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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. we begin this noon with a mother facing judge after child abuse. she put her two-year-old daughter in an a dumpster. >> omar: let's go live to brandon beyer standing by live on the scene of the crime. brandon? >> reporter: fit hadn't been r three very quick-thinking samaritans who sawomething suspicious going on, their quick actions, this story could have been a lot different. a mother in child, her two-year-old baby girl is now in child protective services. let me show you this dumpster outside plantation hospital.
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she was seen by three people throwing her two-o-ar-old little girl into this dumpster. when police made conta with sheffield, according to their police report, the an arrest report, she said she didn't throw the baby in the dumpster, she put the baby in the dumpster. let me show you video from inside the broward county jail. sheffield making her first appearance before a judge earlier today wherere she was officially charged with child abuse. the child is safe out of sheffield's custody. there is a hearing later to determine exactly who will take over caring for this baby as the legal system works its way ou as you can imagine, the people in this area are just shocked to hear these allegations. >> a parent, you know, i feel for the child number one, but that's just -- it's sick. it's sick, you know. i don't think any parent should do a child like that. if anything, if you don't want the child, there are adoption
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>> reporter: and the mother, again, they is in the broward county jail facing a $16,000 bond. there is a hearing in a couple of hours to determine who will care fororhe child throughout this legal process. we're live for now in plantation, brandon beyer, 7 news. i'm not here to announce my candidacy for office. and i'm not going to endorse a candidate today. >> diana: former presidential nomine mitt romney isn't jumping in the race for the white house, insteadad he's jumping on one of the candidates targeting donald trump. >> omar: and many wonder if his words will resonate with the voter who is did support his presidential run. alex de armas is live in the plex with more. >> reporter: 2012 gop nominee mitt romney is excessing his concern about donald trump's
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he just delivered a hard-hitting speech. here's part of it t. >> y y say wa, waiting isn't he is huge business success and doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no he doesn't. the only broad range of national challenges come f fm ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. one of these men should be our nominee. >> reporter: trump tweeting just another desperate move by the man who should have easily beating barack obamam in that tweet, trump spelled the president's first name incorrectly. qhis all happening just hours before the next gop debate. the miami herald endorsing presidential candidate marco rubio wednesday for the gop
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candidate and practical message for chance to win the nomination. donald trump would have voters believe they were unstoppable me men tum and deeper look. meanwhile, ben carson soon may president. there's no fast forward for his campaign after super tuesday. trump cemented his first place position in the republica race winning seven states on super tuesday. ted cruz won three and then went to a barbecue restaurant in kansas wednesy. on the democratic side, hillary clintoninning seven states. she then appeared at radio city music hall. >> america has always been great. we dl not have to make it great. what we have to do is we haveo make america whole. and that means working with one another. >> reporter: bernie sanders' path may be narrowing. after winning four states tuesday night, he said any talk
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nomination is prema sure. -- premature. and tonight's debate very candidates. it's theirst time me began kelly and donald trump will face off since the first fox debate. live from the plex, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. >> omar: and if you have not done so yet, now is a good time to download the voice your choice app. it's always updated with the latest from the campan trail. two men accused of cashing in on innocent victims by targeting their tires at south florida banks. jessa holly is following the story live from northwest miami-dade @now. >> reporter: miami police say they caught two guys red handed trying to pull off what they call a fix a flat scheme. their targets women and the elderly. they say their latest target was northwest miami-dade. as we go to video, you will see the two men arrested,
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we also have edence pictures from miami-dade police. this is the latest case. it was last friday around 5 o'clock. police say the men puncture vehicle tires while people are in the bank. en they wait for them to come out, then they followed them as theire goes flat. they pose as good samaritans offering to help them with the tire. they distract the vicicm and steal cash from inside the vehicle. in this case, though, a detective witnessed the crime an made the arrest before anything was stole pen. now police are asking if you have any information about this type of crime or this crime or if you think you may have been a victim, they want you to pick up a phone and call crime stoppers in miami-dade 305-471-tips. we're live in northwest miami-dade, jessica holly, 7 news. another suspect arrested by the fbi following a gold bar heist last year. he's set the face a federal court judge later today. >> diana: that's where we find 7's elitsa bizios standing by
