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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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cruz earlier today. he said it's a two-m-m race right now between himself and donald trump. and earlier today, cnn reporting that not too long ago that the former governor and gop candidate jeb bush will be sitting down with marco rubio and john kasich, ahead of the gop debate tomorrow. as of the endorsement, that's unclear at this hour, and earlier today, ted cruz picked under a big endorsement on the campus of miami-dade college. >> god bless miami! >> reporter: texas senator, ted cruz, stumping in south florida. >> i tell you, theomentum is with us. conservatives are uniting with us and coming together with us, and as this race contities and continues to narrow into a two-man race, head-to-head, donald trump loses and loses badly.
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tracking third i i recent primary polls, but cruz is on a mission here in the sunshine state to take on marco rubio and john kasich to make it an official two man race, trump and criminals. >> i think that they have to look at the race and assess their prospects. >> trying to keep the senator from all 99 delegates next tuesday, his campaign has opened ten field offices, and he got an endorsement speaking at a miami-dade college. >> i'm pleased to introduce you somebody that you know very very well, miss carly fiorina. >> we know ted cruz is a leader and a reformer. he's willing on take on the status quo in washington d.c.
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have the support to beat hillary clinton if she'she democratic nominee. >> if you were a jeb supporter, if you're a marco supporter now, if you're a kasich supporter, we would love to welcomeou to your team. >> the democrats are down 35%, and interests no enthusiasm for hillary. how can you have enthusiasm for hillary? there's none. >> reporter: some of the strongest language in this race. donald trump just gave an interview a few moments ago on the state of the race, and we'll have that at 5:00. ted cruz, he's hoping to stop marco rubio in his tracks, and he's hoping that rubio won't pick up any of the delegatees next tuesday. much more comi up at 5:00 p.m. live here in coral gables, jeff lennox, 7 news.
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hoping to revive his hopes in south florida, marco rubio is holding an event in about an hour. >> reporter: lynn, marco rubio holding an event in about an hour. this is the lander stadium. and we have video from earlier today, marar rubio was at fiu for of a round of tv interviews. his rally comes after disappointing finishes in the republican primaries last night in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. in addition, cnn is out with a new poll that shows donald trump has a huge lead over marco rubio here in florida. trump has 40%, and rubio 34%. and rubio's advisers are asking him to get out of race, and rubio says that report isn't true. >> it's totally false, and completely debunked, it's an embarrassing shameful journalism.
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>> are you tiring of those reports? >> no, it's politics. when you run for president, it's hard, but being president is even harder. if running for president is too hard, you can't be president. >> definitively, he's not getting out of the race before florida and after florida. >> s sthat was rubio's communications director, saying that rubio is in 2 for the long haul. i'malex dipto, 7 news. >> the ohio director, john kasich, predicting a win in his home state, turning out in lyle, a suburb of chicago. and kasich opening upp about his childhood years, and also his national security background. >> i'm running for this job because first of all, i have the national security experience,
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people in this economy why the heck would anybody think that we have to make deals. >> he has yet to win a caucus or a primary. >> lynn: tonight, democrats have the south florida spotlight. and nicole is is there where thehe candidates face-off. >> reporter: at the college in kendall, this is where the two democrats will be having the first debate in florida before the florida primaryext week. let's go ahead and show you the video from last night, which is the first time that they have had any significant rallies, because they have been doing debate prep. hillary cnton expecting to win michigan by double digits, but instead, it was a big surprise. late into the evening, despite winning mississippi, michigan
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bernie sanders was in downtown miamam and predicted to us that he thought that he would do better in michigan than the polls all indicated that he would. and in the end, it turned out that he just edged out hillary clinton in michigan. here's what they both had to say. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults, it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> the political revolution at we're talking about is strong in every part of the country, and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas arere yet to happen. >> and that's what bernie sanders was telling us last night as well. he still has an uphill batate. in florida, among the florida voters, showing that hillary clinton is up by some 30 points,
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but i can tell you that this is all, at this stage, this is where all eyes will be tonight at miami-dade college, and once again, that florida primary happening on march 15th. we'll be there. the 7 news night team with all of the details. for now, reporting live in kendall, nicole linsilata, 7 news. >> lynn: thank you, nicole. and for everything that you need no know good the race, online. >> danielle: and other news, a crash and zash involving a police cruiser in miami. a black mercedes, accused of hitting a cruiser before it drove off. it happened before the 395 on ramp. the front end of that cruiser as you sigh, smashed.
