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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it'som shingany thoughtap tir feme a ttg ins.redesi visiting cuba. b pobama ju from a hi oric trip todnation. jsicaol hly live inittlha vann rea abdlex diatoprshelex with the detail of the visit. and we'll get started alex.>> r belyske, the pridens l aasa trathihito haiana en preside oba tramal to cubaext mthon,e mt l ra tro a dents want change land. >> i i historic. for the first time i a sitting u.s. president will step foot in cuba. president obama stweeting next month i will travel to cuba to advance our efforts that can improve the eives of the cuban people. we still have difference with the cuban government t tt will i will raise directly. america will all stand for human
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the president will travel with first lady michelle obama to the island onarch 21 for a two day visit. last time it happened is when president cool aj and his wife took a battleship to havana in 1928. >> the opening to cuba olds out real promise to im improving the lives the cuban people. >> this is part of it. >> and activist say since relations were improved 22 count treatment short terms of protesters has are risen from several hundred to about 1000 monthly. >> today the united states of of america ishanging it's relationship with the people of bacu >> reporter: the president set this day in mot i2014 whhe.s. govnment opened cub en last ye thean emb the u.s. embassy in also opened it's door. earlier this week the obama administration gave approval for a u.s. company to manufacture tractors on the island.
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slamming the president's planned visit. >> there is no just ta justification for president obama to make a visit to cuba before any real or sub sta tiff democratic reform are made by the castro regime. >> and no such reform have happened. >> the rolling stones are expected to conclude their latin american tour when president o o blap is on the island. cuba's national baseball team will play the familiar bay raise during the president's visit. however t is unclear if he will attend the game. >> last week the two count tree signed a deal on air travel allowing u.s. airline to fly commercialoots between the two count treatment however, tourism is still banned. it will be up to congress to lift the embargo. >> livi in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> all right alex. now we have a chance to take live to cuba. reporter patrick ot man covers the island heachtz been there for a long time. live in havana night patrick i'm curis a state run media is
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people on this end. the u.s. saying or the white house saying it's a chance for the president to press the u.s. a again darks human rites and so. what is thtake on that side of the florida straights? >> reporter: well, cuban foreign minintry officials had a press conference saying they are willing to talk about alice use including human rites and as they put it this is a chance for president obama to be beart acquainted with what they call the cuban reality. president obama said of course he will be holding meetings with cuban president raul castro and pushing issues like human rites and increased a access which has improved someone whatever in recent months but still really some of the worse in the hemisphere and it's as well he wants to have regular meeting with reag cubans. people who have been able top thanks to recent reform of their own small businesses but white house officials said totoy they
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meeting with former cuban leader fidel castro and of course michelle obama will be accompanying him on the strip and there's just a lot of of excitement even though this visit had been rumored for months today there's been a lot of excitementor cubs. many of whom never thought they would live to see a s sting u.s. president visit this island. patrick, any idea at this point which dissident group president obama maybe meeting with. so many there? how dot cuban officials begin to figure out who they will let president obama meet with? >> well according to quhiet house. they will pick which cubans they will meet with and which members of civil society and something john kerry was able to do athe u.s. bams tore's residence here when he opened up the embassy inn what snran last year. certainly president jimmy cartet
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president visited, he was able to meet with dissidents as well. the pope, pope francis tried to to meet and invited dissidents to some of his events and they were stopped by the government from attending. so it really we'll just had have to see who gets invited. certain case cents have boycotted the events reresplit bit u.s. butut certainly there are many dissidents who would be trd interested in meeting with president bam ma during this trip and it's an important point. he wouldn't come good he was not able to meet with eve one he wishes too. >> belkeys: we bet there are many. >> thank you patrick again for such a fine job reporting from havana cuba for us. >> craig: and from reaction in havana to reaction in miami's little havana. >> belkeys: jessica holly continue our coverage with. that jessica. >> reporter: craig and belkeys, we know the president has been talking about a visit
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firing up strong opinions his opinion. the cuee again resistance. it fighting to replace the castro regeme. and visit the the island nation. >> it is inevitable that the military that rules cuba wl take this visit as a green light to o continue with their reappreciation. >> reporter: and at cav fay versailles opinions as strong as the coffee. >> this president is just playing into castro's hands. we have to be open to other thing. >> reporter: but not just a le of two sides. some with holding judgment wait og to see what president obama plans to do and who he plans to meet what he rieferredz in cuba on march 21. >> this f- this is only for the capita l lt to the castro regime, i oppose it. if this is to open up cuba to the coupe ban people. i support it. >> opinions at miami airport. it's kind of mixed emotions.
