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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. the race for the white house.% now centered on our state. bernie sanders stumpping in south florida.
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gearing up for a florida fight. we have live night team coverage. huge dome of high pressure is dominating our weather. keeping us warm and windy but at the same time it's providing for some rough conditions for you beach goers and boaters. two teenagers coming under the gun as they walk to work and police are stillll looking for some of those who pulled the bold crime off. and when the cameras stopped rolling, the trouble began. real life rescue near movie set in south florida. just one station has it. the. hello welcome everyone. >> all this and more right now first at 10:00. now at 10:00. more voters voicing their choice. as the race for the white house gets set to move to the sunshine state. and for one candidate at the time fight for florida is personal.
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coverage othe trail. >> hello again everyrye. michigan voters have spoken and donald trump winning that state presidential primary. here is how the candidates firnd. trump took 38 percent of the vote. ohio governor kasich came in second with6 percent. texas senator ted cruz 23 percent and marco rubio fishing at the bottom witjust 9 percent. right now it's too close to call on ththdemocratic side. vermont senator bernie sanders leading with 52 percent of the vote while hillary clinton has 47 percent. >> trump took miss sympathy race not close and called shortly after the polls closed. 50% of the vote and case wick 8%. rubio trailing at just 5 percent. as for the democrat another win for hillary clinton here too she wins by a land slide. she beat sanders 83-16 percent.
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it's a must win for rubio who is feeling the heat now from both donald trump and t cruz. >> and bernie sanders is already stumpping in south florida. te have live night team coverage. robin is at the university of miami where the republican will debate thursday night but we begin with nicole who is live at the sand earth's rally in downtown miami. >>reporter: that sanders rally broke up a little while ago and you know he spoke for more than an hour and he really had this crowd of about 3500 people very energized. he talked about a lot of things from climate change to the economy to student debt and he says and he sat town with us and he told news a one-on-one interview he believes he still can win the democratic nomination. the rock star welcome in downtown miami for the 74downtown miami for the 74-year-old the senator from vermont.
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>>reporter: candidate hoping to rest the nomination from hillary clintonnd for more than an hour the topic wide rangeranging. >> i have a feeling that you want to see this country move toward a political revolution. what we are seeing is billionaire buying elections. if we have got to understand that the 7 dollar and 25 cnt minimum wage in this country is a starvation wage. we are going to rates the minimum wage. i am prepared to answer -- to release all of the transcripts ofhe speeches i gave to wall street. here they are. you got them. >>reporter: well known self described democratic socialistdescribed democratic socialisting ideal pulling in big crowd but how do you translate the kind of energy we are hearing ouo there into votes. >> well i tell you we are doing that. people in florida really don't
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we are here. make the case. great rally tonight. doing other rall ychlt i think we have a shot to win here. >>reporter: numerically is there still a path to nomination with the math being what it is. >> yes there i. there absolutely is. we are very, very strong in a lot of state that are come up later in the process. >>reporter: sanders believes he has the best chance against donald trump should he become the republican nominee. >> that is not the kind of person the american people, i think, want as president of the united states. i'm very proud almost every poll out the natiol poll state poll we beat him. >>reporter: but first he would have to face hillary clinton. she was in cleveland tonight. again too close to call in michigan but she beat pwvtion handedly in mississippi. here's what she had to say tonight. >> this campaign is about tbling a future. where every american can live up to his or her ful potential
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what you \ook like. or who you love. now i know we have a long way to go.% in fact the future that i envision is going to take work from all of us. because i want to knock down every barrier this stand in the way. >>reporter: now senator sanders tills he's staying in the area doing some debatatprep because of the debate couple and then he will be hitting some spot in west and in central florida after that. reporting live in doubt miami tonight, 7 news night team. on now to the republicans. robin simmons live at um bank united center in coral gables where the g.o.p. debate will be held thursday. robin? >>reporter: it will and tonight you have got a very excited and happy donald trump after sort of a mixed bag on super saturday. he pulled out big wins today. let's listen.