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hearing. >> reporter: he is expected to go in front of a judge at 2 o'clock this afternoon. 7 news was there when one of the two guys who's been arrested got caught. it's a story line fit for a hollywood block buster. a multimilli dollar gold heist miami connection. 7 news there as fbi agents moved in on an op p op home wednesday. >> i have no idea. i don't live close to here. i came close because there was an a family problem. >> reporter: boxes, bags taken. towed away. >> as a person, he's an excellent human being. he's a good father, good brother, son. he works. >> reporter: that woman's brother-in-law has bn arrested in connection, agents say, to the gold heist. she said this is perez, the accused 46-year-old father of two. agents say in march of 2015 this
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carrying about $5 million worth of gold when it stopped on the side of i-595 in north carolina. >> they're some sort of guard uniforms with their hands behind their backs trying to flag down police. >> reporter: and armed security guards had been inside the truck hauling the gold. the guards told police a white van pulled up with at least two armed men insisi who identified themselves as police officer. they then tie up the guards in the woods an made off with the ld. at the time, this is what the fbi said. >> somewhere along i-95 the truck p pled over for reasons time. >> rorter: just one station there when the feds placed a second man under arrest. now he, perez and many of perez's p possessions are in custody of the fbi. d thiss afternoon, federal agents are still looking for these two that you see on your screen.
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two others. if they look familiar, if you have any informatiti on this case, they would like to hear from you t. beses number to call 305-471-tips. that is, of course, crime stoppers. remember, you can remain anonymous f you like. if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward. live in downtown miami, elitsa bizios, 7 news. in the news now, president obama may be close to making a decion on who he will nominate to fill the vacant supreme court seat. reports the white house is vetting jane kelly previously worked as a public defender in iowa and serng as an appellate judge t. senate unanimously confirmed her for the position d could put pressure on the republicans to brerk their vow not to vote for the nominee. the seat left open by justice scalia. president obama likely to make his selection in the next couple
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the freddie gray case headed to a courtroom. the officer awaiting retrial. the attorneys want to overturn a ruling that ordered him to testify against two of the six other officersacing charges in connection with gray's death. gray die last april from a broken neck. prosecutors say he suffered while in the back of a police van. officials say hisnjury was the result of not being restrained with a seat belt. a texas p trooper fired and indicted after arresting a woman during a traffic stop last year. trooper brian accused of sandra of failing to use her turn signalal days later she was found dead in her jail cell. no one was charged with her death. he claimed he remooved her from the car to conduct a safer traffic stop. appeal dismissed for oscar pistorius, south african's highest court rejecting his
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conviction. he's now s to return for a sentenced. he faces a minute mull of 15 years in jail after he was convicted of gunning down his girlfriend on valentine's day three years ago. he remains under house arrest. and coming up next on 7 news at noon, a father telling his side of the story after cleared of charges in son's disappearance. and mother whose baby was taken bay relative has something to say to that family member. carnaval on the mile will be taking place this weekend in coral gableses. hopefully you can bring the family, the kids, friends to join in on all the fun that's going to be taking place t. forecast is looking prom missing. the complete forecast is cominin up next. and things really heating up in south america.
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fired up ahead. and now his s s missing. he was locked up for amonth. >> i should have been out looking for him instead i was locked up for a month. >> reporter: he was cleared of all charges after he spent a
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>> diana: walter morris has more now from the state attorney's office. >> instead of me being out trying to fine him, hay locked me up for a month. >> reporter: tears from free man, a south florida father who now has to find a son. safe. >> reporter: after almost a month behind bar, bruce not facing any charges in the disappearance of his son. the 16-year-old missing after the two got into an argument during a car ride. he ordered his son to get out, told him to walk home and hasn't seen him since. >> i left him aessage or text, maybe both. report report that was only the beginning. they arrested him for desertion t. prosecution dropping the charges in light of new evidence saying it's more likely he ran away, while his lawyers sayay that time should have been spent looking for the teen.
