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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to rubio's run to the campaign. >> and it is time for that candidate to prayer fully reflect won their family won on whether there's a path forward. and i'm very pleased to introduce to you somebody you know very well, mrs. carlie fee or rena. >> we know ted cruz say leader d reformer. unity wall. each saying they have what it takes to bring the gop together and win the nomination and presidential election. >> if you win florida and ohio, is it over? >> yes, i think if i win those 2, i think it's over. >> i tell you, the momentum is with us. conservatives are you niht with us and coming together with us and as this race continues and continues to narrow into a
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donald trump lose and losses badly. >> reporter: a big few days head. florida is center stage as we get ready forhe primary coming up next tuesday. senator ted cruz tells uss he has no more events planned for today. he is getting ready. thal debate prep underway for the gop debate here on the campus of um. we got you covered. live i coral gables tonight. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> belkeys: well, marco rubio also in town rallying for u.s. alex diprato live at a campaign event in hialeah. alex. >> reporter: well, belkeys, marco rubio setd to hold a campaign event at the park here in hialeah. the crowd cheering his name a short time ago. he is set to begin speak at any time now but a new poll out shows marco rubio needs all the support he can get here in florida marco rubio at fiu for tv interviews today as the new
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donald trump in the sunshine state head of the florida pry mare rieielet poll shows trum has support of 40% of republicans in florida. rubio lags with 24 persian. ted cruz has 19% and kasich has five%. cnn reported rubio's advisors have asked him to crg consider leaving the race. >> it's totally false and completely de bufnlt it's embarrassing shameful journalism and ri dick louse. his communication director also brurk off the suggestion. >> definitively getting out of the race before florida or after florida. >> and meanwhile ted cruz's push in florida may help donald trump and hurt marco rubio. >> >> we feel a vote for ted cruz is for donald trump. we are supporting rubio here in the city of miami and we want to make sure every one here turns out and votes for marco. >>
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disappointing finishes last night in primaries in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. marco rubio says this race now comes down to florida. we're live in hialeah. i'm alex diprato. news. >> craig: another republican in the wrais spending dmai@ midwest where he is hoping to do well next tiewssments lynn martinez has more on. that lynn snoo jie. >> lynn: and craig, kasich is campaigning in a town hall. he is noarpg big wins in the midwest include higz home state of ohio. in fact he is@ count lg on. that he highlighted his commment to blue color warkers because as he says, it's how he grew upn >> that's campaign goes on, i just feel more and more responsibility. you know, i'm just a human being. jun just one guy trying to dot best i can marnlings i can't leaf tape. i can't turn water into wine. i'm just a guy that comes from hard work enblue color parents
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to try maingd things a little bit better for you. >> >> lynn: kasich has banked future of his presidential bid on win og high's 66 delegates.. also on march 12,515th just like florida and three other states. in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: all right lirchlt on now to the democrars. nicole linsalata is live in kendall where they will face off in a debate tonight. nicole. >> >> reporter: well, just a couple of hours and that's when bernie san cers and hillary clinton will meet face to face again. they will be take part in a debate here on campus and you know, this all comes hours after bernie sanders pretty much the under dog in this particular contest pulls off a very surprising win. the day before the debate in florida found clinton and
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and while they are both looking head to the florida primary march 15th. tuesday brouout a big victory for sanders edging out clinton in michigan showing him down double dig gissments he came close to predicting that victory hours earlier. >> two weeks ago in michigan we were down by 30 points. i don't know what the results will be tonight. but we came from 50 points down there eye o ba and 20 points down in new hampshire. and we have our differences as you can see when we debate. but i tell you, what those differents pale in comparison to what's happenini on the rul republican side. the latest poll has sanders down 30 points in florida but clinton taking no chances launch two new ads. this 12s- predator ri price and we're going to make sure it is stopped. >> reporter: so it's a pretty big lead 30 points but can she hang on to it all the way until march 15th.
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would argue that perhaps she`ean not. we'll have to wait and see. the contest comes down to the delegate count because that is what will ultimately de sietd nomination and right now hillary clinton far head with just over 1200 and bernie sanders with 500 d 71. we'll have to see if fference when it comes to. that reporting live in den cen dal. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right to keep up with the race for the whies white house stay can 7 news on air and on line at awngd always check us out through our voice your choice app. >> craig: want to get to that developing story we mentioned a little while ago. a suspicious package in pinecrest. >> belkeys: ralph rayburn over the scene in skycam hk with more, ralph. >> reporter: and we were waiting for gom squad officials to rief from pines area of pine crevment sore rimplet i couldn't
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that the police responded to the whole foods parking lot at 117th street and south disism highway here. someone reported, a personal safe which i believe is that thing you see in the center of the screen. that box with the black front on it and for some reason that suspicious in nature and they are take all precautions. they evacuated the whole foods stor and cvs pharmacy adjacent to the south in the shopping center. all the people in the score stor either employees or shoppers are gathered here in the corner in the parking lot a safe distance from that suspicious de vied viemplets the bomb squad rolled up here a little while ago. they are waiting for receive ral colleague to come before they make a decision to decide if it is something to take more serious light. dept parking lot and store evacuated. all happened at 17th street and dix highway no. not fect trafg fik at time.
