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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live in homestead. ann key. 7 news. >> belkeys: we want to get back out to that developing story we've been talking about take place in pinecrest. a suspicious package there found in the parking lot of a whole fos down south. >> craig: ralph rayburn, what's the update. >> we c tell you that the bomb squad folks are about ready to clear this location. and let's look at videotape from a little while ago here. 117th street and dixie highway. someone discovered a small personal safe in the parking lot. you see video of it there. and they called the police out to investigate. they take these things as we said earlier serious thrivment was suspicious in nature. why would someone leave a snaif friefnt whole foods storm. they row re respond out here and asked the bomb squad to come out here and the representatives did and took a picture. x ray picture and came back a short time lairlt a. i'm going
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i'm going to punch up my camera here and you can see a piece of video tape. you'll see thedom bomb squad representative gift see nal that is it is all clear. they rendered the situation enert and let me see here. i pand the camera up there and they determined that there's nothing to worry about there with the safe. and that they are going let employees and people start to go back to the whole foods shoppg center. that's the story here from sky force. ralph ray lurn burn reporting live. >> 23450u69, the stage said set for the democratic hopefuls to face off in south florida. republican candidates also in our backyard. one getting a show of support from a former foe. another hoping for home town help as they all focusn florida. >> belkeys: and our primary is less than a week away. >> craig: that is the fight for the florida in the national spot light.
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fighting for every vote and we begin with jeff lennox where the republicans will face off tomorrow night. jeff. >> reporter: and craig and belkeys, this say beat shaping up between two sumplet senators. cruz is hoping to take out marco rubio before florida's primary coming up next tuesday. he wants a direct raise. a one on one facee off between himself and donald trump. also tonight, we can tell thaw cnn is reporting that former florida govenor and gop chan candidate jeb bush is getting ready to have a sit down meeting with ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich head of tomorrow night's campaign here on the um. and could he be talk about an endorsement in this race? at this hour the top pisk conversation is unknown. >> god bless miami. >> reporter: ted cruz blazing can tracks through south florida. if you're a jeb supporter now or marco or kasich supporter, we
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>> a. >> reporter: ahead of the primary cruz throok whittle down the gop field even farther. >> and head to head with donald trump, we wint polling. yesterday showed we beat donald head to head by 13 points snoot cruz campaign tracking third in the recent povmentz campaign insiders say cruz is on a mission here in the sunshine state to take down marco rubio and john kasich maingd this san official # man race. trum versus cruz. >> i think both rubio caind sick will have to look at race and assess their prospect. the texas senator trying to keep the florida senator from take 99 delegates in florida's win all contest next tuesday. his campaign has opened ten field offices. and he got an endorsement from a former candidate while speak at miami-dade college. >> i'm very fleetsd introduce to you someone you know very well.
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>> ted cruz has always been a constitutional conservative. he is a fearless future and reformer and he didn't much care whre got invited to the cocktail parties in dc. >> reporter: donald trump and ted cruz both have more than 300 delegates each in the nomination race with trum npt lead. both men say they have the month tenmen tum and both men appear to be ready to take on each each other in a face off for the gop nomination. >> as i serksd a candidate can only have a path forward if the math allows to you get to 1237 votes. you're rung out of election and delegates. like the future. the ultimate way of doing it iewvment knock them out. >> okay so here we go. you still have four gop candidates in the ring. tomorrow night at the gop debate here on the campus of murks. donald trump and ted cruz will be front and center for that debate.
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florida's winner take all contest. florida brie ray marry coming up next tuesday. and live on the campus of um ch in coral gables. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> craig: and the south florida hopeful fighting an up hill battle. team 7 coverage continues with alex diprato and marco rubio where he is at an event right now. >> alex. >> reporter: craig, marco rubio is speaking with megyn kelly right now from fox niewmpletz you can see them on the stage. here at stadium and one of the fir things he told the o crowd when he came out he is is not dropping out and this is his home state and he has seen larger crowds in other parts country. rubio has been rallying the crowd bre sat down with megan kelly. he is rallying them in spanish and english. the rally comes after disappointing finishes in the primaries last night in michigan, mississippi, idaho and
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poll shows rubio trailing behind trump here in florida head of the primary. according to this pocialtion donald trump has 40% rubio. 24%. lins now to what rubio told the crowd a little earlier. it comes down to florida. it always comes down to florida. 99 delegates will be award next monday here in florida. 99 delegates. all at tbhuns one place and a need to you come out and vote. if you come out and vote. we are going to win fla flamplet we'll take 99 delegates and i'm going to be the nom neef the republican party. >> now there are people spreading rumors we're going to end our campaign. let me tell you somethingly. be on the ballot on tuesday. iebl campaigning as long as it takes. and we're going to the w wte house. we're going to win this nomination. >> reporter: and take a look the ability board here at the stadium.
