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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> robbin: the growing memorial for a 6-year-old when gunfi erupts in his neighborhood. we are live on the scene for the search for the shooter. >> jeff: a south florida woman recovering from an alarming attack she says was at the hands of her roommate. >> reporter: a pretty dry weekend but we do ha rain on the way starting to make its way closer towards south florida. your complete forecast to get you througugthe work week is coming up. >> robbin: an uber driver accused of going on the random shooting spree kill@ing several people over the course of several hohos.
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criss-crossing the u.s. caidates stumping for support ahead of the next major contest. >> robbin: winds topping 185 mph as a monster cyclone tears through fiji. the deadly storm leaving parts of the island unrecognizable. gfj. i'm -- good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. the night tetm starts right now. a shootout killing a 6-year-old boy. >> robbin: friends and family turning the scene into a growing memiorial. that little boy killed in the shootout. >> and now hopes someone would turn the shooter in in this case. we have live night team coverage on the tragagy. elitsa bizios has reaction from the school district but we
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outside the police department in northwest miami-dade with the latest on the search tonight for the shooter. walter? >> reporter: jeff, robbin, police do have a couple of leads but that killer still on the loose and tonight his ieving family turning to the public for help tracking down the gunman. >> prayers for peace as the community mourns. >> we know somebody saw something! we know! >> reporter: saturday afternoon hundreds gathering where king carter was gunned down at the apartment complex the nighgh before. the first grader was playing outside with friends near northwest 103 lane and northwest avenue when two men got out of the car and opened fire. carter critically injured pronounced dead at the hospital. >> and love my son. when i heard the shots i ran everywhere around here asking
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find my son in the corner with his eyes open and me, i found my son, man. >> activists, religious and community leaders holding a rally to end gun violence. supporters surrounding the grieving family as they march through the neighborhood. many carrying police fliers and holding signs. >> we cannot stop until justice is done for king. >> reporter: and while the community looks for police, police still looking for the shooter. calling on the public to help them find the gunman for the life taken too soon. >> look around you. we are ready to stand together to stop the violence. >> we need you to tell us where to go and who did it a how theyeydid it. so we can go get thth to protect you and your children and your families and your schools! >> 3, 2, 1! >>we love you, king! >> love you, king! >> and if you kn anything that can help this family find justice, call crime stoppers.
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now a $25,000 reward and you can remain anonymous. walter morris, 7 news night team. >> and elitsa bizios is live outside the school board building in downtown miami with this part of the story tonight. elitsa? >> reporter: jeff, you saw it just now. not only did the little boy's family come out today, but the entire community also his teacacrs and superintendant king a stand against another senseless act of violence. >> this is urban terrorism! i am tired. i am ddened. i am angered. >> miami-dade school's superintendant, alberto carvalho, saddened and angered over the murder of another one of his students. the victim this time accident
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>> over the past 12 months alone over 100 children have beenshot over the past 12 months alone. 24 kids were killed. only a fraction of those have been solved. >> a child gunned down while playing outside his northwest miami-dade neighborhood just blocks from his elementary school. the latest killing comes on the heels of another rally held friday when school leaders, parents and pastors made a call to action asking community memberto call to get help. >> my fear is another mother will cry in few weeks. >> but that fear becoming a reality all too soon. only 24 hours after that rally news of little king's death. by sunday the boy's family, his
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with the public to speak up. >> right now is the right time to do the right thing for the right people for the right reasons. do not wait another second, another minute, anotr hour or there will be another mother and father who shall weep, who shall take that one trip to ryder trauma to hug, at best their dead child fothe last time. >> support carvalho also telling the public today if you don't feel comfortable going to the police, call me, he said. we've put that information on our website. is the place to go. and this week will start with enormous heavy hearts across the strict and particularly at the little boy's school tomorrowowmorning. there will be crisis counselors for the students, the kids and the teachers.
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bizios, 7 news night team. >> okay, elitsa. stay with 7 news for the continued coverage. we'll have the latest here on and on >> robbin: a woman survivina vicious attack inside her home. take a look. danielle jones finally starting to open her eyes day. the 23-year-old spent the last week in a coma at jackson memorial hospitit. her family said she was stabbed and beaten by her roommate, byron mitchell, who she found on craigslist. he's been arrested on attempted murder charges without bond and claims self-defense. the pair shared an apararent on the corner of northwest 2nd avenue and northwest 10th street. >> he could have knocked her out. that's self-defense. this is mutilation of the face.
