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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. 7 news in hd. brought to you bypass pass. >> now on the night team. >> garbage truck off the interstate and into a pk. miraculously the truck driver survived. toninit his sister talking to just one station. >> man accused of running down a south florida teen and then eeding away is under arrest. there was also an alarming message found on his face book page. >> teen reduced to tears telling a jury what she says a south florida doctor did to her years ago. >> simple mistake. leading to big consequences. something plugged in. forcg residents of one buildingut. >> road republican run through
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democratic presidential candidates set t tir sight on south carolina. >> and south florida family claims a pet rescue gave their dog away. and now they can't find it. investigative reporter carmel is on the case >> plus we are following a developing story in parts of the south. 7 tornadoes touching down more likely on the way and several people are confirmed dead. update ahead. >> i'm craig stephens. >> the news at 10:00 starts now>> the news at 10:00 starts now at 10:00. it was a bone chilling sight. garbage truck plummeting from an interstate into a park. >> i was sure my brother was dead. >> tonig the driver's sister describe ago miracle to just one station.
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>> after he survived the dangerous drop. hello again everyone. the truck went over the edge of i-95 and plummeted at least 100 feet to the ground below. >> our first look at the man who survived the crash and exclusive interview w@th his sister danielle live at jackson hospital with details on just one station. danielle? >>reporter: and belkys family is speaking out for the first time. thankful the loved one is alive but asking the question i think a lot of us are asking tonight. you plunge nearly 100 feet and you live to tell the tale. how do you do. that his family talking to just one station. >> i thought my brother was gochbility i was like he's deadgochbility i was like he's dead. like can't nobody survive that. >> but miss smith brother miraculously did survive. >> fiance called me and told me she said he's still alive. he was literally breathing
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>>reporter: she's the first family member to speak out about the day he the driver could have been taken from them forever. >> punched a hole in the roof tishtion her brother a sanitation truck driver finishing up a recycle run exiting t south west 7th street off ramp on i-95 in miami when the truck crashed through this guard rail plungethrough this guard rail plunging to e ground below at jose martin park landing on two unoccupied cars and ejecting smith. miss smith was in melbourne nrashtioiowhen she saw these images on social media but her worst fears were not realized. >> i have prayed to god the thank you. i was like thank you for keeping him here. >>reporter: no one on the ground injured but he suffered a fractured skull and several broken bones among other injuries. >> i know he was going to be bruised up. some broken bones. you knowertain things was going to be messed up on him. but thank god he's here. >>reporter: but now this
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while he remains hospitalized the bills are pilingp. still the the sister says so are the miracle. starting with the fact that her brother is alive and improving every day. >> no matter what he experienced from childhood to now that's the living testimony right now. >2reporter: the and getting back to the financial assistance. family desperately need. they have set autopsy go fund me account. if you go to our web site we have got a link to that go fund me account there so that you can help this father of three as he continues to recover. reporting live from outside jmh in miami, 7 news night team. developing story. series of tornado ripping through the south tonight with deadly results. >> in one area a trio of water spout also formed. three spotted in the water off louisiana.
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>> the storms aren't finished yet. robin is in the satellite center with more robin. >>reporter: at least three death report entered mississippi and louis afternoon. tornado watchings and warnings still in effect acacss several southern states. >> i was laying down in bed with my dog and all of a sudden i heard a big rumble sound. whole house started shaking and i just knew that that it was tornado. >>reporter: in louis app here about 57 miles west of new orleans a possible tornado doing deadly damage. at least 2 people killed when the storm system rolled through the sugar hill rv park. 160 trailers damaged or destroyed. dozens injured. >> we have 7 critical injuries that we are aware of. we have roughwy 30 plus other injuries to what degree i don't know. broken arms. people who were able to walk out of the debris. >>reporter: rine and his family lucky.