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everything was exaggerated. everything was onspeculation, assumption, presumption, there's no facts. >> reporter: one thing remains, he's still missing. >> please be safe, come home, please come home, be safe. >> reporter: a $5,000 reward is being offered for anyone who can help unite the missing teen with his family. for more information, log onto a south florida mom happy to have her two-month-old home after the heart ache of having her baby snatched from her at gunpoint. melinda kemp's cousin kidnapped her daughter over the weekend. after an 18 hour search p an statewide amber alert, her baby was found in orlando then returned safe and sound on sundayful now mom has a strong message for her own cousin. >> i spoke to stephanie, you know. i told her she broke me. i'm praying for her. i pray for her.
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daughterne day? >> that mommy loves yo >> reporter: cousin was arrested along with a 14-year-old accomplice. she remains in the broward county jail. a coral gableses smoke shop smash and grab. if that wasn't enough, one of them back for two more. and went back to the vape and smoke shop on u.s. 1. onee more look at the suspects here. if you know who these guysre here, call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. >> vivian: good afternoon, south florida. it is looking nice outside. we've had some clouds streaming in at times. in fact, we do have a couple of them alistening the coast. soon they're going to move off the coast. the lower keys getting more in the way of cloud cover. enough sun shine out there keeping conditions warm.
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nice and dry everywhere for your lunch hour commute from oward, dade to the keys. it's 9 degrees in fort lauderdale including miami, # 5 in key west, 77 in grand bahama island, our friends in freeport, 79n andros and nassau with the breeze out of the south-southeaut right now any where between 9 and 13 miles an hour. but from coast to coast we go, we have rain around the pacific northwest. we have mountain snow around northern california. and around the ohio river valley, we have a mix of freezing rain and snow at times. but entering parts of tennessee, mississipppp alabama and now the northern fringes of georgia, where she a coal front. it's much warmer to theouth ahead of this cold front. this cold front will cross through south florida very weak in fashion.
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it's crossing through going into the weekend. outside of an isolated coastal shower moving in along our ocean breeze, rain chances through saturday and sunday remain at about a ten percent chance. if your plans take you beach or boating, luckily we done have any boating advisories but introduced the risk of rip currents for swimmers because of the breeze off the ocean picking up. bay waters are at a ligig chop, coastal waters a moderate chop, no advisories in place with seas building up to two feet inside the reef. next high tide in miami 3:31 this afternoon, 3:26 inn fort lauderdale, key largo at 3:54. otherwise we will see more cloudsettle into tonight, high temperatures will top off in the low 80s this afternoon for dade and broward, upper 70s for the keys. by tonight, overnight lows will
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across the board with a fairly quiet weather pattern we're expecting tl continue in the upcoming weekend. it won't be until next week when a very weak front crosses through bringing temperatures down aouple of degrees back to seasonal for this time of year. at is your 7 on 7 forecast. a volcano blowing its top ecuador. it has affected areas near the crater.. authorities are advising people nearby to exercise caution while driving on roads and highways. the volcano became active in 1999 and eruptions haveccurred sporadically ever since. still ahead on 7 news at noon, we will show you how the miami heat wheels scored a championship title in a film about their hoop dreams. and later on, we will show you one police officer who literally gets carried away during a traffic stop. an p armed robber has a gun and store clerk with a hammer.
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cameras rolling as members of the miami heat wheels team rolled away. they managed to win a title. >> omar: mike dipasquale has more on their hoop dreams. it'seen a journey years in the makingng miami heat wheels winning a title. >> to finally be with a team of this caliber that works so hard to achieve that. it's very meaningful because it alsoexpresses the aware thanks a lot of people aren't aware of at we do and what we have accomplished. >> mike: former heat all-star glen rice on hand, along with heat dancers for the banner
12:24 pm
the team the subject of a documentary called the rebound, which chronicles the hard work behind the scene. >> pulled out a gun and shot me and i remember telling myself don't close your eyes because if i close my eyes i'm going to die.e. >> mike: from the film to the hardwood. >> it's lovely. having your whole life basketball and your life outside of the court being filmed and on footage and also gives people insight on what's going on with a person of disability, their lifestyle. >> cameras were allowed all access to the team. >> we did car washes and other things to raise money to be able to attend all day tournament. it's really good feeling to make the championship. >> mike: family and friends taking part in a big bash, celebrating squad's achievement.
