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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. young girl barely got away when man tryed too lure her into his car.
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>> tonight the crash as it happened in south florida park. the video first on 7. tonight a family says their dog is dead after they say miami-dade police shot and killed it in front of their children. popular former mayor announceannouncing he won't run for the white house. but he has some choice words about two of the candidates. and sportscaster erin andrews looking at massive pay out tonight after nude video of her went viral. hello welcome everybody. >> the news at 10:00 starts now>> the news at 10:00 starts > south florida girl opening up about a scare after school. straraer trying to lure her into his suv ap she was walking home. that man grabbed her but she managed to fight back and break free.
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escape and nicole is live where it happened in pompano beach. nicole. >>reporter: well, as you remember this happened last week wednesday in the middle of the afternoon out here on northeast fourth street in pompano beach. other people walking. cars out here on the street as well. but now police say the only reason this girl is able to tell us her story is because she did all the right things. >> i was scared. i started running. >>reporter: the 13-year-old girl whose family asked she not be identified ran for her life. the moments captured by a surveillance camera as she sometimes frantically looked behind her. man following her in his suv what was going through your mind. >> just to get away. >>reporter: deputy say the the girl was walking along northeast fourth street and 14th avenue wednesday afternoon around 4:30 when man who looks like this pulled up alongside her in his car.
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stop the car and actually stopped my way home. when i didn't say nothing he got out of the car. he grabbed me and tried to put me in his car and i like pulled away from him and started like fighting like to just get away. >>reporter: he may have been unable to get a good grip because of her large backpack. still she screamed and took off running. e man continuing to follow her. she was able to safely get to a relative's home. >> she did everything right. she did exactly what we all tell her to do and tling all the kids to do. >>reporter: the joyed so difficult for her aunt to watch. >> what is it like for to you see that. >> hrible. she did a good job. >>reporter: she definitely did a good job. here's another look though at the sketch of that man and deputy say he had red brown hair he was in an suv they think most likely tan in color. if you think you know anything about him or if you may have seen anything out he the
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crime stoppers is here on the screen. and her family as well as detectives agree there is a lesson in this for other kids as well to first of all walk with some one else if you can but if not, if any one approaches you screaea, yell, make a lot of noise and do anything you can to break free. reporting live in pompano beach tonight, nicole, 7 news night team. now at 10:00. smashing into a barrier. and hurdleand hurdling more than 100 feet to the ground below. >> it't'a miracle that he survived. >>reporter: night team with a front row seat of this dangerous droo drop. >> we brought you the video first on 7. nighteam alex is live at jose martin park in miami where the truck crashed. alex? >>reporter: the truck made a 100 foot fall on president's day as you can see up here the barrier on i-95 has been
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what the driver saw in those heart stopping moments. video is in incredible. miami garbage truck smash through the concrete barrier on i-95 and pnge 100 feet into a again. driver hits the left barrier on theouth west 7th street exit twice over corrects and then makes the jaw dropping fall. >> it's a miracle that he survived. >>reportrt: a miracle he wasn't wearing a seat melt and ejected survive and miracle no children were injured as chunks of concrete rain down and the truck slammed into the parking lot of jose martin park. >> what could have been is that this truck could have landed on a bunch of kids down at the park. it's a park that is heavily used. there is a pool. community center. and thank god through the whole entire ordeal nobody lost their lives. >>reporter: video shows smith wasn't texting and driving prior to the crash.