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attacked me has gone down. okay. i don't want to mention names let's not mention names they are out. they are gone. but you can take a look at virtually every single person we started off with 17. we are down to 4. of the 4 pretty much all gochbility okaypretty much all gochbility okay. pretty much. didn't do so well tonight folksdidn't do so well tonight folks. i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well. they didn't do well. only one person did well tonight donald trump i will tell you. true. >>reporter: from 17 down to 4 and one of those 4 florida senator marco rubio. he is only would be two contest to this popot. all of his better now on florida. candidates of the g.o.p. can now turn their attention where senator rubio has been focusing for a being wife. always comes down to florida doesn't it. >>reporter: florida. all 99 of the del got for the winner of the state republican primary next week.
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play for rubio home state and will hold a rally downtown. rubio campaign set up this satellite interview with 7 newssatellite interview with 7 news. he says cruz would only help trump. >> he's not going to beat me in florida but he's helping donald trump by doing this. i like techltd i respect him. we are friend but if you vote for ted cruz you are voting for donald trump. ted has zero chae of winning in florida. quarter votes already in. >>reporter: telling supporters at this church donald trump lead continues to slink. >> new "wall street journal"poll came out that had us in a statistical tie for first place nationwideith donald trump. >>reporter: billionaire businessman has taken sustained hits from his competitors and the republican establishment. >> republican were to choose donald trump as our nominee i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. reporter: romney recording robo call on behalf of bio in
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he doesn't endorse either man just asks voters no the to support trump. ohio governor in cleveland locking for a climb across the midwest and all 66 of his home state del game. our campaigns rising in the polls based onn a vision and positive message and staying out of the mud slinging anding in. >> okay. we are doing it the right way. >>reporter: the so we have got a week. and rubio is really banking on that early voting and miami-dade county's huge number of republican voters to be voting for him. it's going to be a very busy few days in south florida. we have got the cruz event morrow morning in miami. rubio event in hialeah in the afternoon and then you have got the republican debate here on umumampus on thursday t.reporting live in coral gables, 7 news night team. stay with us for complete election coverage. head to for lt of early voting locations and down
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campaign trail. the. strong wind prompting a water warning south florida beaches. rip current 'ing a problem during spring break. phil has been telling tuesday it was going to be like this and more now from the weather center fichlt you know him of us are friend. family. student. spending spring break here. they all want to go to the beach. but the problem is we have some very strong wind at the coast and that in turn is causing some rough surf here and that means thatt item just terrible boating conditions and also it's bringing along the threat stov rip currents. that's going to o ick around for a few days. also warming up over theext 24 to 48 hours. meanwhile here's the stormtracker t.dry right now and it should remain dry tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. now also because it's so windy however we can't completely
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being pushed in rather quickly by a huge dome of high pressure. that is actually responsible for our windy conditions. 16 miles per hour wind right now in bimini. 17 miami. fort lauderdale not reporting. 20 miles pererour sustained in key west. we have also seen som strong wind gust. 25 in by him in. miami. marathon with 21 and key west reporting a 26 miles per hour wind gust. now here's the huge dome of high pressure. that tips to bats the coast% with some strong winds. if you you know the waves come if and out but the strong waves kind of trap the water here along the shoreline. sooner or later that hats to break loose and when it does that is your rip current. people get in trouble trying to swim begins. best thing to do is if you are caught in a rip current swim parallel to the beach until the pull weaken come back in or bet yet swim at a guarded beach.
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he shall on. 2 teens target backpack and phones stolen. police say by other teenagers. torts say it was 3 against 2 and one side s packing heat. >> one station has video of the yog victims tonight. al ebingts is live in miami at the sceke alex? >>reporter: both of these teens were robbed of the backpack as well as their fons. they both came under the gun in this alley. the just one station is there as the 15-year-old victims meet with police officers. both were robbed at gun point. the book bag and cell phones stolen as they walked to work in annualy off flagler street and 21 avenue in little havana they were surprised by three young men. now the three young men one of them was point ago gun and pointete it at the two youngsters and demanded all theif belongings. >>reporter: in the air.
