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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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stilkarut the.y yone. les a c ohe focast ia:etrolost vian wea ceer witat >> fday and aul. have m ouds we're gng to call iayitht lotunine fwimmers and boat, awar o t gng into the weekd. kinghower est wh mim that rk conties into rently i miam inlauderdale,62 grs, ar in w keall with your d plann ith aai chancen tfocast n at a perct.afteoorn at about degrees. take a lookt a this gorgeous. ju a ce ofoastal and tve a tro p ra i'll bek w the compleet
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and w, tmandom in head havana and thupcomi trip is reac. >> thisre pdeng into stca's has. >> a chge. hisrihange way for visit. psiredent oba willhe sitting pdent to visit >>sh aley: se tnk sure. omar lewis with more tuncent. >> omar:t is en psidentba arrives in ba next moh,ee wil meet who wa chae onhe t iansld. presidcoolidge, t sitting predento visit 1928 he tk ap from toa h thime thensident d first ly arrive,it l be
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head a brief state durin ga meetingte housethsday. (ina n theay d he ofcily it tweetin gnext mon i will ubel hp our eortsn livewiths t america willlways sta for hunmaight world.ning to cubut realrosee the lives of can peop. th at the of iur cy. ror the i normalalg relations.dent obama: today the unedittas i changing eithr relationshipitcuba. >> repr:orit comes 1onths after rties withhavava. ten tha historic hande andixthons a ope itsoors on the landba omala pns to me,
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activists say since betenwe t t y, srterm d gwno tut1001,000 olitians say esidpr shoulcraptrip. tpri toowill oy le gimitiaso brtrhers be orn t isnd even moreremo. >> reporter" met with the ly congress the ft it. n iorrde ave tie rmationelations e t uncotries, the to@ liftednd territorypi bynamanoas b
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cund t dni thaty wehaver: theolli snesto arexpecto c@lude latinour tf ouba whe the present's ba natl b'sebleam py tampa bay rayn i it is re pnt oma will be athe t live this moing, day inflor and actions areetti g re has bn change i cuba that the privilegf theisit to the island bydent of the rld's mos powl democracy.>>iana: not eryveone for e visit. me flodis are for i an somega ainst it st with 7 a wsvcom f cwinuierage oe oric vis . we ltsnd t7
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mohentd. robrsbeheft a fast food crime an emplee's famyil memhatwo men std in t thejectsoo tkff lvieang omers andes sha up if you he anyca cme5-471-ps. anile, ststrorack on e. ever yester copsaytly for burglary and prostion. th seyhey c clnup andard aunrod flaglern northst 5th avee. > a small culled f apar infl.
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ami-da. hapned alongest flagl street a95th veveeadirl s he alon aet t aere toafel pull herrom a nd taken t the hpital andska >> lding in the keys. officials smallne oversh a small ann tavernieras l nigh hit a bar c wa down and too out som phones. theil not injured and n one on groun wasjured. the afa wlgate what that had crash.nd askining to boycott beyonce.opulndolizaringeerrmed fore a o crowd in april. on police officer is not o calling for all l fo oerics to bttco r aidhe omot an tianpocelin ye's super bo.
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be ncend to voi opinioit's rlleay h b issues suc asth soolunteers n'tean tha t no to bepoliey bonce perrms at rlin i turn of e inhe rac for house. one of eth v trump is againsthe t ly jt>> said mr. trum theop p made atementh pope?whatsay?'s good iike t pe.