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on a charter flight. but just this week the u.s.nd cuba signed an agreement to l flights ts fall. >>hinkn 50 yrs ha maybet's time tore>> this st o ange bwe thewo buttaint hase ckdplhe o nor z ties bwed cuba has lead to no prov hanum ritesnd freedoms in e land. tnt's visit is set forarch1 2 and 22 and in southloridail be watching stoee how it all we littlhavana. jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeysl r jessica. ne wwsill cuba pridis. itwe'll have live the island nationt month. cra>>reord w o a big devopment in the trials ohe p ticeffer theea dth, t e police o oicersat in the death of edera
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infoatn r us. liz.te belkeys we the maryland supreme court has p a pause all prosecutions of baltimore police officers who were charged in thedeatf fddy eat.gras down b court of appeals thursdayft aerno he thisdecionanweig ier or nowill poli officas hto tn fresy' beh for cesf his 50 other offser who still have stand trial a heinartodecide that issue sha knew been s f march third. both sides with le to present the c thstate supreme court on that date. the defenseather of cououe wants thoseff oicersrilliam port testifyagainst hi clients. alsix of tho are acngse aole i n miss treatingedrerey gray that lead to hiseath d in la yeast hat kic massi riots in the city that were some of the worse in that ti's
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live ie news plex.liz nagy. >>lstoo night. concern or two wom s a sou florida synagogue. tonight one of themrwardo the visits. i hreas c >>'m i going through a de vomplets lots of thing. is going through. search. >> >> craig: 7's rosh lowe live on the scene in north miami beach tonight with what she h rosh. >> reporter: i can tlel you first off tonhtighen north mii beachst found out about thi these two won drmese in m reheynagog behi mandsking bunch questions such as whether are thle tkwmet they wered di tugh stion.omnow whatue is thehrtic.
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th all of this. i wantetot new f.i wanted to get in uchith with my broer aisters. >> >> reporr:te na bella wa could was the focus of an inveatigion afte s was spotted on surveillance video with her mother at this north miamieach synague on sundnd. police found her and questned hedayesveve. a them and find outctlyxahesons why theye. we were ableo dispell everonrms. >>ell,sson'm soal p pso i loveple.veei bng around peking i have languages. i learn languages. >> and my intentias sohi, hey, it's me. i'hem reo tay s love peace. >>a bill a a ce vowt musliay sshe has breas a o has a few months to live. >> i'm s my canr nt advan
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the ctordoome in say i thinke cnot repter: she simply wanted to expernce all faiths andays that's why she asked questions in lecture time and s s visit aid church sunda northwest miami-dad and we spoke to a pastor of the church. >> i was not the only one surprised. the other people were surprised when they came. >> reporter: miami beach police investigated a report that two wrim vit aid synagogue there and asked the con ra gra gant for a prayer sir vest for the dead. >> there are silimarirs however do to our investion ar f with we do not believe there is a direct correlation with those. it's just aimilarity. case is closed say cops. na bill a she weverhopeve her diagnosis andas w simplysearching for tl you i am muslim. i am a christind i am a wijesh.
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miami beach police leaving that news conrencfewithhis messe. >> they still want to encourage people, if you see something out of the ordinyar or unusual. pick up the phone. give them a call so ey can investigate. we're live tonight in north miami beach. sh le. 7 news. >> belkeys: alright rosh. now at 6:00 could south florida officer be boytting beyceon?? a police union president is urging cops to stay way from her show. >> 7's sheldon fox is live at marlins park in miami with the sheldon. >> reporter: and we've got several weeks belkeys before beyonce's concert hits miami. but fireworks from a law enforcement standpoint a least from the standpoint of the president of the miami chapter of the fraternal order of police. well, those fires works have already started seen here at the super bowl beyonce's popular and
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>> formation wl liky b rforord rkt moh b oneia mmi an o vier or teams. the e i chapter president ofthe atfrernal order of police is will calling for all law enforcement officer to boycott her concert and in a posted lear ler said among other things that beyonce used this year's super bowl to divide american by pro moad moating t t black panthers and antipolice message. shows how she does notupport law enforcement. >> that sends a very bad message because at thth end of the day you still the police. have you to protect and serve no matter what. >> the last time the grammy winning megastarar made south florida waves was during her 2013 stroits havana with husband jay z. a tr that irritated some with the cuban american community p and now the boycott call stirring the controversy. >> the first amendment protects beyonce and javier ortiz too voice their opinions. it's his diewt toy to bring
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boyct otof of volunteers doesn't mean that the very event will not be policed. >> repter: we reached out to ortiz for an interview via foarntion text or interviewcht. >> and even o dropped by his office no. an he did tweet thisday, shot ofhe referee gabas a call to back the bloo blueay. anwe asked for ierewvi no, reonse.he news this month for stpoing andther g neg tiff messages for tuldle over cndthead a you e cop eetd of t st wasro theocial d ne wh. wenow the police chief he is out o line? he doe he rig t the opinion foris neb ship. >> reporter: beyonce comes to down ailpr 20th.
