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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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pilot. new. and we begin at 4:30 with these live pictures, and you can see for yourselves, a lot of clouds, and storms are in store. goodfternoon, everybody. and it was such a proposing morning, with the sunshine, right? >> lynn: what a change of pace. wh's going on, phil? >> phil: we're looking at a line of thunderstorms moving, and it's a countdown t tt we do not like. this is the same system that caused the tornadoes last night across pensacola and the southeast. right now, the models are suggesting? of that nasty weather could arrive between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. and there's the potential also for maybe a twistor to form within the line of strong thunderstorms. regardless, some gusty winds will be associated with it. and once the front clears, it's going to be cold, especially for the end of the week and into the weekend.
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understorms right now? into the earn gulf of mexico and southwest florida, existing in vero beach and it hasn't weakened in the day. if it does again, it could be a worry fors tonight. there's jupiter, of palm beac and the heavy rain is moving into the atlantic. we have strong thunderstorms across the edge of lake okeechob. and now heavy rain starting to move in across southwest florida, and then the line of thunderstorms continues out into e gulf, and this is what is headed in our direction. so here's what the models are suing. the line of strong severe thunderstorms will continue to head into our way. to palm beach county, and then it will start to move in over broward d 6 p., and then leave miami-dade by 8:00. so between 6:00 and 8 p.m. f.
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doesn't fall apart, that's when we should see heavy rain across our area. what should we prepare for tonight? the possibility of an isolated tornado, and lightning and gusty winds and small hail. i'll have more on this a little bit later . >> all right, back to this live picture. this is the miracle of the d, this is in hollywood. >> danielle: and above the scene, our ralph rayburn, in skyforce hd. and ralph, you can't get closer than this without hitting the house. >> reporter: that's right, and very fortunate for the people inside and the neighborhoooo and the pilot. the pilot is right here, he has a bandage on his head. he has been ver visibly emotional talking to the authorities, and he indicated that he was comomg in for a landing, and by his body
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north to the south, the single engine aircraft had problems, anan he struck the left-wing on something as he was landing and it spun the aircraft around. let's bring it back out here wide, 77th avenue, that's on the screen with fillmore on the leftleft-hand side there, going from top to botto he was going this direction here, and i believe that that's 119. he was very close to making his approach and landing when he experienced some kind of a problem, fire and rescue respspded. and we got a pnecall from thehe airport. and they came out here to check things out too. he put a bucket under one of thing wings, and there must be a small leak from the damage here. they're goink to make attempts
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and the good news, no injuries. that's ourtory, here in skyforce hd, ralph rayburn, reporting live. >> danielle: and now a father's fight to get out of jail. his bo significantly reduced while his son remains missing, no trace of theeenager. >> lynn: his father was arrested after trying to board the airplane. and today his attorneys argue that the dad had nothing to do with the boy's disappearance. vanessa medina is live. >> reporter: he tried to show the judge thatn no way was he trying to it dessert his child, but he had to leave the country for business purposes. the judge lowered the bail to $5,000. and this is the kid. augie jorgensen, he went missing, and he got into an
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grades, and his dad told him to get out of the car and walk home. he got out and never returned. and his dad proves that he was at miami international airport rig to catch a flight to new zealand. he was charged wh desertion of a child and slapped with $1 million bond. and the police said that he was not cooperative the dad said that his son has run away before. and he's a troubled teen, and he left moneyt the home in case he returned, and even had a return ticket to fly back home. and the grandparents agreed with the dad, saying that he has run away before. >> when we have had him, he's a good little b b, but he just likes to run away and hide. even when he would go walking with him, he would run away and hide. i don't know why. >> he's a survivor.