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hd. i'm ralph rayburn reporting liver. >> craig: and now at 5:00, danger on duty for a miami-dade police officer after a driver crashing into his cruiser and takes off. an unusual twist to this story. jessica holly is live in miami to tell us about it. jessica. >> reporter: well, first of all, no one was hurt. one driver, the officer staid on the scene. the other driver took off and right now police are trying to figure out who was behind the wheel of that mercedes benz. >> a miami-dade prees cruiser caught nay crash. the front end smashed. the officer signed shaken. the other driver nowhere to be found. >> you hit a police car and took off. >> what is this world coming too to you know? >> the. >> reporter: the crash happened on wednesday morning at first avenue approaching the ram top i-395. >> once it was determined that the police officer was okay, the search was on for a mercedes bensz on the run it headed wen west on 359 and
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with two people inside. >> reporter: limited information from police but we know the benz was towed way and men released. another crash growing to limplets the hit and run problem in south florida has gone from bad to worse. many of the crashes fatal and many unsolved. drivers in south florida well aware of the danger. all the time. this is miami. outrageous you know. hit and run. that's not right at adl. they don't flieblg they should be responsible and hey, if no one catches me, good for me. >> reporter: no no arrest in the wednesday morning crash and dash with you miami-dade police say this investigation is not over yet. >> so police are still trying to figure out exactly who was behind t t wheel of that mercedes benz this morning noivment who it was, you could earn a cash reward. 305-471-tips is the number. reporting live in miami. jessica holly. 7 ne. >> craig: all right jessica. a
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lady. nancy reagan's casket is at the reagan presidential library in see me california. she will lay in repose today and tomorrow to liewt public to pay ir are refrects spects. the burial side her husband is on friday morning. and he died from heart failure at her los angeles home. she was 94. a surgical setback after a ground breaking procedures. doctors at the cleveland clinic say the first uterus transplant what's has failed. she the 26-year-old . who was unable to have children because she was born without eye uterus received a complications yesterday and had the uterus removed. and doctors in swen have performed uterus transplants resulting in five births oomplets much more r- >> belkeys: much more coming up on 7 news. deen age girls torment bid a south florida high school tiew accident.
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>> craig: and an elderly woman shopping one sect second and robbed the next. cops say she didn't even know it. >> belkeys: and police say the mom made a dangerous decision with her toddler in the back seat. >> craig: and riching to a smokey sis situation to save a family in trouble. stay with us.
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>> craig: and officers rush to rescue a family caught on cravment a lot of smoke and a car burning fast. >> what are you doing? come on. >> belkeys: the rescuer also burning mad at what iss being called a lack of urgency from adults in the car. children strapped in the back seat thand quickly filled with smoke. >> craig: that's that's when a quick thinking officer saved the day. robin in the plex with more. >> this california highway
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actiti and what he did ended up saving four lives. >> a newspaper photographer catches all the action as california highway patrol officer could lay o could let's list o pulled one child from a burning car. take your kid. and then another. get out of the car. he turns and yells to another woman stillnside the car. your car is on fire. >> all of sudden i see flames. 10 feet of flames shooting out from under the car. pieces o o car on fire fall fing. the amazing rescue happening monday in monterey california. officer cliff fold says he was driving on a highway when the car in fro of him began to smoke. he told the driver to pull over titihotel parking lot and then got to work. come here. you're car is on fire. my first thought was just to get everybody out of car as quick as we can in case the car would
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once the car stopped officer chris sod learned the drivers door was javmentd the driver had to climb out of back side and the do doors were locked and they were trapped. i tried to to get them out of their seats and out of the car. he says in emergencies like this een every second counts. even theact of unlock age door can meent difference between life and death. makes your heart race and you avoid things that are dangerous. that's what i signed up for. nothing special. >> that was scary video. the women and children were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation just as a precaution. live in the newsplex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: and next up from the newsplex we're following a developing story in pinecrest in the park lot of the whole foods there. somebody noticed you can see it there. it's a little safe that you might keep in your closet at home to keep important documents and what not in.
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the whole foods no one knows but the bomb squad is out there. ralph rayburn has the view from the camera here. we'll keep an eye on that for whatever information comesrom that situation in pinecrest. >> belkeys: also coming up. we got this body cam video of r-. a police officer going boof and beyond to make a dramatic river rescue. >> craig: also a plee plea for help for renters dealing with a mold infested apartment. carmel cafiero on the case. >> belkeys: and liewllove this one. a dog named jeddy save age boy named luke. we got it after the break. jed. jed i- jed.
