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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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super saturday is that ours is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and can and will beat donald trump. >> craig: marco rio in florida. >> i just have to say to you that the winner will be t t republican primary. and especially if it goes to donald trump: i don't want see that out come. and mitt romney making robo calls on behalf of marco rubio. >> and i believe the prospectsts for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. and i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. >> craig: donald trump taking hits from all sides. party and his two closest rivals are you trying to get him to the gop nomination. >> and kasich is trying to stay above the fray. >> all these predictions and the gloom and doovment i hope that
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will rise and we'll be strong again. >> craig: meanwhile questions likes these are swirling arnd the campaign. he has asked supporters to raise their hands if the and promise to vote for him. and they say it's image. >> i don't know about the hitler cocoare son. vint heard. that ipts a terrible comparison. i'm not happy about that certainly. doinlt want thoo compare son. we have to be strong and vig leant and bem peam gree with. thatat. >> craig: but for rubio whose campaign set up this interview, his focus about theasmght getting a piece of tuesday's take can't measure up to the delegates and cruz is now setting up shop here to ruin rubio's dreaea of a win. >> we know we need to win florida to win the nomination. that's why i'm asking every one to come out and vote. i need to youou come out and vote. >> craig: trump will be into jupiter night cruz in miami
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senator rubio, robbin asked if he reached out to jeb bush for an endorse: he would be happy to have it but de claind to share their privateonversation ooze but it appears another bush neil has signed up to work with team. in the newsplex. 7 news. >> robbin: and the presidential candidates compete for every vote. team 7 coverage continues in downtown miamimi where nicole linsalata is covering the big rally. >> >> we believe ultimately when people come together and get involved there, is nothing we can't accomplish. >> reporter: buthat maybe difficult if not impossible for bern sanders to accomplish overtake hillary clinton in the della gate count. each primary or caucus win means delegates.
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and despite wintz senator from vermont is falling short. despite link clinton to big wall street donors. >> and secretary clinton on a number of c cndications have given speeches to goldman sax behind closed doors and got paid $225,000 per speech. >> reporter: right now hillary clinton can count 1134 delegates. sanders 439. 2383 are needed to nominate. tuesday the democrats are facing off in michigan and mississippi. but the beat for five other states louding florida happens next week. hillary crisscrossing michigan won mon die. any one running for president toes to you to come up with real ideas. clinton also getting high profile local support from former miami mayor manny diaz. it's a track record of help pemg. helping cities. helping main street.
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sanders message hasn't gotten through to florida voters yet. >> i think that once the word gets out and people learn about him and multiple languages especially here in miami, than the message will be loud and clear for a a people. just curious to hear what he that's say out here today. so a passionate and eager crowd out here getting ready to see bernie sanders. but heaz anp hill battle here in the state of florida. at 10:00. for now reporting in miami. nicole lynn rin. 7 news. >> robbin: and with the florida primary fast approaching. w is a great time to down load the voice your choice app. always updated with the latest from campaign trail. >> >> lynn: also in the newss tonight a man shot bay rath of bullets and surves. now the search for a shooter on. the strij coming under the gun while sitting in his car. 7's brandon beyer is in lauderhill with the story.
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vers above a shooting investigation in lauderhilil tuesday morning. police say main tried to to robt occupants of this white car. fired shots and ran off. there were words exchanged. the suspect fires at vict tim. the vict takes off in his car and rounds court ner and happens upon one of our police officers who is in the neighborhood. police used a hell copper to search for the gun man. search cars as they came out of perimeter and looked over fences. but the suspect they say got away which worries the people who live here. oh yeah t does. at p the end of the day do i have a family. so of course. >> reporter: bullet holes in the door. cart remained on the scene while the strij was rushed to the hospital. he is was speaking detectives and so forge which say good sign. >> and meanwhile cops continue their investigation as the neighbors become an si. >> and just the same thing happened two nights ago. shooting on street.