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police flood the area and put two schools on lock counsel. citrus gro middle and elementary. >> they turn off the lights and close the window and lock the doors. >>reporter: scary. >> yes. because you continue really know what's going on outside. >>reporter: police arrested 18-year-old jonathan but two others able to slip past the police drag in. time and time again we seat things happening way too often and we want the community to come together and people to assist tueay with information if they know about these other two young men pishingts two other young m that got away are described by police as between 16 and 18 years old. they don't have descriptions of them. if you have any information call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. live in miami little havana neighborhood, i'm alex, 7 news night team. all right alex. miami-dade police officers will
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cameras and ready to record. today the commission settled on the company that the county will buy the equipment from. 1,000 officers will have the camera bit end of the year. hundreds more could be in place in 2017. they said willecome the largest police department in the u.s. to have c cera warn by patrol officers. police respond to go suspicious item found near key biscayne. beach gore spotted it in the sand at cramp deny park. coast gawshd responded ofoicials later determined the device was a flare used by the u.s. navy. sf. crook making off with huge hall stealing hundreds also of thousands of dollars of high end bicycles. liz is live in pompano beach and she has more on the story now. liz? >>reporter: the owner says they think the the customer came in last week scoped out the place, somebody seemed suspicious to us them then
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from police that the their bicycle factory was being raided by thieves. this pack of bike thieves could not have been less careless chucking 6000 dollar cust made by single into the back of a truck. >> when i watched the individual i don't must have watched it 12 times and they threw the bike and tossedd them and here's the thing i put blanket around when put tonight my car. >>reporter: camera oututde this store in pompano beach what the onts says was stone minivan pickup truck and white roofing truck pull up to the back door. >> the roofing truck was fully loaded and they unloaded full truck in the parking lot before my shop. >>reporter: they came to clean you out. >> they knew what they were doing yes. >>reporter: to get into the locked warehouse group of men appeared to rk together to pry open the lock door with long pole before cleaning out a 200,000 dollar hall.
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can clearly see that 47 missingcan clearly see that 47 missing. >>reporter: he's the owner and his team built invenry them sichlts i dime this country from germany with only 1 80 dollars and i worked for everything. i own everyrying. >>reporter: but portion of what he owned is now in the hand of criminals and his product he says he's told is becoming a target. >> one of the cops told us thinks the fifth or sixth bike shop in the last month. >>reporter: well bso detectives are new trying to zoom in on the surveillance video to see if they can get a closer look at the license plate on all three of the vehicle that were involved in this burglary late sunday night but they are also looking for lead on all the bicycle and people seen in the video. if you have any information call crime stoppers. live in pompano beach tonight, live in pompano beach tonight, liz, 7 news night team jeans more changes in u.s. cuba relations will be announced soon. ahead of the president's visit to the island.
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reducing even more travel trade and banknking restrictions t.necessary week the changes will mark the latest effort by mr. obama to use executive powers to side step congress and chip away at the more than half century old economic embargo against cuba. president will visit the island on monday and tuesday march 21 and 22. remind tore keep it here for extensive coverage. 7 news crew reporting live from havana before during and after the historic visit. american student killed in the middle east. stabbed to death by palestinian an attacker in the israeli port city of java. dozen other civilians police officers wounds entered the rampage. the american victim was identified as a 29-year-old vanderbilt graduate on a school trip to tell a75. other students tack you will ty an staff on the trip were not hurt.
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dangerous innovation. the leader there now claims scientistave developed miniature nuclear war heads for use on ballistic missis tell. has made similar claims before though they have never been subject stan aitd. un secury council imposed who are shall new sanction on the north for detonatenorth for detonating a hydrogen bomb in january. still ahead here from the nighteam. story you will see on just one station. emergency next to movie set stchlt real lifeguards jumping into action feet away from where crew were filming the new bay watch moviefilming the new bay watch movie. >> walked out with cash. the feds want to find this bank robber. >> she struggled to swim and may no have survived but tonight he gets much-needed tlc at south florida animal shelterat south florida animal shelter. you are tching sufficient florida's night team.
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and now. break in the action. but then the real drama began. >> when you have to really make a very quick decision. >> two people reportedly walking off a movie set and into trouble. the the rescue on just one station. >> part of the real life rescue caught on camera. life guard diving in for the save. >> rosh has this exclusive.
