote gend.>> daniell and injiesfirefiter avs elelsaounds of mileso tsohut floda for the
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> l a firmica callinto aorblriaccintti the h utflida annto danger on dy fr a fe. annowd l anie cra ste i wh cigs,llas ng r aad b fifir seris injieurs gett andfas h b pns forhe t bonamong firefersnds well boarders of their homeland. that's how mac mar a fireghter wndou upe in s fthrida. c omin there was nointhgould he myself. i s retid hp.>>ia-dmiadeat tan gcallro macky's a ouedfo fifighteto jac norpteatmt heen ne' wre so here bkeoat .on
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>> and hwas girlwh a propane tank odhe fearede lose his pinkyuntil he got to jackson. >> open andlo may not seem like a big tng but docrs are to work restof ste compte function to bun can i's hdsan. >> he has a lotout l alhe has h eadxperience firefighters that he has meant that are burned and we neveray ner >> part whaturcompheiv isano ut sge t tuimere sgerynhingve t>>raigacky mill laeast s month andhen overn capaci. >> i loveecant done hdaireferas s up a f me unge.for more onad at the news desk.
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7s. l, brav man dane: ahe tonight from ttion. aipthat yto. grabte >>yn l ps, o with the ol with with t make rood room for something baye. you me bac bridge. dielle: yeah,he bri
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>> >> welt this bite is fhe
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a short rib sdwic >> >>yn is wt'has on the menu at a sou floda sak use. let's grab a "bite with belkeys." >> belkeys: the chef, nick could lief steak 954 inside the w fort laudeale on the the beach. >> we're a steakhoe bute're w more t at a melng of flars from allcr t globe. >> >> bel ste 954 is a restauranter sving lunch and dinner with bnch on the weeeend you can see ch ncould e at theea tidetnet house on febrry 24th. al l pathou beain we and food festival extension into fortauderdale. it's a great thing that they come up here and participate with us the event is being hosted by rob irvin and we're extremely excited to be out there. >> belkeys: if you do go, you can n ite dish we're make here. braised short rib sich.
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balanc sandwich. bkeelys:: chef s with braidz beef short rips ribs that the been tder. >>heipn andt is so tender and canrt lett icool tet eth texture bk. nowhe t cdced ort rib andk brainisg juice and heathe t >> t be just melting. >> belkeys: while that's
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he h sicarnian tn wird a. rehe we ha thosa wwi hdirty chip. en ke: alril t. th on rip our weeit my e thwiel blnd c line a chef nick cldou lay wl give you his how to cookrfage. onsvm. tlivenle'm bel nerebon>>nd now w4r wit7ef me .>> phil:noth aay a downhe e tt coast. soutt. lood oowith a oloudinshe s. at is ath winr storm that will be i nation's mid sti oveon the
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ou ogulf oexoic tasthrough kansas city. much cold r cross the rtt. we're looking gd he. a mperate of es it is dry from lake oechoe so uth tth's how iwi stay. at l ntil sunday. moayesda and w we play a few showers. high pressure in firm breezy tonight and during the day tomorrow. that's going to make for rough beach conditionsnd a boang conditions as well. and that may stick around throughout saturday and sunday just the same. meanwhile by saturday, still erths our next front. it's going to get weaker as it mos ynur directions. lilear wm a fewhors and then littlecooling by the end ofext week. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft advisory. biscayne bayho c piflt f throughout therieys, with a smara cft adsory. seaseyon the building three to 9 ft.
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xtig te 6:12.53 erate. 72 drees .now for tigonht mostlcl ies. we may see a little bit of cloudiness here and there but overall should be a very beautil evening. over night lows mt. low to mid 60's.tu rning brzyeeeega toromw. un hiwighg chance of somshe owers monday, tuda and wednesd.ay waop tt front. could be aice lit clr thursday. anthat's your 7 7 fast. >> lyn pl, think y. south oida danrs seto hit e stage for opening night downtown miami. artist pick director robert battle in the alvin alley dance thter repreming tir stage hit awakening. and earlier today visited his alma mader to teach a dance class.
