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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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7 news. >> now at 6:00, four states up for grabs tonight in the race for the white house but mo must focus is lrt beat for the sunshine state. >> next week this contest goes into the winner take all phase meaning whom ever wins a given state gets all of the delegates and florida is coming on line. >> republicans and democrats nay fightt for florida. >> belkeys: live pictures now from downtowmiami. one presidential candidate stumming for support in our backyard tonight. our primary isn't 'til next week but that's not stopping some candidates from tryingg win your vote right now. >> craig: to the candidates whoo aren't here nht, they will be here soon enough. live coverage from rob binl bin simmons including an interview but we want to begin with nicole linsalata d the democrat valley we told but in downtownn miami. nicole. >> reporter: well, craig i'm
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stheek loud and passionate and eagerr crowd her waiting for bernie sders. in fact we covered so many of these in the last several months now and this is really a very energized crowd as ygu can tell. what the poll numbers don't bear that out. it looks like senator sanders will have an up hill bat knelt state of florida. we believe ultimately that when millions of people come together and get involved in t political process, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. that is essentially. >> reporter: but what maybe difficult if not impossible for bernie sanders to accomplish is overtaking hillary clinton in the delegate count. more dell baits lead to the democratic n nination. and despite some wirntionz the senator from veer mont is falling short. despite linking clinton did to big wall street donors.
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of occasions have given speeches to financial institutions like goldman sax behind clod doorsrs and got paid $225,000 per speech. >> reporter: right now hillary clinton can count 1134 delegates. sanders 439. 2383 are needed to nominate. and today democrats areacing off in michigan and mississippi. but battle forefive other states including florida happens next week. hillary kris cror crossing michigan on monday. eye ni one running for president owes it to you to come up with real ideas. >> reporter: c cnton get hieg profile local support from former miami mayor manny diaz. >> it's a track record of helping cities and hoping main >> >> reporter: but they believe the message hasn't gotten through voat to voters yet. >> and ass people rern about him
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loud and clear for all people. >> just curious to hear what he has to say today. >> reporter: and yes, are you seeing some of tha curiosity factor. but once again you may have some diehardsere. and you see this sign. my first vote forever for bernie sanders. and they are hoping to hear from the candidate himself. we'll splor from him. much more tonight at 10:00. but for now reporting le in downtown miami. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> craig: andnd live coverage continues with robbin simmons. she spoke with senator rubio who hopes to win big in his home state and she has more on that from the fliewz niewz plex. >> robbin: right craig and many of the candidates hitting today's super tiewssments and marco rubio spent day here and ping his campaign hopes on florida. >> he i not going to beat me in flflida night marco rubio campaign sipt the tirn view with
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his focus all about the delegate win for florida's next week. we know it's always come down to florida and we in toand win florida. that's why i'm asking every one to come out and make sure you vote. need to you vote. and the florida ten tore and the one from texas here in rubio's backyard. >> the in credible passion and girn that we're sphreeght grass roots. that's the basis of our support. it is why we're surge nationwnwe and why we're rin winning primary after primary aer primary. you because the conservative broots arere coming together. mitt romne is. >> an and i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished and i'm convinced donald trump would
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>> robbin: even donald trump trum's latest controversy happened on sunday. for smt emergency malg math ri unmiss take take able. trump's response i don't know about the hill letter compare son. that's a terrible compare son. don't want that compare son. we have to be strong and vig leant and people agree with. that. >> robbin:ovenor john kasich trying to stay ababe the from a. >> all these predisksz doom and gloom and thal other stuff, it's kind of like the hope for a new day. and i hope for this country that the sun will rise and we'll be strong again. >> robbin: for the gop the focus is scarily on florida and it is a must win for marco rubio eye would say to you that the winner of the florida primary will probably be the republican nominee and especially if it goes to donald trump. unfortunately i don't want to see that out woman com. >> robbin: and he spoke about
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leb in jiewf tore tonight and cruz will be n- here tomorrow morning. >> and rubio said we be happy to have endorsement but de claind too to share their private conversations but another bush. neil bush signed up with them fo work on the financial newseam. live in the plex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right for tonights results and everything you need knowbout the white house stay with you 7 on air and on line on and through our voice your choice app available for down load. >> >> craig: on just one station crews filming a movie on the beach and there ways real life rescue. rosh lowe live for us on miami beach with the exclusive. rosh. >> reporter: boy, we have an interesting one for you this evening. let me step out of way so you can see they are filming baywatch on miami beach and fimming it up in broward county.