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>> they watched the movie film thanksgiving week if you know about bay watch it's all about lifeguards saving people. so what happens when fact and fiction mix. let's introduce you to oliver me dean a.real life life guard wait until you hear his story of relevant life rescue. on monday. >> maybe about i would say probly like 100 yards t.away from the set. and happen pretty much towards the end of the afternoon when the rip current was pretty rong. very wide. and we were able to rescue those two guys. >>reporter: there's more. there is this cell phone video. waves crashing and two people caught in rip current. >> the guys would have been in big trble because they were getting tired. as a matter of fact they were not even able to kick. >>reporter: you can see in the video the life gawshd with paddle board going out for the rescue.
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you. so how often do you see this? look here. people are watching the film in action bay watch being filmed right over there you can see those life guard trucks and just over here right there the beach and those really lifeguards who have to spring into action. >> i could see them come out of the movie set and they were happening around the beach until they decided to go into the water. >>reporter: how long were they out in the water. >> probably 5 the to continue minutes. >>reporter: so how the this make him feel saving the life along with another life guard as camera rolled feet away open the fictional account. >> it was pretty neat to have a rescue while they were shooting the bay watch movie in front out of his. i will always remember this day was a great day and very grateful for to be there and being able to rescue these two guys. >>reporter: once again at the end of the day everyone here was rescued andhe life gawshd
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just grateful that he could jump into action literally save the day. on miami beach, 7 news night team. bank bandit on the loose in fort lauderdale. police say the robberalked in implied had he a weapon and demanded money from employee warm front taking off. no shots were fired. assuming he had the weapon and no one was hurt. happened at the td bank branch at east sunrise boulevard and 17 terrace. if you have any information to give browned crime stoppers a call the. dog that nearly died after tumbling into a south in canal is on the mend tonight but her owners are still fwlol to be found. her rescuers telling us how they spotted her struggling inn the water. jeff lennox reports. >> so today she's in better spirit than yesterday. >>reporter: lily the golden reretriever looking much better since she first arrived at
10:25 pm
>> she looked a lot better this morning than last night so we hope she continues to improve. >>reporter: lily found herself in tough spot monday afternoon. got stuck in the ka until off south west 144th street and 157th avenue. bystanders called for help. tell and that's where miami-dade fire rescue stepped in. >> she continued to swim away from us so the decision wass made that i would go in after the dog. >>reporter: captain john and firefighters rick and mike members of the department skilled rescue team used abu owe ladder and backboard to bring this distressed dog back to dry land. >> once we had the animal cured we were good to have it move in the backboard at one time. >>reporter: wheh they rushed into rescue first responders could tell this dog was on the werj of going under. >> probably about two strokes
10:26 pm
to dip in the water so i think had we waited a little bit longer it may not have had a happy ending. >>reporter: here's lily. the folks here at man mall service says she has good appetite. the dog has a micro chip on the back of the neck. they scanned the chip but thers no owner name attached to it so at this point her owners whereabouts are unnone. lily is anywhere between 10 and 15 years old. few chronic conditions made the swim ithe canal extremely dangerous for the older canine. she's having trouble walking and lying low for now the as lily condition improves and search for her owner stawrpts the firefighters freightful they can help write a happy end to go lily's rest kichlt our pets are our family and so we don't mind doing that extra mile. >>reporter: south west miami-dade, jeff lennox, 7 news. up next here on south florida night tee. renter say mold in the apartment cost thevrming.
10:27 pm
is tonight on the c!se. >> suddenly went blind and traveled the world looking for accept. she found it right here in south florida. it's specia assignment report seeing is believing. look forward to. that i'm steve coming up in sports. dolphins get a new defensive end but they may be on the verge of losing a starting running back on the eve of nfl free agency. 7 sport got you covered.