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trying to take it off. concussions in e head. severe brain trauma she's trying to survive from. >> reporter: jones' family says she'll now ne expensive rehabilitation and long-term care. >> jeff: an out of control car in miami. fire rescue responding to the scene on northwest 15th street and 29th court. the driver of the car taken to jackson memorial hospital. everyone's okay inside that home. and eventually towed away >> sea tow fort lauderdale posting video of the pair that went overboard. they say the boaters were inexperienced in dealing with bad weather when the boat started to take on water. the man and woman reportedly had no life jackets. when rescuers arrived, they say the woman was barely able to keep her head above water. >> jeff: motorcyclists hitting the streets of south florida riding in support of police officers.
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benevolent association on northwest 25th streetetnd ended at the park. the miami-dade county commissioner diaz, long-time rider, was there. >> th is an event to say thank you to those in law enforcement that put their lives on the line so we can have a society of rules and regulations and a free society. >> jeff: a tropical park a fly over was held by the aviation unit. a salute to the men and women behind the badge. >> robbin: and the night team with a live look at the magic city. quiet and breeze sunday night across the area, but we'll be warming up a t this week. yeah, no more sweaters. meteorologist karlene chavis joins us with what to expect this week. >> reporter: a t? a bit? are you kidding me? we're talking about the 80s! yes! for winter that's bad. all right. so fofotoday we hit the upper 70s for the daytime highs.
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now this is where it is supposed to be for this timemeof the year. not too bad. the temperatures in the 70 73 in miami and 74 fort lauderdale. 71 in key west. pembroon pines at 69 right now. winds calm down just a little bit in miami and t of the east and 69% with relative humidity. we have a few dotted showers on the breeze and impactininfrom key largo and also hit and miss showers as well and it is really spotty with activity as we go into the late night hours. we''re anticipating a few more light showers as well in the east breeze. let's talk about those temperatures. as we go into the next couple of days ahead of the next front -- i'm sorry to say this, because this is not good -- talking 81 by tomorrow but 84, that's the one on wednesday. so we're talking about
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not the records but above the norm of 75 for the end of the week and the dry out as well. the details on the heat as well as that front on the way coming up. >> robbin: also in the news tonight, police stopping a man on a random killing spree. innocent people becoming targets on the streets of kalmazoo, michigan. >> and police say the uber driver was the man pulling the trigger. >> we had multiple people messagagg us, you guys be careful. right downtown there's this killlr going around. >> jeff: a night downtown in kalmazoo, michigan, turning into a nightmare after jason dalton opened fire at random killing 6 people and seriously injuring two others. >> they weren't targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target. they were shot multiple times. >> reporter: acacrding to authorities the shooting spree
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spanned 3 different locations. the first an apartment complex whwhe a woman was shot 4 times. she remains in seriris condition. several hours later dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where two men were shot and killed and then two others gunned do in the cracker barrel restaurant parking lot. a 14-year-old in critical condition and it takes police 2 more hours to catch up to dalton. >> the suspect vehicle was spotted in kalmazoo by the deputy. it was followed a short distance and eventually stopped and the driver was indeed identified as our spect. he was taken into custody. >> a source with knowledge of the investigation says police believe dalton, an uber driver, picked up passengers between the shootings. >> pretty scary 're deal, especially to be so closely involved inint, but happy and safe. >> reporter: one the passengers, matt nelan, describes the horror.
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medians and the lawn and speeding along and once he came to a stop i jumped out and ran away. >> dalton expected to be arraigned in court on monday. >> the next most important thing is to reassure everyone that there is no continuing threat for the safety of this community. >> and uber goes on to say he did pass a background check to be a driver. police have no idea about the motive behind the shootings. >> robbin: in the race for the white hohoe, democrats tuing their focus to south carolina. donald trump winning big this weekend and now the gop field smaller with former florida governor jeb bush dropping out. >> there's nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful! laughing ] when you win, it's beautiful!