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he spent two weeks in the hospital. >> i thought m m brother was gone. i was like he's dead. like can't nobody survive that. like he's dead. i honestly thought he wawadead. i just kept calling and his fiance called mand told me and said he's still alive. he was literallyreathing still on the ground. >>reporter: for the crash smith received two tickets. one for careless driving. the other for not wearing a seat belt. tonight the city of miami says it is still reviewing this crash and records show that mr. smith has a satisfactory driving record while driving for the city. we are live in miami tonight, 7 news night team. mother relessed after allegedly abducting her young son from south florida foster homeme. 20 month old -- 21 month old logan hernandez found safe in
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his mother questioned and released by officials in laredo. miami police issued arrest warrant for her. three other people including the boy's legal guardian an arrested in connection to the child's disappearance. mom and baby last seen at the miami home along 26 street and south west 34th court on saturday. police say the child's caretaker knew his mom had borrowedhad borroweded a bus to texas but gave police a fake story. >> two fishermen saved at sea. radio for help and fired off a flare when the 27 foot boat started sinking off fort myers. the duo jumped in a raft and and waited for coast guard crew to arrive. both men safely brought back to shore. high profile former mayor making major announcement running for the presidency and bashing two candidates in the process. >> robin is live in the plex
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>>reporter: michael bloomberg opt out of the presidential race and one candidate insist he's still tonight and vowing to win the fight for florida. >> it always comeses down to florida. come down to florida or the 15th. and it will c/me down to florida in november because in november of this year as ourur nominee i will defeat hillary clinton in florida and i wl be elected president of the united states. >>reporter: hawb yo fushing forward despite what they say to cnn. advisors want to him to get out of the race before florida primary to avoid a loss to trump. latest poll have trump in the lead. >> i always used to tell politicians present tend you are going to lose because you will fight harder everyone if they had a big lead but in mississippi we have had some amazing poll and way up. >>reporter: this weekend ted cruz opened 10 campaign office in florida ahead of the primaryin floloda ahead of the primary. he's coming off a big weekend closing in on trump's tell gather count.
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there's a spirit of awakening. in this country. >> amen. >>reporter: both republican front runners called out by former new york city mayor bloomberg declining to run as third party candidate writing that as the race stands now th republicans in charge of both houses there is a good chance my candidacy to lead to the election of trump or senator cruz. that is not a risk i can take in good conscious. he says extreme rhetoric coming from both campaign is destructive. ohio governor kasich campaigning next door in michigan before the primary tuesday. he's polling well there and he says he will win his home state, says he will win his home state, time. you washington tonight win a voter that likes trump you give them an answer that is real. because they want to know how the wages are going to go up. want to know hohothe job is going to be secured. >>reporter: democrat in the wolverines state dueling for votes. senator sanders won three contest over the weekend but former secretary of state hillary clinton continu her domination among minority voters. >> we are going to help small
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of the jobs in ameca t.the fastest growing segment of small business are minority owned and women owned small businesses. >> fight no. 1 is very fundamental fight. does this country belong to all of us or does it belong to a handful of billionaires. >>reporter: and back to the republicans this weekend. we started seeing the florida focus attack ads political action committee attacking donald trump and trump firing back at marco rubio and donald trump back in florida tomorrow night likely hoping for another news conrence slash rally celebrating some primary wins. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. and robin some residents in south florida already voicing their choice. early voting for the presidential primary began in broward over the weekend. it started in miami-dade last week. early voting does end this coming sunday and we do have a
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times on our web site da!da da the nation pausing to remember first lady nancy reagan. she passed away from hehet failure on sunday at her home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. governor scott ordered all flaggovernor scott ordered all flags at state buildings to be lowered to half staff president obama spoke about memeing her. >> i had the opportunity to meet mrs. reagan once. obviously she was already advanced in age but could not have been more gracious and more charming to myself and michelle when we first came into office. >>reporter: mourners paying respect outside the ronald rig an presidential libibry in california. where her private funeral will be held on friday. she will lie in repose for a public visitation on wednesday and thursday. also on 7:00.