5:08 am , >>teorr: lesattnd ar tstf' ght daviso phibo aut ilngalhe wre ervemaye locatednd not bing br gess thissot in the for a reader pers's is disgratel. m pudohr as presif the unite states, will no be tacked. >> rteea ok a lt . >> andhe vican i cktaed by hich erneyo knowss 's ultimate trophy, iant t hav onlyisd ahat donaldmpru have been
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>> licompetito b b andub take i>> dn christnity. that's betnd theirlord andsa. vaticanmines tunte r to at asllteai guy. >> i'm o-own i n arola willeterne the eeath o caolthenaltrumt the tholseovutcaro lly e. ri tpr ca tholade u opt 13
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ara t zatbreaks conrnivce iyhereshe t virus>>oidis nn il. asn suc ash toneau6t i s rgocto dohe ind varnery th disease. o wkeorou e the reit rate that bo artn n iot an nas cesf been tect, antime, nito. fonur brard. taltewi 24. tghieou anc oe erseas. symptoms ish fever,
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a sas u hotst laffe 24 aay d n youcreen and pted our w your te i 5:11ockn otoriesakin ws lertoy.n i eth . >> thedent and lyyi ress justi alhe y. >> tngea up f tor veter a'st 1 7t ire wesn t60 endgationilnd. > aour miami t bkaco an afterhe t l-ar head sho
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er rorth kicki offonht wi a repaiorit bits th b obrarowd. tin plexcruz, 7ew and cg up next, co-ccaololg agh-c favorrom theh 90 the nexour o ws, woman caut camer
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somee el welco an nostalgic coming
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he animad series. stusters popng up on full campa is mohs. > hpy friy morning,lly eveone is off to grtea start. ooki d out theelingeryle teerewise. lst raineon't to worry aext.8 gr, vy mild start in ft egre inmiami, 6n keyes w astalg times but in the 60retty much everywhere e clest spot isesteg drees but finite nlyot as as istday. weo he a braze off ecean fm the northeast a
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gus at20. a tail o cloudstartg to develo aunrod the mdleid hfal ofhecoun looking good. clly airill stay well inneolis to 45 in icight nowrees in at here's what we canxpectful pure ive ou wth patrnils very qet anbl l althesuaynd, with a rk ofres swimmers.if yrou plans tak you out oe se caio won't be unt ely weeke mes ay, a cdol froth the is s t retur betweenuesday and and wentrocedu a chae of stormsoing into ghnit and wednesdaymoing. if your planse you boave theisk ofip r cuenrrts smalcrafadvit ry for
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coaslaterf othe key veryh build 6 to 9 fe tse t.he 6: s nt hh tiden an browardorect highs nice and comfortable in theovnight ls owin t he once uryo ed ouootl is callir abalerl weather paerttn aet get tuesdawednesday. th yourn7. l elementary student wi a big rsoo t ppy this mornin e' reay hayecau t frt ste' eayssonst anawded a college p. ere sheh governorick t. e ar was tallas p o a e f blacktory le w for af
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>>na trehego. eayol thef dirtor rehepa a rales to kp safe. dan fulldisclosu o m.andhis rats. af e teacrsenage kids e's jike > y canor coennce weso t neomng. y w fo infoenoupeecrf morn e oto t 7 ns sending ouotos.
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ba ndnd a c wis foat'sreor coenie aomto you iity>> repr: we all le
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you just abouti use house telogy repter:and buou can i o wisli. >>nd a i want shing for lf i put itere.r: w you c thbutton, it'spublic,,ingour wis list is ereveon tsee. l yeed i you o coacunt. si on g to n iiendai ewh's on tir helkys. sh e wants gusn ihe ki hordwakelst re this y're to ke ivat 'r f a bk o vdaid shiponhose sng a couo tmyo you tsn tir hen. >> rorr:
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privy, a teo intit t.>> d bl >> orte inrnetury pe wh list ey takofe a lueer't. >>ree' ae t fdis hstndall upp a accoun from b addr infnfmat on to cre>>taoncted on idn't ouad dfeifrent tion idot n cin anytng ou llino t b int ou le open t th ype of diaer lt s m feel som what is ito>> rorepr:li, n
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mstev >> good t know. oppho onli.nen rht here > cinhe t ho w,an acc o and a en ho am i h>> rsi ebwsrog a
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ik t mutes wws wouf yochooseuldvtienretu a tou guur. or f dowa watede. th choe yo adventure, caplore ur pks eny twpas r,
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re vits. modventus. a gas turning th sn a robberhi > women visnagu and them plaini. >>ndhymers ar'titicera's iveingood mhr c .uz


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