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the beauty after winning the gop south carolina primary, the tough, nasty and mean side of the presidential campaign was left for jeb bush. >> in this campaign i've stood my ground, refusing to bend to the political whims. we put forward detailed, innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter. policy matters. >> reporter: despite the 100 million dollar war chest, the florida governor ended his campaign saturday night. >> people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> robbin: but candidates have no time to rest on their laurels. former secretary of state hillary clinton stopping in texas after beating bernie sanders in nef's caucuses. >> now the supreme court hangs in the balance. 3 key cases coming up this term
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have sweeping consequences for r our entire country. >> robbin: but sanders headed to south rolina ahead of the democratic primary there taking a swipe at clintoto seen by some as the inevitable nominee. >> we have taken on the political establishment. we have taken on the media establishment. and we are gaining momentum every day! >> robbin: republicans caucus in nevada tuesday. >> we'll see medicare and balance our budget and fully utilize all our energy resources, including natural gas and coal and nuclear power plants and we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. >>robbin: senator marco rubio squeaking out a second place finish over ted cruz in south carolina saturday. cruz saying rubio has yet to win any of the primary contests. >> to point out even in florida, his home state, 's
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if we're going to wiwe have to come behind a conservative candidate with a true record. >> robbin: trump campaigning in atlanta and saying he'll just keep on winning. >> we picked up every single delegate. we walked awaywith 50. there are 50 and we picked up 50. that's good. but we have a big vote. our next one is nevada and then we have you folks, the scc they call it! >> and senator marco rubio will get a big boost when the congressional delegation formally endorses him. they were backing jeb bush. and if you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download that 7 news voice your choice app. it is downloaded with all the latest from the campaign trail. >> jeff: pope francis making a call to action to end capital punishment. calling for world leaders, especially those who are catholic, suspend the
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year as part of a holy year of mercy. pope francis repeatedly has spoken out against capital punishment following in the footsteps of his predecessors pope benedict and pope john paul ii. the night team is just getting started. coming up at 10:00, a scary sight for drivers when a car is spotted doing donuts in the middle of a popular bridge. >> robbin: a monster storm devastating parts of fiji. the call for help as they get ready for a massive clean up. >> jeff: a rare bird finding itself in trouble and south florida fire fighters coming to its rescue. >> robbin: short lived but getting ready for the finale of the x-files. a sneak peek of what to expect. >> reporter: and i'm donovan campbell. coming up in sports, one of the best finishes in daytona 500 history and some of the marlins old faces ve new faces! i'll explain what's going on
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sports! >> a driver doing donuts on the bridge forcing it to be shut down and not the only dangerous maneuver caught on camera. videos of those stunts posted, where else, to social media. >> of course. now police are looking to put the people behind the wheel behind bars. a reckless driver bringing traffic to a stand still on bay bridge showing it doing donuts across several lanes. witnesses say a pickup truck was trailing the vehicle as sosoone filmed the stunt. thvideo later surfaced online and caught the attention of police. >> units actually responded to the scene and by the time we got there, though, no vehicles were located that were doing the side shows or driving recklessly. >> jeff: further investigationer shows the video
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one is many with the hashtag #bayareamovement. >> not only from the participants to be seriously injured or killed, but more importantly innocent bystanders. it's a real and serious danger. >> one person was preveously seen throwing a plank of wood at a patrol car. and just this weekend a group of bikers found performing stunts on the highway. one rider pulled a wheelie while the otr stood on the seat of the bike. while they may have gotten away, officers say they're thoroughly investigating what's happening. >> we respond and we follow up on. >> jeff: dangerous stuff right there. police also looking into the instagram linked to the side shows. >> robbin: and still ahead a tropical paradise ripped apart by a cyclone. the storm leaving a path of sdrukds on the i-- destruction on the island of fiji.
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down the mountainside onto the highway. the scary scene that has many trtrped in their small town. >> robbin: and a different type of in-flight entertainment when a couple says, "i do". >> reporter: i'm mike dipasquale. on sports xtra tonight, drew rosenhnus is here with us and, drew, what will you tell the good people of south florida tonight? >> we have a big show coming up, mike, and i'll let our audience know whether or not the dolphins are going to use their franchise tag on any of the unrestricted free agents.