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for erin andrews after nude video surfaced of her on line years ago. a jury awarding her 55 million dollars in damages. >> we are in the satellite center with details. >>reporter: tv host erin andrews getting big buck in the lawsuit against two hotel companies and a stalker who took nude video of her and posted it oline. >> what amount of damages if any do you award the plaintiff erin andrews. 55 million; correct? >>reporter: 55 million dollars t.that's how much fox sports reporter andrews was awarded in court on monday. i was so angry. this could have been stopped. >>reporter: andrews who i i suing for 75 million dollars says her life was ruined after her stalk ter michael barrett videotaped her naked through a peephole. the defense reacting to the verdict. >> we'd like to say that we are
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>> the national could have called me and said we are putting this man that requested to be next to you is this okay and i would have called the cops. >>rerter: the jury side with erin who during the trial confided because of the video which has been viewed by millions, she now sufrs from extreme anxiety and depression.erin tweeting after the verdict the supportive received from thpeople of nashville is overwhelming. i would also lucky to thank myfamily, friends and legal team. i have been honored by a a the support from victims around the world. the jury split the blame and the damages. barrett has to pay about 28 million and the two hotel companie about 26 million. live in the satellite center, 7 news night team. and nfl legend making it official he is calling it quits. >> life is not slinking for me it's morphing into a whole new world of possibilities. i look back on my nfl careerr
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gave everything i had to help my team walk away with a win. there we other players more talented but there was no one who could out prepare me. and because of that i have no rereets. >>reporter: peyton manning he a little emotional there 18 years, two superbowl rings and plenty o ostatistical records later, peyton manning walking away from the game and going out on top. he just led t t broncos as you know to super bowl. it was a superbowl victory 4 weeks ago. problem for tennistar marie a.the champion failing a drug test during this year's australia open. 28-year-old says she tested positive for a drug used wildly in russia but not approved by the fda. it was banned this year when officials determined there was evidence it was beg used to enhance performance. the international tennis federation says she will be suspended but has not said for how long. still ahead from the night
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south in family says police came on their property then crossed the line. >> the night team liz is working the story. >> danielle, family inside this north west miami-dade home sayay tonight their dog is dead. they are blaming police. coming up we tell you what happened before that gun was fired. police say crook tried to sneak into a home but just couldn't make it. some one watching the whole thing. he bought this but keeps breaking down. he has the warranty but what does it coverwarranty but what does it cover? item help me howard with patrick frazier. yoare watching south
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south florida family is furious. they say police officers shot and killed their dog after walking on to their property. they claim the officer came unannounced and opened fire. >> liz is live in north west miami-dade with this story for us. liz? they say the bull dog should be out in the front yard running around and barking as he would normally be doing. tonight instead the family says the bull dog is dead because miami-dade police officer shot and killed it this morning right in front of the family's young children she cailingted her dying dog as he lay bleeding all over her porch and arms monday morning.
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so i came out. my kids are outside. she's outside. i see my porch it's a little washed off full of blood and cops 0outside. >>reporter: miami-dade detective she said were there ooking for a man the villa family says they don't notch my mother-in-law they showed her a picture of a colored male that apparently was tracked down to this address. they didn't even have a warrantthey didn't even have a warrant. >>reporter: as children played in the front yard of the norwh west miami-dade home their grandmother she said tried to warn police. >> she told them there's a dog inside so icap lock him up they just proceeded in. that's when the dog came in around this way and growled at the cops and they decided to pull their gun out and shoot them. >>reporter: that's when she saw charlie her 2-year-old adopted american bull dog shot in the neck. >> i talked to the cops i'm like you shot my dog he's likeke no we are trying to scare him there' blood all over my porchthere's blood all over my porch. i must have hit him.
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the veto try to save him as she says her husband shot cell phone video of different miami-dade officers searching their yard for bullets. >> i guess the person they were looking for was irrelevant because they left. they called other cops that came in to do investigation. >>reporter: charlie didn't survive the gunshot. and his owners say they have no answers from police on who they were looking for and why. mroovrls will only tell us they investigation here on the property but they won't be specific about what that was and they say something occurred to cause the officer to fire his weapon. now they say that investigation is being handled by their professional compliance department. we are live in north west miami-dade tonight, 7 news night team. would be crook caught on camera trying to break into a south florida home. police say this man attempted to gain entry into a west miami dade residence last wednesday.