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bathroom and the my mom fiance wass running into the bathroom and his parents were and i got in the bath tub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and difference so skaivrmentd i mean the house would not stop shang whole entire time. >> te shelter now. >>reporter: kenny catching this funnel cloud outside a new orleans suburb. state police sharing picture of the daniel on the face book page and keeping peoe up to date on the reports of daniel and downed power lines. >> weather picked up real hard. we walked to the glass door to take a look and as soon as we got to the door i could see the top of the tornado come down going across the look like crossing the road there. and the door started sucking in whe we were at. >>reporter: thousands left without power. the cleanup difficult for these businesses and power crew. rain continuing t to fall in prairieville 20 miles south east of baton rouge. millions across the south
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>> people need to be on alert for the potential of tornadoes moving through the area of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle. >>reporter: we'll be keeping an eye onhe florida panhandlean eye on the florida panhandle. officials from the national weather service have confirmed at least 7 tornado in the area so far. live in the satellite center, 7 news night team. live coverage continues with chief meteorologist phil who earlier told thus part of the country would be under the gun tononht phil. >>reporter: 7 confirmed tornadoes but there have been at least 18 reports of twisters tonight and it will continue to be a nasty night across the south east. that is all due to an area of low pressure and trailing frochbility you can see all the heavy rain and the cloudiness but draw your attention to thisarea right here. you see all the dots of yellow, orange and some reds. those are the areas with severe thunderstorm activity and those are the ones that can cause
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>> as a matter of fact all of these areas highlight entered red including florida's panhandle now from tallahassee through pensaco are under a tornado watch until 4:00 o'clock in the morning. this means that all the ingredient are present for some more tornadoes to vtv happen. we'll be watching this situation carefully. meanwhile the tale end -- tail endf that activist swinging in through south florida tomorrow and there's just a small chance for some strong thunderstormso happen between broward and miami-dade tomorrowbroward and miami-dade tomorrow. after the front goes by how cold will it sghet we'll look at that a little bit later on troubling post appeared on man's facebook page not long after he alledgedly hit a teenager with his car then sped away. alex is live at jackson memorial hospital to explain this one.alex?
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seems to be very techlingt it seems to show this man knew exactly what he did before driving off. all this asp the 15-year-old victim remains here at jackson mememorial hospital tonight in serious condition. simone from his home in cuffs after his father ordered him to turn himself in. >> my son when he came first thing he said you got to call@ the police. that's what we addition appears to be no miss taking 33-year-old knew he was in trouble. this message. i really (bleep) up on the facebook page monday just an hour after police say he ran down 15-year-old valdez in this mercedes and sped away. the teen was in the crosswalk and hit while trying to get a bus to slam charterr school. the force of the impact threw valdez from the shoes and even chipped paint from the car. >> he had to have a tube insert in his lung because they collapsed. but he's doing much better.
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pleading in the brain. >>reporter: police say this mans a habitual traffic offender driving open suspended license. he is the cousin of miami commissioner who came to speak with the victim's family at the hospital. >> our prayers are with them and their child because no one wants to see anything bad happen to any one child here in the city of miami. >>reporter: the family says valdez may n n be able to play basketball again. they want him to make a speedy recovery. >> and the way the doctor say if it doesn't get any worse it's good news. >>reporter: and they also want the driver to face the full force of the law. >> you heard my children i'm going go off. he can the bare his life. do everything in my power to make sure this person pay consequence of his action like any other criminal. >>reporter: the suspect tonight is facing several charges including driving on suspended license while being aha! bital traffic offender and also leaving the scene o o an accident with injuries.
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news night team. would be carjacking victim turnss the tables and opens fire. police say a 13-year-old armed with gun approached a vehicle at the intersection of northeast 16 avenue and 159 street in north miami beach just after midnight t.passenger in that car pulled his own gunshoting the teen twice. 13-year-old taken to jackson hospital. two people in the car not hurt. three men with the teen took off on foot. if you have any information give crime stoppers a call at this number on the screen. here's a trial today. teenager take the stand crying as she told the jury a south florida doctor molested her. she also testified the man gave her cash in exchange for her silence. liz reports from the broward county courthouse in fort lauderdale. now 19-year-old girl answered questions about the night she says she was molested by a
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in the room. detailed description this sophomore at florida state gave in court tuesday afternoon. after easily identifying dr. augustine bo l o because the families were friends" the night of the alleged incident in april 2012 her mother was at an event with his wife when the doctor came home she was 15 years old at the time. >> how long do you think that goes on for. >> like a minute. >> as he's doing this. >>reporter: the teen told investigators the the doctor then 45 years old took her upstairs after the alleged six acts on his couch and gave her money twice.