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11:30. >> a monster cyclone leaving a
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proving to be deadly. 6 people killed when the record-breaking storm struck the islandnation this weekend. >> that storm packing winds of more than 150 mph. the prime minister declaring a state of emergency. tropical cyclone witon making landfall in fiji saturday night. 150 mph xinds gusting up to 180 uprooting trees and knocking down power lines. officis say it might take several days before electricity can be fully restored. declaring a state of emergency for the next 30 days and crews still scrambling to assess the damage. australia's minister offering support. >> we have in place position of supplies available. and i also offered the adf to
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the outer lying islands and do the assessment. >> reporter: also dumping several inches of rain, extensive flooding shutting down roadways and damaging homes. officials now concerned about possible landslides. more than 400 people had to be evacuated. they're now staying at emergency shelters opened after the storm. but a mandatory curfew across the country has since been lifted and the airport reopened. meanwhile schools will remain closed for the rest of the week. the storm claiming at least 17 lives but officials warn that number could still rise. >> taking you cross country, resisints in a small mountain town in idaho are trapped after a mountainslide covers the highway. they capture the scene with the cell phone as nearly 14 tons of debris come crashing down the side of the mountain. the department of
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the pile was about 40 feet deep and blocked off 100 feet of highway. no one was hurt. >> robbin: incredible! an oklahoma home destroyed after r a natural gas explosion. take a look at what is left. officials investigating a gas stove was stolen from the house and that pparked the blast. the neighboring homes damaged but no injuries reported. >> jeff: whipping winds leaving behind aajor damage in illinois. hurricane-force winds scattering construction materials in chicago. the debris landing on cars and shattering wininws. several buildings in the area evacuated as a precaution. no one was hurt. >> robbin: and up next from the newsplex, fire fighters coming to the rescue after a rare bird gets ngled in a tree. >> reporter: hey, everybody! i'm belkys nerey! do you have some brussel sprout haters in your house? not after you get this recipe!
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bite next. >> this weekend in boca raton it's all about hot air balloon rides and giving back to the community. >> the event sponsored and founded by rick and rita case of rick case automotive group. look at thatlittle car. to date the car show is the largest exhibition -- i'll take it. take 2! >> 10 years ago rita and rick case, our event founders with our event founding chair, jamie mcdonald, went to pebble beach at the encore out there and
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encore to benefit the boys and girls club. >> the money raised from the event benefits the boys and girls of broward county. >> and last night a couple of familiar faces making an appearance at the elegance's gala. 7's belkysysnerey and lynn martinez serving as emcees. they look so great up%there! long-time late night host jay leno also in attendance and all to help raise money for charity. >> a rare bird freed after getting stuck. the ascension birddangled from the line 20 feet in the air by crandon marin a. the department of fire and rescue comingto save him. he's an endangered species and should make a full recoveve.
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tonight mostly dry conditions with spotted owers and it's going to the key down towards marathon and we'll see maybe the tted shower or 2 and we'll see more rain as we go into the start of the work week. current temperatures across the border into the 70s at 73 in miami and 74 in fort lauderdale and 72 currently in marathon. wind speeds not exceeding 10 mph. they've calmed down just a little bit. shifting anywhere between 5-10 at 8 right now in miami. 7 fort lauderdale. 9 in marathon. say goodbye to the dry air. we had plenty of it in place for the weekend but the moisture starting to make its way closer towards us ahead of another front. high pressure will still have firm control over us and that will break down as we go into the start of the week. just as we go into tomorrow, we'll stay on the sunny side but we'll see maybe an isolated shower or 2 with temperatures startiti to warm up as we go
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i told you earlierad the top of the show, 80s! making the return to the 80s and low to mid80s and 84 by wednesday. all ahead of this front. here's the thing. not record heat but still above the norm. supposed to be at 79 . that next cold front right there and so on tuesday that's going to get closer to us and going towards tuesday and also for wednesday as well as thursday seeing some showers before that front clears out just in time for the weekend. keep in mind it will be at the beach and it is those pretty consistent winds out of the east and southeast and with this wind tomorrow keep in mind still the high riri of rip currents and biscayne bay at the moderate chop and moderate chop for the florida keys and then it is going to tomorrow. the next high tide 1 minute
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a stray sher or 2 possible in the keys and still clouds hanging around and overnight lows into the 60s. by tomorrrr into the 80s except for the keys and 70s for the daytime highs and getting warmer. humidity will start to return bybytomorrow and a few passing clouds as well. taking a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. better chance of rain on tuesday and still damp by wednesday and thursday and also clearing out as we go into the ekend. that's the 7 on 7. >> robbin: topping the buzz, keftny's child posing for pictures at kelly roland's birthday party. the women last seen performing together at the stella awards last year. >> jeff: lamar odim making progress on the road to recovery. looking like he's feeling much better on the way to e grocery store.
