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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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twice and then over reacting and going off i-95 what could of been is this truck could of land on a bunch of kids down at the park. it's jose marty park. a park that's heavily used. a park with a community center and thank god during this whole ordeal no one lost their lives. kaseem smith was hochtd and he is now out of hospital. >> when he was in the trauma center we spoke to to his family. >> i thought my wroarnlg was gone. like can't nobody survive. that like, he is dead. i honestly thought he was there. i just k kt calling and his fiance called me and told me and said kaseem is still ally. he was breathe still on the ground. >> an ongoing investigation at this time. so much damage caused by this accident. damage to city property of course. a solid waste truck that belonged to the city and on a
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property damage in this accident. >> reporter: okay. let's get right to this. this is a statement from the city of miami. it reads in part quoarkts the video shows mr. smith was not. >> text org using his phone and no other vehicle appears to be involved. we are still reviewing the case with risk management and law dements departmentnt whrargd steps to follow next. end quote. eent city of miami calli this a miracle. let me show yu where we end here night this playground right here at this park is usually packed taz is this evening. that day happened to be a hoday. so there weren't so many people, so many children here down below when that garbage truck came crashing down. we're live in miami night rosh lowe. 7 news. >> belkeys: now at 6:00, a south florida man arrested accused of an alarm ago salt on a little girl. police fear there could b more victims. seven eats nicole linsalata is
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beach with the details. nicole. >> reporter: well, belkeys, all is happening on sunday in the area where we are west sample road just west of i-95. again, detective being very vague about that because they don't want to identify the girl in this case. let's show ut picture of the man they have arrested. his name isamont brandon may weather 29 years old. they say he liv in deerfield beach but was hanging around an apartment complex in pompano beach. but on sunday he sawids playing and talked to the father of one of. they the father then went inside and let's show you the second piece of video. and then a aording to detectives, he approached a 5-year-old girl who was in this group and asked her if she wanted candy and said no but which is course of what she was taught to do by her parts but he was able to lure her into a laundry room at complex. that according to detectives is
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assault her and she told the teenage brother. heheonfronted this man and then he took off. let's see what bso about this. >> she immediately told someone she trust immediately after it happened. we advise kids to stay in groups. place, maybe play close to your home and to parents to keep watch as close liz as you can. but kids fanldly should be comfmftable and being able to play in front of their home in their neighborhood. >> reporter: and that's the sad thing about this pararcular case because this girl was salt sod close to her home in a laundry room even after saying no to this man. she did what she was supposed to do as far as that goes. let's show broward crime stoppers. that number 954-493-tips. because even though this man is arrested and he is charged with a criernlings now detectives are wondering whether or not there maybe more victims out there. he is facing serious sexual salt
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he has an out stwarngd ant for murder during the correction ave fell name. we'll have more onhis. as soon as we have t we'll bring to you. if you know anything about this man, police want theer from you. for now live in pompano beach. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> danielle: all right nicole. a credit criemed crime at a south florida storm. surveillance camera showing a crook using a stolen credit card at a business on 141 avenue and 45th street in southwest miami-dade. police say the car's owner was pick pocketed back in december. if you recognize this man, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. two fishinger man saved at sea. their 37-foot fishing boat singer on the west coast of florida this morning. the duo lighting flares so the coast guard could spot them. they were brought safely back to shore. >> belkeys: also here on 7 tonight. a dangerous and destructive
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a child among those in the path of danger. that strij trowshtd hospital in fort lauderdale. that's where we find 7's brandnd beyer who is live. brandon. >> reporter: and well degrees, that boy just 14 years old walking down the sidewewk with his mother. they were both injured badly. they are both in the hospital tonight. i'm just praying for the two people that were involved, innocent bystanders really. >> reporter: rose hairgton is talk about the two people injured monday morning in this accident in oakland park. when the broward sheriff's office says the driver of this suv slammed into a woman and her 14-year-old son seriously injuring them both. >> rose's car damaged in the process. >> the young man and older lady was walking and down the sidewalk and this guy comes out
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>> reporter: across street rita gate called 911. >> devastating. it could be any one. one co worker came in seconds before that happened and it could be someone's le changed drastically in just a moment. >> reporter: sky force hd flew above the eej seen at northeast 56th and north dixie highway. and later as the driver was rushed to broward health in fort lauderdale way police escort. 507 7 ws there as he was reeled wheeled into the hospital. rose says she is lucky she is only dealing with this and she will continue to pray for these involved. >> i'll just keep praying for them and a can always get another vehicle. you know, cunt replace alive. >> reporter: again, that 14-year-old boy is in the hospital here in fort lauderdale. his mother at broward hedge north in pompano. the man whoo wooz driving t`e car is here as well. tonight we're live in fort lauderdale. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> danielle: residen in broward voicing their choice.
