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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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front the pompano beach academy in pompano beach. the man pulled his vehicle alongside the girl, and then in a bold move, he exited the vehicle and grabbed h@r around want as he tried to pull her into the vehicle. this girl screamed and broke free from the grasp of the man, and the would-be kidnapper returned to his suv and she was able to escape. the man is described as having reddish brown hair and a wiry frame. and we have a picture that the broward sheriffs' office just released. it may be a tan explorer. if you have any information at this hour, the broward sheheffs' office is asking you to call 9-1-1 in this case. the man appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s. he was last seen wearing a red short sleeved shirt we'll continue to follow this
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live at the news desk, i'm alex diprato, 7ews. >> danielle: all right, alex, thank you, and now at 4:30, a community of worship is stunned after trouble strikes at a south florida church. the police are looking for the person behind the sinful act. >> lynn: they don't believe thah nag was from the church itself, but the damage has been done. walter morris is outside of the church. >> reporter: a big mess to clean up after the vandal wreaks havoc on the house of worship. and many are calling it a sin. there you can see the crime scene investigators with the hialeah police deparent called in this morning after reports of several car windows smashed in this that church part. this at the lazareth church here on 12th street.
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in the parking lot and then the church itself shattered and a cementntillar destroyed. this happened at 1 a.m., and a man seemingly in a rage. many don't understand why someone would do n. also an outdoor ac unit damaged. at this hour, it's unclear how much all of that will cost, but it doesn't look like anything was stolen. back out here live, the police areviewing the surveillance video of that incident. >> danielle: all right, walt, thank you. and a big bust at a home in miami lakes. the police finding a grow house, credit card, manufacturing operation and two cars used to steal gas. this all part of an ongoing fuel theft organization. four people have been arrested and all are facing charges. a coldhearted cash crime
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a pair of siblings accused of robbing a girl scout as she stole cookies outside of a wal-mart. they took off with her cash box, worth a few hundred dollars. the police were able to track down he's people after someone positively identified them on surveillance video. >> it's a shame in the first place, we have to hold them in account for what they did. >> danielle: a local radio station got win of the story and decided to help out and so far they have raised more than $1,000 for the girl scouts and her troop. >> lynn: a biker making his feelings heard, never thinking that he would be on the receiving end of a driver's road rain. calling out a driver who was in his way. >>8danielle: but the driver wasn't having it. how he reacted. >> reporter: a typical bike ride
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chicago. >> i said it really quietly, i didn't think that he would hear me. >> reporter: but the driver did. taken on go pro video on colton's helmet, shows him chching him for about a block. you can hear colton yelling back. the driver gets out and attacks colton, punching him and kicking him in the face. >> i didn't know when he was going to stop, if he was ever going to stop kicking me. >> reporter: he left colton with a bloody lip. and though he regrets talking back in the heat of the moment, he is glad that his go pro captured the image of the man who hit him. >> just the fact that he assaulted me over a few words, that's not right. >> reporter: they are trying to track down the driver, and the car is registered to a woman, so that may complicate the investigation.
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biking but the attack left him with $90 in bike repairs. i'm ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: now off the satellite, a teacher attacked in tennessee. he was directing traffic in a hallway when a student punched him in the face. the student continuing the hard-hitting blows after tackling the teacher to the floor. >> the kids who treat teachers like that are wrong. >> i'm part of that generation, and they don't respectuthority as much as they should. >> lynn: the teacher is recovering afteruffering a concussion in the attack, and as for the teen,the police have charged him with assault and resisting arrest. >> danielle: a massive spill into the mississippi river in illinois. the dam started to leak in granite city in st. louis.