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arts gaitgh unique opportunity to learn the show's choreography. >> we think that's aonderful wa to connect totto wtha ppo it in the body of young people and th it s is gacy th'sat shaaygin dancer
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thty the ora e.onlaws c>> >> rur manoteteeeng. r om p b yant t ingse: uhas all a good
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do mucn e id mds lahi brdd l s set sullance cama in his hd ist' tonights "help me howard" wit patrick fraser. >> when os gar car andis girlfriend were look for a rental. theyound a clean andn expensivela. th ty un aan w hi mobileome. you seemik aery ved a kiroom. in 'tiey rewe t. too anud sawi t m r he pointed the begin finger at someone else. llwe could of been the previous were living t bheecau they could of made a copy of the key. after the closet was left open and more thing movedround. cost car ib stalled a cram to record while they were gone. two days passed and then the third day. i was shocked because this man just c ce in and come in without
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light. that's oscar's landlor whro goes over to the bath room. checks out the fridge and freezer a leaves. only to return a fewip m later to stroll thrghouga ch weere violated. this iser vyus tht ca the landld never asked permission to come into hi his place so he told the landlord thing are still being moved while heas i work. and i had ner been in there. his girlfriend come in and says o o oscar i have never been there.and the landlord came there a few more time a feerk checking the temperature in the place with a hd held device and looking at the fuse box in their room. that's when oscar called us to see if his landlord could come into his place without his permission. >> absy not. florida law is very specific th exctep for a true emergency like a flood or fire. the landlord cannot enter your aparent without your consent
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hours notice. ifhe don't stop when y yl themcall the police because even if ty don't take anything, it's still a crime. it's called tres pat passing. >> o oscar then let hi landlord know he h been recording them as he came into the room. the landlord's response ch get out immediately and he said i'm not returning your security deposit. he asked me to leave bit first. he says have you to leave bit the first. there's no question about it. >>. that only gave oscar fr days to get out. we then tiewctd landlord. he told hried to to contact oscar to let him know that he wa goingen in to check on thing oscar didn't return his calls and text. he then agreed to give car more time to finanother place to le and he returnedscar's 400-dollarep dosit. i got a new place. oscar got his deposit backnd got away from his landlord. came outse and said i heard ualled me "help me howard" and that wantz a n ne thing to do and they told me i need to
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so here's a check. >> glad wewe could help oscar out of that situation. now if you have a nosey lan lord. you might be thinking change the locks to keep them out. but you can't do that because the landlord has to have a key you in case of a major league or fire. don't waist your money buying a new lock. got a problem in fliewgdour light. think we could be a key town lock things. cocoact us. hopefully we can get a break in solving it. with this "help me howard," i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. >> danielle: twhaz a little creepy. >> lynn: yes. >> danielle:e:ell, that news at 5:30 thank you so mh r watching. i'm danielle nomple. i'm lynn martine 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on seven news it could be qhe bgest event in this new era of u.s. cuban relations. the president set to visit the island nation.
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reaction from florida to cuba. is 7 news with cerovage. >> and twoomenaising concerns at a south florida sin na going. now one explaining why they were there. e lice uonrede ing for boycottn beyonce, her sup berowl show the reas. plus, a south florida companyitng cyb space to o stop child predator. 7 news wh thisigh-tech hunt. >> >>his is 7 news a6:00. >> now at 6:00, a major meeting se to take pce. the president heading to hana. 7 news with reaction from both sides of the florida straights. >> thisresident is just playing into the cast trot tro's hands oof we have to be open to o other thing. >> and his vilts will work the improv mefnt relations between you ba and the united states. >> about the historic visit
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it'som shingany thoughtap tir feme a ttg ins.redesi visiting cuba. b pobama ju from a hi oric trip todnation. jsicaol hly live inittlha vann rea abdlex diatoprshelex with the detail of the visit. and we'll get started alex.>> r belyske, the pridens l aasa trathihito haiana en preside oba tramal to cubaext mthon,e mt l ra tro a dents want change land. >> i i historic. for the first time i a sitting u.s. president will step foot in cuba. president obama stweeting next month i will travel to cuba to advance our efforts that can improve the eives of the cuban people. we still have difference with the cuban government t tt will i will raise directly. america will all stand for human


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