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just 16, they hate authority. who knows. >> reporter: so since augie disappeared on december 27th, he has been seen once in a plantation hotel, sleeping underneath the stairwells, but the father was able to show the judge, saying that in no way did he dessert his child because he paid for his school, american heritage, the whole year in advance, and he paid the entire lease on the apartment. but the plantation police need your help. if you have any information on where this kid could be, on the streets, you are urged to call this number. they would really bake to find this boy. reporting live from fort lauderdale, vanessa medina, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, vanessa. thank you. a suspect stopped at dadeland mall, and the charges are now pending for michael guzman getting into a fight with his
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he pushed her from the car, and she was rushed to the hospital. he was not hit. and he was taken into custody. a small plane making an emergency lapping in a jacksonville neighborhood. the pilot deploying his parachute before making a landing behind the home. fortunately, no one on the ground was injured. >> lynn: all right, still ahead on 7 news at 4:00, we have a developing story, a miracle of the day. a small airplane crashes on a driveway, and you can see the back part of the airplane back under to the house in hollywood. the residential area. the pilot was trying to land and this is what happened. nobody was hurt. but it looks like there's damage
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more on the story coming up. >> danielle: also coming up, a pair of crooks posing as customers, how they managed to get away with a ride. >> lynn: a doctor accused of a sickening act. why the trial was cut short a day after the alleged victim took the stand. >> danielle: and a young boy
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the young survivor continues to.@ >> a medical miracle. having a stroke while waiting for a heart. and the parents were o o the verge of losing all hope. >> lynn: and what they thought was their film good-bye,e, their little boy kept beating the odds. the incredible story of survival from san diego. >> reporter: and he's off. he's learning to take his first steps again. >> i need a break. >> reporter: the just seven years old, kupono is recover frag a stroke. it was just last year that he caught a flu bug. >> we don't know what it was, wasn't himself. >> the doctors think that the virus he had cut the heart muscles. >> reporter: the virus had
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kupono, who lives in hawaii, was quickly flown to children's hospital. >> reporter: the doctor said that the virus had severely damaged kupono's heart. to the point where the boy needed a new heart. >> it was obvious that he was very sick. >> as kupono wait forward his heart, he was kept alive on a machine. he was the first patient in san diego to be on a ven trick lar device. and forl40 days t. pumped blood throughout kupono's body. >> it was long, and thick hoses, and i could see it. >> reporter: and frightening for kupono's parents. suffered a stroke. >> he had a weakness on the left side of his body. complications. kupono even had a heart attack. >> we said good-bye to him,,
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>> reporter: but now, with the new heart, the good-byes are behind. and kupono is on the way to a full recovery. >> it's a miracle. >> we look at him and we can see so much hope. >> reporter: sharron chen, fox news. >> lynn: one more amazing thing to add. the hospital said that kupono is the first child in san diego to survive more than a month after being placed on the device that pumped his blood. >> danielle:e:nd we do continue to follow this developing story coming out of hollywood. you're looking at it right there, a single enplane has crashed kind of near or in the driveway at a home on west 76th avenue near farrah more and close to the airport where the plane was trying to land when it went down. the roads in the area are closed a developing story that we'll
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very latest. >> lynn: all right, more on that plane crash in hollywood. which is incredible. because nobody is hurt. look at the ground view of the crash. >> danielle: and we also have a ground crew on the scene. and brandon beyer is standing by live with what he can tell us from his vantage point. >> reporter: well, i can tell that you the pilot is up and walking around, and the plane
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amazingly in that person's driveway. we're in hollywood on 76th avenue and 3rd street. the witnesses tell us this they heard a loud boom, stepped out oftheir front door and this is what they saw. a small plane, a cessna, trying to make a landing at north perry airport. and the plane obviously didn't make it to the airport and it was force to come down here, on 76th avenue in hollywood. it's hard to believe that nobody was injured. this is the pn who was the pilot. and we got his attention earlier, and he waved us away. one witness told us that whene got out of the plane, he was bloodied, and it makes sense, he was wearing that bandage around his head. he made eye contact and waved to mend declined to come closer. when you see the plane that he
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that there are no injuries on the ground or with the pilot himself. the witness said that she heard a loud boom and walked out and saw the plane in the driveway, and she was fully expecting it to be a catastrophic situation, but that's when the pilot got out and walked away. we're still@ gathering details, and we'll have more in the afternoon. brandon beyer, 7 news. >> phil: a warm day across south florida. afternoon highs in the 0s. and 86 in miami, by the way. that's shy of the record, before this date, set back in 2018. right now, the temperatures still on the warm side, except for key west, temperature of 79 and the pressure is rising. the wind out of the south-southwest, there's a no propping and that's why the wind has dragged in all of the heat and humidity today.