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allegedly tried jumping over fence then tried unlocking it t was frightened away when the homeowner came outside. >> i was watching tv. i saw him he was in the neighborhood. i saw him he was trying to open the door. so i think he saw me through the little gap right there so he ran away. >>reporter: this happened near avenue. the suspect is wanted for attempted burglary. let's go ahead and take another look at him if you do recognize him call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. video capturing the crook using stolen credit card at business in south west miami-dade. police say he stole the card from a woman's purse back in december. if you do recognize this man or the two women he was with call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. he was excited when he
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the line electrical bicycle but it kept breaking down. if you buy a product that has a warranty and it breaks down, what does the manufacturer have to do if anything? it's tonight's edition of help me howard with patrick frazier. >> give jeffrey credit. he's gotten his life in order. >> i am a graduate of drug and alcohol regeneration program. >>reporter: now a full time student and also works in telemarketing selling vacationstelemarketing lling vacations. >> i call people up that have had bad experiences in the past and try to offer them a good experience. >>reporter: between work and school and home jeffrey needed an easy way to get around. >> i came up with a solution of getting an electric bicycle. >>reporter: the top of the line electric bike made in fort lauderdale. >> they used superior components none of the components are cheap. over seas. >>reporter: jeffrey paid 1500 dollars forth bike since he's on help me howard you know where this is going.
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home from buying it the electrical system just cut out. so i mean it just basically went dead. >>reporter: jeffrey got it running again and it stopped. again. and again. >> it kept happening. happened three or four more times that week. >>reporter: he took it back to the bike shop. they tried to fix it. >> i went and picked it up. literall got less than 50 yards down the street and it had done the same thing. >>reporter: the bike shop couldn't fix the problem sent it back to the manufacturer to get repaired but jeffrey had given up. >> i don't want i'm not really comfortable riding it any more. >>repopoer: manufacturer said they would fix the bike and throw in a 300 dollar upgrade instead jeffrey told the company just give me a diffffent model of the bike even though it would cost 500 dollars more. >> anything having to do with that you have to speak to the bike shop about that. this is not the the bike shop problem. >>reporter: that's when he called us to find his legal rooition rights. >> the law is on jeffrey's
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if there is a mainly defect in the first 30 days and the seller c c't repair it they must give him a new bike of the same model or a full refun. but legally they don't have to give him the bike that cost 500 doars more. >>reporter: jeffrey told us he bought this electric bike because his research showed it was top of the line. now he cann add made by quality company to the listment we talkedo pro deco tech. they told us once they got the bike from the shop they were able to fix it within 24 hours. but to make jeffrey happy they gave him the more expensive model of the electric bike that cost an extra 500 dollars. >> legally they didn'tave to give jeffrey the more expensive version but that's theheign of a good business. kind you want to deal with. >> i'm'm definitely happy that i called help me howard. this has beenb great experience. >>reporter: jeffrey was happy with us. and the electric bike company. >> i'm definitely happy with the new bike that they have provided me. it's a better bike. nicer bike. >>reporter: now if you buy
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under warranty whether a refrigerator or stove and electric bicycle if the shop that sold it can't fix it contact the company that made it. it's that simple. was in this case. taken for a ride that left you broken down? need a jolt to get things goingneed a jolt to get things going? contact us may not say electric but we are charged up to help u so we have that going for us. for this help me howard, 7 newsfor this help me howard, 7 news. golden reretriever retrieved from the south florida canal. witness cald in for help after seeing the dog struggling in the water. rescuers arrive finding the dog in distress and completely exhausted. they jumped in and safely pulled her out. it happened on 157 avenue in south west 144th street in south west miami-dade. now the dog does not have a micro chip but she was taken to miami-dade animal services. >> hoping by now she would be home. >> find her i know.
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>> up next on south florida's night team. could a loop hoho be putting homeschool children in danger. 's a special assignment report hidden at home. >> and she adoptededhree children but now she has the opportunity to do something she never thought possible thanks to ground breaking procedure. >> hi everybody. i'm steve coming up in sports. the second place panthers try to stop their free fall. at home tonight against third place boston. great game and it could be adios to the dolphins pro bowler. 7 sports with details.
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jeansjeans stjeans st. the number of parents choosing to teach their kids at home has almost doubled in just the last decade. >> but children's advocate say a loop hole in a florida law is putting children in danger.