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right at the end of the game. and, of course, this is t t party right now. so we've been asking this party since april. and so miami knows how to throw a party. >> mike: you can watch the world premier of the rebound at the miami international film festival march 5th. mike dipasquale, 7 news. an high honor for a good samaritan who hemmed save a man's life. megan green receiving life-s-sing accommodation. she helped out man when he was receivering a heart attack in january. >> without the very important breath that she shared with me, i wouldn't be standing here in frt of you. >> of course it makes me feel great to see him awake, walking and talking makes me feel eat. >> diana: he was at the equestrian center when he became unresponsive. she performed cpr until help arrived. a mime firefighter getting a
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david downy named firefighter of the year during an awards ceremony in tallahassee. he has served with miami-dade fire rescue for 28 years starting out as firefighter and paramedic. he also leads the urban search and rescue force which responds to domestic an international disasters. congratulations. he practices law and does not have a license and says nobody can stop him and now learning that is not the case. investigative reporter carmel cafiero is back on this case. it's a construction controversy that will be settled by voters voicing their choice in an upcoming electionon hear both sides of the dispute ahead. we're watching wall street this noon. the dow is down. the nasdaq is off and s is off 6.
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back. controversy brewing over a proposed hotel tat soon to be renovated convention center t. project is desperately needed and will generate revenue. as 7's ann keil report, others worry it will bring something else. >> reporter: traffic central to the controversial debate over miami convention center head quarter hotel. a proposed 25-story building visible in these renderings. it's on the ballot because the land is city owned. >> in the wrong place, the wrong deal.
12:30 pm
funded $400 million project feared an encrease in traffic and its height. >> i think it's going to overwhelm the entire lincoln road district. >> reporter: and they're making their voices heard. under the terms of the agreement, the developer would pay the city an estimated average of $25 million a year in lease and tax payments. >> this would be revenue for initiative, antigooding, public transportation. >> the proposed hotel would replace this parking lot adjacent to the convention center and make room for the hotel. >> the convention bureau will market how we market that
12:31 pm
>> reporter: tour officials say they won't need a car an claim a city-funded traffic shows potential for decrease in traffic woes. >> all they're doing i spending money and not bringing business. >> not possible that you build a mega project in the middle of the city and not have a huge impact on traffic. >> reporter: as it has debate heats up, voters are starting to head to the polls. the project requiring 60 percent approval. if that happen, the hotel could welcome visitors in march of 2019. on miami beach, ann keil, 7 news. miami world center set to break ground today to make begin og the project. the $ $ billion will be the second largest urban development
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york's hudson yards. time for top stories. >> diana: a mother accused of
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she was charged and issued a $16,000 bond. two men cashing in on innocent victims by targeting their tires at south florida banks. police say 36 yeyr cesar and another man would poke holes in them and follow them until they deflated and steal cash while fixing them. and mitt romney saying donald trump would send the country into a depression. a man claims he doesn't need a license to practice law. so whose arguments would the juju believe? investigative reporter carmel cafiero is back on the case. >> reporter: 44-year-old anthony williams was all smiles in court charged with practicing
12:36 pm
>> the state intends to prove through presentation and documents that mr. williams is pretending to be a lawyer. >> reporter: williams operates an intetnet-based law firm. he was accused of being an attorney in a foreclosure case. he calls him a private attorney general and sovereign peace officer. authorities call him a sovereign citizen. believers think many laws do not apply to them. >> you can't arrt nobody for traffic violation. >> we are. >> reportete last year he posted the video for driving without a license. >> i'm also a foreign diplomat. >> reporter: he said he didn't need one. during that case that took eight months to conclude, he was taken to jail twice. following a judge's order not following it and no license a second time. he paid a fine and then. a month later, williams was back in handcuffs, this time facing felony charges involvingng the
12:37 pm
when taken into custody at the airport, he was carrying his private attorney general id, badge and handcuffs. >> y'all charge me with unlicensed practice of law and i'm trying to understand what law are y'all charging me with law. >> reporter: at trialal he represented himself. >> the state have been very deceptive%an misleading on ha the law is in state of florida. >> reporter: he spent a lot of time arguing with the judge. > i never given legal advice and i've only given lawful. there's a differencece >> you're arguing apples and oranges. >> reporr: it took the jury one hour to return the verdict on all charges. >> the defendant is guilty of practicing unlicensed law as charged in the information. >> reporter: it was bad news for williams an about to get worse it felt judge sentenced him to 182 days in jail, 22
12:38 pm
him to turn over his b bges and ids. >> prohibit from calling yourself a private attorney general, or any ability to practice law. >> reporter: as his supporters listened, williams lashed out at prosecutors. >> both y'all state attornene are crooks. both y'all. y'all going to pay. jury was rigged. i will fine out. both of y'all going to jail. >> reporter: but it is williams who is in jail now. andd he has more to think about than this case. according to authority, he is currently being investigated for mortgage fraud. carmel cafiero, 7 news. >> diana: and if@ you think there's something carmel should investigate for you, give her a call and send an e-mail and you can also tweet her. drama on a police officer's dash cam when a driver takes off with the officer halfway insjde the car. >> let's do this first, okay?