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first public appearance showing up to the kanye west fashion show. there he is. he slipped into a coma back in october after a near fatal overdose. >> robbin: a hollywood star bringing his family's famous food to orlando. my friends singing the praises. mark wahlberg introducing wahl-burgers' latt location. it's the focus of the hit a&e reality series of the same name. >> jeff: a foul-mouth anti-hero crushing the competition on his way to the top of the box office for a second straight week. deadpool coming in at number one again. the film piling up another 55 million over the weekend. impressive! bringing the total to 235 million bucks and making it the 6th highest grossing r-rated film of all time. no r-rated here. all g! kung fu panda 3 with another strong showing at second.
10:37 pm
12 milllln bucks with the 4th week running in risen rounding out the topl3. the film centred around the biblical story of the resurrection taking in just under twen million for the opening weekend. -- 10 million for the openinin weekend. >> robbin: the x-files reboot is gearing up for the seas finale and talking about the experience the second time around. >> reporter: and we chatted with the actors who play moulder and scully. >> only one episode remaining and the stars have been grateful for the opportunity to revisit moulder and scully. >> and then i love the idea taking mowleder and scully and seeing where they end up.. and that's a gift. >> they knew it would be a challenge to repristhese roles so they try -- tried to stay true to the heart of the original series.
10:38 pm
this kind of show and we were such trail blazers and assume there was pressure for us to do exactly at again in spades given everything else that's on tv and the hihi production values, et cetera, et cetera. and then i soon came to realize that actually that's not what we're meant to do or what fans want. what they want is exactly what they originally had and that's what the show has given them. >> what the show does mostly posing questions and interesting questions and that's really sort of a heart and soul of the show. >> special agent einstein? >> i claim a distant relation if that's what you're referring to. >> reporter: the newcomer shared details of what's in store on the last t isode. >> in the finale there's a big
10:39 pm
world. there's a medical event and it has to do with the mythology part of it. >> reporter: is there a chance the story line will continue with her character? >> i haven't heard anything from my agent but it was lovely to work with this team of people and want to work with themf they do. >> i want to hear the music but can't do it. >> robbin: i can't either. >> jeff: close but no cigar. see how the x-files 6-part miniseries wraps up. it's a go one tomorrow at 8:00 right here on 7. >> and much more coming up from the news station. >> auk about the unique wedding venue. and a couple saying "i do" at 30,000 feet plus. the special meaning behihi this
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>> and would be able to get there to do it and one of the stars sat down with our own
10:42 pm
that's coming up in 7 sports. >> love literally in the air as they decide to say "i do" at one flight. they provided the in flight entertainment when they got married. >> they sure did all to fulfill a dyinfamily member's last wish. >> their unique and intimate ceremony has gone viral. >> the youtube videos that were up and facebook tags. >> the couple exchanged wedding
10:43 pm
on the alaska airlines flight heading from california to washington s ste. >> "love is in the air." >> christie is a flight atteant for the airline so planning the big day wasn't too much of a hassle. the reason behind the special ceremony is her mother, billy jo who is fighting stage 4 cancer. >> my mother is the world to me. anything there. >> she wantededto see where her daughter works. she always wanted to visit seattle and fit in to one day. >> she wanted come up to see where we were at and coming to see seattle and have a vision of our life and it really touched me. >> the plane with passengers made way as she came down the different aisle with the accecsory she designed herself. the most important part of all this? being able to share the day with her mom.