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a mother, 55-year-old deborah crossing her life at the hospital. she and her son were crossing the street on north dixie highway when they were hit by an suv. the mother and the 14-year-old were rushed to the hospital, along with thehe driver, who was treated and released. her son remains in critical condition. >> lynn: also this afternoon, an 18-year-old in bigig trouble. >> anchor: and the police say that what he did is not only sickening, but ghastly, and they helped to make the alarming arrest. 7's ann keil has the story. >> lynn:n:ll right, we're going to work on getting our contact with ann. and we'll have the story later on. also tight on 7, the public getting ready to pay
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lady, nancy reagan. and this has been happening all day. >> anchor: her casket has been transported to the reagan library in simi valley, where it will lie in repose, and mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband on the private ground. a privateuneral held on friday. an upset to what we brought you earlier this week. doctors in clevelandaid that the first uterine transplant failed. the 26-year-old patient developed a serious complication, and the doctors had to remove the organ. it's being analyzed to see what went wrong. >> lynn: disappointing. a south florida mother accused of putting her toddler in danger. why the state troopers
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>> anchor: firefighters caught in the middle of a blast. >> lynn: and plus, a car going up in flames with kids onboard% and the driver doesn't have a clue. >> phil: another breezy day in south florida. the high pressure sitting in the wester atlantic. a high protecting us from the
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you you you you. california. a woman and two kids smoked out of a car and they needed help in a hurry. an officer seeing the car and quickly taking action. >> anchor: within seconds, that car was filled with smoke, and diana diez has more on the rescue. >> reporter: this rescue caught on camera by bern fisher. it shows the california highway patrol officer pulling the boy and the girl and from the car. >> i see flames pieces of car on fire and falling off. >> reporter: the officer was driving on a highway when the smoke substantiated billowing
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he told the driver to pull over onpull overat the next exit. >> the car was fully engulfed in flames. >> reporter: but it wasn't easy. first, the officer said that the driver's side door was jammed, so the woman had to crawl out the passenger side and they were locked. >> reporter: ilocked. >> i had to get them unbuckled as fast as i could. >> reporter: even the simple act of locking the door makes the difference between life and death. >> it makes your heart race, and you disregard anything that is dangerous, and it's just our job. >> reporter: the two kids were taken to the hospital to be treated f f smoke inhalation. item diana diez, 7 news. >> lynn: coming up tonight, a
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in idaho. >> . >> anchor: and a student is
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times. >> so the wind is still big news and weather for us. in the western atlantic, you can see the clear skies, and by the way, the wind starting to push away the clouds, and how do of a little bit of cloudiness here and there, we're looking good for tonight and tomororw. you can see the wind pushing all of the clouds to southwest florida, and the clouds and the wind keeping the temperatures nice and mild. same i i miami and key west. the winds, 18, 20 miles per hour for you in key west. and 20 as well. it has been gusting stronger, especially in miami and marathon and naples. the radar showing that everything is dry, and outside of a sprinkle, we're looking pretty good.
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problems, espially for beachgoers and boaters alike. this entire area here highlighted in red, the beaches, and threat of rip currents at least in the thursday at 7:00 p.m. and all of these areas highlighted are under a small craft advisory, and i'm sure that they're going to extend that. >> we'll probably see the small craft advisory extend around the day tomorrow. so here's the big view. we have this dome of high pressure here, protecting us from this big mess across the heartland. and we have warm and moist air coming out of the arctic, they're looking at the possibility of severe weather from texas, missouri, and also flash flooding. wee going to be at the beach, biscayne bay, choppy, for new
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looking at an advisory. seas beyond the reef, 10-12 feet. and coastal waters very roughgh next high tide, miami, 9:02 in fort lauderdale. key largo, the next high tide, 9:30, and key west, 9:28. just a few clouds, overnight lows in the 70s. so with the wind at 20-25 miles per hour. the average low is around 64, and the average high, around 79. tomorrow will be up there again, and it's still going to be windy.y. and here's your extended outlook. friday, breezy, we start to warmup all the way through sunday, a few showers there. and by the way, sunday, daylight saving time begins, and question lose an hour of sleep. we set the clocks ahead one hour.
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you i. >> hear about this, the music world losing a legend. anchor: while a comedian can't stay out of trouble. >> reporter: so celebrities hire
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cat williams' bodyguard needs to hire someone to protect them from his boss. he was arrested for allegly threatening to kale his bodyguard. earlier today, he was released on $60,000 bond, and ordered to day away from the bodyguard and his family. it was the second time in two weeks he was busted. on the 29th, williams was popped for punching an employee at a pool supplytore. george martin, the man who signed the beatles to their first recording contract and produced all of their albums has passed away. he worked with the band through their first record, love me do, through the final, abby road, in 1970. he was knighted by queen elizabeth, and sir george marted inwas 90 years old. >> lila has been hinting about a
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and his name is igor. he's 22 and heir to a russian business empour. li-lo and igor have been dating for a month, and he has met her family and he's still around. joan rivers may be gone, but you can own a piece of the legend. christie's is auctioning of her sequinned gowns and furs and paintings from joan's apartment. a tiffany dog dish, used by her yorkie, spike. the auction is expected to fetch more than $200,000. tonight on the drive, a romanoliday for your feet. gladiator shoes have come a long way. a long way up your leg. tonight at 7:30, they're one of my favorite things.
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i. >> a dangerous decision, getting behind the wheel, run fromhe law. >> anchor: when it came time for questioning, they found a toddler in the back seat. vanessa ruiz is in fort lauderdale where the mother was arrested. >> reporter: that's right the mother was driving alongside of i-95. she had been driving on the front tire, on the rim, and she had pulled over after her car couldn't go any further. and that's when fhp stopped to
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see what happens next. the 43-year-old mother, colleen law man, telling the highway patrol that she just wanted to get home to her home in boynton beach, which is 40 miles north of here. the trooper seeing a two-year-old child in the back seatat strapped in a car seat. breath. the mom believing that she was doing quite well, surprised when the trooper told her that he had to place her under arrest. that's when she resisted, saying that she had done nothing wrong. but according to the report, she admitted to having two blue moon beers at dinner, and three xanax and one zoloft, which she had a prescription for. >> any time you are driving impaired, you can see the dangers of it. and she had already run over


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