10:29 pm
report hidden at home. for most children the school dayaytarts with ride on the bus for others the living room is the class right. i had a really good homeschool experience. my parents were making sure that we were meeting all the educational requirements. >>reporter: but not all homeschool children get lessonsin reading and maichlt math. >> you need to be spanked until your spirit is broken. >>reporter: some learn about abuse. >> i would be punished for missing a fork in the dinner washer. >>reporter: she hid her identity because her younger sibling still live with her parents. >> i worry about my sing links every day. >>reporter: advocate say the is reason to worry about abuse in home schools. >> children get forgeten because of theheoop hole in the law. >>reporter: studies show death from child abuse are higher for kids taught at home. >> abuse can often become more
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able to enter view serene in cases. >>reporter: 111 homeschooled children have died from abuse since 2000. >>reporter: h1n1. >> these kids have no outside influence. no teachers. they don't have friends. >porter: even parents known to abuse their children can educate them at home. 10-year-old twins here were pulled out of public school and then homeschooled after teachers reported abuse. one was found pwlunl on to death, victor barely survived being doused with chemicals by their adopted father. this body was found hiddenn a freezer. her mother is facing murder charges. she had been accused of child abuse 11 times yet she was still able to homeschool her daughter. advocate say it's time for tougher approval process. including background checks. >> convicted child abuse would
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>>reporter: and regular monitoring of the kid. >> having people outside the family really provide degree of pro fix!nextpro fix a t of children don't have. >>reporter: laura says oversight could have saved these children. >> not home schooling fault that abusive parents use home schooling to hide the abuse. however we need to catch the kids that are falling through the crack. >>reporter: drafted legislation has been created but the group is still wait to go get a lawmaker to sponsor some changes. we have proposed changes on our web site. coming up on 7 news at 10:00. it's a life changer. woman never able to have children of her own now has the chance to become pregnantnt and she is talking about this ground breaking procedure. high pressure dominating our weather. it's going to mak for windy conditions over the next few days which in turn will bring ong the threat of rip current at the beach and choppy seas for you voters.
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out of the castle into the ice. princessssaking their first trip to the snow. oh,oh. could they be any cuter? come on >> he was a young man with a bright future until mold made him so sick he hook his own life. and left his mother to wonder why she could get no help when the apartment becaae infeingtd. >> there really is nobody here to protect us. absolutely not one person at
10:33 pm
there's no laws to protect us. i believe that's the biggest problem. >>reporter: we show use renter can be vicms if listened lord will not or can not clean up mold problems. it's the next carmel on the case tomorrow only y 7 news
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0she says new beginning for her family. chance to give birth to a childchance to give birth to a child. mother of three adopted children receiving a new womb in a ground breaking surgery. it is a first of its kind experimental surgery in the united states. a uterus transplant. >> absolutely incredible.
10:36 pm
women unable to bear children could soon have the chance to become pregnant. her name is lisay and she is 26 years old. she was born without a uterus and wants to have a baby some day. >> when i'm 16 and was told would i never have children and from that moment on i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today the beginning of that journey. >>reporter: last month doctors in cleveland ohio performed a rare type of surgery that may make her dreams come true. >> we are pleased to announce that we have trans planted the first patient and she's recovering well. and she's looking forward to moving on to the next phase of this study. >>reporter: team of transplant susueon transplanted uterus harvested froa dead woman into lindsay who has 2 functioninin lindsay who has 2 functioning ovary. >> i feel fortunate. they have provided me with a
10:37 pm
to repay and i am beyond drateful to them. >>reporter: year from now if all goes well in her recovery they will attempt invitro fertilization to see if she can carry a baby to term. >> she'll recover and prowess to general. that will stimulate the uterus to produce the lining of the uterus and then she will have a period. uterus is the an amazing organ. >>reporter: unlike other organs this france plant is designed to be temporary after one or two babies the organ will be removed or simply rejected by the body. >> this has been a research project that brings hope for women and families who wish to experience pregnancy and bear children. i'm extremely proud of this organization and this team t`at has come together with this amazing accomplishment. >>reporter: and we should adhere the procedure is successful in sweden.
10:38 pm
been born to mothers who have add uterus transplants >> quiet night in store here across south florida. not a bad looking day today morning low in the 60's. afternoon high in the mid to upper 70's. and no rain in the rain gauge. right now everyone is in the 70's except for miccosuke, 69 degrees tutubilityd partly cloudy skies the wind out of the east northeast and it's getting a little stronger 10 to 19 miles per hour at the coast and by tomorrow it should be covering right a aund 20 miles per hour stronger at the beach. humidity 49 percent. here's the stormtracker. everything is dry and it should remain dry. very l ltle moisture in the atmosphere to work w.however during the day tomorrow as it will get breezy especially at the coast from time to time the wind could push in a little moisture and we could see an isolated showerwe could see an isolated shower.