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lauderdale head of florida's march 15th primary. voting began over t t weekend in brord wavmentd and underway through next sunday. >> for early voting locations and hours as well as everything for the white house. down load our free voice your choioe app. it is veilable for all eam and android devices. coming up here from the newsplex. a sports caster suing for millions after video of her nude is posted on line. tonight verdict is in. >> danielle: and the nation mourning former first dadely nancy reagan to. night loved onene get trogd pay theirfy nat nal respect. >> belkeys police say a florida mother abducted her son. new details about the case at 6:30. >> danielle: and a woman grateful for a medical miracle that ah lod her to have children. >> belkeys: and brotherly love prevaivmentd two relatives claiming multi million dollar jackpot but the pay jowts are anything but even.
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>> danielle: a tale of two lottery tickets. both winning a. >> belkeys: guy ant jackpot but far from equal. your mother may have told to you always be nice to your brother. >> belkeys: this story is a good reason y. lynn martinezas it in the newsplex. lynn. >> lynn: yes, be nice to your sibling. two brothers playing power bat. lady luck with one of them and the other not somehow. a pennnylvania family celebrating gt for tiewr tune of two brothers who won a giant lottery jack povment the men each buying a winning ticket but with very different results. one brother holding a check for seven bucks. the other forr much, much more. >> well, $47 million is a work able wage for one day eye did it. james stock las was on a fishing trip in the keys when he and friends stopped at a gas station in marathon last week. we went in and bought a0 found block of ice and lottery tickets
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he didn't think about it again until he was back home having brake fast of the at dine fler. and the head line was one lot require ticket sold in the keys for $291 million. i thought to myself, wait a minute. ways just in the keys. and when he look add at his ticket. every number matched. >> lynn: read them and almost fell off the counter stoovment i screamed with joy and quickly told his two friends who went in on the ticket with. they but he didn't leave before spaingd cash. i. >> leave and bought the whole restaurant breakfast. i wrote nay private jet. his phone was jammed all day long. i didn't realize i have a couple new friends i didn't realize i had. and don't field bad for his brother bob who got three numbers right. he is snright with his friends
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bought the ticket. they each get 47 million and he is sthairg with his family. so the family is now $47,000,007 richer. >> can you believe this? james serves as a district judge. he doesn't plan to bloa quit his job. he is already blowing his money and he says he wants to donate some of the money to charity. >>. s in newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> danielle: all right lyn a south florida college student needs help to make his dreams come friewvment and bar a luna is a finalist for the dark horse challenge imer contest. and the basketball team is one ofo16 dunch dunkerssat entire country for the ward which is now down to the final it two. if i win i go to houston texas and perform on espn and the dunk contest. lynn: been dunking since the 9th grade. i have been blessed with the ability to jump.