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cash and tells her don't tell your parents. >> doctor says according to your testimony that he wanted to give you some extra money so you could take egor out but don't tell your parents. correct. >> correct. >>reporter: his defense attorney questioned her credibility. even asking how the molestation could have been possible that night in the westiniving room. >> was the son sitting on his leg at best if not in his lap he not manages to grab your hands somehow without you noticing it until you felt it if he exposed his penis. tickets doctor has 4 children. he is still practicing medicine in westin. if convicted on this molestation charge he faces up to 15 years in prison. live in fort lauderdale tonight, 7 news night team. woman once convicted of
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the stand saying it was all an act. the 2011 conviction was thrown out. state plans to retry the 33-year-old but she's trying to have the charges dismissed. she testifi today that she's an actress and was performing the during a meeting with the hit man who was actually an undercover cop. >> the police took our presentation that we did and used it to wrongly prosecute me for something. >>reporter: the 33-year-old is accused of trying to hire hit man to kill her news 2009. gained national attention f f years ago when it was featured on the fox show cops. they y me they pitch now the nevada caulk news full swing. one republican appears to be leading the pack. >> this is the democrat state their case in south carolina. robibi has an eye on all this from the plex. robin. >>reporter: no results yet because they are about three hours behind us but also tonight the democrat took the stage for a face-to-face in
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>> didn't have a spaghetti bowl growing up here. >>reporter: senator rubio family spent 6 years in nevada before moving back to south florida for good before making his pitch to caucus goers there he wanted to make sure to cover the basics. >> i think it's important when you leave here you know exactly where you need to go tonight. which place you need to go to to caucus okay. because it can get confusion. not the same place you vote on election day.probably a different place. we don't want our supporters confused. >>reporter: e's already left the state. campaign shifting to the contest on super tuesday. after writtening south carolina and all delegate donald trump looking to solidify front runner status. his remark may setoff a few. >> watch out for dishonest stuff because i tell you what a lot of dishonesty with this. just got to be careful. they have paper ballot. whole deal going. paperallot right so just watch out if you see anything let us know about it. >>reporter: there have been continued questions about the cruz campaign ethihi.
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communication director resigned after posting a video that claimed rubio dismissed the bible. but the texan says it's trump's record that deserves greater scrutiny. >> i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day. they change every day. and look part of the reason some one vacillate from position to position to position advertise they are not starting from a set of belief. >>reporter: primary in south carolina on salts and tuesday they both appearededt town hall in columbia. stating their case to voters in the palmetto state. >> top 1/10th of one percent in america now own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. i thinkhat that is wrong. so here it is folks. you ca like it or not. this is my view. we are going to ask prpritable multi-national corporation and the rich to start paying their fair share of tax. >> i will work very hard to
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stand in the way of south rolina and americans achieving their dream. those inclu economic barrier we have work to do to create more jobs. to get income riring again t.i want to go after manufacturing d infrastructure and clean energy and yes raise the minimum wage and get equal pay for women's work. >>reporter: back to the republicans. "new york times"reports senator rubio is working on a meeting with former governor bush who suspended his campaign on saturday no word on when that meeting will happen. first results in nevada aren't expected until about midnight our time.. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. thanks. a death in the castro family. cuban state media reporting rane castro, the older brother of fidel and raul has passed away. wildly known by nickname mongel he was a life long rancher who shied away from politic. however he often got double take from people who thought he
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much alike. 91-year-old died in havana. cause of death has not been released. could the detention facility at guantanamo in cuba close its doors? the president obama today told congress he wants to make good on the 2008 campaign pledge but he admits securing congressional okay will be challengin at best. >> for many years it has been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >>reporter: president want to close the guantanamo bay prison. he sent the long anticipated plan to@ congress tichlts keeping this facility open is contrary to ourr values. it undermines our standing in th world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standard of rule of lawhighest standard of rule of law. >>reporter: blue print involves transferring most of the detainee to other countrythe detainee to other countries. the rest deemed too dangerous
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relocated in the united states. the plan@identifies 13 possible transfer sites. including a military prison in leavenworth and federal super% max prison in florence, max prison in florence, colorado. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders offered support. considerably different reaction from the republicans running for president. >> we are not going to close guantanamo. >> don't shut down gitmo. expand it. let's have some new terrorists there. >>reporter: before any transfers to u.s. soil could take place legal object stobobng and congressional opposition would need to be overcome. adnistration officials say they are planning conversation with lawmakers but the out comes remains hazy. reporter: plan seeks up to 74 five million dollars to construct a new prison here in the u.s. administration says as it standsow it cost well over 150 million dollars a year to keep the gitmo prison open. stillllhead from the night team. fire investigators say could have been prevented.