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worth cash, call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tips. we're in fort lauderdale. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> robbin: a crime caught on camera at a south florida business. thieves break nieg bicycle shop in pompano beach. please police say they used a crowbar to pry into the rear bild of the building and took off with four bikes. >> just happy eefer no one is dead. losing $200,000 of of products sucks bubu hopefully we have somebody that finds something. >> it happened at the crieblg near south west 10th avenue over the weekend. if you have any information call broward crime stoppers at 95 # tips tips. >> >> lynn: also own 7, an american killed in the middle
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was stabbed by a palestinian a tearing. a dozen il israelis including lice officers were wounded in the knife and gun tack. a sawtion came as vice president its. he is scheduled to meet with israeli and leader and there is speculation he would try to region. >> robbin: and a top leader may have been killed by a u.s. air strike. that ar dorgd sources at the pentagon. that strike happened on friday in syria. and all biewm has been named one of the top common ders and there was an ward for his capture from the state department. >> lynn: and coming up tonight at 6:30 a wreck on the railsz az off the tracks. >> robbin: and a body cameras catch an intense rif rescue. >> lynn: and a big hole after a dangerous drive.
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>> >> robbin: train trouble in northern california. a d dned tree becoming the roost the problem causing that major derailment. one of the train's cars plunge plunging into a creek. ndreds of passengers send flying on impact. and those aboard the train reliving the moment their trip went o track.
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a packed commuter train derailing g miles east of san francisco after hitting a down tree on the tracks. sending a train full of passengers plungee into a swollen creek eye realized something was wrong soy held on to the rails and right then the train flipped over i was thrown out of my seat. >> there was one gal who was pinned in the car for a little bit and they had to take her out but hey left her in place until the paramedics came and removed her safely. >> all 224 people on board incredibly maging to make it off the train alive. nine injured. four critically but nonsufferring from life threatening injuries. absolutely chaotic. absolutely chaotic. you can only imagine the terr and angst that went through thr mind when this went on. thankfully no one killed.d. >> rescue crews fighting the creek's fast moving currents through the nht to pull ride
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>> it's scary. it's still scary but you know, somebody was watchingover us to night everybody got out and everybody is going to hopefully be okay. >> and investigators say a mudslide is to blame for pushing that tree on to the tracks a. >> next from the news station. thousand flaming pam tree was caused by mother nure. >> phil: all right mother nature a little upset especially at the beach swrevment threat of rip currents out there and that threat will stick around at these lees through the weekend. the entire out look in a couple minutes. >> lynn: and tonight on the drive. it's the e e of the world as they know it or is it? da da da. we're trying talk to the stars of the ten clover field. i wonder how that goes to.
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>> robbin: taking you cross country tonight. cameras rolling on a river rescue in connecticut. an officer climbing over a guard rail after a car plunge nooz a river attorney new havav. assist makes his way to the vehicle he spots a man trapped inside. with the hel of of arriving firefighters, he managed o carry that driver to shore. the 35-year-old taken to the hospspal but expected to be can. >> lynn: a smashing entrance at a california church. a driver who police say was asleep at wheel crashing his car in the church's kitchen.
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through a concrete block wall before flangtd house of worship. no records of any serious injuries but church was badly damage snide and snaig california. mother nature spark trouble there. lightning striking during a powerful thunderstorm causing a pam tree to catch fire. that blaze spreading and causes tens of thousands of dollars in damage to several nearby businesses. >> no one was hurt. now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil favor fair o. >> phil: so for us it ll be the wind that stiksz around the next couple of days. especially at the coast development breezy temperatures right now every one in the 70s expect pensacola. a temperature of 68 degrees. storm tracker showing that everything is dry. but the wind today has been anywhere between ten and 20 miles per hr with some gusts all wait to 30. any time is gets that windy, sometimes the breeze will push in a little bit of moisture and we could see a dotted shower along the coast.
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so for us, huge do of high pressure here keeping us breezy plenty of rain across the nation's mid section. they are looking at the bos built of some severe weather night by tomorrow that high still around. windy. warm, mamaly dry. and as we take a look at thursday, the winds will shift a bill lit out of south east. more humidity coming in croos south florida and then that front that's impacting the heartland we could see some of that rain in the gulf could. see a shower here from that momong in on sunday. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft advisory. winds up to 30 knots. biscayne bay choppy. for you across the florida keys, are you already looking at an advisory. seas beyond th reef nine to 11 feet. next high tide 8:18. 9:39 for the low ceers.