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from light saver to life save vemplet a dog named jedi being hailed a hero. danger. >> craig: lynn martinez back with us at the social media center. lynn iemplet every one is talk about the story on facebook. no light saver need. look how cute this black lab s. his only weapon of defense is his knows and he used it to save a little boy's life. >> meet jedi, the diabetes sniffing dog. the self-proclaimed jed i- master who can't go a day with jowts his four legged friend. four years ago luke's mother create aid facebook page to spread wearness about diabetes and how service dogs save
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mother on a mission would get alive saving waing call and posted the experience on line. saying quote. this may just look like a dog, a sleeping boy and number on a screen with you this, this moment right here is so much more this. a picture of jedi saving his boy. saving hif him from highs and lows and ever feel ago loan. the machines that monitor luke at night did not sound an alarm. what? show me where is he? he is over? >> he continued about over and over again. boag say sign that jedi uses to later them when the blood sugar levels are low. luke's mom knew something was wrong. sme prikd her son's finger and got a glood sugar level that read 57 which is way too low. luke immediately received his medication and recovered. >> isn't that incredible.
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die a wet ik alert dogs can sniff out blood levels from sweat or the smell of someone's beaj. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. here's what we can expect in the days head. windy and mostly clear especially for souou florida. we have a huge dome of high pressure. you can see the clear skies right here. however plenty of rain croots nation's mid sefntle maybe by sunday we could get a few showers after of the tale of that front making it's way through the short hart gland a. a few weekend showers as a glus mentioned. changsz for rain will stay low. all the way through saturday. maybe on sunday and monday. 20% chance for rain. and the over night temperatures are still running above average. what is typical is 64 degrees. >> we'll be over that through next wednesday. here are the temperatures across
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right now pensacola a temperature of 70 degrees. make owrg way towards tallahassee. temperature of 79. northern florida, 76 in jacksonville. a warm afternoon in gainesville. mostly clear there. very little in the way of cloudiness across the central florida. 77 in orlando. today we started out cloudy but it looks like finally those loaf low level clouds are pulling away from our area temperatures in the 307's to right around 80 degrees in naples and throughout florida ciez. 77 marathon. 76 in key west. the wind out of east. so here's what we v. huge dome of high pressure to our east keeping us breezy then we have some areas of low pressure moving north and some cold air heading south. now warm moist air will get push add long by this dome of high pressure and where it neets up with theold air. there's pot ten shall for very heavy rainfall and we're going
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there could be some very nasty thunderstormsed tonight that could lead to some tore naict activity. we'll be watching that carefully. meanwhile for us. threat of rip currents at beach. small craft advise roimplet just not a good night to be out on the boat. same throughout florida keys. coastal waters very rough. next high tide 9:07. 9:02 in fort lauderdale. key largo the next high tide. 9:30. 10:28 in key west. few clouds tonight. looking dry. over night lows in the low to mid 50e6789s breezy tomorrow the wind continues kick up. highs right around 80 degrees. here's your extended outlook. warm through saturday. few showers on sunday. bit way. sunday, that is the start of daylight saving. we need to set the clocks head one hour. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back. for news 24/7, just go to
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>> >> well e another look at pinecrest where the bomb squad is there looking that the little safe in the parking lot of that whole foods on 117th street and south dixie highway. they evacuated the super market because they consider that thing there suspicious. ralph rayburn has more nay couple plins. that is if t- for us at 35:00. thanks for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey.
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7 news 5:92:30 is next caio
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>> this is 7 newat 5:30. >> 7 news s 5:30 begins with this live picture of a developing story in pine crevment word of a suspicious package namely that safe that st peered in the middle of a parking lot there. hello everybody. i'm lynn martinez. >> robbin: and i'm robbin simmons in for danielle nomplet let's get to ralph rayburn over the scene for the latest. ralph. >> and ladieie we got disfooched this call at 4:32. we arrived to the scene and police were around the parking lot of the whole foods here at 117th street and dixie highway. the pinecrest police department cleared not only the parking lot but store. they evacuated all the employees and they are wait hearing in the corner of the parking lot n. meantime they contacted miami-dade police department and asked them to sent out a couple represents from the bomb bo squad. those guys have arrived on scene. you seek there is one of their
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siewvment very familiar bomb suit with a helmet. we'll have another picture of this where this safe is. a personal safe probably 18-inches by 12 inches by 9 inches high. a heavy duty lock there. someone left it there. they take these things seriously now days they don't know what it is or what could be contained in side of. it to heirerer -- toker ror on the side of cution. the area of dixie highway here is open both north and southbound lanes. psych traffic flowing nicely there. it's not affecting traffic. that's the story from here in sky force hd. rhyme i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. `>> lynn: all right ralph. now at 5:30, a a dash capturing a mother accused of putting her d todd fler a dangerous situation. and she was drive too triking to drive home without a front tire.
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they were shocked bit passenger in the back seat. and vanessa has more on what was caught on camera. vanessa. >> reporter: well, a according to florida highway patrol, this mother was driving under the influence. what is worse is this mother is accused of driving under the influence with@ her 2-year-old child sleeping in the back seat. colleen love man believes she is doing quite well on this field sobriety test. >> saturday night florida highway patrol responding to i-95 just north state road 84. it was a traffic stop where the trooper r lled over to check on the car on the side of the road. it had a flat tire and looks like the driver was driving on the rim for a while. 43-year-old's kia was missing front ir tiemplet the trooper asking if she was okay oomplet he made contact with the driver and he observed the drivers


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