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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> enough is enough. >> this as community come together calling for change and praying for peace. >> when is it going to stop. when. >>reporter tonight emotions running high. as people say enough. >> i'm craig. >> i'm lynn in for belkys. 7 news at 11:00 begins now jeans. >> big message tonight is enough is enough. >> c cmunity pushing for kids to put the guns down and stop the vichlts we have coverage and begin with sheldon fox. he has an argue development after two more teens were shot last night. >> the miami-dade police department says progress has been made because an arrest has been made but nobody is celebrating. that is because while one teen gets to recover here at the hospital, another will never have that chance.
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in a loving tribute and in a very spot where he went down. after b%ing shot a day earlier. there's marching. praying. to honor the murdered 17-year-old david gold born and other young people shot in miami-dade county. >> our community are afraid to talk. >>reporter: his mother tiffany came out through the unbearable pain. david was shot wednesday on 71 street and14th avenue before run to go where his family lives. they invited 7 news into their home thursday morning. car. they shot him. and how far were you from him when he was shot. >> i w right down the street. can't keep losing people. >>reporter: then what happened to the now hospitalized 16-year-old gordon. arrest warrant obtained by 7 news says 20-year-old antoine gilbert was picked up in connection with gordon's shooting. he was shot in the knee on 75
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>> he could havavbeen gone but thank god the gentlemen pulled him in the house. you know so that's all i keep thinking about is always going through my head. >> got shot ran on my porch and he collapsed i drug him inside and called 911. >>reporter: yet another couple of hard street tale involving young people in miami-dade county. stories that seem to get even harder. with each passing day. >> if you have a problem come together man. go to the person parent let them know what's going to be. continue pull gun on people maichbility everybody has the finger in the dam still leaking out what will happen the wall is going to come down. >> we just need justice and everybody to get together and help our family out. >>reporter: so police are trying to figure out whether two shootings are connected. they say it's possible but not ready to make the claim definitively. if you know big this either shooting pick up the phone right away and call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. it's the number in miami-dade county an you can collect cash
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cops. we are in miami, jackson, were in miami, jackson, sheldon fox 7 news night team. coverage continue was walter morris in north west miami-dade where the community there is mourning the loss of 6-year-old boy. killed outside his home. >> get the help he needs. they are growing up to be killers. this is just not right. >>report: passionate cry to stop the violence. more than 100 people rallying behind the family of king carter in the same apartment complex where gunned down. >> baby. baby. my son was 6. the ripe tender age of 6. >>reporter: first grader walking the bike saturday afternoon when gunfire erupted north west 103 lane and 12th avenue. carter hit by straight bullet. call toned gun violence stopping traffic as parents leading the march down 103 street thursdayyvening. many carrying signs that red
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>> like a sword that won't ever heal. item a sore. painful. it's real. these guys still killing one another. it's not stopping. >>reporter: march coming to an end at this growing memorial. >> for second degree measure addition rally just hours after the teen's charged with his death make first court appearance. >> second degree murder no bond. >>reporter: police say a facebook fight pushed 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwin presley to come to this apartment complex and open fire. intended target shooting back getting away unharmed. police say presley was on probation and wearing a gps ankle monitor. >> we are not going anywhere this. >>reporter: teen wait for the day inin court king grieving family vowing to do everything they can to ep other families theirs. >> speak up. it could be your kid. when it is your kid and you standing i my shoe you hope somebody speak up.
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say they now focus on his saturday. night team. other family have also changed forever by a string of recent shootings. >> thee are demanding change. jessica reports on this also in north west miami-dade tonight. >> i'm fed up. i'm overwhelmed. i'i'confused. has to stop. haso come to the end. the what are we doing? >>reporter: we ararlosing children to gun violence. day after day after day. >> there is ongoing crisis in our community and we need to recognition it before we can fix it. >>reporter: perhaps nobody recognizes the crazy more than parents who lost children. hewas one of the the lost to violence. >>reporter: he was shot dead last november. >> i don't wish this on my worst enemy. >>reporter: growing number of hurting parents in miami-dade county. >> not a day goes by that i don't miss my daughter. >> it's hard.