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time rung out for marco rubio. if he is going to overtake donald trump in the. >> primary and 45 the nun number the president, if he succeeds president obama. >> we're coming up with more on 7 news. i'm live in hialeah. alex diprato. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: govenor kasich campaigning in illinois this afternoon. >> craig: he is hoping for big wins in the midwest including next tuesday. and he highlighted his campaign to blew color because he said that's how he grew up. >> that's campaign goes orntion fi more and more responsibility. i'm just a human being. just one guy trying to dot best tape. i can't turn water into wine. i'm just a guy that comes from
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and ail try to do everything day try maingd make things a little better for you. >> craig: kasich has banked the future of his presidential bid on win og high o's 66 delegates. state hold winner take all primary march 15th along with florida and of course three other states. >> belkeys: from the republicans to the democrats now who are take center stage in south florida. 7's nicole linsalata continues our live coverage in kendall. nicole. >> reporter: well, belkeys, this will be the 8th time that bernie sanders and hillary clinton have met on a debate stait stage here. miami-dade college on the kendall campus. dpis despite clinton being far ahead when it comes to the number of delegates. bernie sanders says still sees a path to the nomination. the day before the first democratic debate in florida found hillary clinton in cleveland ohio and bernie sanders right here in miami. while they are both look heading to the florida primary
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tuesday brought a wig victory for sanders edging out clinton in michigan despite clolz having him down to double digits. and he came close to claiming that victory hours yerl. >> two weeks ago in michigan we were down 30 points. i don't know what the results of the michigan election would be tonight. and around midnight eye want to thank the people of michigan po who k50eu67bd repiew tee aitd the polls that had us 25 points down a few days ago. >> we have our differents thaw can see when we debate. but i tell you, what those differents pale in comparison to what's happen ongt republican side. >> reporter: still the latest polls from the qnnian to washington post have sanders trailing in the double digits. nailtly it comes down to this. delegates. clinton with # and pop you laws things dominating new ads in
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one stand called stand. another called predator ri oomplet and predator ri price and we're going to make sure it is stopped. >> so will they help her to hold on to that big lead in florida? that remains to be seen. the primary here on march 15th . the debate starts nay few hours. we'll have all the details night 07b news. for now report lismght 7 news. nicole linsalata. >> belkeys: and to keep up with the race for the white house and on air and on line and through our voice your choice app. it has everything you need to know from the campaign trail oomplet. >> craig: now at 6:00, crime on camera as an elderly woman is distracted and duped by a couple of thieves at a south florida storm. the victim is tiewk brandon beyer. he is live for us on the scene in cooper city this evening. brandon.
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older but she has choice words for the men police say stole from her. >> if i had seen him, we've been a real sorry site. >> reporter: 92-year-old betty swanson says if she had seen what these two men did to her last week, this story would have had a different end lg. but she didn't depp size say while one man was distracting her, another was cleaning her out. while i was looking at t another person take the stuff out of my purse. it all happened in cooper city. those are the suspects there shopping for a victim and they found one. a 92-year-old lady. one distracted her while the other em tid her purse. i feel like blasting. they i tell u. if think had been in front of me doing that i would have hit them with the cane. i really wow wow sniet broward sheriff's office says they weren't done yet. here they are again ate best buy
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worth of computers. >> most of the people who probably rob might be looking for food. money for food or something like that and here they just use it for play ago and not p nonessential things. >> reporter: belle betsy stez she knows times can get tough but stealing from a 92 year soald old is especially cruel. >> why do they have to prey on other people? why don't thet they get out there and get a job or do something that's worth miel while? and take a look at these images as they were walk owfght best buy after having bought computes with her credit card. if you recognize call crime stop ners broward county. 954-493-tips ouch live tonight in cooper city, brandoneer. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right brandon. a mother accused of abducting her son from the foster home.
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interference with with custody bond set at $25,000. police say the care take knew the mom board the with us to texas with toddler but gave police a fake story. 29-year-old ro can mer dan nan degrees found safe over the weekend a and will be placed in fos der care. >> craig: and a program that helps track dowk down victims is desperate for donation dz. they have 600 blood hounds that are use bid law enforcement agencies all over the u.s. they only have enough money left to go for two more dompleghtz they they go nor 900 a piece. and roni rice disappeared from school at the bus stop. confessed. he was put to deej for the crime a couple years ago. >> belkeys: and coming frupt newsplex. dashcam showing them walking the
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>> belkeys: a south florida saving a child tbrairning car but his work wasn't over. >> craig: and forget mustang. some real horses were part of morning commute.
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>> >> belkeys: it was one heck of a wild scene in s. miniture horses on the loose. the an ma lz horsing around near a busy highway. >> craig: and rounding them up was not easy. robbin simmons has the story. >> we've got five beautiful baby to po knees or miniture horses that are rung right next to the turn piem pike. >> robbin: turns out racing commuters down the turnpike say good way to workup an appetite. these horses are hungry after a morning excursion in miramar. and they got loose. >> reporter: oo fa florida
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up the horse ooze it took police and neighbors to even tiew lie lure them back in. >> i heard they were on the turnpike. i hope they didn't get hurt. >> that will make you nervous. >> that was scary. looks like they were grad to get home. one rolled in the dimplet others headed straight for the grum. meanwhile others worked to g get the fence in order. not your typical horse race or track but maybe now it's out of their system. >> that was robbin simmons reporting. we understand none of the animals got hurt and the owner hopes they will now be home for good. >> craig: and sthaild here from the newsplex. a firefighter jump nothing action when a car goes nup smoke. >> belkeys: and this wasn't his only rescue.