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the help from renter dealing with mold infested aparents. >> tenants tell us they lost everything. one even lost a child to a growing problem. investigative reporter carmel is on the case. first, if you have any doubt about the damage mold can do, about the damage mold can do,
10:30 pm
17-year-old the here. within a year he went from alaska wright high school student to committing suicide. >> actually hung himself. >>reporter: his mother kelly says mold in their rental apartment made her son so sick he couldn't go to school. and this the end couldn't stand his life any more. >> thing that ge me is this is preventable. you know at the would be 18 this month. this is preventable. and that's the problem. know it's his story but it's the story of so many others. here in south florida. when it's in the r outside no problem. when it's in the air inside it can be a very big problem. not onlyoes it damage property mold can destroy health and too many ways to count and if you are a renter with a mold problem, you will soon discover there's specific law or regulations to protect
10:31 pm
clear up the proychbility you have lost everything and i guess the hardest part of all of that is there is absolutely nowhere to turn. >>reporter: the she also could not find h%lp. she moved out of her rental apartment because mold moved in. >> completely amazed. surprised there was no code. i did go to code enforcements and said there's nothing they can do. they can stop a leak. they can have them fak leak that would cause mold but they can't make them fix the md. >>reporter: even tenant in brand new public housing complex foundndhemselves without help when dealing with mold. >> terrible. tell the smell. it's terrible. >>reporter: the only option important tenant is finding an attorney and filing lawsuit but that can take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. typical litigation time is 2 to 5 years on this type of case. >>reporter: attorney box mckey represents tenant several mold related cases and says they a a vulnerable because landlords
10:32 pm
not cover mold claims. which can be expensive. renter belongings are ruined once they are contamined and landlord can try to hold renter to their lease even if they can't stay in their apartments. >> there's no reason why state agency or city agency couldn't do simple swab test and simple single air test, see if it's abnormal and if sought apartment gets shut down and lease is terminated. >> why don't we have that. >> no one has been tivated to do it e. >> they hope a lawmakers will make changes before more lives are ruined and more lives lost. carmel, 7 news. if there is something you think carmel should guess gave give her a call or send her an e-mail here. tweet her at carmel on the case. the. coming at 10:00. suddenen lost her vision and feared she would never see again but the answer was right here in florida.
10:33 pm
report tonight. seeing is believing >> rough night for the nation mid section. we do have an area of low pressure. high pressure to the east. both of them dragging a lot of moisture right over texas or louisiana. all the way north in through missouri a.lot of severe weather. we have the very latest on that and how the tail end of this
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imagine having perfect vision and then one day everything goe_ dark. it happened to one young woman who traveled the world seeking a cure for blindness. >> until she met a doctor here
10:36 pm
lynn shows us why seeing is believing. many. >>reporter: at age 25 the she was lookingorward to her future. but in june of 20 09 her life changed forever tichlts driving and i was squint to go drive and actually ran a red light. and i was like what? >>reporter: her normally perfect vision was getting blurry. she thought she had an eye infection. >> antibiotics will clear it up>> antibiotics will clear it up. that's not what happened. >>reporter: instead she was sent from doctoto doctor. even ended up in the hospital. she s told optic nerve was in flamed but no one knew whyy. >> by mid-july i was legally blind in both eyes. i couldn't use a computer. ty couldn't use my phone. >>reporter: she was so desperate to see again she was willing to try nichlingt i looked into eastern metdz.
10:37 pm
>>reporter: nothing worked. doctors kept telling her to be patient. >> the people who are losing their vision or who are blind are in a war and they don't have time to wait the. >>reporter: dr. jeffrey weiss is bringing light to those living in darkness. >> always bothered me when i would hear the`word thinks untreatable. >>reporter: few years ago the south florida ophthalmologist became the first in the country to use stem cell procedure to help blind people see again. >> more than 60 percent of the people i orate on have gained some vision. >>porter: bone marrow extracted from the hip. machine then separates out the stem cell which are then injected directly into the patient's eye. the she had her first procedure in march of 2014. >> three days and three months after my surge are i that i realize could i see. >> she looks over here and she
10:38 pm