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and the humidity, 61% so here's the stormtracker. this line of strong thunderstorms ahead of a front is the same line of thunderstormshat of caused the tornado last night across pensacola. and numerous tornadoes across the southeast. right now, this line extends from palm beach county, lake okeechobee, all the way back herere now in through i-7 5. that little marker right there, that could be a funnel cloloud or a small tornado just south of i-75, over rural collier county. and so that's good news if qndeed it has touched down. and then we have some more heavy rainfall across naples, marco, and there's that long line of strong thunderstorms. and that's what we're worried b that's what's going to be moving in later on this evening. thth is part of a front attached
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this continues to bring nasty weather as well to the united states and the northeast. timing will be critical. andlready, palm beach county has seen rain, and it looks like it may start to and hopefully by 8 p.m., the tail end of that by the way is impacting the keys by 8:00 tonight. small craft advisy in effect, threat of rip currents, biscayne bay choy, and for new the florida keys, exercise caution as well. had next high tide, 9:54, 11:04 for the lower keys. totoght, clouds continue to build. a better chance of strong thunderstorms, and we can't move out of the tornado, morning clouds, sunshine, and nice and coolish. here's the extended outlook.
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and 53 to start the day on
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that's the >> belkeys: now fromm the newsplex two teens charged in the shooting death of a
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we have live coverage. >> phil: strong cold front headed in our directions could bring us nas it ti thunderstorms this afternoon. >> belkeys: >> belkeys: the florida panhandle pick upg the pieces after tornado trouble. the republican presidential front runner taking nevada. marco rubio finishing second again. and cameras rolling again as a man learn a very painful lesson when it caips come to vaiping. >> >> craig: and developing now in the city of hollywood. a pilot makes an uninspected landing right next to something's s house. we have detail in a live report. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> craig: and back to that developing story. a small plane bhairking a rough landing outside a hollywood home. hello again and good evening everyone. nine pilot managed to make it out okay. >> let's get i.
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brandon buyer live at the scene with what happened here. brandon. >> reporter: craig and belkeys, you said it. this lucky guy. this plane made an emergency landing just short of airport and put his plane down in a driveway, walked way from that. that's the plane be hyped me. pgh the pilot is still here on the scene. 'peers to be okay he has his head wrapped nay bandagement one around his wrist as well. he has been talking with law enforcement officers for the the past 20 minutes or so. and up and walking around and believe it or not appears to be okay let me show you live pictures from sky f#rce hd that was of hovering above this 45 minutes ago when it happened. and this cessna 152 was makg a landing at north perry airport. something went wrong. too early to know what it was. where it was engine related or weather related buvment that plane fell short of airport and made an emergency landing in this neighborhood we did talk toy a wititness. the woman in her house. she heard a boom.
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walked out of her front door and sought plane there in her neighbor's driveway. this is what she told us just a few moments a. >> basically we were in the house and we just heard a big boom soy ran out and the neighbors woor wr like oh my god and then the cops came and we sought guy, the pilot come out and he was all bloody but he is okayay, which say good thing. i'm thanking god sthea okay and he is safe and he got out of that. >> younow, i was made because the way it s he didn't collapse on no houses. >> my house right there. >> no fire, no leak eaj he walk wade from it. to me it looked like he was coming in and for some reason with wept sideways in steafd down. my name is shaun. >> reporter: okay and a mentioned to you the man we believe to be the pilot according to with witnesses. this is the man who walked way from this math landing plane crash nay hollywood neighborhood.


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