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working its way into the river. and the officials have closed access to the mississippi river as the crews work to cleanup the spill. >> lynn: well, an off-duty firefighter at the rigig place at the right time. he's being hailed a herofor helping a baby having a seizure inside o o a drugstore. a frantic mom log on as the firefighters sprung into action. >> i asked the pharmacist for a cool, damp towel to put on the baby, and put it on her chest and arms, and shortly after that, became responsive and started talking to it andt was starting to focus on me. >> a high fever from an infection caused the baby to have that seizure, and the firefighter was able to keep her cool untillent ambulance arrive to take her to the hospital. >> danielle: also on 7, not
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fields, and not enough people qualified to fill them in one state. there were almost 600,000 job openings in the construction and manufacturing industries. >> lynn: the state of michihin has been marred by the economic increases, and now they need people to create good jobs. >> reporter: the old staple of michigan, people that can't find work, and the reality is work that can't f fd people. >> we're looking for new skilled trades, and project managers and project engineers. >> reporter: the catch here is that michigan needs@skilled people to fill those jobs. in construction alone, they were all looking to fill what is called the skills gap. the key is getting in the heads
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them know there's a viable option that may be more lucrative than a four year degree. >> weways to go to let our young folks know where the opportunities r. >> he took advantage of the grand circus, and now he's in technology, after he spent three years in university studying a eld that he doesn't work in and piling up didn't. >> for the university? >> in terms of what i've learned and actually the practically application, and being able to get employment, based on the secondary education, in terms of my college degree. >> in detroit, fox news. >> and we do continue to follow a developing story coming out of pompano beach, the attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl, walking home fromh school.
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grabbed herer and tried to put her into his car. she screamed and fought and she got away, and so did he. e police are hoping to track him down. we'll keep you posted. >> lynn: other stories that we're following for you. a woman trusteded with getting cadets back on track, accused of abusing her power. details of what the boot catch lead is facing. >> danielle: and residents of a south florida apartment building rocked out of bed. >> lynn: and a teenager stunned by what doctors discovered after a wrestling tournament leaves his fafa looking like this. >> phil: all right, the weekend is here, and what you see tpis afternoon, moments of sunshine and clouds, and that will be the pattern over the next 24-48 hours.
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couple of minutes. >> danielle: and we're following another breaking news story out of miami beach. a western hitter on a watercraft. >> reporter: they were here for an investigation, involving an accident of an adult male on a personal watercraft.
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waterway, and the miami fire and rescueueas able to pick up this injured individual and bring them here, and they were transported by miami-dade fire and rescue. let's look at the video clip that we have, and you'll see a fire and rescue boat there had pulled up about 10 minutes ago, miami beach backed in one of the fire and rescue trucks up to the water and put a gurney out and loaded the person out on the gurney and got them to the fire and rescue truck in a matter of seconds. that has gone already, and it's on the way to jackson memorial hospital. known, the degree of injury, but serious enough that they did go lights and sirens as they left there. let's go back outut to the live picture again, we don't hav the exact location of where this happened on the water, but we're able to get the exact location
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i'm ralph rayburn, reporting >> danielle: a high school wrestler forced out of the sport he because of a devastating diagnoses, and it's tied to competing on the mat. the teenager found lesions on his face after competing. >> turns out that he wrestling. and he's calling on his school leaders to protect other students. >> wrestling is logan's passion, but the high schooler is said that he will likely not set foot on the mat again. his face cost with lesions after contradicting a viral skin infection. >> we're find the outhat it's a prevalent thing in wrestling. >> he came into close contact with five other wrestlers, and five days later, he had itching and a rash.
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lymph nod, it grew to almost my whole face. >> visiting with four doctors, a skin culture was recommended and it was found that he had herpes gladdia tore um, also known as mat herpes. and his parents are angry. >> going from having a phenomenal senior year, the top of your game to having your face look like elephant man is horrific. >> it's sad and it makes me angry that this was preventible. >> before he was is it diagnosed, he excited in another match with at least eight other wrestlers who will be competing at this week's high school championship. >> we have policies in place that wrestlers are not able to participate if they have any skin lesions and that's why the doctors will do the room checks prior to the tournament.
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as planned, and has not heard of any other completes who contracted herpes. blake's family said that the tournament is putting other students at risk. >> the main thing here, i would say trying to put that above everything else. >> while blake's infection can be treated, the v vus will likely stay with him for life. diana diez, 7 news. >> danielle: well, ahead from the news station, a florida student nearly losing his fingers at school,nd now a teacher is on administrative leave. the details on what led to it all. >> lynn: and astronaut scott
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journey. >> phil: all right, so the weekend is here, and what you've seen today, we're going too see for the next couple of days. morning lows, in the upper 60s to low 70s. and highs this afternoon, 82, 85 and fort lauderdale, topping off with 84 .