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cannot dunk yet but unio is the five leading scorer in the naismghts the conference player of the year and all american as well. we want to let you know that voting last 'til wednesday. head over to our web site and you'll find the link there. >> a wog dog rescued from a south florida canal. witnesses calling ting for help after finding the golden retrieve ver in the water on 157th avenue and southwest 144th street. miami-dade fire rescue finding the dmog distress and exhausted. they pulled her from the w!ter and the dog was taken to miami-dade animal shelter to see if she does indeed have a chip. maybe someone is watching and they are like oh there's the dog. >> lynn: still head here, a south florida diver pulled deeper and deeper into trouble. how one glimmer of hope made all the dierence. >> danielle: and a trust traitd family trying to save their pet on thin ice. they didn't have long to make the right call. >> phil: all right so. high pressure will be bailgd
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will get windy croots area. and that's bad news for boaters and beachgoers alike. the entire out look in a few minutes. >> reporter: all right phil. i'm ste. i have sports. the dolphins maid make a trade and it looks like one of the@ fins pro bowl players is on his way out. and peyton manning is gone from football. an emotional retire meant speech today well. havet for you. stick around.
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scuba diver finding himself in deep trouble attorney water near a power plan. that man getting sucked in. >> danielle: and he thought he wouldn't blake iout alive. robbin simmons has his escape. >> basically my whole life fishing and scuba diving. >> reporter: chris la coon has always lovedhe fish wand ah we are too. they thought. on july 12th they were boating near port st. lucie when they came across a yellow buoy. underneath theheeark was a sil silhouette ave massive structe. chris put on his scuba gear and dove into the water for a closer look. i swawm to the structure and it looks like building. all of a send and it got quick and i thought this ain't right. he got sucked in like aet needle. chris unknowingly got sucked into a pipe from a nuclear power plant. felt like i got sucked oveve a water fall and instantly
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getting tumbled around and trying hold on to my mask and relg lay tore. as far as you can see it was black the quarter mile pipe is used to suck water to cool the plants nuclear reactors. a four and half to five minute ride. you get to do a lot of thinking. i knew something wasas drawing water and ail could think about was the horror movies. i thought of a turbine and thought it would chop me up. do i pull the regular you la tore out of my mouth and die. up above the water his wife was fearing worts. i got to get a a hold the of the power plant and then the turbines came to my mind and a lost too. meanwhile chris found a way out. all of a send it looked like a match out in the distance. liltest bit of light you've ever seefnlt all of a send daylight. fish everyere. chris crystal clearwater and the sun was shining.
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he pulled himself out of reas vor and used a phone of an employee to call his wife. she said hello and i said i'm ally. i couldn't believe. it wow. chris has filed a lawsuit against florida power and light. he says that pipe was not bhairkd marn warning sierchlt a spokesperson for the company says the buy has always red stay back 100 feet. live at the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. not a bad looking day here across south florida. we've had some low level clouds moving in. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon hiez mid upper 350e6789s right now 72 degrees in miami. same in fort lauderdale. basically 72 degrees every where expect in miccosukee. pressure is falling. the wind out of east between 16 and 18 miles per hour. the humidity 57 %. it has been a dry day and it
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now, the only fly in the oint oint meant are will be that the winds pick up today and throughout the day tomorrow. and any time it gets windy that breeze could push in moisture and we can see isolated showers along the coast. something else that we're monitoring here's the dome of high pressure that are dominate our weather. pushing hot and moist air across the nation's mid sefntle running into cold air. that could be the recipe that clashed for some severe weather. also going to dumb a lot of rainy where from texas in through oklahoma. over the next couple of@ days we expect a lot of rainfall here. 20612 inches of rain pe six to 12 inches. as far north as month more. that could leading to flooding fears for them. here's the threat of rip currents. small craft advisory. bits biscayne bay choppy. 25 knot winds.