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>> i cry every day. i cry every night. >> i am so tore up. >> i just don't understand it. that's all. i don't understand it. >>reporter: fily of 6-year-old king carter and 17-year-old david gold born trying to make sense of it all. countless calls toned the violence appear to have fallen on deaf ears this group is praying their message will not. > violence needs to stop. put the guns down. get t d of them. stop it. be a leader. stop being a follower. we need to stop talking. get these killers off the street. to the silence stop there will be no justice. break the silence calling crime stoppers if you know anything about the recent shootings pick up the phone and call this number on the screen. you can remain anonymous. you could earn a cash reward and you might just give a grieving family some peace. reportininin north west miami-dade, jessica holly 7
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>> stay with 7 news for continuing coverage. updates on the air and on line at all right this story is still developing tonight gunman opening fire at kansas plant leaving several people dead a that's not the only place that he fired shots. police say there are at least 3 crime scenes. >> the shooter may have sou florida connection. danielle along now with more on that. >> police say 4 including the shooter have been killed. 18 injured. local media in kansas have identified the shooter as 38-year-old cedric ford. his face book page said he was originally from miami. ford was killed at the place he worked just one of three places where he allegedly opened fire. >> this is just a horrible incident that's happened here. to harvey county. >>reporter: series of attack south central town of hest on. crime scene scattered over
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>> at of now a lot of things going on. there are known deaths in regard to the shootings. there are a lot of shot victimsthere are a lot of shot victims. >> one of the skeents xl industry plant in hest on where investigators say the shooter khoshingd. >> shooter himself has been shot and killed. he's an xl employee. >> we heard a pop pop and which thought it was just metal falling on the ground and then doors open people started screaming coming out go to the front go to the front then even turn around no he's out front then everybody wento the back right over here. >>reporter: suspected 51 man shot and killed by police. he's about 35 miles north of wichita and community of about 37 houses residents. on thursday it was the scene of a huge law enforcement press he says as investstators closed in on the xl industry plant which manufacturers lawn mowers and turf care products. employee whose made it o out hugged each other in disbelief. now that multiple murder have
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investigators have called outside law enforcement for help. >> we have team of kvi coming n.i have the fbi coming in. we have got all the local law enforcement here and will take some time to work through this because there are so many crimeme scenes and so many people. >> mp more sad people when item over. >> no word tonight as to what caused ford to go on the killing spree. inveigation c ctinues. we are life in the satellite center, 7 news night team it is the last debate before super tuesday. >> 5 candidates squared off, two really seemed to be the center of all the action. alex has some of the highlights for us. alex. >>reporter: there may have been 5 men on stadium tonight but for most of the night we saw only two. senator rubio going after front runner donald trump during the
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rubio attacking front on the hiring of illegalorkers. and also what he says is trump's look of plan on health care. but first hear trumpespond to formto former mexican president who used an expletive today to say mexico would never pay for a wall on the border between the unit states and mexico. >> i will and the w wl just got 10 feet taller. believe me. "saw him make the statement. i saw him use the word that he used. i can only tell you if i would have used even half of that word it would have been national scandal. this guy used a filthy disgusting word on television and he should be ashamed of himself and he should apologizehimself and he should apologize. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers he's using illegal im drnt labor to do it. >> so cute. >> such a cute sound bite.
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war i ion't understand because your tie and the clothes you make is made in mexico and china. sour starting a trade war against your own tie and suits. >> you know what because they devalue the currenen situation. make them in america. >> you don't know a think about miss business. >> make them in america. >> i watched him repeat himself 5 times 4 weeks ago. it was a melt down. >> i watched you repeat yourself tevr wichblingt i watch him melt down on the stage like i never saw anybody. subject. let's talk about your plans >> it says 5 things everyone is dumb. going to make america great again win-win win and go to the street. every night. same thing. >> donald gave over 50,000 dollars to three democrat and two republicans. and when you are funding open border politicians you shouldn't be surprised when
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and i think if you want to know who actually will secure the borders and follow through you to the ask who has a record before theyere candidate for president of fighting to secure the borders and stop amnesty and i'm the only one on this stage that has that record. >>reporter: watching the debate tonight former president bush and first lady barba bush their son former florida governor jeb bush dropped out of the raceless saturday after disappointing finish in the soutcarolina primary. in that among republic caps donald trump has a wide lead over florida senator marco rubio. a university poll shows trump with a commanding 44 percent of likely voters in the sunshi state the to rubio 28 percent. ted cruz 12 percent. governor kasich has 7 7nd carson stand at 4 percent. the primary here in florida is march 15.
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if you haven't done so yet now might be a good time to down load the 7 news voice your choice app frequently updated with information froro the campaign trail. o'clock. firefiters rushing to the rescue and facing the flames here when residents trapped inside the burning house.
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isis. residence making a fire escape when flames tear through their house. a dozen people inside the home at the time of the fire. >> tonight forced to live somewhere else because their home was destroyed. here's vanessa. >>reporter: fort lauderdale fire rescue responding after getting a call just after 8:00 o'clock thursday morning. >> on arrival the first crew
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>>reporter: heavy smoem smoke from this group home where 12 men were ling. outside the home residents watching and waiting while everything they own burned. >> the report of somebody still inside. >>reporter: fire crew making their way inside the home. yo can see from a helmet cam the firefighters can't see as soon as they get inside. then as soon as they turn the corner they are met by a wall of flames. as they get closer the the crew gets hose ready to try and put out the flames. you f fe intense. even after that attempt the flames cmb to different area of the home. eventually firefighters w we able to get it under control. >> total loss significant daniel to the structure. we still have a lot of hot spots. pretty intenuifier inside.