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>> now seven qul with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: so we started date a little bit on the gray side. morning clouds moving in. but most of that has moved to the west. morning lows in the low 70s afternoon highs 78 and 81 degrees across the mainland. right now temperatures are right around the mid 70s all across south florida. the wind out of east and 17 miles per hour. it's been a as strong as 25 to 30 miles per hour at times. especially at the beach. the humidity at 64%. here's the storm tracker. dry right now. palm beach, broward, miami-dade. the keys. and that's how it will stay for tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. hour, now, the reason for the wind.
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sitting across the western atlantic. then we have a front area of low pressure and the nation's mid section and both of these features are drawing in a lot of wind and a lot of moisture especially right across the mississippi river valley. that rain will continue to slowly move towards the east. but for tomorrow. almost spring like highs will be right around the low 50e6789s still looking dry. and as we move in to the end of the workweek, high pressure still around. looking good for us. but there's the tail end of that mess. we may get some of those showers here if they hold some time on sunday. here's the marine forecast for night threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft advisory. just not a good night to be out on a boat. same nowrt florida keys. you're looking at an advisory. 25 knot winds. seas beyond the reef 20811 feet. coastal waters very rough. next high tide miami. 9:07.
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key largo the next high tide 9:30. 10:28 in key west. so for night just a few clouds staying dry. typical lows about 64. we're going to be in the low to almost mid 70s and it will be windy. by tomorrow mostly cliemplet winds will stick around 20 to 25 miles per hour. highs right around the low 80s. average high 79 degrees. here's your extended outlook. we're going remain in the low 80s through next weed wed day. a little better chance of showers sunday and monday. and by wait, sunday, that is the start of daylight savings. that means that the time is put head or set headne hour. that means we lose an hour of sleep. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> stiem now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> the dolphins are a different team today. good in some ways but letting lamar miller leed leaveve and free agency may not be so good. agent drew ross enhouse tells us pla march will sign with the houston tex answer afnltz four years. 26 million bufnlgtz 14 million guaranteed n. houston lamar will joined by brake brok os wierer who is leaving d dver. four years with the dolphins out of um. >> boom. olivia bur ver n ne hit the jack
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transition tasmght he becomes a free agent. agrees to terms with the guy answer. five years, $85 million. 52 million guaranteed. all theez these moves the last 24 hours. miller and vernon gone. it 2um guys. they sign mario williams. traded eagles for key could a lan disovment the dolphins swap first round picks with the eagles so they move down from eight to 14. they also signed safety ee sa abdul ca diews from de trite. the heat take a five game wnning streak into milwaukee night the longest winning streeskt year. thth won eight out of ten since the starl break. the scoring average is way up. individual numbers is way up as well. the fifit in the de vaismghts half game out of third play off spot. 19 games left. >> it's the time of yeert where you want to be playing your best basketball. have you teams coming in and fighting for play off positions and play off spots
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i don't think for tuesday mat whoars we're playing as muchs every one has the same mentality right now. it should if you have hopes o playing in the playoffs. 8:00 tip night the panthers goo in the opposite direction resks the heat. the panthers have lost five out of six. what are they doing learn thowg fight? dropped to third place in the division. 6th dplais the conference. the panthers had given up ten goals in their last two games. i don't want to a ciewfts blame. and a want to keep it to one or two goals there. like i said, this say team game. we all have to be bet ear marlins and cardinals up to jupiter this afternoon. a wig gay for tt guy justin continue bore. 45r mar lins take a one to nothing leefnlgt bore comes up back up in the 5th inning pro teching the plate. he goes two for three. drives in two. marlins beat the cardinals five
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357bd four on the spring. and the dolphins have spent over 600 million dloornz free asmghts the last ten years. that's mottes in the nfl. thief only made the pyoffs once. i'm steve. back to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: thank shep. >> craig: that's it for us at 6:00. thanks for wasmg. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it here. 7 news at 6:30 is around the bend. we'll see you back here at 10:00. caio caio.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> now the 6:30 candidates sprinting across south florida. democrats ready to date. republicans pushing to thin the pack. tonight complete team 7 coverage on the fight for florida. >> >> lynn: good evening every one. all eyes on the sunshine state with the primary less than a week way.
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crucial for both sides. and that. >> robbin: and that means we'll be seeing a lot of the candidates stumcross the state especially here in south florida. we have live coverage. 7's alex diprato is live at a marco rubio valley but we begin tonight with jeff len movement live in coral gables with the latest from the ted cruz campaign. jeff. >> reporter: and ladies they say this is sizing up to be a two person race between trump and cruz himself. and they hope to take marco rubio thought of equation. now also we can tell thaw jeb bush could be a big player again in this raise. here's y.cnn says that bush is back here in south floloda and very soon he will be meeting with ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich notably flition thateeting is donald trump and it is being said that there could be talk of an endorsement in the that conversation. all of this head of another gop debate coming tomorrow night


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