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seven to 11 feet. coastal waters rough. next high tide miami. 726h-27:00.. 7:22 for new fort lauderdale. key lar got next high tide 7:50 and an hour later in key west. for tonight clouds continue to move n. possible shower. ovor night lows to the mid to upper 60 wheassments is average is 64. by tomorrow partly cloudy. winds start to ping. highs in the upper 70s with the wind out of east 15 to 20 miles per hour. once again once they get that strong may see an isolated shower along the coast heempletz your extended outlook. dnesday windy. we continue to warm up through saturday. sunday a reminder to it is time to set our clocks head one thowmplet is the start of daylight saving. bets thing to do is set the clocks head grow to bed saturday night that's your 7 on 7 forecast. 7 news will be right back.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> reporter: the dolphins are finalize age trade with the eagles and it will likely mean one of the few pro bowl playe is on his way out. the dolphins will get philadelphia quarter back byron maxwell and linebacker key could alonzo for maxwell craft pick. maxwell played with the eagles
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that and only two last year. two years and 11 andalf million dollars left on his contract this. likely means brent grimes and his wife were gone. grimes was asked to restiewk structure his four year deevmentd deal. he declined. the dolphins will reportedly cut them now. grimes wife arrested at a game for disorder lay conduct and caused tension in the rocker room when she ripped tannehill on twitter. looks like grimes and knee mee could are out. and a hollywood send off for peyton manning. announces his retire meant for football and invitation for espn. and mang holds most of the records. touch down yards and wins. five time league mvp. two time super bowl cham. like his jersey no. 18. manning says goodbye after 18 years in the nfl. >> i revere football. i love the game.
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i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely. i l. it was just the right time. maybe i don't throw as good a or rubs good assized to. but i've always had good timing. thats a true case in this sense. good time to go out on top. >> pan thoars night back home against the boston ens. the cats one head of bostoto for second place. they played boston twice this year. thty lost both games bit same score three to 1. they lost fowsh out of five in the recent road trip. three out of a possible ten points. pant thers had a ten-point lead in the division when they 125r9d. now they trail tampa by two points. >>his year we're in a good spot right now but hey, we got to play wel and play better than we did the last three games. [n we have to play well. we play our game and are a good hockey team and you'll lose most nights. high hockey highlights at ten clot.
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started against washington. a good owght. tched two in tionz. fernandez did not give up a him. he struck out one but marlins lost a game to the nationals seven to four. >> just excited man. can't tell how good it feels to be out on the mound pitching. it's unreal. >> marlins pitcher wed win jackson gave up five riewfnltz tennis star maria shar a po sta va tested positive for peda.'s. punishment is coosmght i'm steve. back to belkeys and danielle. >> danielle: >> danielle: evidence thanks steve. >> belkeys: and that's 7 news at 6:00. i'm belkeys nerey. >> danielle: and i'm danielle.e. 7 news at 6:30 just seconds away.
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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> danielle: and off the top
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safe and sound far from his south florida foser home. the mother arrested after the abduction. >> good evenin everybody and that's not the a a only alarming arrest in this point. >> lynn: a court pientd care take also in big trouble. jeff lennox reports. >> reporter: logan hernandez 1-year-old found safe over the weekend 13 miles from the mexican bort bord ner texas. his momoer mer nan dez charged with the abduction. >> my understanding is that the mother was arrested in texas. correct. >ernandez was taken into custody and released by texas police over the weekend. she is still miss. in miami-dade children's court on monday the family announced a representative has headed to texas to pick up the boy and bring him back to soovment here in south florida miami police arrested rebecca rodriguez. the boy's court appointed guardian. her son juan pablo junior and a third woman ortiz also cuffed in connection to the case.
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e spoke to 7 news before her arrest on sunday. and here's video of rodriguez as police closed in. rodriguez claims she place aid call to her son in the middle of the night over the weekend tell himg the 1-year-old had been taken by his mom. >> but police say rodriguez made up the story. she and her son juan pablo mesa junior according to properties reports told police the boy's mother came in the mid nieflt and took her son from his crib. at rest report says during the investigation it was revealed the co defendant's the boy's mother boarded a bus. and he she said she was totally aware but did not tell the story. my nephew said she told took him and a said that can't be true. and she was the foster mom back in apr of last year. as the amber later went out on billboards across the state. she said she never thought anything like this would happen. i was so nierp him. he was so cute.


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