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>> belkeys:al elridon. >>elhe newsplex a licopt'srighteningight wt:ra florida y andeteed t
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this higte huntig rht after >> >>elkeys: law enforcement around the world has a secret weapon in a never ending battle insurance internet child pore na bra gra if i and it's started right here in south florida. >> craig: and carmel ca foir o has the story on high-tech hunt. before it starts we might wawrn yo msome of ibing. >> c cl altshtingpis p oblem each one havengd iges childr
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realtime. >> it's more prevalent than any one would believe. we'realking 30 to 50 million re cords into our system every si ngle day worldwide. >>ill is the exeve presidentf the childes could theoca raton nonprofit sb bindehhis e thatcowr ethdier partnternet in a search forhild porn. the red dotsre our way to show problem. >> but it' not level ph g dail com into frightening f. so this rart is from target i hoood. iualel teinst in average 10-year-old female victim. >> and i miami-dade. >> this particular address results in niam soone se on line vy recentlyistruting one oriles thaw seen othecr seen r
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theld rcue coati t d knowsatorown loading the w exactlhey liv 'tave d on p o awn west he 'srehey li. ctoccurring. instead theoation ece whithe mput's poliet subpoena for the address and a search warrant to go inside. they hope it's enough to make an reasms. >> our ste is responsible for the arrest of a pediatric oncologist. >> and gymnastics coach was arrested last year are after information from the coalition lead depp tie to his lauderdale lakes home there investigators say they found seven videos of ild pornography. lek ner has pleaded not guilty. >> so whether it be t data side of your cellhone. open why fight. secured why fight. good old plug in the computer and internet.
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>> de oo detective rob mur row says he has used the program t t plaik 20 to 30 arrest. we're going after the worst of the worse. the type ofiles sing are iandlod ngexuayll abedus bydu at child porn activity in florida over last toro has a message for those looking to play the odds with police. sigh soon. carmel cafiero. news. > cighi coalitionays iserre ttaw enfoement i5600 arrests worldwide. for more infmation hd to >> belkeys:ti sll head hee kdow aoueighrhood.
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>> n 7 weatherith ieforolist phil ferro. bad looki dayng re across south florida. we had morning lows inhe50s. an d in fortaurd 61 to stthe tay i m mile. high in the 70s. and we were tth area. right now temperatures in s uary dyoukiese wint northeast. ten t22 miles per hour. humidy 57%. >>torackerng ttha evyt tt isry dot n j isori b r tta as well. and ins hiway weeke.nd ihink our next c forfallill probably be the eay part of next week. here's the big view.
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dominating o weather. thatl stick next the is a front w out h is mold, that cou men maybe bit midt brinngur o tperatures down a ttli bit. they wil up mony and es possibly y into low 80s for highs. here's the t marin forecast. threat of rip currents. allraft advisory, biscayne bay choppy. f yn the florida keys, yoo are looking ad at an a advise roimplet dto the wind and seas. coastal waters turni rough. next high tide miami 6:12. 6:07 in fort lauderdale. key largo 6:35. 6:53 in key west. partly cloudy tonight. turning breeze disism the wind anywhere between five and 20 miles per hour. especially at the beach. over night lows will be in the mid 60s. by tomorrow sunny skies. lookg iny. highin ts id mev 567s eth breezwie kic . here the extended out lk.oo saturday and sunday lookin odgo. a littleet bter chance of rai
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comes through. we're wack down into the low 60s and l0s for highs.
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7 spts is >> time now for 7 sports with mike dipasquale. >> not three yet. >> no, not three ouch and at practice today.
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forward it to it. not so fast. point guard brian rerts acquedn tuesday was here the fst hea now s gop. hi tread bed line at threth o no mes. r ne to weans. both moveso t me toe luxury t. we're stl waiting for the latete healt ns r ris bosh. cb's heetingn boston with doctors to detmine hrm dywane wade on a massage table today. limited in practice. the heat minus chris bosh will be in atlanta tomorro nig. and right niami sitsn the h et.we, i thi rnkes noweing the he we e comtotogether. we're bigu can't fill the cb idotheruy gs stipca 1e7b8g ranked miami in chaplan
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angel rodriguez had a team higig 14 points. canes v virginia tech 69 sto 45. and 20th ranked diewt duke th a wig block lateo and cane tareels h now beat for sole poation positn ofhecc. >> >> have you to wino compete in first place this leae every one you're competing at at this te. year is battling for that same title so these are very challenging games but ones you look forward too. it's a hockey night in s. florida panther with a four-point lead in the atlantic decision host the san jose shshk. the cats will once again go with one of the best back up goal leez in the nhl tonight. monoy. >> coming off a two to one shoot outwin over pittsburgh on monday. montoya has nine win and 14 starts. hela pyed well last game and he will start night he plays well and every one understands.
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pl welnd so you have veryone. highlights a 1. that's sports. ck to craig a belkeys. >> belkeys: thanks mike. >> craig: thiss ns at 6:00. hope join us again at 10:00. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. stick around. 7 news at 6:30 is coming up. see you at 10:00. caio caio.


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