10:39 pm
of high pressure right here dominating our weather. that is pushing in some warm moist air right across the tion's mid section clashing with some cold air come out of the arctic and in turn that clash helping to cause a lot of rain. they could be in for some serious flooding anywhere from texas through missouri over the next 24 to 48 hours. for us that dome of high pressure will bring us some passing clouds. breezy to windy tomorrow at the beach. should be in the sunny side but once again that wind could push in some low level cloud especially along the coast. meanwhile by the middle of the work week really nothing changes. the high pressure still around and it will remain windy marine forecast for tomorrow. not a good day for the beach. threat of rip current small craft advisory. 20 knot wind. biscayne bay will be choppy. for you throughout flat ys
10:40 pm
wind building up to 25 knot. sea beyond the reef up to 8 to 12 feet. coastal waters very rough next high tide 8:42. 8:37 fort lauderdale. upper keys 9:05. 1 hour later for key west. clouds around tonight looking dry overnight low in the mid to upper 60's. now by tomorrow partly cloudy. wind continue to pick up. up to 20 miles per hour. high in the upper 70's. here's your extended outlook. still windy on wednesday we warm-up through saturday. by the way sunday that's the start of daylilit savings need to set the clock ahead one hour which means we lose an hour of sleep. thatat the 7 on 7 forecast. you want to see this phil. they are royally cold and according to the internet royalaccording to the internet royally adorable. prince george and princess charlotte stepping into the snow for the very first time. we are in the social media
10:41 pm
cute nechltz royal cute needs. >> so the story has major cuteness overload. the royal family sharing their vacation by social media kensington palace tweeting out the duke and duchess hope people enjoy these photos and here they are. prince william and princess kate along with the l ltle royals george who is now two and charlotte who is 10onths and doing so for the very first time in the french alps it's the first time also the entire family has been on vacation togethervacation together abroad. everyone william and kate enenying the fresh powder with playful snow ball fight i wonder who won. the couple both afternoon id scarce with long weekend to introduce their kids to the sport they b bh love. in fact, some of the first pictures ever taken of the couple were when they started dating and they were actually in the frereh alps. now it's a family affair. live in the social media centerlive in the social media
10:42 pm
common full circle thank you. >> show stopper for popular rock band. acdc cancelling the remaining dates of their u.s. tour because of lead singer brian johnson possible hearing loss. doctors advising him to stop touring or risk suffering permanent hearing damage. band was set to perform in south floridat the center friday the dates will be rescheduled still ahead on the night team. give this guy the dad of the year award. >> incredible has the internet
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10:44 pm
it was a close call to say the least. take a look at that. bat flying into the stands just inches from a boyy's face. >> his father lightning reection saved the day. >> wow! dad looks like batman. steve is in the plex with more. you would have done the same
10:45 pm
>>reporter: what are dads for? absolutely. almost a very serious accident during one of our great american past titis. look at this. pittsburgh tribune review photographer christopher horner captured exact moments merion county firefighters shawn cunningham stopped a flying baseball bat from hitting his 8-year-old son in the face this weekend. >> this is baseball bat that hit me righthtere. this thing was like flying. it went crossing lucky that. i think when it was to go that it my dad blocked it like that but then flipped around and hit me righthhere. >>reporter: at spring training game between the atlantataraves and pittsburgh pirates at disn wild word of sports for his birthday. landon had just borrowed his dad's phone to take pictures and heooked down for a second. the bat slipped out of the hitter hand.
10:46 pm
them and threw my arm out therethem and threw my ararout there. >> stopping the bat in the track. >> i definitely think he had the hand of god guard an angel watching over him that day slishltion you can see the terrified look on people faces. bat hit shawn right there in the wrist. >> went into dad mode and started looking him over and making sure he wa okay and. >> i think i would have died or went to the hospital. >> these photo have gone viral. >> when i officially saw the picture as mother i wanted to throw up in my mouth. it was very scary picture seeing it caught in tion. >>reporter: mom ashley says it was a mirirle. >> he was definitely the epitome of hero to my soand daughter. >>reporter: the weekend this father saved his son. >> i think he's amazing. >> my job is to protect my kids>> my job is to protect my kids. >> let's hear it for all the dads.