>>reporter: she's back in soutm florida for her second stem cell procedure. dr. weiss can not believe her progress. >> todod without glasses you are 2040. thinks the most remarkable motor rewarding thing ever done. >>reporter: van a necessary dr. >>reporter: van a necessary dr. was not only give her life back but also her life. >> also a week before we got married that i was able to l lk her eye to high an see her face clearly. that was an aha! moment. >> shoel showing the world that seeing through is believing. so far dr. weiss treat the 295 paeshingts about various vision conditions. learn more about the clinical trial log g to our web site. in the news plex, 7 news. sew today we had moments of sunshine. cloudiness and the big story
10:39 pm
morning lows 70 degrees much afternoon high topped off key west 78. fort lauderdale 79 and miami your high 80 degrees. no rain in the rain gauge. right now still a lot of clouds around. temperatures are in the low 70's. the wind out of the east south east between 17 and 25 miles per hour. and humidity at 59 p pcent. thinks storm traeshing. it has been dry and it should continue to be dry however we captain completely rule out an isolated sprivrming. any time it's so breezy the wind could push in a little moisture and we could see an isolated shower here or there t.meanwhile let's take a look at the big view. here's the huge dome of high pressure that is bringingg us the windy conditions. then we have a front and couple areas of low pressure. you will notice how everything is being funneled right across the nation's mid section. well that funnel if you twhail streaming in of moisture out of
10:40 pm
some cold air is causing some nasty weather. heavy rainfall between texas and missouri. plenty of these areas here are under flood watches and that will be the pattern until tomorrow night. now in the long run this area of high pressure will slowly start to drift to the east. by tomorrow, hower, still windy. warm. threat of rip current at the beach awful boating conditions. en by thursday we start to get a little bit more humidity here across south florida. you see the tail of that front? we may get some of that shower activity come sunday but no change in tempts for us. now here's the marine forecast. for tomorrow threat of rip current. small craft advisory. biscayne bayough. for you throughout the florida keys. few are looking at an advisory. 25 knot wind. sea beyond the reef building to
10:41 pm
next high tide miami 9:28. 9:23 in fort lauderdale. key largo next high tide 9:51. 10:42 key west. cloud around mostly try. overnight low upper 60's to low 70's. tomorrow in and out cloud. maybe a sprinkle. highs right around 80. here's your extended outlook. breezy through saturday. few showers on sunday. by the way sunday that is the start of daylight savings. we lose one hour of sleep. the clock move ahead one hour. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. . continuing to keep an eye on the democratic primary in michigan where itt is still tell classified as too close to call but you see the numbers have changed ever so slightly. >> it's a fight to the finish there as you can see. sanders 51 percent to hillary clclton 48 percent. biggest prize of the night. we have more for you on 7 news
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. when it comes to being trapped in underground bunker 3 is a crowd t.leaving could prove deadly. something is killing everyone above ground in clover field tshtion lane. we go behind the scenes. >>reporter: sometimes it's rd living with family so you can imagine trying to live with a strangege that's the premise hyped 10 clover field lane. three strangers cope with being locked in an underground shelter while mysterious attack is killing everyone around themis killing everyone around them. tell if you haven't been invited over don't knock at 10 clover field lane. because john good man won't let you in. fight don't open the door. >>reporter: he's already got two guests staying in his underground the field bunker he
10:45 pm
>> he strokes his own furnace with tell fear and out of that the preparation the survival and he's obviously got wires crossed in his brain. >>reporter: john gallagher junior moves in when supposed chemicalal attack wipes out the world population. >> what i like about the character he's kind of a peace keeper maybe the world might have ended up there but we are trapped down here so let's kind of make the best of it. >>reporter: mary the wakes up change in the basement after john good man rescues her from a car accident. >> i think that the film sort of plays with that. in terms of the expectation of who is he a a can we trust him or not and ultimately i it this becomes clear that he's got some motive that are maybe a little bit sinister. >>reporter: game of cat and mouse plays out in the movie as she tries to survive and figure out john good man real agenda 8. he's not the best person to
10:46 pm
he's agent bit scary and you kind of don't really know if your fate is better with him or better with whatever lies beyond. >>reporter: unlike other movies that crank up the advertiseadvertising to create a buzz producer jj abrams k kt this film under wraps hoping to build suspense. >> the movie feels like it's this project that has been worked on you know in sort of in secret and allowed us to sort of surprise audiences. >> i'm into the secret that has kind of surrounded this film. there is this form la where you have to drop a temporarily like 6 months before the movie then keep them come. by the time you get into the movie unseen a lot of the moviemovie unseen a lot of the movie. >> something is coming. >>reporter: clover field 10 is not a sequel to the first clover field movie. instead it's what they call a sibling and it open ins miami