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fiction. not only that but tonight we're talking to the life guard. we have the cell phone video. here it is. >> bay batch wach move the i week. if you know about baywatch, it's all about lifeguards saving people so. what happens when fact and fiction mix, let's introduce to you oliver medina. a real life lifeguard. and wait 'til you hear his story of real life rescue. right near the self baywatchn monday. it was maybe about a hundred yards way from their set. and it happened towards the end of the afternoon when the rip current was strong and wide and we were table to rescue those two guys. >> reporter: and there's more. there's this cell phone video, the waves crashing and two people caught in rip currents. >> those guys would have been in big trouble because they were
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fact they were not only able to kick. >> reporter: you can see in the video, the lifeguards with the paddle board going out f the rest cure. we highlighted that for you. >> so how often do you see this? look here. people are wching the fim in action. baywatch being filmed right over there. you can see those lifeguard trucks and just over here right there, the beach and those real life quardz who have to spring into afntle i could see them coming mowft i have sit and hanging out on the beach until they decided to go into the water. >> reporter: and how long were they out in the water? >> probably five to ten minutes. >> reporter: how did this make him feel saving the life with another lifeguard as the at cameras roll feet way on the fictional account a? >> it was pretty need to have a rescue while they were filming the baywatch movie in front of us. i will always remember this day. it was a great day and i'm very
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able to rescue these two guys. >> robbin: snoo and this isn't the first t te this has happened. a couple weeks ago in broward county if, baywatch filming up there and someone had to be rescued from theceanan near by. this life dward says he was in the positiono do his job. we're live on miami beach tonight. rosh lowe, 7 news. >> craig: that rescue shows how strong the surf is right now. chief meteorologist phil ferro ha been telling us about this for the past tiew days and to watch out for. it phil. >> phil: and you know the threat of rip currents will stick around for a white. it's do to the windy conditions siting just offshore and thal thal wind is impact broward and miami-dade and making for a rough surf. that will keep the threat of rip currents around maingd for poor boating conditions all the way in through the weekend. now, the system that's causing this say huge dome of high pressure o. on the plus side it will keep
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area. here's the storm tracker. dry right now however tbawz is rather windydy every thyme thaps, you may get an isolated sprkle moving in as the wind could push in a little bitit of moisture across the area. now, the big story obviously is the wind. right now 21 miles per hour winds sustained in fort lauderdale. 18 in miami. 20 in key west but gusting strong eart times. 26 right now in miami. 30 mileser hour wind gust nowrs key west. here's the threat of rip currents. just a channel of water that moves out to the deep end rather quick flivment you're caught in the rip occur afnlt best thing to do is swim parelel to the beach until that pull weakens and then come back n. you'll be just fine. better yet as you saw in that report, swim at a guarded beach. i'll have moren o the local forest later on.
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thank you. and the principal jamie marza gars was killed in a motorcycle crash over the weekend. >> my son come to this school and very familiar with h. my son has been very sad. he has been very sad because he talks about her a lot. >> diaz worked for the broward school district for more than 25 years. >> craig: coming frupt newsplex. some bikes turning into hot wheels. crooks ride offing from a south florida store. >> belkeys: a man sitting in his car when he would come under fire to. night a search for the shoot ear. >> craig: passenger ons track to their destination but sid inly in trouble. >> belkeys::nd firefighters talking about rescue age pooch in peril. but it's not exactly a perfect ending yet.
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>> craig: a dog in dang ger in a south flflida canal.
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the moment they spotted that an nal. they rushed the rescue of the golden retrieve ver. >> robbin: jie now they hope the owner comes forwards. and we're at the miami-dade animal services. >> reporter: lil the golden retrieve ver look much better since sheirst riefd at miami-dade animal services on monday. >> she looks better this morning than last night. >> we hope that she continues to improve. >> reporter: lily found herself nay tough spot on monday afternoon. somehow thth pup got stuck in the canal on 157th avenue. bystanders called for help. and that's where miami-dade fire rescue stepped in. >> she continues to swim way from us so the decision was made woi go in after the dog. >> reporter: captain john and firefighters rick and mike knot members of the department skilled technical rescue team used a buoy, ladder and back board to bring this disstressed
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>> so once we had the animal secure we were good with removing the animal and able to pivot the ladder and move the whoald ladder and back board at one time in one motion. >> repter: when they rushed in rescue first responders could tell this dog was on the verge of going under. >> and two stroks way from her her head was dipping into the water. had we waited long ter may not have had a happy ending. >> reporter: so here's lily. she has a good pap time. the dog has a microchip on the back of her neck. they scanned that ship but no owner named today. it so at this point her owner's whereabouts is nowhere known and she is about ten to 15 years old. swimming dangerous for this older cash, crks nine. she is having trouble walking and lying low for now >> good girl. >> reporter: as the lilies
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is found he the the firefighters happy to have a happy end together rescue o. >> our pets are our families so we don't mind that extra mile. >> jeff lennox. 7 news. >> reporter: hopefully lily. >> craig: hopefully lily is missed somewhere. >> belkeys: i was hoping last night. you never know it may take a minute.. >> craig: right. >> belkeys: and still head we're seng a dreas tick rescue from officers. >> craig: and mother nature's power causing lasng scene. >> i'm steve. coming up in sports the dolphins would be close to losing one free agent and signing another. and the marlins pitcher with l- not pitch for the marlins it season. full day in sports. stay with us.