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erupt and force families out. another fire fight. fierce flames jumping from pile of trash landing on parked car. big problem when a big truck loses control at the height of rh hour. fight over missing pet is bringing a big problem with unregulated animal rescueue to light. investigative reporter is on the case in. you are watching south florida night team.
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is. >> story increasing frequency. we get word of teenager who has been shot in south west miami-dade. >> robin is at the news desk with a little more information to share with us. robin. >>reporter: miami-dade polici tell us the victim is 16 years old. transported to homestead hospital after being shot in the elbow. the right elbow. this is the scene happened at
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report of shooting ininlving several juveniles who were outside. the three males rode up and started fivrmingt miami-dade fire rescue, police responding again. 16-year-old shot in the right elbow and transported to homestead hospital. we have a crew on the way and we'll update you as soon as we can. reporting live in the news desk, 7 news night team. also now first at 10:00. costly mistake. firefighters say somebody left a hot iron on a bed and resulted in that. apartment complex went up in flames. now several families are dealing with a damage left behind. >> brandon reports from lauderhill. >>reporter: sky force shows the damage from a giant apaptment fire in lauderhill tuesday morning leaving as many as 6 families without homes. one girl's father woke her up to get her out safely. >> i was scared like i didn't know what to do exactly like the first thought was t t make sure n one was home. my mom was okay.
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skishltion the cell phone video shows how fast the flames spread. another 7 news viewer shot dramatic cell phone video looking down on the burning roof. the structure no match for the raging fire. some residents believe the fir was started from an iron left unattended. >> man upstairs the was knocking on people door when he realized the ivrp was o othe bed. he left the iron on the bed. didn't pay attention tthe iron that's what started the fire. >>reporter: karen and her dog made it out safely but her apartment was damaged. the fire started on the first floor but quickly spread t.crews forced to switch to a defensive strategy checking to make sure everyone got out safely. >> apartment by by room. lifting up every bed check ery bathroom and nobody else inside. >>reporter: fire investigators release thanksgiving drone if the acknowledge giving them a bird's eye view of exactly whaha they are up against. one of the first apartment ins south florida t# do so. amazing no injuries.
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with those affected families to get them safely relocated. >> did a good job in killing it quick. rest of thee building is safe. >>reporter: investigators do believe it was that unattended iron to blame for the fire. if lauderhill brandon buyer, 7 news night team. c c burning rub internorth miami. vehicle caught fire while parked next to pile of trash. burning trash in front of an apartment building at northeast 149 street and 18 avenue. witness tried to douse the flames with extinguisher. firefighters finished the job when they got there. and no one was hurt. truck crash on the turnpike created a real mess in miami gardens this afternoon. sky force over the accident near connie line road and sun life stadium. the truck drove over the concrete divider. came to a stop with half of the truck on either side there so it affected both north and south bound. three lanes blocked in both directions for several hours at least one person had to be taken to the hospital.
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tonight. tonight battle over missing small schnauzer expose ago big problem with unregulated pet rescues. inveigative reporter carmel is on the case. >>reporter: pepper is a miniature schnauzer with the power to escape. when he got out of his homestead hom few weeks ago he was not wearing his collar and rabies tag. >> we have had him for three years. we love him to pieces and when he left we were heart broken. >>reporter: her husband alex and children want their dog back. they laarned a neighbor found pepper inside their gated community and turned him over to a local pet rescue. but when they contacted the woman who runs the rescue she got bad news. they say they were told pepper was given to another family. >> she gave him away.