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for tonight still partly to mostly cloudy ies. of over night lows in the mid 60s to the upper 60s. low 70s along the coast as well a for broward and the keks. tomorrow in and out clouds. highs around the upper 70s to around 80's. here's the extend out look. the breeze sticks around through saturday. some showers on sunday. by the way, sunday at 2:00 a.m. that's start of daylight saving. lose an hour of veevment set the clouds ahead one hour and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> lynn: yeah, we're still mad about that, so mad. thankskshil. >> robbin: still head 07b news k34r506r7bg9s the d/lphins sign ann a no. 1 overall draft piefnlgt 7 sports with the details. >> lynn: i like the uniform. >> robbin: yes. >> lynn: very teal ie. >> >> reporter: i. >> robbin: y. >> lynn: and tonight there's been a murder and we are following the investigation. >> robbin: and a big eye and.
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i want to watch. hope you'll watch at 7:30.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> the dolphins have an agreement with mario will avmentz probably means vernon and cam wake are gone. and free agent miller maybe gone. he is negotiating with houston
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l- was offered 6.5 million per season and the dolphins offer was not that high. and 30 years old. nine years in the league and calvin johohon megadron tron wants out. two former beerk t washington football stars will not practice with the gators this spring. quarter wack harris and call o way had nonnot been with the team since jafnlt no reason given and the co coach stopped short of saying the two were suspend. they won't be with us as we're wrolling. you won't see those guys out there. and last week we will talk about that. >> are those two guys suspended? they just haven't been with the team and that will be the last we'll talk about it. >> you can't tell us why? that will be last we'll talk about. it thanks though. preciate it. what did they do? the heat in milwaukee tomorrow night. the donovan campbell reports the
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with the signing of joeohnson. >> injury rild and the action a ra sition of joe johnson couldn't of come ate better time for the miami heat. hins s ss his arrival to the mia the heat are unbeefnlt and perfect time offing well. needed to put some wins together. and cb beingout, to playeder like joe just infused confidence team. not only does the 6-foot seven swing man address miami's need for spaition. having another scoring option is huge. >> he is a great play maker. that's one of the things that was exciting us to. is because he was so versatile. and i wanted to come in and do what they asked me and i enjoy the game. it's only been five games but it appears joe johnson is a perfect match for the heat. >> and iike having fun. that's it. he is a missing piece for us. i don't think we'e' going to win the rest of owfer games you
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not going saiing we're going to go undefeated because know joe is here now but each night we're we do out there we're better suited now with joe here than before hee got here. >> reporter: donovan campbell. 7 sports. >> and the first player ever to make 300, , ree-point nertz single season. curry stored scored four 1. warriers beat orlando. 101 to 13. 45 straight wins at home the marlins beat the yankees in spring training. i'm steve s spiro lynn and danielle. >> i'm sorry. it's rob bifnl i'm sorry it's robbin.
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>> >> for the latest news weather and sports. tap the 7 news app.
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your app store sponsored by paul bange roofing,. >> lynn: inside edition is coming up next. >> robbin: here is deborah norville with a preview. >> thanks lynn and robbin coming up the principal's house set on fire while the family was home. did the students really torch his house? then a dying teen's brave battle and how his birthday turned into a day to refnlt joins tonight at 7:00 on 7. >> robbin: and that is 7 news at 6:30, i'm robbin simmons. >> lynn: i'm l ln martinez. so nice to have you here robbin. sharing mom stories and how bad our kids are. >> robbin: no, we love them. they are great. >> lynn: robbin is crying she loves them so much. good night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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>> it's official. >> marla maples. >> donald trump's ex-wife joins the cast of "dancing with the stars." >> speaking of voting -- >> what is up with those trump rallies. >> raise your right hand, everybody. >> mr.r.rump, that evokes images of nazi germany. >> i think that is a big, big stretch. >> and the jurors in the erin andrews trial speak out. >> several members of the jury approached her. she hugged them and thanked
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>> her testimony for all of us was extremely powerful. >> and hulk hogan on the ot seat at his sex tape trial over this. >> we have seen all of you. what, what. >> you didn't say, whoa, whoa, i don't want to discuss thisis. >> then the principal's house burned t tthe ground. >> the house is on fire. >> did his students really torch the principal's house while the family was home? >> oh, my gosh. >> kim kardashian versus bette midler. war of words over these naughty selfies. >> then, a teen's brave battle. he has faith that can move mountains. >> how deborah turned his birthday into a day totoemember with the help of the rock happy birthday to you now "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. her ex-husband is running


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