12:39 pm
arrest me. >> then get out of the car. >> omar: the new mexico officer was trying to remove the driver refusing to cooperate during the traffic stop. thankfully he was not hurt t. driver is facing a long list of felony charges. customers of a georgia convenience store calling the cashier a hero. he stood face to face and fought back with a hammer. >> (inaudible) >> diana: surveillance video shows her chasing him out of the store. neither the cashier or clerk were injured but the crook did lose his shoes. the 17-year-old charged with attempted armed robbery and assault with a firearm. a crazy smash an grab caught on camera.
12:40 pm
force open the shops in houston. ten men run inside grab guns and ammo and take off. more than 50 weapons were stolen. so far three people have been arrested. 7 news at noon not over yet. coming up next. >> omar: we will show you the tribute to robin williams that stretches for miles and miles. i'm steve shapiro.
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canes t it done in 7 sports. an undersea sequel swimming this way. they're all back. >> diana: here now, a sneak peek at finding dory. >> today's the day. field trip to the sting rami migration. >> it's instinct that you have to listen to them. >> my mom, my dad, i have a family. >> we will never forget you, dory. >> i will never forget you. i misthem. do you know what that feels like? >> yes. >> isn't it great?
12:44 pm
i'm going to be total sick. >> ugh. >> can you help me? >> sorry, not a great swimmer. >> you're welcome. >> wait, dory? >> yes. >> dory? >> yes. >> you and i were friends. i tell you an a story and you complete le forget about it and i get to it will you all over again. >> i'm looking for my family. that is definitely not mommy. >> sorry, i got to blink. how do you hold your eyes open that long? what's happening? hello? >> hey you. >> hi. can you help me? not good. >> diana: finding torre opening june 17th.
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musical on your feet based on the life of emilio and gloria estefan is getting an l album. musical is recorded live cast album during the march 2nd matinee and evening performancesful et opened back in november and box office sales have been strong for t show. it is packed with estefan's biggest hitsful a grammy award-winning singer making a surprise visit to a sick child's bedsideful adele made regek ka's dream come true. the 12 year oled is blind and tube fed. she sat by her bedside after discovering her mother's campaign.
12:46 pm
the recording studio. the stars working on a duet with barbara streisand. she revealed their collaboration on instagramful she made her debut in star wars, the force awakens. it crossed more that two billion worldwide. paying tribute to late rob ben williams. the underpass connecting marion county to san francisco will be known as the robin williams tunnel. the actor best known for his roles in mrs. doubt fire and jum aanje passed away. and some getting pair of kicks after the lakers lost to the nugget, signed them and gave them to couple of kids in the crowdful he would give it to
12:47 pm
the name of the family dog. can you say google? the 7th ranked miami hurricanes at notre dame. with an a win, they tied north carolina for first place in the conference. um in road green to sheldon for three. he had 17. the canes star on a 12-0 run. anthony lawrence to murphy, throw it down. canes are up by 9. just before halftime, reed goes coast to coast. um leads by 13 at the intermission and that was plenty. mid-wayhrough the second half, angel rodriguez heats up for ththe. puts the canes up by 16. then just under nine minutes to play, rodriguez with this floater. we have game high 19. canes win at notre dame. they're 24-5, 13-4 in the acc.