10:47 pm
>>reporter: cunningham say they will go back to another baseball game soon. i'll be back soon with sports. in fact coming up next on the big show. we tell what you we have. another milestone for the pantrs great yager wild game against the bruins plus far then did he say make the spring debut. i show you the results. good job dad.
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this was a grinder second place panthers trying to hold off third place boston panthers in red down 2 nothing in the first. turns it over. bruins conley pulls the triggerbruins conley pulls the trigger. now it's three nothing boston. panthers one back at the other end. yager i misses the front back and he passes. all time scoring is 3-1. browns back 2 on 1. the bergeron. second for bergeron. panthers trail 4-1. cats come back down 4-2. power plala riley smith. panthers cut it. less than 5 minutes down. rebound.
10:51 pm
can't finish 3 on 3 over. top shelf glove. glove side on montoya. the panthers lose 5-4 in overtime t t teams are tied for second place. >> on wednesday the dolphins are expected t/ announce a trade with the eagles and it will likely mean one of the few pro bowl players is on his way out. the dolphins will get philadelphia maxwell and linebacker alonzo for draft pick. maxwell played last year with the eagle. 4 years in seattle before that. only 8 interception in 5 seasons. alonzo three years in the league. played 11 games last season. had a career low 43 tackles. this likely means brent grimes and his wife are gone. grimes was asked to restructure the 4 year 32 million dollar deal he decli. dolphins reportedly cut him. grimes wife has been a giant distraction. she was arrested at dolphins game for disorderly conduct.
10:52 pm
locker room when she ripped dolphins quarterback tannehill on twitter. look like the grimes are gochbility won the superbowl last movement today to no surprise manning announced he's retired from football. made the announcement this afternoon at the denver broncos headquarters. lucky his jerseyy no. 18 manning played 18 careers in the nfl. hold the record for win, touch down and yard. 5 team league mvp and two time superbowl champion. manning turns 40 in two weeks. >> there is a vip tour reading i have fought the good fight and finish the race i have kept the faith. well i fought a good fight. i finished my football race. and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you. god bless football. >> gave a great s sech i watched the whole thing. spring debut today for marli ace fernandez. started against washington had
10:53 pm
only pitch two innings. he didn't give u u the hit or run. he struck out one but the marlins lost to the national today 7-4. >> there's way too many things we still have to work on. a lot of things for the team and a lot of personal stuff but that's got to feel great. i feel ready to go. >> that's good to hear. >> after competing at durral over the weekend many of the golfers moving up to the golfers move up to tampa for the val spar championship. fowler played in ernie els charity event. he borrowed a club and hole one. fowler hole in one was worth 1 million dollars for the charity. tennis star maria suspended for testing positive for testing positi for performance enhancing drugs. heat play in milwaukee wed.
10:55 pm
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at 10:00. ciao ciao.
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teenager nearly snatched off the street as she's walking from school. tonight she's talking about her frightening ordeal. >> new view showing a garbage truck flying off i-95 and into a south florida park. >> dangerous drive. mother and 14-year-old son caught in the path of danger. >> presidential candidate stumpping for support as next round of states are just a day away and candidate clor to settg their sight on floridasetting their sight on florida's primary.
11:00 pm
>> i'm i ifor craig. >> 7 news continues now at 11>> 7 news continues now at 11:00. >> camera rolling as teenager becomes the victim of scare after school. man driving alongside her suv. deputy s s he even chased her but she managed to get away. >> tonight she's talking about the lucky escape. nicole has it. >> well this happened last wednesday in the middle of th afternoon out here on northeast fourth street in pampano beach. there were other cars out here. other people but still this girl is only now able to tell us her s4ory because at the time she did all the right things. >> i was scared. i started running. >>reporter: and 13-year-old girl whose family asked she not be identified ran for herife. the moments captured by a surveillance camera as she sometimes frantically looked behind her.


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