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of the family that claimed him that she didn't know. she's very sorry. speak spanish and didn't understand there was a language barrier didn't understand what they were sasang and it looked like the dog knew them so the dog l@ft with them. >> offered another dog and replace i said notice don't want another dog. i want my dog. >>porter: she is donna founder of fairy tale adoption which operates out of this house. no one was homeut we caught up with her at nearby shopping center. she didn't want to talk on camera but she did tell us by phone that the family who now has pepper did have pictures of a dog that looked like him. >> if you run a shelter you have to keep some sort of record who you give an animal toyshtion but no regulation of pet rescue and each is free to set up its own business practices. mary is a volunteer with unrelated rescue group.
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proof of ownership before release ago dog. >> there should have been some kind of information exchanged. driver's license. if it was their dog they should have had vet records. they should have had rabies certificate information. they should have had something. >>reporter: meanwhile the family here is hoping a 600 dollar reward will encourage the people who have pepper to return him. >> i want him home and i'm not going to stop looking for him until he's home. >>reporter: cmel, 7 news. if there is something you think carmel should investigate give her a call or send e-mail to clue at can also tweet carmel at this all night long we have been covering the severe weather that's impact the south east. now it has hit northern floridanow it has hit northern% florida. we ever just receiving reports that tornado has touched down that is over by ponies coal.
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while ago at least two buildings have been destroyed. all the information that we are getting. right now. here's pensacola. actual line of storms is now moved abt 31 miles away impacting now fort walton beach. crest view and that is now aiming also for southern georora. stay on top of this
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first star sighting since chris bosch side lined with blood clot. donovan is in the mr. ex with video you are going to see on just one station. donovan? >>reporter: i tell what you when you are 6 ft 11 hard to stay out of sichlingt chris bosch is doing a good job of hide and go seek he can with the media since all star weweend early tonight he fulfilled a commitment and spotted the heat all star. pretty much out of the public
10:33 pm
a blood clot in the left leg last week. tonight this s could be an incourageing sign for heat fans as bosch was on hand for an event. miami heat tweeted out this picture of bosch inside the event who was all smiles. at the kitchen and design district promoting new brew daddy jachblingt looks like team -- nono the actual video we did have video of wade and former teaate shane also accompanying bosch for tuesday night festivities. bosch has been side lined since the all star break missed the last three games for the heat. he was diagnosed with blood clot on one of the lungs after the all star break last year and missed remainder of the season. the heat have yet to commit on born's current status. however he has participated in team meetings. taking to the court fororump shots. >> good to have chris come if and just be around here. voice be heard. he's still a big part of this team. the he comes if and he watches
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all fronts. >>reporter: miami heat play the golden state warriors tomorrowowight where i'm sure cb will be missed. live in the plex, 7 news night team. stars hitting the beach for big reboot. part of the new bay watch movie being filmed here in south florida. is there more perct location. >> clearly not. >> than us. >irginia mess necessary a has a look for us. -- vansa eric's duane the rock johnson sang hi to screaming fans. >> he's pretty cool. he is better looking in p%rson. >>reporter: the rock is starring in the major motion picture bay watch. it's based onhe 90's series being filmed right here in deerfield beach which has been converted to emerald bay. the rock is playing mitch buchanan formerly played by david hasselhoff. >> he's adorable t.he's so handsome.
10:35 pm
to see him back in the ring but we'll watch him today. >>reporter: zack efron stars in the film an his fans have come in droves to see him whoych do you want to see. >> zack. zack. zack. zack. >>reporter: unanimous. zack efron it is. >> we are here for zack but pretty cool to see the rock t@opretty cool to see the rock too. >> whole lot of hot in deerfield. >>reporter: speaking of hot. don't worry men. i haven't forgotten but all. the rock love interest here seen protecting the beach from the tower. now "sports illustrated"modod kelly roar back not on set today will be playing pamela anderson. >> this is something to see. don't see this very even. >>reporter: however one thing we haven't seen yet? are the rock's ab. >> this is pretty great. a lot of people are out. item awesome. >>reporter: so deerfield beach will be emerald bay for just a few days. production is expectedd to wrap up by thursday t.reporting in
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we continue to follow the line of strong thunderstorm activity across the panhandle. at least one tornado reported touching down if pensacola with two buildings damaged there. the line of thunderstorms will continue to head in our directionomorrow. part of a cold front that should move in some time tomorrow night. what c c we expect here the
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very nasty night across the south east. at lea 18 reports of tornadoes anywhere between louisiana, mississippi, alabama
10:39 pm
report also in pensacola at least two buildings damaged there. today we had morning low in the 70's. afternoon high upper 70's to the low 80's. everyone getting a little bit of rainfall especially key west about half inch of rain. clouds continue to build across south florida. temperaturesre in the 70's. the wind out of the south essay to 1miles per hour with the humidity at 88 percent. this is a front that is moving in across the panhandle. already we have seen severe weather. tornado reported touching down in pensacola. the tail end of this will continue too head our way. for the time being all of these areas highlighted in red which do include tallahassee and pensacola are under a tornado watch until 4 a.m. that means that the ingredients are there in the atmosphere for more twisters to form. we'll be watching that overnight. here's the big spin area of low pressure.