12:48 pm
one game left. the heat are home tonight against phoenix w. joe johnson, they're 2-0 so far. johnson scored 24 points on 10 of 13 shooting. johnson was two of three on three-point attempts. so far, so good. my 15th season and i've passed two games, been nervous, but it's a good nervous. it's been fun. guys are grateful my family love it here. i want to continue to have fun on and off the court. >> sve: phoenix in town today. i look forward to this one. jordan plaidractice round. not much success on the blue course. he is a combine 7 over on the blue monsr. >> it's challenging course and that's i'm considering solid momentum going forward here trying to beat the government
12:49 pm
best of me. >> steve: first round today. dolphins running back in london, a huge fan of arsenal. he was back in lon didn't and doing an interview on british tv. watch. >> disappointed i wasn't able to play -- oh i'm so sorry. >> steve: that's retired arsenal super star. his all-time favorite player. soccer fan in our sports office said that would be like a kid meeting dan marino. maybe. i done know. i'm steve shapiro. make it a great day, everybody. tiger woods getting upstaged on his own golf course at the opening of his new kid friendly course in texas. a hand full of lucky@kids had a chance to tee off with tiger. it was an 11-year-old boy who stole the show hitting a hol in one on his first tee shot.
12:50 pm
hot shot earning him applause, high 5 and hug from tig himself. pretty cool. >> diana: that is amazinin >> omar: we can do that. next on 7 news at noon.
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final check on the forecast. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour.
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with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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a snake scarfed down someone's teddy bear. josh brings us the story from down under. >> reporter: it was the teddy bear's picnic where the teddy was the picnic. yesterday this little purple bear w swallowed by carpet python. feasting. >> they're obsessively hunting for food. >> reporter: snake catcher noticed the unusual bulge. an x-ray confirmed the little bear was this there so the snake went under the knife. >> you can see plastic bags and anything if it smells they will eat it. >> reporter: they rarely get medical attention. most die. the retrieval of teddy is the first time the vet here has operated on a snake in a career of 16 yearsful since the operation, teddy has been
12:54 pm
and he's on the way back home to his owner. the snake now sporting 16 stitch wills be on antibiotics for two weeks before being releasedful >> we try to go in and mac as little as much damage possible, basically all safe again now. >> reporter: hopefully the n next meal will be something a little more digestible. on the gold coast, josh, 7 news. >> vivian: we have some clouds that have settled in. overall we are keeping south florida warm in place across the area with quiet weather through the weend. it's 79 in miami, fort lauderdale, # 5 in key west with the radar showing that at least it remains mostly dry everywhere for your lunch hour commute. the big view is showing a storm system setting up shop from the ohio river valley all the way into the keep south. we do have snow around parts of
12:55 pm
indiana, ohio an then rain around mississippi, alabama and georgia. here at home, we have a weak front washing out over the area with little impact in our weather. over the weekend, we will have another one as well. the breeze is expected to build in along the coastline. that means that rough seas for swimmers and boaters and likely advisories issued over the weekend. we don't have any of them happening. just a risk of ripurrents for swimmers, bay waters light chop. coastal waters of the keys today up to a moderate chop. with the nex high tide 3:# 1 in miami an 3:54 on key largo. the 7 on 7 forecast is calling for quiet weather through sunday, back to seasonal and temperaturewise on monday. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. disney's animal kingdom set to come alive at night. rivers of light will debutn
12:56 pm
i will play out in the asian section of the park. it's guided by two story tellers who summon spirit guide, water screens, moving fountains, light projections and other amazing elements will all be featated. pretty cool stuff. i haven't been. i have tocheck that whole section out. >> diana: you have a whole park and rivers to get through. that wraps it up for 7 news at noon. i'm diana diaz. >> omar: and i'm omar lewis. join us again for 7 news first at 4. real-time closed captioning
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