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low 80s except for key west. reporting a temperature of 77 . the wind, 9-15 miles per hour. and the pressure is steady. the humidity, 61%. stormtracker is showing that we're mostly dry. now, we've seen some dotted showers moving across the area, and that's what we'llll probably see tomorrow. and then again on sunday. ak front moving across the move away. no changes in the temperatures. but look at all of the cloudiness in yucatan. we're going to get moments of clouds and sunshine over the area. temperatures in the u.s., 30s, 40s and 50s up and down the east coast. l.a., a temperature of 75 . here's the front moving in, we could see a sprinkle tonight.
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away, movingnto the western atlantic. the winds will pick up. we could see an isolated see an isolated sprinkle off of that breeee, and it's also going to make for rough boating condition, especially for boaters, the coastal waters will be choppy. and for beaches, the threat of rip currents will be there. of course as we move into next ek, how we're going to remain warm across broward, miami-dade and the keys, at least above averagag threat of rip currents at the beach and broward. no advisories for theh keys, coastal waters, light chop. next high tide, dade and broward, 5:25, and a minute after 6:00 for the lower keys, and the water temperature, 76 . so for tonight, still clouds around, overnight lows in the mid to upper 60s. 70 in key west. for tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. the wind at around 5, 10, 15 miles per hour, coming out of the east. noal winds for you in the
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here's the extendedd outlook. breezy on sunday, high of 81, and we're going to stay in the upper 70s to low 80s all the way through next friday. that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this developing story. the attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl n pompano beach as she was walking home from school. the broward sheriffff office and detectives have released this sketch of the man they say tried to lure the girl into his car. he got out of hisar and tried to pull her into the car. shetarted kicking, screaming and she was able to get away and so was the suspect. so the police have released this sketch in the hopes of tracking him down. if you know who he is, call the police. >> lynn: and another story we're following on miami-dade. a watercraft injury, the person was transported to the hospital.
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on a gurney.
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>> >> danielle: well, that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for wasmg. i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 starts now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: more than 20 years after oj simpson was acquit fd murder, the case aback in the headlines. something reportedly found on his property turned over to police. a new man's stealing spree and police show us the stuff they say he ripped off. gop debate. a man spots danger and speeds into action to save a bus full of people. >> and an astronaut back on earth telling stories of his space odyssey. >> >> lynn: and we've gone got two stories developing here at 5:00. a girl nearly abducted after school. tonight police releasing this
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stash her off the street. also an incident on the water in miami beach sending somebody into the hospital. both of these storiesesoming up. i'm lynn martinez in for belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. the news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> craig: back to that developing story. police say this man tried to to abduct a girl in pompano and right now they trying track him down. hello again and good evening everybody. this wow 13-year-old managed to fight off this would be attacker. >> lynn:nd brandon beyer has more from the scene. >> reporter: and police say this was a smart quick thinking little girl who knew exactly what to do and thut's that is why she made it home safely two days ago. first let's show you the sketch again so you can get a good long look who broward sheriff's office says tried to to snatch
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northeast 4th street as she was walk home from school. she told the sheriff's office that she noticed this marn was following her in a car. asked her if she was walk ago loan. she ignored him. >> right thing to do they say. then he continued to follow her, got out of the car and grabbed her around the waist and tried to to pull her into the car. that's when she was able to getaway and run. tht sheriff's office believes is the car that theuspect was driving. looks to be a silver suv of some sort. but again they say that 13-year-old girl did the exact right thing&in ignoring his question and then running just as fast as she could. we talked first with the concerned parent who obviously takes issue with this sort of thing and then you'll hear from a member of the broward sheriff's oftion. >> it's just scary because i live up the street. have a two year old.
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now so i saw the news and was like ah. you now. >> reporter: okay. so you saw the sketch. yosought suspect's car, the broward sheriff's office believes if you can help catch this guy. if you recognize that sketch as always call broward crime stoppers. no. there on the screen 954-493-tips. actually they are requesting in this spik incident thaw call 911. pick up the phone and call 911 direct light. we're live in pompano beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> lynyn also developing at 5:00, crews wrais together scene after a call came in of an accident in miami beach. let's go to 7's danielle knox live at the news desk. danielle. >> danielle: and that incident involved a personal water craft in miami beach. we don't note details of how this adult male was injured b b if you take a look at the video


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