10:40 pm
stretches all the way out into the gulf of mexico. ere's plenty of rain here just we can't see it because the radar does not go out that far. but that's what we will be watching during the day tomorrow. area of low pressure continues to move northeast. thunderstorms ahead of it are in house model show we may see few showers around 3:00 p.m. but the best chance of strong thunderstorms could be anywhere between 8:00 o'clock and midnight as the front approaches south florida. after that the front will clear the area cold air comes in for thursday and that's going to stick around at least through the weekend. here's marine forecast for tomorrow. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with a lot of chop. for you throughout the florida key also exercise caution.. coastal water will be turning choppy. next high tide 10:10. 10:05 key largo 10:33. :04 key west. tonight mostly cloudy maybe a
10:41 pm
the low 70's. what is typical is about 63 degrees. the wind now out of the south ushering in a lot of heat humidity from the tropics. that's going to clash with the cold air moving in right across pensacola right now. clouds continue to build tomorrow. a storm chance. high in the low to mid 80's. average high about 78. 79 degrees here's your extended outlook. after the front comes through 54 friday morning. saturday morning 50. and 55 to start your sun. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. phil thanks. huge turn out for habitat for humanity annual building blitz. more than 1500 volunteers offered helping hand on 1 80 street and 103 avenue in south west mile dade this year event culminate with completion of/10 homes in just two weeks. >> so habitat helps l l income family achieve the dream of home ownership. mily work very hard be the homes then purchase these homes
10:42 pm
a zero percent mortgage from habitat. hand up not a hand out just great to see so many people giving up their time and resources to help the families in need. >> wsvn long time supporter and sponsor of habitat for human. >> like to volunteer or give donation give them a call at this numbeon the screen. south florida man's death inspiring his colleagues to make a genous gift. firestone honoring harrison by donating 16,000 dollars to the fort lauderdale boys and girls club of america. firestone representatives presenting the donation today at the lester h white club on 15th street and 26thvenue in fort lauderdale. >> i see what wonderful work they do with the kids and to know that we have even a little part of helping out the kid in the e mmunity, you know, it's
10:43 pm
there's not much that can beat that. >> avenues firestone auto care teammate who lost his life in a motorcycle accident last october. he was 26 years old. what a way to honor his mememy. >> oh, yes. still ahead as we tip tonight. would you know what to do if your dog had an emergency and there was no time to get to a vet? >> it's a specialssignment
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10:45 pm
have you thought about this what you might do if your pet stopped breathing. >> believe it or not there is cpr for dogs and you can learn the steps for protecting your pet. >> if you please day at ththe dog beach turns tragic. you tube video show bystander
10:46 pm
>> she's sitting up. >>reporter: this dog brought back to life afterer it stopped breathing in a park. two dog saved because some one knew what to do. like many people in south florida jody lives on the water. >> she always liked to walk the ledge and made me nervous. >>reporter: one day her worst fear camam true. >> she missed with one foot and fell over side ways. and fell down about three feet into the water. >>reporter: they got her out in time but she realized she wouldn't have knownow to save her dog if she was drowning. >> stop clap dog dog are you okay. >>reporter: that's why she enrolled in this pet cpr class. >> i'm going to now walk you through the cpr. >>reporter: instructor miss stone says drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death in dogs. >> anybody that loves an animal can do this. >>reportrt: pet cpr similar to
10:47 pm
you check for breathing. >> i'm looking to see if i see any bubblele or any i iication that there's breath coming. >>reporter: if there's no breath you start chest compression. >> 1 2 3 4 5. >>reporter: if that doesn't work you learn how to do rescue breathing. >> now you are going to breathe into the nose. >>reporter: they train on all dog no matter the size. so whether you have a chihuahua or husbandy you can be ready to help your pet. >> i want to make sure i know how to te care of them in case something happens. >>reporter: she feels better about the dog walking near the lake now now that she has the skills to protect her pet. >> she's my best friend. cynthia says pet cpr same for dog and cat and if you would like to take a class head to our web site at this site for more infoychlt injured hawk spreading its wings. the bird released into the wild after recovering bachelor wild
10:48 pm
philip cross museum of science. brought there in decememr suffering from broken bone like a broken ankle on a human afternoon. red shoulder hawk was rehabed in a flight came and set free today. off it goes. ay with us.