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>> craig: just one more day to offer on line sais and make a south florida college studes hoop dreams come true. ber ro ta say soft more. a finalist for espn dark horse challenger consist tests. a forward for the university bach nears. one of six dunn cers in the entire coury selected for the award which is now die downt final two. go get him. voting last 'til tomorrow. head to for a link. as they say vote lir and vote often. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. we have seen plenty of coastal
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sitting just offshore pushing in the cloud cover. this morning the lows 70 degrees just about everywhere. key west a high of 78. fort lauderdale 79. miami you topped off today with a high of 80 degrees. right now still partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid 70s. just about every where. the wind out of the east between 18 and 23 miles per hour. it's been as strong as 30 at times and this will not changeover the next few days.s. the humidity at 58%. storm tracker is showing that everythingngs dry and it should remain dry. however when it is this windy,, every now and then, the wind will push in a little bit of moisture and we could see some very fast dotted showers right long coats. speaking of heavy rain. the same dome of high pressure is pushing in plenty of moisture and heat across the plains and then we have cold aaronhe back side.
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hot and c cd air there, is the possibility for some severe weather and this entire area right now is seen plenty of flooding and thre the are also looking at the possibility o for tornadoes over the next six hours or so. but for us it is the high. it's going to keep the wind kick up here across miami-dade, broward and the keys. no change tomorrow. windy, warm, mainly dry. and as we go in through thursday, really no big change. high pressure still sticking around. just a little bit more humidity as the breeze shifts out of the southeast dragaing in a little bit of humidity and then look at, that some rain all do to that front. that may move in by the weend. maybe on sunday we could see a few showers. here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip currents. small craft advisory. winds up to 30 knots. for new the florida keys, you too are under an advisory. coastal waters very rough.
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8:13 fort lauderdale. key largo 84 # and 9:39 for you in key west. passing clouds nigh maybe a tos coastal shower. over night lows in the upper 60s to the low 50e6789s tomorrow in and out clouds. mostly dry. highs right around 80. here's the extended outlook. breezy wait through saturday. a little better chance of showers on sunday. sunday spring forward. we lose an hour of sleep. time to set the clocks head one hour. and that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> phil: the dolphins have reached an agreement with former all pro defensive end mario williams. the deal for two years at 8 million a year. it probably means either or possibly both olive vee ann a vernon and cameron take will not be back. williams only 2535 years old and five sacks in buffalo. double digits in each the previous seasons with the bilsz. not over yet but dolphins may be on the verge losing lamar miller. miller is in tense negotiations with houston and dallas. thees those teams offering 6.5 million a year. a lot m me than the dolphins. free agents begin signing
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and marlins can't catch a bak. reliever cats will have surgery on his throwingel boat. waps caps was contending to be the marlins closer. at the very lease the set up guy. last year the strike out per nine innings was the highest in the majors. this is kind of cool. the marlins will plate braves in a real game sunday night july third at the military braise at fort bragg in north carolina. major league base imal is building a stadium. 12,000 feet seats. game will be sell a advised on espn. the heatlay at milwaukee tomorrow night. heat have won five in the row and eight of the last ten. coach spos gearing up on justice win winslow. the heat have a two game lead on atlanta npt decision hafned game out of the third flai off seat. i feel like we are where we should be. don't think we're too high. you know, we haven't done anything but win five games narrow but we've been playing
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we have a tough three and four nights coming up and you can never get too confident. this league can change right way. >> reporter: oo starts morrow night in milwaukee no. pan panic but panthers are seek now tied. and panthers down three to nothing and # to one. they came back to tie owned oanl to lose it in ot. the panthers have now lost five of last six. >> it was awful and we got to jolt in the second period and battled back and ba got back in the game and fortunate to get back in and get a poind at end too. no reason we can't bring it up for 60 minutes. hats off to the guys but i have w- very to play a full zero. next game thursday at home against ottawa. i'm steve. back to craig and belkeys. >> craig: thank you steve. >> belkeys: that's aarap for 7 news at #, caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens.
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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> now the six k4r0r7bgs super tuesday the see quavment republicans and democrats looking to lounge delegatesn four states tonight. as candidates continue vying for votete >> lynn: good evening every one. polls are closing in a few hours. >> robbi and donald trump sp hoping to stay on top of the race for the white house but his republican rivals aren't giving up. craig stevens live in the plex bhomplet craig. >> craig: robbin. they not giving up. a week flow this may be a very different looking race in the republican side anyway. in the days leading up to the big contest that lie head. ted cruz and marco rubio are pulling out all the stops and doing their best to knock down trump in the front runner status. >> when it comes to social security -- >> craig: whether it's ted cruz in north carolina. >> and what is become pairg ent
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super saturday is that ours is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and can and will beat donald trump. >> craig: marco rio in florida. >> i just have to say to you that the winner will be t t republican primary. and especially if it goes to donald trump: i don't want see that out come. and mitt romney making robo calls on behalf of marco rubio. >> and i believe the prospectsts for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. and i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. >> craig: donald trump taking hits from all sides. party and his two closest rivals are you trying to get him to the gop nomination. >> and kasich is trying to stay above the fray. >> all these predictions and the gloom and doovment i hope that


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