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red cross responding to try to get some shelter and get the pele somewhere to stay. >>reporter: fire marshal is investigating, however according to residents it appears a lit cigarette on a bed is to blame. reporting in fort lauderdale, reporting in fort laerdale, vanessa, 7 news night team. police making a deadlydiscovery after being called to pompano beach home. micide investigation under way after the body of man was found. officialsesponding to shots fired calls near northtwest -- northeast 25th street and north sip rest road. people were inside at the time but officials say the victim does not live at t residence. police are investigating the cause of death. danger in store when unsuspecting shoppers come and the gun in pembroke park. a crook holding up this pawn shop on south west 30 avenue and hallandale beach boulevard. he got away with undisclosed amount of money. any information about either case call crime stoppers in broward at this this number on the screen.
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the cold snap is back. >> and it feels kind of nice outside if you like it. stick around phph. >> yes indeed. all the way in thtough the weekend it appears that saturday morning will be the coldest possibly the western suburb seeing temperatures mid 40's entire
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chilly night store here across south florida. 61 degrees. already in miami clear skies. the wind out of the north west. all the humidity is out of hereall the humidity is out of here. fort lauderdale we have seen in and out clouds but right now looking very good. 60 degrees. relative humidity at 55 percentrelative humidity at 55 percent. clear for newew key west. 62 with the wind out of the north at 14 miles per hour so here's the stormtracker dry right now should remain dry in
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next best chance for rain will probably be on wednesday and even then we look at0 percent chance for rainfall. area of low pressure here. high pressure in the nation's mid section you can see all the co air getting financialed our way after a cool night. we look at very mild friday afternoon but then we get reinforcing shot of cold air and looks like saturday morning could be the coldest throughout this stretch. then by sunday high pressure starts to move towards the eaststarts to move towards the east. wind will shift. it will still be a cool day just not as cold as saturday. so here's the marine forecast. small craft advisory biscayne bay moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys you too looking at advisory. winds 20 knot. sea beyond the reef 6 to 8 feetsea beyond the reef 6 to 8 feet. coastal waters choppy. now next h hh tide is at 11:20 in the morning.
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the water temperature at 73 degrees. so for tonight mostly clear and item going to be a little chilly especially in the we shall suburb here and see the temperatures dipping into the upper 40's mid 50's upper 50's for the lower keys then by tomorr plenty of sunshine. ample high about 78, 79 degreeample high about 78, 79 degrees. we are looking at upper 60's to low 70's. here's your sentenced outlook once again saturday morning could be the coldest. maybe mid 40's in the western suburb sunday still looking pretty cold. enjoy this cold weather because by the time tuesday and wed roll around we can say goodbye to. that the 80's make a comeback. that's the 7 on 7.
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we are rllyy hoping to get update with bosch during arity event at triple a. team president walk the red carpet for the event. so did dwayne wade and his wife gabrielle.
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didn't talk to the media. there seems to be a sense of optimism regarding cb health status while he deals with another blood clot. >> they are continue>> they ara continuing the to find ways to explore options and i think t tt's probably the best way to deal witness. >> he's doing great. u have to ask him what he want to do not my position but as a friend of mine all i care about is how he's feeling in every day life. basketball comes secondary to when it comes to health so he's feeling good. been around. positive from there it's a decision he has t tmake. >>reporter: hockey night in south florida. first place pantherc ending a 6 game home stand against the coyotes. the alexander back after missing 6 games from concussion like symptoms. the wrister. 18th of the season. campbell 400 career assist tied at 1. sted that way until midway in
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in front. welcome back. 17 of the season. 2-1 panthers. third period same score. 4 minutes in. and the 18th goal. that's a career high. he's better than ever. roberto standing on head in the final minutes. all over the place here making saves. 22 in all. panthers win 3-2. cats lead the division by 5 points. m i advice right now is stock up on this play offs coming up soon. >> you are t t guru in hockey if you say it's happening it's going to happen. >> i'll throw a real rat on to the ice. >> don't do that. >> thanks meek. >> they like to fly. that's the news at 11:00
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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. elton john better call her mr. jackson. because he has some nasty things to say about janet's show. someone is going gaga over ke$ha even though she's changed her story on what went down with doctor luke. being mr. worldwide a sheep. football will play your face there for they party for a price. "straight outta compton" finally get some award show love. >> woman: more than 50 stations of every type of italian food you can imagine. coming up on deco drive we will


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