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i spy with my little eye. first sight of heat all star chris bosch report of latest set back with blood klochlts heat hosting defending champ tomorrow as expected chris bosch is out for fourth consecutive game and just in. according to yahoo sports heat back up point guard here season ending right foot surgery becoming the second heat guard done for the season. joining tyler johnson, 33 average 4 point in two and a half assist for game this season. all the injuries won't help the heat case as they welcome the champ in found led by curry the leading candidate for the mvp this year in the nba. afternooning league high 29 points. 263 point made this season. talent have the heat in awe. >> haven't seen a guy dominate the way that he's dominating from 38, 40 in the end. great for the game.
10:52 pm
so right now he has it. he's doing amazing job witness. >> e en has the little shimy. marlins first full squad work out got under way tuesday. marking return of the miami marlins 325 million dollar slugger. john carlos stanton and the restf the marlins in jupiter for spring training after breaking a bone in the left hand costing stanton to misses the second half of the last season marlins slugger glad to be back and vows to be cautious. >> more patience than exciting actually because been out for awhile. don't want to overdue it at the same time as be prepared to for the 6 weeks. >> met slugger is a man who knows how to roll in style. outfielder arrived at spring training in the eye grabbing bat mobile looking like three wheeler with the signature 52 on the hood. now that's what you call a cool the whip. 12 rank hurricane basketball
10:53 pm
marking third of 4 straight gagas against a ranked opponentgames against a ranked opponent. the coach projected as high as 2 seed in the ncaa tournament. 66-year-old coach is in fifth year as canesead coach. getting on this the coach is in no rush to go anynyere. >> i'm looking for an extension>> i'm looking for an extension.i have got a contract up until i'm 72 and i would like to go forever. i love coaching. i love doing what i'm doing. i love being at the university of miami. this is a great school. >> actual college basketball action gators hosting vanderbilt final second of the first half. shallow rim. lay up. blocked. henderson the rebound and shoots from 80 f ft away from the buzzer. drains it. vanderbilt goes on to win it 87vanderbilt goes on to win it 87-74. the future of call a baseball game is here. the check out this division three umpire taking officiating to the next level.
10:54 pm
move around the field during a game atohn hopkins. lazy all wrapped in one. what's next robot playing sportwhat's next robot playing sport. that's spos i'm donovan.
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that is a wrap for us first at 10:00. ciao ciao.
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now at 11:00. 2 breaking stories. lice presence at the mall sources tell 7 news it is because of an attempted abduction. >> also tonight 16-year-old rushedo the hospital after being shot. we are live on the scene in south west miami-dade. hello welcome everyone.
11:00 pm
at 11:00. hello again everybody. we begin with the situation at dade land mall. sources tell us somebody tried to abduct a woman 30. let's debit right to alex who is live in kendall with the latest on this alex? >>reporter: that's headadne at this hour. according to a source within the miami-dade police department they say there was an attempted abduction of a woman here at the dade land mall as youan see police have cordonesed off a large section of the parking lot as they begin their investigation. if you are familiarith the dade land mall we are right by sax fifth avenue one of the ritziest store at the mall according to this police source there was a vehicle stopped not far from here and they have taken into custoto they believe the person who was the abductor as well as another person who was there in the vehicle. so again the headline here from


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