10:47 pm
live in the news mexico, 7 news night team. sibling. all right. changing gears now. cooking. cook competing to be top chef at fd competition here in south florida. winn-dixie partner with kiwanis club of little havana to offer aspiring chefs an opportunity to show off their skills. they show case their creativity tonight before a panel of judges. i go to be one of the judges. there i am chewing with my mouth open. lovely. contestant competed for cash prizes as well as the highly coveted first place finish. >> oh, >> lots of good food. >> look good. >> amateur people doing good stuff. very taste. >> i see you didn't bring nichlingt i left stuffed. >> how nice for you. i know you trying to watch your weight. >> thanks so much sni figure why. up next on the night team. dolphins sign up former no. 1 over all draft pick. >> marlins lose hard throwing
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10:50 pm
a . the dolphins have a new former all pro defensive end free agent mario williams agrees to join the fichbilitys deal reportedly two years 17 million. could mean the end for oliver
10:51 pm
williams is 31 yearsld. only had 5 sacks last year in buffalo. but he was double digit in each of the previous three seasons with the bills. >> but the dolphins may be on the verge of losing free agent running back miller. miller is in intense negotiations was at least houston and dallas. those teams reportedly offering 6.piv million per year more than the dolphins have offered. freeee agent begin signing to. heat take a 5 game winning stak into milwaukee tomorrow night. since the all star break the health have adopted up tempo offense in the last 10 games the heat average 108 point a game. 8 and two during the stretch. heat nightcast edition is getting used to the fast pace. >> d wade expressed to me how vision. down a little bit. i look over myself and d wade but for the most part it's fun
10:52 pm
>>reporter: he's 34 years ol. the canes open the acc tournament on thursday against thwin over tomorrow's game between fsu and virginia tech. thee canes lost to virginia tech in the last game. dropped from seventh to 11th in the ac poll. canes 24 and 6. 13 and 5 in the acc. coach says they never take any game or any opponent for granted. >> there wasn't a game that we went into we thought that our opponent wasn't every bit as talentedr every bit as good as we were. it was who played better that day it's going to be true this weekend. >>reporter: pan stlers to get after it. thursday night they play at home against ottawa after tell week alone in first place. papaers in third place. boston beat tampa tonight and moved into second. panthers lost 5 of the last 6. cats have giveve up 10 goals in the last two games. city. goals that the teams are scoring are not a result of them playing this hard.
10:53 pm
over or mental error and we value to step up as a man and be better and ready to play e-ottawa on thursday. marlins reliefer the caps will have surgery on his throwing el pwochlt take him a full year to rehab. caps was contending to be the marlins closer. college kids playing games. the seventh rank miami hosting maine in. um up 3-1. the single right. two runs score. they win 5 street straight. ten and two on the season. spring training game and surprisedrizona. had to be delayed today. nothing to do with the weath. bees. bees everywhere. look out lead. kansasasity and colorado. surprise. next to the royal dug out the royals left the dug out in the 3rd inning. retired bee keeper was in the stands and came down to help out. nothing gets rid of bs like a plastic trash bag you know what i'm saying.
10:54 pm
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sawzsawz. at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> stay tune.
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10:59 pm
race for the white house coming to florida and bernie sanders is in town. i sat down with himimne-on-one. >> the republican also turning their focus to florida. as they prepare to go head to head in our back yard. we have night team coverage. high pressure keeping us warm and windy here across south florida. but it's also going to make for rough conditions for you beach goers and boaters. two teens victim of arnold robbery and tonight police still looking for some of those who robbed them t.
11:00 pm
from a movie set. the story on just one station. >> the 7 news continues now at 11:00 the. now at 11:00. more states at stake avoters head to the polls. but while some focus on tonight's results, others already have their sight set on the fight for florida. the night team with team coverage as they stump for support. talk about extremely tight race in the michigan democratic primary. still too close to call. senator bernie sanders 51 percent hillary clinton at 48. on the repubcan side that race was called early. donald trump came out on top. big win for him 37 percent. ohio governor kasich with 25 same for texas senator cruz. senator rubio trailed with nine percent. >> in mississippi trump wls a big win there edging out


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