10:44 pm
overwhelming and able to share love and joy with people and make their flight a really fun experience. >> as for christie's mom she says it is one of the best days of her life. >> and that is really cool. >> that wawaneat. very creative. >> not done yet. coming up next from the plex. a wild day in the great american race. plenty of action around the track. >> and what a finish. the heat winning gamewith chris bosh and the guys picking up the slack on the hard wood. coming up next, donovan
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sports. >> and we start the party at the eat american race. it's one of the greatest finishs in daytona 500 history. chase elliott taking over for jeff gordon in the 24 car. the youngest pole sitter gets loose on lap 4 and the taste of the daytona infield. now 30 laps to go and one of thfavorites to win little e, dale earnhardt jr., also spins out at turn 4. in fifth place at the time when the day is done. final lap anthings got very interesting. matt kinseth in the lead. peshed out of first place by hamlin and now hahato hold off martin and that race down to
10:48 pm
holding on for the win by just 4 inches! 4 inches! a difference of 1/100 of a second for the closest finish in daytona 500 history. also marking the first time a toyota car has won the race. >> they don't get much more crossing than that. >> it's definitely the position want to be in. i saw danny had dthe run and thought he would get around me and i couldn't get momentum. he got me turned sideways there. >> from the asphalt to the court back at i iwith the indiana pacers. currently in the east and indiana's 5th. and it is without the service of chris bosh and dwayne wade. miami still had enough magic against the wizards though. rolling washington by 20 points. what's more impressive it comes a nighafter putting up 115 on atlanta. >> evererody is loose and
10:49 pm
minded and it is just to react. >> and it's going to be more capable to do that. it's just when we do that and no matter who we h he, we try our best. >> reporter: from the e hard wood to the ice, the panthers with the long lay off don't play again until thursday when they end the 6-game homestand against the coyotes.p in the meantime the panthers' youngster and 2-time all-star came to ththstudio to hang out with me and the rest of the gang and talked about what the cats would have to do to scratch and claw towards a strong playoff push. >> things arfiery and going to be tight. we're the kind of team that's going t/ play good solid defense all season and it is how ckey is going to be and that is to have that going to
10:50 pm
>> from the frozen water not only they have a new manager but a clcln cut look. and then it's the policy. then it is going to ke dunn who told me the befo and after follicle look and confused. then it's going to the fifth. >> and going to be as long as we're consistent and then this is the big deal. >> and i shave. >> and it grows back. >> then going for the sweep for the bottom out and then it's going to be early safety. fast forward to the next and going to drive in 2 more and
10:51 pm
sweep the season opening season. and lady canes hosting virginia tech and driving off balance and then going to extra front with all lady canes and then it is going to back for the bucket and canes win 67-56. it's the u 10 and 4 in the acc. to golf with the final round of the northern and adam scott at 18 and 13 under par and needs to chip in to stay in contention and en it's going to 16 and 17 to make the lead back. and at 15 under par, jason going to keep the pressure on bubba and the putt slides right by the hole.
10:52 pm
years. >> this week going to marshall of e spartan gurls basketball team. marshall had 24 points and 7 boar leading the score inin the third straight great championship title. congratulations to kelsey and the rest of the spartans. and not just ecblad on sports x tra tonight. tim reynolds of the associatee press is in to talk about the latest with the heat and as always drew rosenhaus gives us the latest on the dolphins and the nfl. stay tuneed for the sports xtra show at 11:30.
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rob and jeff back after this. >> and we have one that is easy and delicious for your meal! >> brussel sprouts on the menu tonight as we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody. tonight we're making a delicious side dish with brussel sprouts. yes, yes, yes. you can make brussel sprouts taste good! i'll show you how.
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extra virgin olive oil and then it is to sir ternoona and then we just want to slice it right down the middle and if there are any leaves for the rice wine vinegar and then going to be a little spice. let's throw in some sir afternoona! and ticka all and whisk it sxup it's all blended together. i'm all whisked up and just put it in there and toss it and makekesure and put it on the
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throwing them on there and making sure they're cut side down. and it's 23 to 25 minutes and then know in a minute they'll see they're nice and golden brown and crispy on top and ready to eat. our brussel sprouts are nice and crunchy on the top, caramelized on the bottom and all we have to do is serve them up. there you have it. i garnished my brussel sprouts with the parmesan cheese, spicy and delicious. if i can do it, you can do it. bon appetito! i'm belkys nerey. >> and for more on this and otheherecipes check out the website on and click on bite. >> jeff: actually i put them under the broiler to get them crunchy. >> and some bacon. >> jeff: bacon! i'm sold! that will do it tonight first at 10. i'm jeff lennox.
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the news continues next at 11. >> robbin: a community in tears and out for justice. >> reporter: a pretty dry weekend but rain on the way starting to make its way closer towards south florida. your complete forecast to get you through the work week is coming up.


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